ESO Veteran Spindleclutch Dungeon Guide

ESO Veteran Spindleclutch dungeon guide with detailed walkthroughs and videos.


Veteran Spindleclutch  Boss Map


A Note about the dungeon

Veteran Spindeclutch is considered to be one of the easier VR5 dungeons and is friendly to vampires and werewolves due to the lack of fire/poison attacks. The first couple of trash packs before the first boss can be abit difficult. Players at VR1 may attempt this dungeon but they may lack the DPS/heals to survive some of the boss encounters. Luckily the second boss can be skipped if you are low on DPS.

Mad Mortine

HP: 33105


Mad Mortine is an incredibly easy boss that comes with a group of 7 Blood Fiend adds (each with 6621 HP). AoE abilities should be used to finish off the adds quickly before burning down the boss. AoE crowd control abilities such as Volcanic Rune from Mage’s Guild skill line (morph of Fire Rune) are incredibly useful to control the adds.

Video (Healing PoV)


Tanking Considerations

Tanks need to be aware of of a charge up attack from Mad Mortine in which he will jump up in the air and land on you. Block this attack and taunt the boss and any adds that are harassing other group members


Blood Spawn

HP: 99315


Blood Spawn is a boss with a high DPS check but groups with low DPS can skip him by running through the right side of the room or by simply running to the next room since he has a short leash range and will deaggro once the player is out of the room.

Quick Mechanics (for copy/pasting in chat)

Everyone stack on top of the boss and have healer heal through the AoE. Avoid the edges of the room and right side of the boss as falling rocks will kill you. DPS race with enrage at the 2 minutes mark.

Video (Healing PoV)



Blood Spawn has three mechanics, all of which can be worked through by having the entire group stacking on the boss for best possible DPS and then having the healer heal through all the damage.


1. Ground Pound AoE

  • Only affect the middle of the room but the sides of the room are not safe due to the second mechanics.
  • Three ticks, first tick deals around 200-300 damage, second & third tick deals around 500-600 damage. This can add up to around 1500 damage in total or more.
  • Comes around every 20 seconds, with first one arriving about 30 seconds into the fight.
  • If Blood Spawn is pulled away from his position in the middle of the room, he will run back to the room to start the Ground Pound. Otherwise he will turn a bit left and stop attacking for a few seconds to start his AoE. This tell is important for healers trying to predicate the incoming damage.


2. Falling Rocks

  • The outer edges of the room will cave in after Blood Spawn’s Ground Pound and anyone hit by the falling rocks will be instantly killed.
  • The outer edge of the room will get smaller and smaller as the fight goes on so it is best to just stack on the boss so you don’t need to worry about it until the enrage.
  • Notice that the right side of Blood Spawn is not safe to stand in as the rocks do fall there as the boss is near enrage (see picture)


3. Enrage

  • Blood Spawn enrages at the 2 minutes mark. During enrage he will spam Ground Pound AoE nonstop and the damage will become nearly unhealable. Healers can save their healing ultimates for the enrage to give the group a few seconds to finish Blood Spawn off.
  • If Blood Spawn is not <10% when he hits enrage, you will have a hard time killing him.

Tanking considerations

Other than taunting the boss every 15s, tanks need to beware of Blood Spawn’s charge up attack which can deal around 1.3k damage and cause a knockback if not blocked. Overall for the tanks this is a standard tank and spank fight.


Healing considerations

The biggest damage in this fight comes from the Ground Pound AoE which comes around every 20 seconds. Look at the boss for tells and you can predict the AoE to drop healing circles and HoTs to lessen the damage.

Praxin Douare

HP: 61796


Praxin Douare is a tad more difficult boss fight that requires good add management and players paying attention to boss mechanics to avoid taking unnecessary damage or death.

Quick Mechanics (for copy/pasting in chat)

Kill 4 wave of adds before attacking the boss.  First two waves are easy spider adds but for the 3rd wave you want good AoE and crowd control (interrupting healer adds). For 4th wave tank will get main spider add while DPS grab the two other adds and interrupt their heals.

Boss has a frontal attack that can be avoided but also place a circle on a group member. Move with the circle and do not cross it or you will be killed instantly. He will also drain your magicka/stamina so be ready with potions.

Video (Healing PoV)


Add Waves

Do not waste your time damaging the boss during the add waves as boss is pretty much immune to damage until he transforms at end of the add waves.

Wave 1

  • Around 15 Spider Swarm adds. Very low HP (1766 each) and easily handled


Wave 2

  • 6 Spider Swarm adds and a Swarm Mother Nightmare with 16553 HP. Tank should grab this big spider add.


Wave 3

  • Two groups of humanoid adds, each with a healer that needs to be interrupted. Use your AoE abilities and crowd control here (i.e. Volcanic Rune from Mage Guild). Healers may want to save their healing ultimates for this wave as well.


Wave 4

  • Three adds, Whisperer Nightmare in the middle (17656 HP) and a Healer and Evoker add on the side. Tank should pick up the spider add while the two DPS pick up the other two adds and interrupt them as needed.
  • Praxin Douare will transform to his lich mode regardless if you finished this add wave or not. It can be a bit difficult to handle the boss and dealing with these adds at the same time so try to finish off this wave ASAP.


