Nightlife Pack SWTOR

SWTOR Star Cluster Nightlife Pack Preview

SWTOR Star Cluster Nightlife Pack preview from the PTS. Added videos of the mounts and emotes from the June 10, 2014 release.



Xoxaan’s Armor Set



Ajunta Pall’s Armor Set

Note that the shoulders might be bugged on body type 1 females (players & companions) and won’t show up.





Mandalore the Ultimate’s Armor Set



Tulak Hord’s Armor Set


Euphoric Corellian Armor Set


Enhanced Assailant’s Armor Set


Ceremonial Mystic’s Armor Set


Nimble Brawler’s Armor Set


Revered Seer’s Armor Set



BL-28 Blaster


BL-28 Blaster Rifle


BL-28 Sniper Rifle


EL-34 Rotary Plasma Cannon


Exquisite Champion’s Lightsaber


Exquisite Champion’s Dualsaber



Tropical Orobird



Dathomir Rancor



Corellian Stardrive Stealth



Vectron TM-22 Volo



Irakie Vulture


Ikas XK-9



Masked Lobel


Model Formal Balloon


Model FT-7B Clarion


Model B-5 Decimus


Color Crystals and Customizations

Pink Magenta Color Crystal

  • With bloom (left), without bloom (right)


C2-N2 Customization – Crimson


Advanced Recon HK Customization


Emotes and Misc



Emote: Hip Dip

Emote: Crazy Talk

Emote: Dodge

Regen: Credit Flip

Title: Star Cluster High Roller

Dye: Dark Orange and Light Brown Dye Module

Dye: Light Brown and Pale Gray Dye Module

Dye: Primary Dark Gray Dye Module

GSF: Imperial’s Light Red Engine Reactant

GSF: Imperial’s Orange Gas Canister

GSF: Republic’s Blue Gas Canister

GSF: BR-06 Republic Bomber Paint Job

GSF: Imperial’s Crimson-Gray Color Module

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188 replies on “SWTOR Star Cluster Nightlife Pack Preview”

Dare I say, I actually like it more than the PVP rancor because this one actually looks more like a real rancor rather than the Vegas Rancor that is the PVP reward.

That PvP reward is a previously owned by Hutts Rancor, so he has to look “fancy”, since, well…really, ever been to Nar Shadaa?

Interesting story. What would really send me over the top with rancor mounts is if they occasionally grabbed an innocent bystander and bit off their head, then tossed their body. They *might* get me to pay 3000cc for something like that.

I love that idea. I still wish they would let us push some of our companions out the escape pod hatch on the ships when you get annoyed with them.

All races want the pureblood abuse ability….So sadistically satisfying…As for the rancor, its big but not that big. So if they added an animation of it like finding a random wompweasel and eating that…that would be cool.

Considering that the very first day they announced the PVP rewards, they also said that a rancor mount would be coming to the CM in the near future…there was no need to see anything coming, they told us it was coming

“Emote: Hip Dip”
Please don’t be twerking, please don’t be twerking, please don’t be twerking…

Specifically body type four pureblood dudes with full darkside in the jori undies and no shirt….Here I proclaim in grim prophecy that one shall grace every available bar top, table top and random lap to be found! There shall be no end to their plump, sickly pink skinned gyrations. FEAR IT! THE COMMING OF THE TWERK!!

Dathomir Rancor, eh? We should pay that planet a visit soon ‘-‘ catch up with the Night Sisters and all that =3

Mounts look amazing, color me intrigued. And the color of intrigued is surprisingly Pink Magenta.

I’m really excited for these new mounts. The orobird, the rancor, the walker, and the raptor. I’m looking forward to seeing what new armor and dye kits we have coming.

I’m really loving all these new mounts! Though I’m actually a bit surprised that they haven’t done a Reek mount yet. Considering the model has been used in an FP, an Op and there is an achievement for a Plaugehorn Reek pet under the achievements for the Rakghoul Resurgence. I thought they would have done it earlier.

I’m surprised we still don’t have a nexu mount. I don’t use animal mounts (because I’m a pleb who thinks too much about where they’d go on the ship, haha), but I would a nexu mount. The orobird is incredibly tempting, too.

