SWTOR Club Vertica Nightlife Pack

SWTOR Club Vertica Nightlife Pack PTS Preview. Updated with live server released on July 1. Videos coming soon.

Ventilated Triumvirate Armor Set



Mandalorian Clansman’s Armor Set


Agile Reconnaissance’s Armor Set


Unbreakable Veteran’s Armor Set



Shrewd Rascal’s Armor Set 



Karness Muur’s Armor Set



Remulus Drepya’s Armor Set



Rohlan Dyre’s Armor Set 



Temple Guardian Armor Set




WL-29 Blaster


WL-29 Blaster Rifle


WL-29 Sniper Rifle


SL-34 Rotary Plasma Cannon 


Etched Dueler’s Lightsaber


Etched Dueler’s Dualsaber



ST-7 Recon Walker


SWTOR_WalkerMount_02SWTOR_WalkerMount_01 (1)

Droid Officer Transport


Marsh Raptor


Vectron JM-13 Torrens


Adno A-R6


Tion ST-4



Model FT-2 Quell


Model Sledgehammer


Hooded Blurrg


Model Experimental Sandcrawler


Color Crystals and Customizations

Advanced Yellow Core Color Crystal

  • Bloom (left), no Bloom (right). Bloom is a graphic setting you can turn on/off.


2V-R8 Customization – Crimson


Treek Customization 4


Emotes and Misc

Video of all emotes and regen item

Emote: Tihaar Dance

Emote: Faint

Emote: Out of Breath

Regen: Cube Roll

Title: Club Vertica High Roller

  • Darth Marr

    i bet walker doesn’t make it on live servers :/

    • E.V. Emmons

      Or it’ll be so rare, that you won’t see many.

  • Darth Stewie

    The fact that you can’t properly preview the Walker makes me want it even more!!!

  • Dreadicus

    Guessing a multi-person mount? EXCELLENT

    • iceberg265

      Guessing you’re wrong.

  • y2z

    I’m gonna have to check out the walkers on Balmorra after.

  • Uhh…That pet is the Rycer not the Quell

    • zenight

      It has to be a place holder, the model Rycer is already available.

  • Darth Nader

    Dinosaur!! Rrrrrrr!

    • Trogdor

      Open the door, get on the floor!

      • Belanii

        Everybody walk the dinosaur!

        • Najee

          Clever girl…

        • Carnius

          Boom boom, shakalakalaka boom.

    • Najee

      Shoot her!!

  • Trogdor

    No. Nooooo way. That has to be a joke they’re playing on the dataminers. A walker mount? I think it would look pretty silly running at mount-speeds.

    • Sean Malloy

      Not only that, with the character presumably up in the head of the walker, they’re going to be out of interaction range of _anything_ on the ground, and it will clip like a mad bastard on the faction fleets (ignoring for the moment how much stupidity that a walker that size on the fleet is in the first place) — or much of Nar Shaddaa, for that matter.
      Although it’s possible that they just incorrectly set the vehicle size in the preview, and it’s intended to be much smaller than that — say, around the same size as the KDY mount.

      • AceOfDymonds

        The animal mounts have never been sized quite right in the preview windows (hence the characters standing beside them instead of riding them), I’m sure that’s just a more extreme version of that.

      • Mortúùs

        In case you haven’t figured it out yet, every creature mount has size issues in preview, it’s a bug. The walker is probably the size of the rancors, or maybe slightly taller and thinner.

    • deathmetalnightmare

      “stop doing fun things with the game. youre hurting me.”

      jesus christ, you fucking people are whiners

      • Trogdor


        • Eriksonix

          You do realise alot of the mounts whic u dont sit on in preview are alot bigger than suppose to be think about the dewback, it loook humonges in prewiev but is actualy a desent size in the actual game

          • Okamakiri

            If that’s true, then it will look retarded with its legs sprinting along at mount speed. Kind of the way the dewback animation looks terrible.

          • Wechodon

            Did you know there is a spell check built into this?

      • Luis Rosado


  • Vesev

    So….they are now giving away NiM mounts in Cartel Packs (see Ando A-R6) …..yeah I’m done.

    • AceOfDymonds

      The Praxon mounts were never uniquely NiM mounts, recolors of them have been available through Rep Vendors and Packs as far back as the Archon’s Contraband Pack at least.

      Now if they put out a recolor of the Avalanche Tank or Titan 6 Containment Mode… yeah that would be a real issue.

      (I’d be okay with significantly distinct recolors of them as PVP Season rewards for Tier One though.)

      • Vesev

        The praxon design is not, but the recoloring in that mount is. The only way to have gotten that specific praxon, previous to this cartel pack, was Kephess in EC NiM. While it is old content, a lot of the player base still cannot complete it, so it remains an exclusive drop. If it remains that way, it wouldnt surprise me to see the TFB/SnV mounts added once it is considered older content.

        • AceOfDymonds

          You’re right I didn’t notice it is the exact same color scheme as the Praxon – but that honestly makes me honestly think it’s just a place-holder in the system until the real model is released.

          They’re calling it an Ando, so I can’t see them releasing an exact duplicate of an existing Praxon but then bothering to change the name like that. And you may say I’m giving BW/EA too much credit but I really do doubt they’d take away from the Raid-only rewards like that in the first place.

    • deathmetalnightmare

      that mount sucks anyway, stop being a diaper wearer

      • Vesev

        Your opinion is yours, but the fact that they are now taking exclusive NiM mounts and adding them to Cartel packs doesn’t look good. In the future we may see the TFB/SnV mounts added to packs….

        • Docmal

          The Ando A-R6 is not the same as the Nim EC mount. They share a similar paint job but the body styles and sitting positions are different.

        • Rex

          No, they aren’t, a Praxton isn’t an Ando, its obviously just a placeholder. She doesn’t even sit on it right.

          Hopefully in the future they will only use vendor sold models as placeholders so the stupid people don’t get their panties up their cracks.

    • EleniRPG

      It has to be a mistake. Notice how in the picture she’s sitting in Adno position on a Praxon mount, which means the seat cuts through the middle of her waist and her hands are hovering a foot behind the handlebars. Given that the mount is called an Adno, I’m guessing the mistake is in the mount that is displayed (which will remain exclusive to NiM), and not in the name or character positioning.

    • Luis Rosado

      You could ALWAYS get one from the light/dark vendors on fleet! stop Crying!

    • Rex

      That is a Praxton, not an Ando, so its just a placeholder.

      But hey, easier to just straight to crying like a 5 year old then to think for 2 seconds.

  • ODST_Parker

    Bigger mounts like Walkers made an appearance in SWG and they were pretty fun to drive around, so I can’t blame them for adding them here. Might bring a bit more fun to RP fights too. I assume there will be armor and weapons added later, and I can only hope we get a decently sized down Assault Cannon this time, but I’m sure it will be another tank turret sized Death Star cannon…

  • jagermensch

    I hope the treek customization muzzles her. Any reduction in the volume of her chatter would be appreciated

    • bleeters

      Hey now, she just wants you to know the enemies of the Republic will have regrets many, and that they’re not even worth adding to her legend.

      Constantly. In case you forget in the five seconds since she last reminded you. She’s a conscientious soul.

