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SWTOR Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace Video Trailer

SWTOR released a new trailer for the upcoming Galactic Stronghold expansion today, featuring the Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace, the most expensive housing option in SWTOR so far.


Balcony & Starcases can be expanded


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27 replies on “SWTOR Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace Video Trailer”

sounds much better then i thought, alot of ways to waste creds now lol but i love vanity stuff since endgame pve/pvp gets boring.

I’m really excited for the strongholds, this looks very nice and all, but what I’m REALLY interested in is the dye kit on the Luxurious Dress that toon in the promotional material is wearing (there is a large image of her on a tab of the current SWTOR main page). Looks like teal and yellow. The green is brighter than the default color of the dress, and it looks bluer than any of the green dyes and greener than any of the blue dyes that I have noticed. If anyone knows differently, let me know. Otherwise, I hope this is an upcoming dye color.

I’d rather not have a house on Nar Shaddaa.. pure because of the fact that the loading time of nar Shaddaa itself is killing me..

I’m really hoping there will be more to these strongholds than just placing decorations in an instance that probably no one but you will ever see. The fact that the only known feature to it is the legacy bank is kind of worrying.
Who are all those npcs in the screenshots? Can I talk to them? Can I get rid of them? Or are they just nameless, silent moochers that invade your house?

It’s already been stated that you can invite your friends to visit, so, yes, others will be able to see. There’s also the ability for subs to quick travel back to their previous location.

Yes but is that something you can see happening often? Going over to other people’s houses? Especially if you have to go through a loading screen to do so?
“Oh look, the same raid decorations most everyone else has too. Yay?”
I was hoping for something more along the lines of what LOTRO does, where at least you have several player homes per instance, you can see other people’s house and the decorations they put outside, and you can just.. y’know.. walk over there.

I suppose it depends on if you’re in on rp guild or on an rp server (which I am). I prefer not to have strangers show up at my in-game housing any more than I would real world, but that’s just me. 🙂 You did notice the speeder pad at the beginning, right?

Well, they can’t go INTO your house in LOTRO without your permission. All they can do is walk around outside.

Just to expand on this, I think I understand what Trogdor is saying. In FFXIV, you can see entire housing subdivisions and walk through neighborhoods to see the style of homes and exterior design and decorations, as well as size. You can also leave your door unlocked if you are a really trusting sort(from my understanding, I would never do it) or you can keep it closed.
If I’m understanding correctly, I believe the fear being expressed is that these homes will simply be like zoning into a planet or ship, and you have to go somewhere specifically with the person who’s home you want to see just to get your own little mini-instance(which will probably be identical to everyone else’s with all the decorations earned.) And while I never played LotRO, if it’s similar to FFXIV, there is the expectation that your homes can be styled how you desire using the types of materials you desire and be sitting around for the server to walk past and see.
And, as a RP type myself, I think there would be a complete lack of immersion if no one could even get to your front door without you having to first meet them somewhere and go to it together(much like the issue ships currently have.)

Pretty much.
There’s a lot that can go wrong here. Right now, the Fleet is everyone’s home. It’s where all the necessities of life are; The GTN, mod stations, daily/weekly PVE/PVP mission terminals, the priority transport terminals that send you directly to your ship and the daily quest hubs. General chat, trade chat.
If they expect me to spend any appreciable amount of time in my house, one of two things need to happen. Either make it darn convenient to travel to and from one’s house, and from one’s house(s) to the fleet and back… which will involve long loading screens, no matter how short the ability’s cooldown is…

Or they need to add most of that stuff to the strongholds, such that most people then live in their strongholds, and only come to the fleet occasionally to visit the commendation vendors and such.
It would also be awesome if your stronghold gave you something to do while waiting for your pve/pvp queues to pop. Nothing elaborate. Just some kind of simple single-player minigame to play to fill the time. Something that earns you a little bit of money, maybe. But then when the queue pops, you don’t mind abandoning it to go do the thing you were waiting for. I’d suggest fishing, but that really wouldn’t make sense on Tat.

was not impressed by LOTRO housing when i browsed through videos of it.
only a few decorations per house, fix places for decoratins, can only put specific decorations in specific places.

I really really hope swtor housing is more flexible so i can place decoratins anywhere

From what I remember, the amount of customization depended on which house you had. Each little instance community was like a little town, and the layout was focused on making an attractive landscape, so it wasn’t like you just had a bunch of houses in a grid. As such, some houses were different sizes, some houses had better views or better scenery, more slots to put things in, etc, and prices were different, accordingly.
I also liked that you could change the color/texture of the walls and floors and stuff.
However I admit one downside to that system: Because some houses were more desirable than others, they had to do something to free up houses when their owners quit the game. So you had to worry about constantly paying taxes, or you’d lose your house and everything in it would go into an escrow account. With SWTOR, I’m assuming you get to keep your house permanently.

LOTRO has a really cool concept that got side tracked some where in the execution. Instead of having it so your guild mates could have their own little village you had five houses everyone wanted taken as fast as possible then people had to wait for the rest to be bought before more blocks opened up. The thing is people would abandon the crappy houses as soon as they could get a bigger one because the size of the house was what decided how much extra space you had, it was insane, at first it was easy to get to and from bree then someone decided to add a gold sink to that as well and that section went down hill from there.

Maintence fees don’t work they assume you play 365 days a year and not everyone does. Life happens significant others drag you away from the game to experience this thing called life. Props for getting the reference… But seriously they should make you pay in game currency or out of game currency and if you want to upgrade pay again but otherwise that is part of your character their back story. Unless they want to have in-game events where the building blows up every time you you lose your fortress…

I wonder if some of those NPC are vendors.

Nice to see the home us subs are getting, too bad it will cost a fortune to do up 2 homes, I mean I assume its not just one with your imp and pub toons and comps running around.

I wonder if all comps are there, Risha and T7 sharing slicing tips, Bowdaar and HK playing that holo chess game.

It wouldn’t be a stretch at all for all comps (both sides) to be there together; a lot of their stories are intertwined as is.

I believe it is Vette and Risha that mention each other as being childhood friends, almost sisters; Doc had a history with Kaliyo; Qyzen and Mako used to work together, Qyzen calls up Mako for a favor; Elara Dorne’s dad is an NPC on imp fleet; etc.

Basically, the companions all already know each other in some way, it wouldn’t be a stretch that they would be seen in the same room together. I’m not sure this would hold as far as getting them onto coruscant/DK, but for nar shadaa or tatooine it works.

Since it’s Nar Shaddaa I hope we can have casino like decorations: slot machines, a bar, a dancing floor, kareoke, stripper poles… Kinda like “what’s his face” Hut has in Hutta.

Who cares what you have to think about this, go call your mom, it’s time to take her for a ride.

And who cares what you think about what he thinks. I hope people don’t think you represent the swtor community.

And I care what you think of what I think of what that other person thinks about this thing because?

Why be so ignorant? Isn’t this what the comment section is for? Seeing other peoples opinions, views and pointers? So actually, you care because you took the effort to scroll down to the comments.

Inb4 a response about you not caring about my comment >.>

Player housing was a highly demanded feature, and Bioware is giving it in a free update.

And you’re whining.

Get over yourself.

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