I have wanted either and nexu mount or at the very least a nexu pet for SOOOOO long. I have tons of animal mounts and wierd pets…I rp a Beastlord so I’ve got a good excuse to….but seriously…..where is my nexu pet!!! *makes manic crazy face while shaking a Swtor Dev, then runs off into the woods*

Still no SCOPRIO customization… but a red annoying idiot droid that nobody uses customization.

No, it looks like pink magenta.
I sympathize with the lack of Scorpio customizations, though.

i dont do ranked pvp, yet i think the rancor mount in a cartell box like one and a half months after s1 ended is a huge punch in the face of the ranked pvpers. having it in NiM dread palace is one thing, in a cartell packet another

That HK customization appears to match the look of the HK droids you face on Corellia during one of the Republic planet story missions. Good choice if so, another HK variant that I hoped would eventually be offered as a customization.

I wonder if we’ll ever see an HK customization reminiscent of a certain infamous Holowan Laboratories assassin droid…

Nice find. Hopefully GSF will start giving out those comms. I can’t imagine going back to grinding those ol’ space missions again.

Level 55 Crafting Material box contains 3 types of random Grade 9 or Grade 10 crafting materials. (Cost 250 fleet comms)

Makeb Item Modification Kit contains a random rating 140 item modification. (Cost 300 fleet comms)

Makeb Storage Lockbox contains a random rating 144 prototype item. (Cost 500 fleet comms)

I knew a cartel market Ranchor mount was only a matter if time, but even I didn’t expect to see it this quick after it being a reward for actual achievements…. I’m getting sick of so little being rare in this game.

So, does the Orobird mount come complete with Chocobo racing music when you’re riding it? 🙂

Gas ‘em up with the greens and let him go
Stand back, stand clear as he puts on a show
So cute yet fierce, is he from hell?
I cannot tell, yet I don’t even want to know
So you wanna be a trailblazer?
Kickin’ dirt like a hell raiser?
Take the reins, but don’t react slow
It’s time to feel the force of the orobird

So you think you can ride this orobird?
Got Credits? You better put them on this orobird!
Saddle up, if you think you can ride in this rodeo
Are we in hell? I don’t know… to the dirt, let’s roll!
You’re loco if you think you’re gonna hide this orobird
Everybody’s gonna wanna ride your orobird
It’s oro-loco style in oro-rodeo
Gonna ride him straight through hell in this orobird rodeo!
Yeah, let’s ride!

I’m thinking here… if the hotshot’s pack is coming this next May 6th, I wonder when these will appear… another month more?

Look back through the release dates for the other packs and you can get a pretty good clue as to when they’ll be released.
I guessed that the hotshot’s pack would be released on the 6th of may over a month ago.

A thought just occured to me…..with the revelation that we’ll be able to place mounts and pets in strongholds this means my crime lord can have his personal rancor in his living room!

well i guess we will be having rooms dedicated for pets and such if not, happy rancor in your living room lol

Finally the magenta crystals! Love them, and even though I can make Endurance and Critical ones, and have a Power one, there is no Expertise one, so I guess when these come out there will be an Expertise one. And yeah, even some are against these crystals go live, but at least the Expertise one really should do. And I have done the quests myself for mats (once I got the water, froze it, sent it to an alt, repeat the process then beat the sh… out of the boss to get the main crystal mat like 20 in one sit). But doing it once or twice is fun, the rest is grind, so, don’t see the issue having these in the CC.

Well, it looks like these are still somewhat different than the crafted ones. Those are one color pink, whereas this are kind of a light pink core, magenta corona. So, some I am sure will prefer the pure pink one. I for sure won’t be replacing my sage’s pink saber with this, but I will get it for my baby sorcerer 😀

OMG if the Xohaan armour set is all wrappings/strappy like in the picture I will squee so loud I’ll crack glass 😛

Whilst I really do like the real-world aspects of the weapons across these two packs, I must question the scope on the wooden variant of the “Shotgun” rifle. Whilst it makes perfect sense for the Sniper Rifle – but of course! – it seems very out-of-place on a weapon modeled after a gun which is meant to be used at point-blank-range (or there abouts) for maximum effectiveness.
I hope that in future packs they do the CF variants of the weapons with the subtle modifications shown here, and vice-versa, as these are actually somewhat decent Cartel Pack weapons for once, and different variants can be easily done without the simple addition of a laser HUD…

I must also express my utter delight at all the Lore sets being introduced across them as well. Mandalore the Ultimate’s is a set that I was quite honestly anticipating with the Bounty Supply Packs following Mandalore the Preserver’s and Cassus Fett’s armor sets, but regardless, it’s good to see it at last!