      • writinwater

        She is no worse than the grunting meatball Khem Vhal. Or Bowdaar. Or Kaliyo’s constant threats to show her gun.
        In fact the chatter from the companions becomes bad enough with each and every one over time. Hating Treek is just fur envy….

    • Beasthunt

      Yes, yes, yes. That broad and her non-stop yammering.

  • taylor

    This game is all about cosmetic now. housing, new shiny armor etc.., there is no game left to play.

    • f33bz

      Maybe you don’t play the game anymore but plenty others do.

    • Adolfo

      Then leave the game, no one needs you here really, go on, go play CoD or something like that you little 12 year old kid… oh and tell your mom I said Hi and thanks for the BJ last night.

      • Glenn

        > Imply the person you disagree with is an immature child
        > Make a ‘your mom’ joke
        The hypocrisy is strong with this one.

        • Adolfo

          And I care what you have to say because?

          • Red_Joker

            He has more upvotes than you do, hence his opinion is obvoiusly more right.

          • Sirdiealot

            Pretty sure no one gives a rat’s ass what you think either.

          • Okamakiri

            LOL the loser up-voted his own post.

            • Adolfo

              It’s cause what I say is so awesome and full of truth that not giving myself an up vote would be disastrous, as for you, you must be a loser for not up voting your own comment, means you don’t care about what you say.

  • I wonder if the Adno is using a wrong preview for some reason. We all know that’s a Praxon in the preview, but her character is sitting in the position for the Adno speeders as far as I can tell. So maybe their new Adno is pointing to the file for the Praxon whatever-that-one-is-called by mistake.

    • Possible, the models are incomplete/wrong atm on the PTS

  • JasonRyder

    Looks like they’ve stopped making dye modules

    • No dye modules are still in the packs, they just don’t show up in collections

  • Luis Rosado

    The vectron would look awesome on my agent. curious about the walker too. No new weapon designs though?

    • Not on this iteration of PTS

      • Luis Rosado

        Gotcha, thanks Dulfy.

  • Haggardbr

    I liked the raptor mount… besides the Grassland Varactyl, that’s another I’ll have in my collection.

  • Aleksey314

    No more huge mounts, please. Tirsa, Dessler, Rancor, Walker, what next, full scale space ships flying around Fleets?

    • BioWHAT

      AT-AT’s. D:

      The thought of massive cartel mounts everywhere is scary. The PvP rancors became annoying fast (coming from someone who has several).

      • Trogdor

        I don’t mind large mounts, but walkers are supposed to be… y’know.. kinda slow and lumbering, hence the term ‘walker’. I think it will look pretty goofy at mount-speeds.

        • Nomar

          Set it to walk phase problem solved

      • Vel’Rathis

        Tbh I’d rather have large mounts including Rancors than any more Tauntauns in quilted jackets. The speed issue is more a case that antigrav speeders are to slow rather than walkers being to fast.

    • Luis Rosado

      I want more big mounts, our opinions cancel out. nothing changes. world moves on

  • e^3

    Jurassic Park, if you run out of ideas just make some Dinosaurs…

  • lineinfantry

    i hope rep players can’t use that imp walker. that would kill the rp

    • Nomar

      You do know republic have walkers too right.

      • lineinfantry

        i’m talking about rep players walking around on an imp issue walker. i guess it isn’t that complicated to understand, eh?

        • Trogdor

          There are many, many instances of this sort of thing in the game already. The Mailoc (?) gunship and its counterpart. The speeders from the tython/korriban flashpoints with the pub/imp insignia. Half of the armor from the cartel market. The list goes on.
          “Lore friendly” went out the window a long time ago, buddy.

          • The AT-AT from the movies would be republic since they built by the senate not the old sith empire.

          • lineinfantry

            well, i have to agree with you in this case..

          • DaGhostDS

            Didnt you get the memo, lore died last week with Disney last idea to ditch the EU and make the Clone Wars and Rebels shows Canon.. lol

            JJ Abrams and Star Trek all over again.

        • Chakra Kusanagi

          You mean like how imperials can drive around in the Corellian stardrive flash?
          Or how Jedi can float around in hoverchairs with the imperial symbol on them?

          I could go on, but since you have survived those, I’m sure you’ll survive the walker.

  • odd

    This Game has Quaggans!!?!

  • Neroth

    while I think that imperial walker would make an awesome mount, the description does say Bipedal, not tripod. chances are the final product will probably look more along the lines of an AT-RT, though if the size is accurate in the preview then maybe it could be more like an AT-ST. Still I’m going to hope for an Imperial walker here, just cos I find the idea of it hilarious.

  • Val

    My guess is, that the walker mount will be something like this: http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100826153547/starwars/images/5/5a/AT-RT-TCW.jpg

    • Hugo A Sanchez

      I think it has 4 legs

      • MrM

        the tooltip says ‘bipedal’

        • Trogdor

          Yet the model in the screenshot clearly has 3 legs, like the walkers on Oricon.

          • dbaswell

            Which I would love to know the official/canon/whateverlucasfilmiscallingEUstuffthatdoesn’tfittheirnewscheme designation for. They show up in multiple places in the game, and I’ve never been able to find anything on the wiki during my admittedly basic searches.

    • Eriksonix

      I rly want somethign liek that in the game! Its one of my facvourite star wars vehicles

    • y2z

      I think it’s this one: http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130918014953/starwars/images/5/59/Imperial_Walker.png
      Which may have something to do with the enormous size in the preview window (as in, much larger than prior ones like the varactyl and such). I’d say if it makes it live, it’ll be just a scaled-down version.

  • Josef Tauser

    “Vertica Nightlife” ? I was expecting a /polldance

  • Zar

    The walker looks similar to the one kephess has (explosive conflict)

  • Sadriel Fett

    Tihaar Dance…….”Mandalorian brandy” dance?. Different but cool. Glad they finally have the speeder with the shark teeth on the front easier to get now, though. Been wanting that for a while.

  • Aleksey314

    Anybody else around here feel new Cartel packs are now released a bit too often? I’d rather they concentrate on something not connected with spending cartel coins. Damn capitalism, LOL : – )

    • Trogdor

      They…are working on an expansion, y’know..

      • Meta Ray Mek

        Yeah, didn’t they say that we were getting one Starfighter-sized expansion (which I believe was the Strongholds/Housing update), and then a story-based one on par with ‘Hutt Cartel’ this year?

        Though given that Galactic Strongholds got delayed, I wonder what this means for the story-based expansion…

        • TheSithOfTor

          Obviously getting pushed back, probably will come out before the Holidays. So, End November or mid December. And, expect it to be about 30$, knowing that BioWare just wants for a cash grab.

          • Kyranus

            Doing another Hutt Cartel type expansion is a lot of work for the skeleton crew the game is currently working with. Something like that is hardly a cash grab, especially compared to the Cartel Market.

    • I think they slowed down a bit lately as they skipped a month (I think it was March?). Anyways the cartel market team is separate from rest of the content team so their release schedule doesn’t conflict with rest of the content. I have to admit though, the patches lately have being lacking a bit on content.

      • Trogdor

        I just wish they hadn’t put the infiltrator on the backburner. :/

        • Wechodon

          I want to see how/where this Korriban/Tython incursion is going. Will it lead to full scale war or will it fizzle out. And what artifacts were retrieved from each temple and how do they fit into the story line.

