GW2 Baby Minis Series 1 Pack in Gemstore

GW2 Baby Mini Series 1 Pack is now available in the gemstore for 1600 gems. It features some of the baby minis that were available temporarily in May 2013 Gemstore.

It is 1600 gems for the series 1 pack, which comes to 320 gems for each mini (they were 400 gems each last year)


Mini Black Bear Cub


Mini Hippo Calf


Mini White Kitten


Mini Lion Cub


Mini Moa Chick


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10 replies on “GW2 Baby Minis Series 1 Pack in Gemstore”

5 mini’s for what people used to pay for GW:EN. I assume they’re accountbound so you can’t buy 1 or 2 of your favourites of the TP? 🙂

this is not really fair. GW2 diodnt have a gemstore and some minor microtransactions but never for minatures or ingame gold. They had some minatures ingame that where so exclusive that if you wanted to buy them from another player you had to farm for a lot longer then is needed for these ones. Also if you used an RTM (do not use RTM’s!!!, they just steal your account, im only using it as an example!!) you would need to pay a lot more for those exclusive mini’s then you’ll pay for GW:EN.

This game doesnt have expansions and might never have them. Instead we prolly going to have expansion type content for free (atleast thats what the most talk is bout they haven’t decided 100% yet). So by getting these minatures you also support the game and Arenanet.

To answer your question. They are accoutnbound yeah, but if they where not, they would be on the TP for more then the price you would pay as a package, a lot more!

Slap in the face for people like me who bought them last year to keep their collection complete. Not only do you save 400 gems (5€), but you also do not have to play 5 weeks in a row.

lions exist in the guild wars universe. they were rangers pets added in gw1 under the nightfall expansion

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