I may just indulge in a couple of SC packs just for the armor sets alone, maybe trying for the Orobird as well.

That’s no “shotgun” rifle.
It’s clearly a blaster rifle based on the real life Lee-Enfield rifle.

Definitely snagging the Nimble Brawler set for my Sith Warrior: I haven’t really changed his armor in earnest since Nar Shaddaa (he’s on Hoth r/n).

same here, just a few days ago, i was looking into the mandalore’s history and wished they would make the mandalore ultimate set, hear hear.

Ditto, been waiting forever for a suitable Mandalore kit (‘cos let’s be honest, Preserver’s is really rather… shit) and I’m not settling for a substandard one. They’ve gotta do the chestpiece well, because who says only sith can have awesome cloaks!

I don’t think it will look like that actually.
If you go to the linked page and look through the pictures, you’ll note that he looks different in the pictures from the timeline videos made by bioware. I think that’s the one they’ll use.

I wonder why BW likes so much to add blaster rifles to the game that doesn’t have a stock… many of these would look awesome with a stock, just look at the sniper.

Finally, two worthwhile helmets (Tulak and Mystics) for my sorcerer. basically the entire mystics set looks nice.
And while the blaster looks cool, I will await it’s attached soundfile though (hope it does not sound similar to the ping-pong Rangemaster gun ), before I spend any cash on it

Im not happy with this armor, its pre 2.0 armor that they took out and is now exclusive to those that originally got them, and now everyone can get it so easily that there will never be an inquisitor not wearing that gear…

I actually think this last blaster (the white and red one) was the worst one yet 🙁
Even worse than the ping-pong blaster :/

Even as 2h hilts they are absurdly huge and totally impractical, your hilt would get sliced in half in seconds. It’s really a shame I LOVE the model of the Derelict Lightsaber, to me it’s one of the only hilts that reminds me of the movie sabers, but the darn thing is humongous. It looks reasonable enough on a male-Type3/4body single blade user, like you said 2h and all, but dual-wielding them, or in the hands of a male-Type1/2body, or any of the female body types it’s outright goofy looking. Why not make a 1h and a 2h version of the hilts if people really want these mondo hilts? Shrinking the hilt won’t take away from the excellent modeling. Seems logical to me, seeing as the opposite “problem” exists with the unconquered defender hilts, they look great in a Type1-2body hands but in a Type3-4 it looks like a stogie. I would say better scaling is in order, and that would be a quick, albeit incomplete fix, since a Type3-4body dual-wielding would still have sabers the size of baseball bats xP

People have been begging for these to be put back in the game. Now they do it and people whine about it… typical.

are u serious is bioware keep on drying plp out with the same armors over and over…c’mon

Honestly people have been begging for these armors since they got I obtainable.. If they push these out all at once and get it over with they can start on a fresh plate creating new armors.
I personally wanted these to be lvl 50 ops drops so we can still have some effort to acquire and use for aging FP’s and ops but o well I guess adding to collections is better for everyone.

Are people really complaining about them bringing back the old inquisitor pvp gear and the tionese warrior gear? These are retro pieces that many people wanted. Do not compare this to actual lazy models like they’ve done with Obroan gear. People complaining about two retro sets coming back are prime examples of people that complain just to complain and are at least a small part of why this game wasn’t as successful as it was. I have that tionese set on my marauder and still wear it. I’m so freaking excited to finally be able to wear it on my jugg.

Only thing that pisses me off…. They are selling the old set looks for real money gambling. End transmission,

Sets that players have been asking for since they took them out.
Sure, they could have put them in as reputation rewards (and they did in some cases) but considering how many there are, that would take at least 4-6 new reputations to grind :/
(unless they just dumped them all into one rep vendor, but that wouldn’t be a great idea if you ask me)
Besides… it’s not like YOU have to pay any real money.