        • zenight

          Actually I’m of those who feel stealth ships would have been a horrible thing to add to GSF, in a 12 vs 12 death match keeping track of enemy GS is hard enough, now imagine keeping track of enemy ships that don’t show up on sensors, meaning you have to visually track them down…
          The idea sounds cool but no implementation would be anything but imbalanced.

          • Trogdor

            Because bomber mines and the gunship Ion Cannon damaging enemies through solid objects is totes balanced?

  • Luis Rosado

    Dulfy I just found some stuff on Imgur that looks like the armor and some weapon models for this pack. http://imgur.com/a/FTrLc
    It looks like they’re making the columni armor they took out adaptable. Found it from a friend.

    • Luis Rosado
      • Haggardbr

        Remove the scope and the barrel tip… here, take my money!

      • Chakra Kusanagi

        So a walther P38 with a laser sight, a scope and the flash hider from Han Solo’s blaster…

        Could be worse, I guess… But I don’t really like them adding a real-life weapon that is so easily recognizable.

    • These are the pics that swtor_miner dug up. I didn’t post them as it is currently unknown which goes into which pack or if they are even for direct purchase.

      • Luis Rosado

        Gotcha. A man can dream. Been wanting the mando Columni helmet FOREVER.

        • kingseven

          omg me toooo my troopers would look so badass

      • Darth Marr

        Hey Dulfy, do you got any idea when part 2 of Forged Alliances comes on PTS?

    • Trogdor


      • Meta Ray Mek

        Well, I guess the people who’ve been asking for re-releases (or facsimiles thereof) of the Tionese/Columni/Rakata armor are going to get their wish this CM pack. (Personally, I would have preferred more “simple”/streamlined gear, but hey)

        • The smuggler is similar to rakata but the Jedi knight and trooper are pvp set the old Battle master sets.

          The http://i.imgur.com/n5rjFi0.png is battle master pvp set I can still make them. The http://i.imgur.com/rIdcBf2.png is trooper battlemaster pvp set I can make some of the piece. The colors are different but the colors on the battlemaster are broken so that is not surprising.

          The http://i.imgur.com/SGR3Nkk.png

          • Luis Rosado

            I have the battlemaster knight set, valor req. and everything and this set is different, its a mix of the war leader and vindicator sets, its the war leader model with the vindicator backpack so I believe its columni.

          • Sayaendo

            The Inquisitor one is also Battlemaster. I still have the chest from that set, so I checked. The Inquisitor Tionese/Columi had insane shoulder pads and buttwings.

            • y2z

              Yea, Inq is the same as Baras’ armour, only the helm has the full on pointy top. I can craft the “energized” version of that armour which unfortunately is BOP.

            • Trogdor

              The chestpiece has a little bit different texture. The helmet also looks like it’s has bits of the mesh removed so that the character’s face shows through?

          • Meta Ray Mek

            Ah, gotcha. I joined the game after the T/C/R and PVP sets were retired, so I freely/honestly admit I’m not 100% familiar with them outside of what’s been posted on TOR Fashion. They do look really sweet, all things considered.

            I really like the one Battlemaster Weaponmaster set on the Pub side of things, so it’ll be nice to get an adaptable similar to it, but not an exact replica (because I don’t PVP, uwah). It’ll look great on my Sith Warrior, hehe. Speaking of Imps, makes me wonder if we’ll get a knock-off of the Imperial*Battlemaster Weaponmaster set soon.

          • Triple Zero

            While Centurion/Champion/Battlemaster Combat Tech/Supercommando helmets are the same model the helmet pictured here has paint scheme that only matches Centurion/Champion Combat Tech/Supercommando. I know because I currently use Champion helmet on my vanguard and rarely see anybody else with the look. I expect that will change when this Unbreakable Veteran’s armor set goes live. At least BioWare changed the symbol on the chest. The Champion chest piece I use has the Havok Squad symbol.

      • Mortimer

        people like you are the reason this game has dragged down into the gutter as an MMO.
        Rather than OMGOMGshing at a re-skins and re-releases of old content gear, maybe put some of that babyish enthusiasm into pushing for fresh content, items and game fixes for what we already have.
        Pisses me off (and I’m not saying you are) that a lot of F2P players moan and whine about not getting the privileges subs get, then spend 40 dollars a month on crap so they can stand on the fleet and moan about their account restrictions.
        Its old gear its gone, let it go. don’t you see BW is abusing your greed for gear and blinding you with sparkle powder to the fact it has all but given up on the game as far as subs go and has found a new market selling fashion pixels buy the pound.

        • Trogdor

          Oh fuck you. That ‘fresh content’ BW has been coming up with lately? Makeb. Czerka. KDY. Forged Alliances. Harder versions of existing raids. All of it boring and/or repetitive. Most of the rewards from these things are ugly reskins of existing armor, including the ugly raid gear. So don’t get pissy with me for being excited that they’re bringing back sets of armor that actually look good.

          I have been pushing for more class stories (which is the game’s primary attraction) but BW has said more than once now that they just can’t. So I’ll take my victories where I can find them.

        • Luis Rosado

          Guess what buddy? The cartel market is the only reason you can still play this game anyways. Since the game went F2P the company has to make money to maintain servers, pay employees salary etc. And since it’s completely optional to buy anything on the cartel market, EVEN as a subber, and still play the vanilla game, there’s no reason for you to complain. And it may come as a shock to you but subbers buy stuff from the cartel market too, because it’s FUN and we like the stuff. If you’re tired about F2P people whining on the fleet, then use you’re ignore option. After I’m done writing this, I’m going to use it on you.

    • Peter Parker

      Where do you find these things?

      • Luis Rosado

        Got a friend that knows I play and he keeps me updated on this stuff.

        • Unoshi

          if u can find if the battlemaster for the sw will be incoming as well, u mind posting it here? been grinding most of my char to valor 60, got my JC ready, got my SI ready, just need my SW on 60 but ugh…cba but will do so if they do not plan on releasing that armor as adaptive. loved the battlemaster type since i saw them on launch

    • Skyward

      Really excited for that new BH set, well, maybe not the helmet at least.

  • Unoshi

    well damn, i am deffifantly looking forward to the Vectron aka Bat mobile aka Darth Knight rises, lol. and i am so impatient to actually see the full scale of the Walker mount.

  • Brad Schmeling

    What is the cost of the walker mount?

    • B

      I don’t think you can buy it directly, all these items will be from the Club Vertica Nightlife pack.

      • Brad Schmeling

        Random drop… Maybe then it can be bought on the GTN

  • Elfa

    Is bareback raptor riding a new sport?

    • Trogdor

      only on r34

  • Mevarek

    NOOOOO! now all the plebs will have firaxas 🙁

    • Trogdor

      Somehow I don’t think that mount is going to be very popular. It’ll likely end up just another cheap mount that everyone tries to peddle off for 15-20k. Some will buy them and use them, until they get their hands on something they like better, and then they’ll never summon it again. I think your special snowflake is safe.

  • Chakra Kusanagi

    Hmm, I think that walker is just a placeholder.
    The description states that it is bipedal, but the preview has three legs.