Boss Mechanics

When Praxin transforms to the Lich form at the end of the add phase, he has three mechanics that players need to be aware.

1. Frontal attack

  • This attack is basically 3 beams he shoots out that travels rather slowly. Tank should orient the boss away from rest of the group to minimize the damage. Try tank him at max melee range to avoid eating all 3 beams and die from it


2. Circle

  • One random group member will receive a circle on them and must move with the circle when it moves. If you cross the circle for any reason, you will die instantly. Do not run to other group members when you have this circle as they will die if they touch it


3. Stamina/Magicka drain

  • Praxin has a Stamina/Magicka drain that can make it hard to use your abilities, have stamina and/or magicka potions ready.

Flesh Atronach Trio

HP: 19863 X3


Flesh Atronach Trio is a group of three Flesh Atronachs with around 20k HP each. They do not have any special attacks but they can hit pretty hard if you don’t block their charge up attacks. When one of them dies, the remaining ones heals for anywhere from 10-30% HP.

Video (Healing PoV)


Urvan Veleth

HP: 16553


Urvan is a boss with extremely low HP but accompanied by some nasty adds. He comes with two Boneman Archer and two Boneman Warrior adds.

Video (Healing PoV)


The archers and warriors all have AoE attacks/charge that you need to interrupt/avoid.


The boss itself will disappear and become a red circle occasionally. This red circle will chase the tank around who must kite him until he appears again.


Tanking Considerations

Kite the boss when he becomes a red circle to minimize damage.

Vorenor Winterbourne

HP: 88280

Vorenor is fairly easy for an end boss and has a couple mechanics you need to be aware. The undaunted achievement for not killing any of the NPCs on crosses is also fairly easy to get if you have decent DPS

Quick Mechanics (for copy/pasting in chat)

Beware of the red circle he throws on ground and dodge out of it ASAP as it ticks extremely hard. The attack he performs on each group member is unblockable and can crit sometimes, killing someone instantly. When he siphons from the NPCs on the crosses, kill them to stop his health regen.

Video (Healing PoV with Undaunted Achievement)



Vorenor’s attacks are fairly predictable if you watch his hand movements

1. Red circle

  • Before he does this attack, his hand is raised but bended.
  • The red circle ticks extremely hard so you need to dodge out of it immediately. A good trick to get out of it is to keep moving when he raises his hand so you will move out of the red circle quickly.


2. Attack on each group member

  • When his hand is raised all the way, he will perform this attack instead.
  • He take turns attacking each member and each attack hits for about 1k damage. This attack is unblockable so blocking it does not reduce the damage. This attack can also crit, in which case you will likely get one shotted.


3. Siphon

  • After the Red circle and attack on each group member, he will siphon from one of the NPCs on the cross. You need to kill the NPC he is siphon from unless you are going after the undaunted achievement.
  • If you do not kill the particular NPC he is siphoning from, he will siphon from that NPC again next time. This can add up and later on in the fight you could have him siphoning from 5 NPCs at once.
  • Siphoning from the NPCs will regen his health so you will need to have good DPS to counter it if you decide to go after the undaunted achievement.


Healing Considerations

Healers should save their healing ultimates for the phase where he attacks each group member as often as possible. It won’t stop one shots from crits but can help somewhat.

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Great Guide, thank you!

What is your setup armor wise? 2heavy 5 lights? Was thinking about building my healer as a heavy armor healer but I’m unsure due to the fact that I have none of the super magicka based races (like elf or breton). Do you think ut would still be something viable for veterancontent?

I wear all light for the magicka regen and magicka cost reduction. As a heavy armor healer you take less dmg but your magicka will suffer. I am a high elf so I have racial bonuses for magicka but I still wear light.

Yeah, I guess I just have to try if the heavy armor is viable at later dungeons. In low Level it works ok with the setbonus of 3% Spell Cost Reduction.
Another question, out of curiosity, are you enjoying healing in ESO so far? It’s very different from SWTOR and other games with targeted healing. But I kinda like it, it’s another Kind of tactical gameplay 🙂 How about you?

Ive been healing all of the vetran dungeons since last weekend. Im Vr.2,5 and im using 5 heavy / 2light / Resto staff. I havent had any real problems with magicka. But to help myself im also using 3 of the Warlock and 3 Seducer set pices. So yeah, heavy armor i viable if thats the way you wanna play 😉

I just kinda dislike the warlock set because i want to craft my own stuff to look like I want. but thank you 🙂 Will keep on with the heavy armor healer

Hehe, yeah.ITs nice to craft what u want. Thats why the 3 warlock pices i use are 2 rings and a neck 😉

Very nice post! I have always enjoyed your guides and am looking forward to more ESO posts in the future!

Bad ass user for a bad ass game! Thanks for the bad ass guides! Love the community ESO has.

PS: We need more people like you and the people posting positive feed back below on Reditt.

very very usefull guid for me as a healer who failed this place severel times!! thank you! i will watch this a few more times before trying again 😀

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