Hey is not our fault plp started playing this game late..why us the plp that have been there from the start have to get the same crap just because plp that started late don’t have it..make it collection r cartel coins..n come out with new stuffs for the old players

It is coming out collection/cartel coins, thats the whole point of these packs?! So many people have been asking for these sets for ages now, its good that they are orange sets and coming out again! If you dont like it don’t buy it.. There will be plenty of packs in the in future with new gear. SWTOR has loads of sets and collections. These sets look amazing, well done bioware, finally!

I’ve been here from the start and I still want them.
Firstly because the ones I DO have can’t be used on my other characters.
Secondly because the ones I DON’T have, I’d like to get.
And Thirdly because these are adaptable and useable from lvl 1.

Look at it from the bright side. They are releasing all of them in a few packs. And it seems from the rest of the sets in the packs that they are using these as the “fillers” instead of skimpy outfits or recoloured sets from the game (although these technically are that).

There are plenty of new sets in these packs (might even be more than usual) so I don’t get why people are whining about a few old sets being tossed in the mix.

Just letting you know Dulfy, that the Advanced Recon HK customization is up on the PTS collections. I wish I had a picture, but it’s red and white, with some form of pattern on it’s head.

I preferred the other concept art, but it appears they did go this direction, unfortunately and nearly as cool as this concept art either.

I’m holding off with my judgement until I’ve tried it with a primary gray dye module.
Might get that metal look after all 🙂

But I have to say that they could never have gotten it as cool as those in the comics for the simple fact that capes don’t look as cool in-game.

But that first one would have been hard to pull off as well… those shoulderpads were huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge!

The way I c it if they wanna make new players happy put those armors for cartel coins n add some real new stuffs for the old players that have been here from start..I’m tired of the re-do n I know I’m not the only one

Ceremonial Mystic set with Revered Seer helm… think that might go together nicely. At least this way I don’t have to farm recovered relics and get a double hood. …or hit valor 60. :/

Umm all you ppl complaining there’s too many old armors, if most off the sets are being released now then the next year’s sets and further will have little options to copy from …simple
BW has to carefully troubleshoot every move they make in the chess game that is satisfying subs.
I look at Rep/CM armor like this: every set has one or more peices that is somewhat valuable or rarer than others like shine/glow, previous FACTION RESTRICTION, base dye colors etc – I can already notice the Mandalorian clansmen set from the other pack Is the same shade of green from the same armor in the BH powertech progression video pre-release of TOR, and I don’t see an olive dye set anywhere so there’s someone’s boba fett armor more or less. There’s little subtleties in each set these days that could just be the last missing peice to someone’s puzzle. Work with wat u got and get creative.

It’s not that far off actually. It’s just that his cape is much more “alive” in the comics.

Hard set to pull off anyway.

I’m sooooo gonna use XoXaan’s set as the starter set for my sith inquisitor… slave outfit FTW! 😀

I’m wondering if Mandalores mask works with hoods tho…

The fact they have these three armors rendered and on the PTS shows that this is going to be the first pack released on June 10th.

XoXaan’s set looks cool, but I don’t get the chest removal for guys… it looks kinda silly (also her name was XoXaan, not Xohaan). As for Mandalore the Ultimate, I gotta say the set doesn’t look like any concept art I’ve ever seen. The lower skirt is missing and so are the pipes leading to the helm. It just doesn’t seem… grand. That’s just my opinion though. Love the HK customization. Feeling kinda “meh” about the Tulak Hord set and weapons. The Corellian set is siily :P.

I agree that they should have kept the chest for guys.
And I’m starting to agree about the robes on mandalore.

Men’s tube tops? I just did a Google image search for men’s tube tops, and on the first page of results, there were only two different tops that actually qualified, and they weren’t things that I would have chosen for male toons in SWTOR. In any case, given that men’s tube tops are so rare (Google image search is a totally valid scientific method!), you can’t really blame the designers for choosing to leave it out of XoXaan’s outfit.