    • Trogdor

      It’s amusing and exciting to ponder, is it not?
      On one hand, the infocard contradicts the model, and it’s a bit preposterous to think they’d let us derp around on a mount that’s probably 100 feet tall.

      On the other, if at launch (when the only mounts you saw were speederbikes and STAP-analogues) someone said that someday we’d be driving rancors, banthas, starfighters, and podracers, they’d probably be just as skeptical as we are now, but here we are. Furthermore, why would BW use that model as a placeholder? They could very well have used any existing speeder or beast mount as a placeholder, instead of using something that’s otherwise just a static world mesh. Are they trolling us?

      • Trogdor

        It’s also interesting to consider how that walker would even move. It would seem that in order to avoid falling over, it would need to keep 2 “feet” planted on the ground at all times. Furthermore, if it started out with its legs in the position seen ingame, to begin moving forward it would first need to move one of its front legs a half-step backward, in order to maintain its balance while the rear leg advances. Then, it would move that front leg a full step forward, shift the rear leg, move the other front leg, shift the rear leg, and so on. It wouldn’t so much walk as it would hobble along. It’s a Hobbler.

        • Unoshi

          well, i assume it has four legs due the too big to preview so i guess the other part aren’t on screen and Dulfy only could be bothered showing us three

    • Unoshi

      lol, placeholder. the description clearly states “movement speed increased based on speeder piloting skill” so its anything but a placeholder, well it insn’t anything its a speeder but you get the vibe

      • Chakra Kusanagi

        The model is a placeholder you numbskull…

        • Unoshi

          Well I miss interpered the word placeholder but to see how quick one can turn into a I’ll sensitive dickhead explains enough but w/e u wish body. Guess internet is a place where people quickly be feeling brave

          • Chakra Kusanagi

            I only turn into an insensitive dickhead when people reply childishly to a post of mine.
            Next time you might want to make sure you understand the word you are replying to before you go writing “lol” about it.

            • Unoshi

              ah your mangina must be on its period, or you’re just constipated.Anyhow since when is lol childish? guess u misinterpreted my sentence too..if i went on being childish i would have acted like you did in your respond. lol or no lol thousands of people would still react in the way you did so but you can go ahead and calm your tits down now.

              • Chakra Kusanagi

                Well you certainly have proven which of us is the most mature…

              • Green Mann

                All he did was call you a numbskull…FAR less agressive and dickish than most people would have been in response to your attempted correction. Looks like you were the one feeling brave when you stepped into that pile of bantha poodo. Man, some people are so sad

  • SpeederCollector

    Those Adno is a Praxon Fixara, Kephess drops that in EC NiM.

  • RSKeogh96

    Looking at size of that walker if it is anything like that size could it be a multi person mount. would be a good time to release it with guild ships and the ability to transport entire groups to a location. why not hop into the same mount and drive the last bit of the journey. I could be completely wrong but man that would be awesome if it was true 🙂

  • Random Fan

    Is that Marsh Raptor like the creatures in Avatar movie? I can see how the spine in its back when u sit … err … ‘connects into’ your own spinal cord at the bottom? (rolf)

  • Sethaniel

    I think that based on the explosive conflict video that shows a glipse of a 3 legged walker, the mechanics of the mount would have it be a 3 legged walker with it’s front 2 legs working as the movers with the 3rd one acting only as a stablizer, therfore staying true to it’s description of bipedal in the sense that it’s only using 2 legs to actually move.

  • Chakra Kusanagi

    Welll, I guess the discussions about the mount can end now eh?
    It was a placeholder and it wasn’t huge.

    I’m ok with the new model, but I would have thought the legs would be further apart (as in the rider in the middle and the legs on the side, not under) but that’s just me.

    • Trogdor

      It’s still pretty huge. At least, tall. Pretty sure it will end up being taller than the rancor mounts.
      I’m not sure whether I’m relieved or disappointed that it’s not the placeholder model. This thing doesn’t even look armed.

      • Chakra Kusanagi

        It probably isn’t supposed to be. It’s a “fast recon scout transport” after all. Doesn’t sound like something that is supposed to be used in combat.

  • Steve3PO

    Grandfather of the AT-RT from the Clone Wars.

  • Virus

    Will there be new cartel reputation with Nightlife packs?

    • Pretty sure there will be

  • Walkerton

    So on the PTS how do you get these items to be able to test them out. I had just downloaded the PTS for the first time and am a little new to it. How exactly are you able to see and use these items once they are put up? Do I have to pay for hypercrates on the PTS and hope I get one or something like that?

    • Rafaello

      You can check them out in the collections tab.

  • yamil

    temple guardian!! YESSS i been posting on forums about putting an armor set like in forever! lol cause really sith get all the cool stuff -_- also Rholans gear! i read the kotor comics so anything from the cast there is great to see

  • Meta Ray Mek

    Oh wow, some of that Lore Armor is so cash. I do have to wonder if/when we’ll get the last of the principal KOTOR II players (i.e. Exile, Bao-Dur, Mical, Atris… maybe Kreia), though. But the comic stuff will do just fine for now.

    Non-Lorewise, he Temple Guardian one is awesome. But I predict that, with the right dyes, we’ll see a lot of Assassin’s Creed-esque cosplays with the Agile Reconnaissance set. XP

    • Jay

      I want the goddamn Revan armour sets from KOTOR..;. the exact one he is wearing in the game, not the fail rehash in TOR. Plus it would be nice if they included the armour set from end game (when u needed a shit load of lock picks to open the security container on starforge), where u have both a light/dark version dependent on ur conversation with Bastila.

  • Marcus Alexander

    Rholan Dyre’s armour! Wow! WANT! I hope it will look good 🙂

  • Konoha the Wiper

    http://disq.us/8ifucq …or not to scope WL-29 Blaster

  • Isaac

    Well I am not happy with the agile reconaissance armor set. I still have the exotech enforcers jacket and tionese helmet. Just some of the gear that thing is ripping off. It is ripping off the rakata chest as well. Now it removes my unique appearance in the game. At least I can say that I have to original looking stuff that they are ripping off.

    • Meta Ray Mek

      tbh, I think it’s a good thing they’re at least giving us plebs (who joined the game after the R/C/T gear got retired and/or don’t care for PVP) a chance to have stuff that’s similar, but it’s not 100% the same. But ymmv and all that. =T

      • Isaac

        I agree with bringing them back for people who joined after 2.0 but I would rather it be at a comms vender where they would be pbind on pickup instead of being bind on equip from the cartel market and then being sold on gtn I would just like to see that gear kept as a not easy to get sort of thing. And at the same time the gear is slightly different. So its not as big of a deal.

    • Green Mann

      Gee, you don’t like the DreadReconVoltronRemix Armor?!?! No wow, much sad 🙁

  • kingseven

    i want the damn columi trooper gear not the batlemaster dammit

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      Yeah, I’d like that too.
      It does seem like they are implementing old sets as reputation rewards too though, so we might see it there.
      Or in one of the other 2 nightlife packs that will come out later.

  • Just give me my Lucien Draay armor (aka Temple Guardian) already!!! I wanna see how it looks ingame. Damn you BW for still having placeholders in place! xD

  • Rex

    Do you think they will release the old t/c/r armor sets with future packs as well? I would love to get my hands on the trooper gear.