The pipes I can do without but the lower skirt should’ve been there and I would’ve liked to have seen the cloak drape over the shoulders more (less like a simple cape).

I, for one, am very very happy with everything in this pack, especially the return of warrior T/C/R.

mandalores armor missing lower robes :/ other than that i really like the contents lots of cool armor and a chocobo!!

I’d love to see a bad-ass mandalorian riding on one tho 🙂
Just for the sheer “whoa” factor 😀

There’s a new rep with every new pack theme.
And I’m fine with that. Usually not much in the rep stores except what you can get in the packs in the first place… maby with an extra flashing light here or there, but there is almost never anything that’s really unique enough for you to feel that you HAVE to have that rep.

Basically it’s just a bonus for the people who actually buy the packs and open them.

There is no new rep for these packs, nor are they apart of the last shipment. It seems that they are park of the whole summer of splendor event theme, but the new way of doing the crafting mats is nice. If they would only have the same set up for the xp boost and comp gifts we would be set.

Decent looking weapons from a pack finally. Been a very long time. Between these and the new event’s weapon, things are looking up. Have to get Mandalore the Ultimate’s set asap as well

Finally a pack where I feel there is almost no chance of losing. Except for getting nothing but multitudes of Nimble Brawlers and Revered Seers sets… I hope those won’t be the next Underwater* ones… The rest of the pack I would either use or see it bringing a good dime.

I think some people would B****h even if everything was free on this game. Shut up and play. If not there is a power button or go play something else. I’m excited about the new
( new to me ) armor sets. Don’t spoil it for the rest of us.

People like you that literally question nothing bioware does, are the reason this game failed. You sit along and become a yesman for all of their BS, and let them get away with whatever the hell they want. Thats why this game is going to die mr ‘Dont spoil it for the rest of us.’ I hope you’re happy with your fucking orobird. FUCK YOU.

Well there’s a difference between constant bashing and contractive feedback, since the launch, TOR has greatly improved, and of course there’s always a room for more improvements…

totally agreeable, for someone who has been there Since beta, they greatly improved, after they went F2P of course but still they improved allot and i for one and enjoying this game again.

YEAH OKAY CHRIS ‘GHJGD” My name can be whatever i want it to be, you fucking nigger. Buy some eradicator robes and shtu the fuck up pussy

This highly profitable game failed in your opinion? Do yourself a favor and avoid any business or financial decisions for the rest of your life.

This game was aiming for WoW killer not cartel market dealer. Shut the fuck up and go play my little pony you fat fuck. You obviously can’t see a dying game for what it is, because you’re too busy buying your fucking JAWAGRAMS nigger.

And imo u should never have. Rakata gear could be nice reward for ppl who play this game for a long time, way better than some another shitty mount or pet.

Rakata gear should never have been removed from the game in the first place. Devs should never think it’s ok to remove content from a game. I don’t really understand your sense of entitlement for some very old gear that wasn’t even customizable back in the day.

Yes, same thoughts here, it should not have been removed, at least they should have it moved to another vendor but for less coms, or maybe the same coms, just because it was there before the rest came. I never leveled all my toons on time as well to get the gear, and i have the battlemaster now but i can’t never get the centurion i want to bad, maybe in the near future they will put it back up but yes, removing gear makes no sense.

I’ve been here since the start, but I didn’t level a bounty hunter in time before they removed that rakata set…
So I think you could go stuff your shitty elitism where the sun don’t shine.

Oh my freakin’ god that Credit Flip regen item made me burst out laughing. The whole thing is by far my favorite regen item, its hilarious lmao

That’s the best pack ever. You can’t expect more from a cartel pack.
Two great mounts. A couple of good armor sets. Amazing canon. Decent rifles. HK customization.

How many CC are needed to unlock Xoxaan set for legacy? Tvm 😀 ( I wished it had a little tad bit more revealing cleavage, just a little little tiny bit, lol, love it anyway).

I’m rather with the enh assailant set. Very little of it is recolored by dye. I was looking forward to this so much 🙁

I believe this is because they wanted to keep the exclusivity of the discontinued armors like the all black one and all white one as well as the one with a hood.. But at least we have it… I’m disappointed bc I thaught the gloves went all the way to the armpit with armor -o well helm is pretty boss

a small suggestion, would be awesome if you could add how much the sets,weapons, mounts cost to unlock with Cartel Coins..just add that after the name of the item

Rumor has it this pack was glitched when released. Drop rate on mounts was broken. They froze our CC’s until they fixed it.

agree, 4 hypercrates and no animal mounts is stupid. Don’t find out until later that the chances are broke. Kinda want a refund,know i’ll not get one. But the stuff I got from the crates don’t anywhere equal themake up for the lost of those cc’s.

There’s been talk about the drop rates being really bad, so I thought I’d share my result.

I bought five hypercrates. Got an Orobird in the third hypercrate and a Rancor in both the fourth and fifth, but missed out on some of the best armor pieces. Managed to complete only four of the common sets. All in all, I’d say it’s a fair drop rate, compared to other packs – at least it’s not as scandalously awful as I’d heard, although it seemed really bad through the first three hypercrates.

The big winners are Dodge, Crazy Talk, crystals, Irakie, Ikas, Assailant set, Nimble lower, lower armor parts in general, and, of course, loads of useless dyes and GSF items.
Notice how there are only two mounts, five armor sets, and one dye that’s not “Super Rare”. Basically everything allegedly is… So the “chance of a Super Rare” doesn’t really mean much…

This is what I got in 5 hypercrates:

* Super Rare

2 Emote: Hip Dip*
8 Emote: Crazy Talk*
10 Emote: Dodge*
1 Credit Flip*
4 Advanced Pink Magenta Eviscerating Crystal*
4 Advanced Pink Magenta Indestructible Crystal*
1 Advanced Pink Magenta War Hero’s Crystal*
2 Advanced Pink Magenta Hawkeye Crystal*
5 C2-N2 Customization – Crimson*
3 Advanced Recon HK Customization*
4 Corellian Stardrive Stealth*
2 Vectron TM-22 Volo*
7 Irakie Vulture
10 Ikas XK-9
1 Tropical Orobird*
2 Dathomir Rancor*
2 Masked Lobel*
4 Model FT-7B Clarion*
1 Model B-5 Decimus*
3 Title: Star Cluster High Roller*
3 EL-34 Rotary Plasma Cannon*
3 Exquisite Champion’s Lightsaber*
1 Exquisite Champion’s Dualsaber*
3 BL-28 Blaster*
1 BL-28 Blaster Rifle*

6 Enhanced Assailant’s Upper Body Armor (Chestguard, Gauntlets)
6 Enhanced Assailant’s Lower Body Armor (Boots, Greaves)
6 Enhanced Assailant’s Supplementary Body Armor (Helmet, Belt, Wristguards)
1 Ceremonial Mystic’s Upper Body Armor (Robes, Gloves)
8 Ceremonial Mystic’s Lower Body Armor (Boots, Lower Robes)
1 Ceremonial Mystic’s Supplementary Body Armor (Mask, Belt, Wristwraps)
1 Nimble Brawler’s Upper Body Armor (Chestguard, Gauntlets)
10 Nimble Brawler’s Lower Body Armor (Boots, Greaves)
4 Nimble Brawler’s Supplementary Body Armor (Eyeguard, Belt, Wristguards)
2 Revered Seer’s Upper Body Armor (Tunic, Gloves)
2 Revered Seer’s Supplementary Body Armor (Helmet, Belt, Bracers)
2 Tulak Hord’s Chestguard*
4 Tulak Hord’s Boots*
3 Tulak Hord’s Gauntlets*
4 Tulak Hord’s Greaves*
1 Tulak Hord’s Belt*
4 Tulak Hord’s Bracers*
4 Xoxaan’s Footwraps*
2 Xoxaan’s Handguards*
1 Xoxaan’s Sash*
1 Euphoric Corellian’s Upper Body Armor (Tunic, Gloves)
2 Euphoric Corellian’s Lower Body Armor (Boots, Pants)
1 Euphoric Corellian’s Auxiliary Body Armor (Belt, Bracers)
3 Ajunta Pall’s Boots*
3 Ajunta Pall’s Pants*
2 Ajunta Pall’s Belt*
2 Mandalore the Ultimate’s Boots*
1 Mandalore the Ultimate’s Gauntlets*
3 Mandalore the Ultimate’s Helmet*
4 Mandalore the Ultimate’s Greaves*
3 Mandalore the Ultimate’s Belt*