  • Zen300

    With the Inq battlemaster set in the nightlife pack and agent’s in this pack, hopefully the next one will have the warrior’s battlemaster set in it. I really want the set for my Sin, but sadly its medium armor in the game. So a full armored version (NOT like the extrovert, hate them) in adaptive would be awesome!

    • Nick Wenzel

      That would be awesome. My Jugger has the old Battlemaster Set but i will give him this when it is Adaptive.

  • Green Mann

    So here’s hoping the walker mount(which I could die for, I love it!) Is not actually *quite* as big as it looks there, seeing as it appears to be at least 3 times taller than a human, meaning even one of these things on the fleet is going to get obnoxious fast 🙂

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      It’s a placeholder… look at the picture of the actual walker and look at the size of the chair.
      I’d say it’s about the same as a rancor.

      • Green Mann

        Yes I am aware it’s a place holder, hence my choice of words, rather than saying “er mah gerd it’s soo huge world ending”

        • Chakra Kusanagi

          And I’m just pointing out that you can use the seat as a size indicator 🙂

          • Green Mann

            Ya good point

  • Chakra Kusanagi

    After some pondering, I’ve come to the conclusion that this will be the first of the two nightlife packs.
    I’m basing this on the weapons.
    both the blaster pistol and the blaster rifle have less “extras” than the ones in the other pack.
    And they usually start out with the ones that have the least doodads on the weapons, and then add versions of the weapons with more addons in the later packs.

  • Kylmc

    When will this hit live servers? Anyone have an estimation?

    • Adam-Ali Kanji-Lalani

      Considering the Star Cluster pack seems next (June), thanks to this one having less complete models and being removed from the PTS, it seems this one will head out early July.

      • Chakra Kusanagi

        On the other hand, since this was removed from the PTS, we don’t really know which pack has the most finished models.

        But contrary to my previous conclusion, the weapon names seem to support this one being the second pack.
        It would certainly be the first time BW has released a pack with weapons that had more addons in the first pack than the second one.

  • Trogdor

    Now if only we had guns that looked as good as what Rholan Dyre is holding.

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      Funny… I really hated them when I read the comics… didn’t think they looked star wars-y att all.

      Different tastes I guess.

  • Kylmc

    Anyone have any information on what the Temple Guardian armor will look like in-game?

  • Absalom

    A scene from the design team table: “So, we’ve got 1 developer, and 2 guys who sit around eating Pringles watching The Clone Wars on Netflix… what should we release int he next pack?”

    “Battlemaster gear, screw it.”

    “Yeah, those Pringles eaters don’t have any real coding experience. Someone fish out the old Battlemaster crap, and put in some new colors.”

    “Wait! I have an idea!!!!”

    “What? is it awesome?”

    “Best idea ever!!! pull out the Tionese sets, and re-release THEM!!!!! Nobody will ever expect it!”

    “Great work, let’s make it happen.”

    • itsmymillertime .

      people wanted those set re-released. players get what they want.

      • Ravarah

        “Players get what they want.” HAH. you’re funny.

        • Deathstrokes

          No hes right Ive waited to get those Re-realesed for a long while adn so ahve a lot fo friends.

  • Reiku

    SO what’s the ETA for this pack?

    • Early July I think

      • writinwater

        Are there any updates on the “still missing” armour sets ? any graphics from the cantina tour ?

        • writinwater

          Sooo, in the end we get our first look at some of the armour(s) from the ingame collection…. Sounds like Someone at BW thinks himself a Lagerfeld or Chanel and twiddles around with the collection armour to the very last minute^^

  • kingseven

    i better see the old trooper pve set soon, im dying over here, don’t you think havoc squad deserves it

    • Seskahin

      The set is a adaptive legacy armor on section X for the reputation

      • Dega88

        Yes but it’s helmet is completely different

  • Chakra Kusanagi

    Maby you could use the cantina pictures for the walker mount now dulfy?

  • Heist 101

    I wonder how much different the assault cannon in this pack can get from the other one.. Two barrels maybe? A holo screen? -One that changes to crystal color!!!!!? The other weapon differences seem to be the dark paint aside from the pistols missing scope, I hope these get a little more attention than where they’re at..

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      There won’t be much differance… just a different, shorter barrel from the looks of it.

      You can view them here:

  • Vakarian

    If that picture of Rholan Dyre’s set is anything to go by it could be a good set for bounty hunters

    • neilmcj

      Well the concept art looked great, the possible model is crap

  • KingThane

    My current question is this packs drops be broken like the last one?

    • KingThane

      sorry,”Will this pack also be broken like the the last one?”

      • Who knows, it is not released yet

        • KingThane

          ah ty, was wondering if it had been come out on test server, but thnks dulfy:)

          • You can’t buy packs on PTS 🙁

            • KingThane

              once again ty for the info,hoping this pack will be release June 1st. I know it want be but wishful thinkingXD
              PS.Love the site,get 99% of all my information from here the other 1% is my random guesses:)

  • KingThane

    Sorry 2 ask this but would anyone know when this pack will be released on test server? Really hoping the Karness Muur’s looks good, cause im looking forward 2 getting it:)

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      It probably won’t be released on the test server.
      It will probably be released on the regular servers on the 8th of july.

      • KingThane

        Really,odd? why would thy do that

        • Chakra Kusanagi

          Because the test servers are currently not up and it would be pretty pointless to put them up just to show something that will be released in 2 weeks?

          • KingThane

            ah thanks, don’t play on test server so don’t know what happens on them,but thanks cha:)

  • Arctaedus

    Looking forward to getting the Mandalorian Clansman’s armor! I noticed one of the enemies near the end of S&V was wearing that sick helm.

  • Darth Ji’inx

    You missed a couple of pics from swtor_miner.

    Remulus Drepya armor icon: http://i.imgur.com/smFZf6s.png

    possible Rholan Dyre armor: http://i.imgur.com/RZvE818.png

    • KingThane

      hey,srry 2 bother but do u have a link to these pics,was wondering if there are any more of them about the rest of the gear,but still thanks 4 the pictures been wondering what thy were going 2 look like

      • KingThane

        also by link I mean 2 the sire with the pics,cant seem 2 find it

  • bayoufett

    Was excited about Rohlan Dyre’s concept being the possible in game set and now I see the update and I see they did their own thing again and screwed it up.

    • Draxter

      indeed i`m dissapointed too, hmm well atleast that chest piece has both a cape and a jetpack…that`s something new….yet i hate the shoulder pads. The Remulus set looks awesome!

  • EverMarr

    Dulfy, the Name of teh Mandalorian is “Rohlan” and not “Rholan”, hope you can change that mistake 🙂

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      Only if you change the “teh” to a “the” 😉

      (just kiddin’)

      • EverMarr

        I forgot to change, noooo 😀

  • Sadriel_Fett

    Wow, that is absolutely NOT Rohlan Dyre’s armor. What the heck is that train wreck?

  • Guest

    I really think the Rohlan Drye armor is a preview issue. There is absolutely no resemblance to the comic version and … I mean, come on … no one can screw up this hard without explicitly trying to.