10 Light Brown and Pale Gray Dye Module
13 Dark Orange and Light Brown Dye Module*
1 Dark Blue and Deep Orange Dye Module*
4 Primary Dark Gray Dye Module*

3 BI-05 Imperial Bomber Paint Job*
3 SI-03 Imperial Scout Paint Job*
4 Imperial’s Crimson-Gray Color Module*
3 Imperial’s Dark Blue-Gray Color Module*
2 Imperial’s Light Red Engine Reactant*

3 BR-06 Republic Bomber Paint Job*
2 SR-03 Republic Scout Paint Job*
3 Republic’s Medium Green-Light Tan Color Module*
1 Republic’s Red-Orange Color Module*
3 Republic’s Yellow Orange Engine Reactant*
1 Republic’s Blue Gas Canister*

0 Model Formal Balloon*
0 Revered Seer’s Lower Body Armor (Boots, Lower Robes)
0 Tulak Hord’s Helmet*
0 Xoxaan’s Robes*
0 Xoxaan’s Lower Robes*
0 Xoxaan’s Wristwraps*
0 Ajunta Pall’s Tunic*
0 Ajunta Pall’s Gloves*
0 Ajunta Pall’s Mask*
0 Ajunta Pall’s Bracers*
0 Mandalore the Ultimate’s Chestguard*
0 BL-28 Sniper Rifle*

When did u buy those?On the 13th I bought 4 hypercrats. I got 2 sets of the mystic chests and pants, a ton of assailent gear almost 4 complete sets, tulak boots,belt and glove. Xoxaan belt and boots. Other than that the rest was complete junk, so much useless starfighter junk(we know no one likes it) and some comp gifts. I haven’t seen any rancor,orobird or any mystic head and belt. Which is crap. Currently on my server rancor is 10-15M,orobird is 3-5M and mystic head is at a steep 2.5M and belt at 1M. Tulak head and chest are staying at 3-4Mish. This is completely crazy. I would expect when u buy 4 hypercrats 2 get something amazing not a bunch of useless items, or 8 assailent helms. From what I’ve talked 2 ppl on my server and in my guild whom also bought hypercates we all have bad crates

I bought three hypercrates on the 13th, two more on the 15th, and then the last ten packs on the 16th.
The first three hypercrates – bought on the same days as yours – held an Orobird, a Vectron, two Tulak Hord chests, and basically nothing else of importance. I was much more lucky with the fourth and fifth hypercrate. ^^
And yeah, everyone I talked to seem to have gotten shit as well. And some of the rare pieces are incredibly rare and expensive on the GTN for something from a new pack. No armor pieces usually cost more than 700-800k after a few days of GTN price cutdown, but some of these ones go into the millions with only a few of them on GTN.
However, the pack is supposed to be fixed in 2.8.1:

Cool, thnks 4 the info. as I said in other comments not really concerned about not getting rancor or orobid(last I looked there was 2 rancors left both 13M). I was just slightly salty (call me Mr. Peanut) that I got so many assailant boxes 4 complete sets and some extras while only getting 2 chests and gloves of the mystic. The mystic stuff on my server are expensive, well everything except pants and boots are. Assailant stuff are very cheap, you can get full set for under 30K . Xoxaan,Ajun,Tulak are crazy prized for different pieces. Couldn’t understand why mystic and assailant gear were same rarity but you couldn’t hardly find any mystic stuff?

Then it appears that I was extremely lucky as on the day the pack was released I bought 7 packs and received the rancor, Mystic Upper Armor and Ajunta’s mask.

Other than the seer, nimble brawler, and the transformer outfit, I’d happily take any of the outfits. The mounts are good, the double-bladed/normal sabres, and rifle look awesome. So, yes, I’m not gonna lie, this is the best pack I think I’ve seen in 3 years or so. By a long way. Xoxaans, Ajunta Pall’s and the euphoric armour look fantastic. And someone even decided to bring back Sony Discman’s with modern digital display.

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