    • Vuun

      It’s maybe the Shrewd Rascal’s armor and not Rohlan Dyre’s armor ?

  • For the Rholan Dyre armor, I wouldn’t worry about it until the patch lands tomorrow and we get to see it ingame. Could be I have the wrong one.

    • KingThane

      haha true, the anticipation is killing me right now, im both excited and scared, mainly hoping the muur’s armor looks good, but id also like all the armor 2 look good.

  • HD2d

    I think Im going to like this hypercrate as much as the last one. – Boogeyman

  • AnshaeNomodi

    Mandalorian Clansman’s Armor Set = Tionese Bounty Hunter set.

    Agile Reconnaissance’s Armor Set = Rakata Operative set.

    Unbreakable Veteran’s Armor Set = Columni Trooper set.

    They were UGLY then. They’re still ugly. -.-

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      Matter of opinion.
      I like the bounty hunter and operative sets.

      • HD2d

        The operative set is old pvp gear.

        • Chakra Kusanagi

          I know… so is the bounty hunter and trooper sets (maby not PvP but still old end-game sets).
          And they have been requested over and over on the forums.
          Now they implement them again, and people complain :/

    • Arund

      Unbreakable Veteran’s Armor Set – Battlemaster Armor Set for Trooper

    • exopenelup

      Some (many?) player wanted those armors come back. I don’t know why somebody wants ugly armor… but they did.

    • Vinak

      The agent columi/rakata was actually one of the best outfits in the game at the time. The devs just chose to release it in a very ugly color scheme. That was fixed with armor dyes. I still wear my columi chest piece dyed blue/black. I am slightly sad that I will no longer look unique with this pack release.

  • Chakra Kusanagi

    I’m pretty sure the mined image of the rohlan dyre set is not the correct one.
    They’ve been pretty close to the originals on all the other lore sets they’ve made so I doubt this is the one they will be releasing. Placeholder maby?

  • Heist 101

    People need to understand that even though some of these sets are old end game, they are now available to those who cannot or could not obtain them in the past and on top of that they are now adaptive ..back when social gear was the only available adaptive stuff I was upset when I found a set that would not be allowed on certain companions or myself.. My IA sniper has most of the trooper type armor since I prefer not to look like a snazzy ship captain officer and more like someone who can survive for days on desolate worlds or wartorn battlefields. Just my 2 cents

    • Akheria

      See, no that’s the thing. I have no problems with old gear being brought back. Hell, I actively supported threads advocating this very thing. However, I (and quite a few others I think) have a problem with it being brought back as CM gear when we are in an “interlude” i.e. not much actual content coming out. For example they could have brought it back as adaptive, legacy-bound reputation gear in a new daily area, FP etc. Sounds better, yeah?

      • Valethar

        Definitely sounds better, but as the man said in the movie ‘the creed is greed’. Don’t expect the Greed Collective to give us anything decent as rep gear when there are so many sheep willing to be fleeced on the CM encouraging them to continue in this vein.

        I have no problem with them making money, but ye gods they sure do like to throw premium priced recolors around like they’re new and exciting ‘content’.

  • Guest

    Yay @ Rholan Dyre armor, thnx Dulfy 😉

    • writinwater

      Wow thanks, information at the very last minute (just before downloading the patch^^). Congrats Dulfy (and informants !)
      Unfortunately it also means, that this is going to be the most boring/uninteresting pack in a long time

  • Vos_L

    Wow, the Jedi temple guardians look awful. They really messed those up…the robe, the colors, the mask…it’s all wrong. The mask is hideous.

  • Boom-Stick

    I don’t like the Rohlan Dyre set, it doesn’t look like the comic one. Well it does but it looks so… small? Less bulky than the one you see him wear. Disappointed, they did the same thing with Mandalore the Ultimate set. Looks nothing like it should do, sort of a lite version of it.

    • Boom-Stick

      The Shrewd Rascal set looks awesome though.

      • HD2d

        Cause it was a;ready in the game….now you have to pay for it with real money.

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      Well it’s hard to translate “muscly mandalorian” into the game I guess.
      Have you tried it on a body type 3?

      • Boom-Stick

        Not sure it has to do with muscles in the comics. It’s more about the plates. Since the skinny Demagol wears the armour after he knocks Rohlan out and steals it and he looks big in it. The SWTOR version looks very slimed, whereas you see the set in the comics it’s more plates on top of plates with padding under the plates.

        There is subtle differences in the SWTOR version which really don’t bother me much, I don’t like how slim it looks though.

        • Chakra Kusanagi

          My point is that the games body types don’t look like the ones in the comics.
          You have to remember that the game has a stylized cartoonish look.
          The legs on males are too long, the waist is too high and too narrow.
          That makes the set look wrong compared to the comics.

          And there’s really nothing they could do to fix that since making the set wider at the waist and having shorter legs would not work with other sets.

          • Boom-Stick

            Why do I have to repeat myself? It has nothing to do with the style. As I already said though, that has zero to do with the muscles, the pads and plates are thick. Demagol is a skinny dude and he looks big in the suit. It has zero to do with the suit and the armour they made is basically just painted on pads and plates onto normal pants and jacket/shirt. Nothing more, it was a cop out. Just like the ultimate set. They can do plates, they did it with the other Mandalorian armours. Why not these two? It has zero to do with the style here.

      • Boom-Stick

        After looking closer at the set, yeah it’s still bad but it’s worse than I thought. It’s basically just pants and a shirt with texture that looks like it may be plates on it.

        We get way too much of that crap.

  • Fabulous

    My opinion on “Ventilated Triumvirate Armor Set”

    Bioware design team did it again. They managed to “slut” even a heavy armor plate.
    I have no problem with light revealing robes and etc. but this is just horrible.
    I mean LOOK AT THE CROTCH! Who designed this? No problem with a 3rd reskin of this set but this is too much it’s just sick. Look at the corpped picture below with ur own risk: 😛

  • Sevrane

    Ventilated Triumvirate Armor Set is just a joke for dataminers isn’t it? I mean … right?

    • Fabulous

      I laughed soo hard at first and then I was kinda really dissapointed and then I was angry. It’s a total slut armor set for soo many reason. Ppl get stabbed in arenas!

      • KingThane

        this is killing, they just have to throw in some crappy armor,god forbid we have a pack with decent armor and nothing bad in it,but I guess ever pack has to have 1 or 2 worthless sets

  • Dzad

    It looks like the image for the Experimental Sandcrawler and the FT-2 Quell are wrong. This is how they look, when i preview them.

  • Knightmare_Nightwatch

    Wow… this pack… That Ventilated armor? Good lord. Also, the fourth Treek customization is nothing more than a reskin of the third one you get from the cartel market. Come BioWare, what’s up with that? However… I see myself dropping some creds for that Vectron… thats one damn sexy looking mount.

  • Phabulous

    I was so excited for my Sentinel to wear the Temple Guardian armor…not so much now.

    • Stilluff Fogg

      Indeed. The last concept from the Cantina would’ve made the _PERFECT_ Sentinel set.. The one they released made me want to punch a baby. It does work if you have a Body 3 Male character and use a lower robe instead of the legs… But that’s just barely.

  • exopenelup

    Hm. Not the type of armor I like.

    The Temple Guardian – horrible! It has nothing to do with the concept art, and nothing with what we know from Clone Wars. Lazy work by BioWare.

    Shrewd Rascal = Marshall Brave Starr?

    • Vinak

      The shrewd armor looks great. I think bioware just hates force users…and mandalorians.

    • y2z

      OMG I’m so happy you said that! I loved that when I was a kid.

  • GLan

    On the ventilated triumvirate armor…how do the elbowpads stay on?

    • Nebber

      They’re injected with midichlorians and make use of the force to stay in place.

      • Vinak

        The super glue is strong with this one.

  • Sayaendo

    Drop rates certainly seem to be far different from the last pack. I opened one pack – got Shrewd Rascal Upper and Shrewd Rascal auxillary boxes. Last pack, all I ever got was lowers.

  • exopenelup

    The walker reminds me of kenny at southpark.

  • Fabulous

    I love your new look Dulfy. :*

  • Vinak

    ha…ha hahaha…the EA art team trolls are real.

    • Fabulous

      indeed they are. *facepalm*

    • lulz

      That’s Bioware Online art team. Only art team EA has would be for marketing.

  • darkfather

    Dear god this pack is a train wreck. I don’t get how some of these UGLY armor’s get passed the dev’s. I’d be firing these people. Also, Duly, you need to update the page to pop up as a new entry for SWTOR on the main page, because this is the new pack as of today.

    • The contents of this pack are awful, and that’s great! I won’t have to spend a dime!

  • tommythepower

    People @bioware cant have any self respect or care about this gambling box game what so ever.

  • lyncsys

    They really screwed up the temple guardian armor. The shapes/colors are awful. The mask has those stupid curves that give it a mustachio look like the idiotic masked guy from V for Vendetta.

  • quantum

    Looks like BW’s artists are phoning it in or their collective creative well has run dry.

  • Fabulous

    im spamming the *faint* emote on fleet more than i should. i really freaked some ppl out haha

  • Be-nin

    at least we get the Agile Reconnaissance helm…. right?

  • EleniRPG

    I like Karness Murr’s and Remulus Dreypa’s armors. Also the walker… I wonder how rare it will be compared to the rancor. I’m undecided about the raptor mount. I’ll definitely be picking up the Faint emote.

  • luiza

    the ventilated triumvirate is really, REALLY bad. as for the temple guardian, I like it. of course it wouldn’t be exactly like the concept – the concept is ALWAYS prettier than the results.

  • Kubrickian

    I don’t focus on the bad as there is always unappealing items but this series has some really worthwhile items. I have no issue for Rakata and Battlemaster for all, I’ve tried to sell crafted battlemaster and nobody wants it anyways. Rohlan and Shrewd Rascal are really nicely detailed. It would be nice if the artist that designed the armor got his due diligence by signing it somewhere as some of these designers have a much better sense of color and design then others in the cartel pack team.

    Not sure how much of a burden it would be to come up with a slightly different crystal for each pack. I know some die hard fans really get into the crystals and have all of them. Violet/Orange , Purple/indigo are just some ideas I would throw out.

    One last note. Turning each pet into a giant sized mount is genius. Whoever thought of that should be given a bonus because that will ensure people will buy packs for years to come. Well Done.

    • y2z

      I have a hawkeye of every colour…. 🙂

  • y2z

    Is the walker choppy or is that just the youtube video?

  • Anysao

    I don’t think the Dice Roll regens are bugged. I don’t know if you’ve seen the holo slot machine from the current Event, but every time it “rolls” it lands on a different spot. It seems like your character reacts to whether you “won” or “lost.” So I guess they’re just keeping up with the pattern of gambling-style regen items.

  • Okamakiri

    Temple Guardian… another beautiful concept art… completely fucked up…

  • Sadriel_Fett

    At least they fixed the Rohlan Dyre armor set. Although, the thigh armor greaves should be the same color as the shoulder bells. And the wrist gauntlets are a little small. It makes it look a little more streamlined than you usually see the armor in artwork.

    Don’t know about the Temple Guardian armor. Looks like the prototype pic from the Boulder Flashdrives, but some of the colors are off. I like that the mask works with hooded Jedi robes. Might use that with my Jedi Battlelord armor set. I hate that headband that came as part of the set. This looks a lot sharper when you uniform the colors.

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      They didn’t “fix” anything. Those datamined pictures were most likely rough placeholders.

      • Sadriel_Fett

        Well, it’s still fixed, either way. Happy about that.

  • ZakarosTarsus

    I think we may have another bugged pack like the Star Cluster pack. I bought 4 hyper crates and I didn’t get one crystal. I know crystals are “rare” items but usually in a hyper rate – you at least get a few. The Star Cluster pack was fine but this one – nothing. Also, no temple guardian chest pice but plenty of head pieces. I would get ready for another pack embargo because I think this one is just as misbalanced as the other one.

    • y2z

      Both packs were only meant to run while the casino event is live, according to eric.

    • KingThane

      so 7 crates and 4 packs, and no walker mount, how rare are they?

    • Strickler

      Total of 50 packs opened and no crystals, only 3 wepons, and 3 total mounts, not any of the rare/cool mounts. Something just dosent seem right at all….

    • Arund

      RNG, from 20 pack I get 1 Walker and no Agile Reconnaissance’s Supplementary pack.

    • Heist 101

      It’s all different ..I think each hypercrate may have similar items within the total.. I bought 2 hypercrates and got 2 temple guardian chests, everything else for it except the head and of both HC’s only one Roland dyre chest for that set. Among others was 1 torrens, 3 droid-cars, 2 tions, all weapons except assault cannon, 1 crystal, – about 6 full sets of the ventilated triumvirate (3 purple crates per set), veteran full set, shrewd full set, 2 clansmen upper and 2 lower no supplementary, and couple other armor boxes, emotes, gsf etc..

    • TJWoo

      Star Cluster wasn’t bugged and neither is this one. The drop rates were intentionally designed. With an RNG there is no such thing as “usual.” And as previously stated by Bioware, this pack will be embargoed within the next month or so with the conclusion of the casino event.

    • Fabulous

      Lol the drop rates are soo random. I never had any problem with drops in hypercrates though. If I don’t get a cool mount I get a cool set and I’m happy 🙂

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      I bought a hypercrate and opened 12 packs.
      Got 2 crystals.

      It’s all random man.
      And to add to your hurt, I also got a temple guardian chest piece.

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      Ok, it seems people are having trouble with not getting “anything” rare or cool after buying a gazillion hypercrates.

      All I can say is this: I opened 12 of the packs in my hypercrate (selling the others) and got 1 temple guardian chestpiece and one other piece (boots or gloves, can’t remember). Upper armour crate for the mandalorian set (x2), lower armour crate for the reconnaissance set (x2), 2 colour crystals, 2 pieces of the Drepya set, 1 dualsaber, 1 vectron speeder, 1 adno speeder, 1 tion speeder, 2 of the tihaar emote, 1 out of breath emote.

      Sure, I didn’t get a walker or a complete set of the lore set armours, but that’s pretty much normal. I don’t see any discrepancies in this pack compared to normal ones.
      That said, we’ll have to wait until the timer runs out and people start to put them on the GTN before we can make any guesses on drop rates.

      • ItsRainingSith

        Overall, those two “event” CM Packs have lower drop rates for cool stuff, I mean, rarities are more present in those packs and thus have an overall lower chance to drop. Opened an hypercrate and got only one crystal while on the other hypercrates got bunch of them.
        Nothing they did not warn us before. One of the devs clearly stated on a recent interview that those packs got more “rare stuff” than others. They are stripping us naked from credits and CC just to make sure we sell our souls to them to get a new lamp for our “stronghold” xD

  • Tihuahua

    Temple Guardian Armor Set : pants missing on the screenshot? It does not like concept art. these are jus some regular cheap pants

    Vectron JM-13 Torrens

    Jedi are some pretty big fish oligarchs to ride these things

  • Caph

    Can’t hit a home run every time… I really liked the last pack but found this one underwhelming. Had planned on getting the walker mount for my BH, but after seeing it, wasn’t quite as cool as I was hoping.

  • ItsRainingSith

    Yesterday I came here and saw the screenies picturing the 10th Triumvirate reskin. I thought you were trying to make us laugh. I laughed.
    I went to game, opened a crate and got some Ventilated pants. I equiped them on my Warrior. I thought BW was trying to make us laugh. I laughed.
    Made my fearless sith warrior appear in the battlefield, the wind caressing his dark-sided crotch. Now there he lies, with a lightsaber stuck in his groin.

  • carlos trevisan

    loved the walker

    loved the SL-34 Rotary Plasma Cannon

    defnetly will buy them

  • Falien

    When previewing the Shrewd Rascal chestpiece on any of my (body type 2) female characters, it appears different from your pics above – it is missing the shoulder “pad” and the diagonal belt. On body type 1 females (eg. Nadia Grell), as well as on any males, it looks OK (as in the pics above). Can anyone confirm if the chest displays properly when equipped on type 2 female bodies?

  • derd

    how many milions a hypercrate club vertica costs?

  • Konoha the Wiper

    WL-29 Blaster has a beautiful shooting sound

    • exopenelup

      OMG. Please! Please let this be true. Bought one before reading this. Now im going to test it. I hope it’s true…

    • Kubrickian

      As a collector of blaster pistols I concur that this is one of the biggest sounding blasters. Think Han Solo shooting first on Laser Disc to get the idea. Pretty plain looking though but for us who have collected the blaster/rifle/snipers since launch this one does impress.

  • Gianthatr

    The Tion mount should be the “Tion SY-4” and not ST-4. Think you just fat fingered it.

  • taylor

    Is there a way to understand the rarity of an item?

  • Matthew Ottoson

    Remember if you are using the Ventilated Triumvirate pants for the “bullet-proof cup gag,” use blanks!!

  • Cliftonpark

    if I am not mistaken. when the walker was announced and a pic was revealed, wasn’t it to big for viewing and didn’t it have 3 legs? its the same size as a rancor

    • A Sentient Potato

      That model was a placeholder, the only pictures taken of it were from the PTS (it was probably on there as junk data that just so happened to work it’s way into that build). The model was hijacked from some of the static world models of walkers such as those found on Corellia.

  • exopenelup

    WTF Tihaar Dance LOL

  • Paul Tatum

    I’ve now opened 15 hypercrates and no Walker. I have literally everything else (except the crystals, seriously not 1 crystal in 15 hypercrates). I think the Walker and crystals are TOO rare.

    • Sciclex

      That does seem too rare, which is why I didn’t feel too bad spending 18m on the Walker, just to ensure I got one. Based on those rarities if you don’t buy 1 within the first week of them being available you may not get a chance at one ever again.

      • Eli

        That is until they release a reskin.

    • chask cryaotic

      I have a guild mate that bought two hypercrates frist hyper crate pack 4 pack he got a walker and all the rest hes 100% on the new pack just from two hypercrates his luck is beter than yours

      • Paul Tatum

        He’s the luckiest guy in the game then, if he got 100% of all sets from 2 hypercrates. No one else has done this. That means he never got any 1 item more than 2 times. That is unfathomable. He should play the lottery.

      • abaddonsmummy

        I hope his grammer and spelling are better than yours too mate. That was a hard read.

    • KingThane

      same, 7hypercrates and 9 packs,no walker and only crystal I got was the pvp one. Only bright side I’ve got everything except temple chest,but at least that I can buy off of gtn for 100K, the new mounts well the good ones seem2 have very bad drop rates.

    • Guest

      You opend 15 hypercrates = 360 pack? You spend around 600,- buck real money for just getting a mount for a game you might stop playing or the servers may be shut down? Unbelievable.

      • Paul Tatum

        I have been playing this game since closed Beta. I will continue to play this game. I make enough money that I can do this. Why do you care what I do with my money?

        • Guest

          No offense meant, and neither do I care what you do with your money, it’s your’s to spend in every way you want, you’re absolutely right in this, and if your’re happy with this, it’s ok for you.

          It’s just that I would always prefer to spend such an amount for some holiday trip, seeing other peoples, countries, or throwing a large party or going to a paintball weekend … or even put it into some kind of pension scheme … just something like this.

          • abaddonsmummy

            Great story mate. What a fulfilling life you must have. Congrats. ‘Yawn’

          • havlis

            He could bought hypercrate from GTN

        • Auctis

          Dude, as you say it’s your money and theres no need to justify it to other ppl…however I wonder if you buy 15+ hypercrates every time you can probably get a decent approximation for the rates which rates and super-rares ( though maybe not the mega-super rates–ie rancor and walker…) drop.

          If you posted the drop rates you got for each item in a spreadsheet or CSV to dulfy.net or reddit swtor I’m sure a lot of people, including me would find it extremely helpful!

          • Auctis

            Though I do think it’s false advertising for them to describe both the walker and something like the Vectron Torrens as both “super-rare” in collections …as well as some (all?, don’t remember) emotes which I’ve got several times over like out-of-breath, dodge etc.

    • Lasse David Sand Østergaard

      I’m on 14 hypercrates. No Walker, no Raptor, and no crystals either!

  • Brett

    I didn’t see a dye module listed. Just want to make sure, this one doesnt have one?

    • Sciclex

      There are a few, most containing Orange or Brown of some sort, don’t recall the exact combinations though.

  • kingseven

    is there gonna be a new pack for august ?

    • Sciclex

      I would assume the next set of packs would come at 2.9 with and be themed around Strongholds, containing quite a few Decorations in them as well as some possible crafting materials to make them.

  • abaddonsmummy

    Nice pack, great to see rakata gear make a return. Nice mounts too. Well done bioware and Dulfy for keeping us up to date.

  • ds

    I bought one hypercrate and got a walker in the fourth pack I opened. I didn’t get tons of armor in the crate though. The recent cartel packs do feel a bit different from previous ones, but I still felt what buying a hypercrate from this pack was worth it.

  • Stikxs

    The outfit on the girl in the Marsh Raptor pictures and some others, what is it?!

    • name

      it looks like a combination of unfettered trench coat, spymaster leggings and possibly thana vesh boots (?) though i can’t tell the gloves

  • Ryan Bradley

    Is this republic only

    • Nope, packs are available to both factions

      • Ryan Bradley

        Under packs in the Cartel market I can only find some

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