SWTOR Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Event Vendor Items

SWTOR Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Event vendor items. Nar Shaddaa Nightlife is an event occuring from June 10 to August 19 2014 in Nar Shadda Casinos. Golden Cerificates are earned as event currency.


All armor pieces are bind to legacy

Kingpin’s Armor



Kingpin’s Fedora – 3 Gold Certificate


Kingpin’s Jacket – 3 Golden Certificate


Kingpin’s Pants – 2 Golden Certificate


Kingpin’s Gloves – 2 Golden Certificate


Kingpin’s Boots – 2 Golden Certificate


King Pin’s Belt and Bracers – 1 Golden Certificate Each



Vectron Opus – 15 Golden Certificate


Vectron Magnus – Won from Kingpin Slot Machine


Kingpin Rancor – Won from Kingpin Slot Machine



All weapons are Bind to Legacy

Kingpin’s Assault Cannon – 3 Golden Certificate


Color of the beam changes with color crystal

Kingpin’s Blaster Pistol – 2 Golden Certificate


Kingpin’s Blaster Rifle – 3 Golden Certificate


Color of the circle changes with color crystal

Kingpin’s Sniper Rifle – 3 Golden Certificate


Color of the stock changes with color crystal

Kingpin’s Lightsaber – 3 Golden Certificate


Kingpin’s Lightstaff – 3 Golden Certificate


Pets & Customizations

Holo Slot Machine – 5 Golden Cerificate

  • Regen item

G07-DY – 5 Golden Cerificate


HK Hutt Military Customization – 1 Golden Cerificate


Mako Customization 10 – 1 Golden Cerificate


Elara Dorne Customization 10 – 1 Golden Cerificate


Tharan Cedrax Customization 10 – 1 Golden Cerificate


Doc Customization 10 – 1 Golden Cerificate


  • Ryan

    Woah really like the blaster rifle :O

  • Magnus

    TOMMY GUN BLASTER RIFLE. F YES F YES F YES. Days of using a pack a punch’d Tommy gun will now be seen in swtor. muahahahahahah. @Dulfy how did u get weapon previews? 2.8PTS updated now?

    • Yes it was just updated 30 mins ago

      • Magnus

        Where is the vendor?!

  • M

    Why… why the hell bring Tommy gun into the SW uniwerse… idiotic move.

    • Luis Rosado

      So don’t get it, baby.

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      Yeah! I mean, it’d be like bringing in the MG34, Mauser pistol or the Sterling SMG! Horrible and not at all star wars-y…

  • TheSithOfTor

    Man, that Assault canon is pretty cool. Personally the armor is really unpleasant to see. if only they’d give everyone a reason to play it… Not only Bounty Hunters and Operatives. The lightsabers are pretty cool too though.

  • taylor

    I hope golden certificates can be traded. I don’t have any intention to spend a dime in that casino

    • Luis Rosado

      Cool, I’ma price gouge the hell out of you.

      • taylor

        yeah, like all the rare items you guys got from Cm packs and i pay 200 credits to buy?

        • Luis Rosado

          200 credits? Hahaha, yeah, that frogdog practice jersey must look cool on you.

          • writinwater

            Looks cool on khem. ….oh wait

    • iceberg265

      So instead you will pay other players even more credits?

      • taylor

        they will be dirt cheap

        • Luis Rosado

          assuming there’s no rep level requisite to wthe items. then you’re going to have to play anyways.

        • iceberg265

          I very much doubt it.

  • Roberto

    Wait when’s the update for EST?

  • zenight

    My characters are gonna be so poor after this event, I need those guns : )

  • ODST_Parker

    My God, those weapons look amazing! EXCEPT FOR THE ASSAULT CANNON! Small, cut down pistol, rifle, and sniper… Small, simple lightsabers… Giant, oversized cannon that expands into a triangle? What the hell?! Do they hate Commandos or something?! I just want a small, black cannon! That’s all I ask!

    • Luis Rosado

      They have small ones, but I think they keep making big ones because theyre trying to emphasize that commandos are Heavy Artillery. That’s what I keep in mind for mine.

  • Darth Meccha

    Underwhelming and disappointing, but not surprising.

    • Luis Rosado

      Where do I know you from? Oh, that’s right……

  • Sarigar

    That Kingpin’s armour in purple… “My NAME is A Sith Named Slickback! It’s like A Tribe Called Quest, you say tha whole thang!”

    • Jibbo the Jawa


  • Sadriel Fett

    I’m kind of digging the Han Solo type blasters and the “Tommy Gun” style blaster rifle.

    • writinwater

      yeah, that’s about the entire attraction of the whole pack/event. Definitely will spend some more time outside this summer instead of grinding tokes on the virtual slot machines…

      Still a cute and stylish way to counteract inflation from Bioware

      PS. The assault cannon looks like something monstrous straight from a horror flick

  • y2z

    I can’t tell if everybody’s being sarcastic or if they actually like this stuff? I’ll go for the regen item but that’s pretty much it. Seriously though, where are the BOL vibroswords and techblades?

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      They’re not being sarcastic, you just have different tastes than the majority of people apparantly.

  • Vos_L

    Like the mount, the blaster pistol and the blaster rifle. Dammit, guess I’m gonna have to hit the slots, lol.

  • Sadriel_Fett

    Have they said if the main event is basically going to be in Club Vertica or are they opening up some new ones, each with a different objective, so it makes you visit them all?

  • AbsolutGrndZer0

    So will this be a repeating event, or a one time ever event? Have they said yet?

    • Daniel Moreno

      I assume it will be repeating as the Festival of Splendor (From the description swtor_miner managed to scrounge up: Soovada is “Splendorous Sumer” in Huttese). Its association with Summer makes me think this will be a counter event to the Winter one.

      • AbsolutGrndZer0

        Okay, cool. 🙂

  • ZakarosTarsus

    Get ready for somebody to make a character called The Mask/Stanley and wield that tommy gun…..

  • Calphaya

    Okay, now that all four companion customisations are out, it’s time to analyse them!

    Mako: Pink is so not your colour, dear, and where have your cybernetics gone? You seem naked without them!
    Dorne: Not gonna lie, I think this has to be one of the best new customisations released thus far. The eyebrows are the only thing that slightly bug me, but I can look past those.
    Tharan: I say, man, you look FABULOUS!
    Doc: Is it possible to /backpedal out of the known Galaxy?

    • Luis Rosado

      Queer eye for the Jedi!

      • Luis Rosado

        Also, Project Landing Pad!

  • Konoha the Wiper

    dayum that rifle is nice

  • Gi’arl

    Fedora is NICE, but way too much crap on it

  • Vicious

    Assault Cannon and Blaster Rifle are pretty cool, rest I can’t seem myself grinding credits on the slots for.

  • Scorch

    Holy crap, that Dorne customization looks just like my commando. Now they can be twins! : D
    Also, wasn’t there supposed to be a kingpin rancor? Is he not sold by the vendor?

    • Not sold, you gotta win him so preview not available

      • Daniel Moreno

        Swtor_miner on Reddit got the preview for him, you can find it here: http://imgur.com/a/YzQSo

        Smalle edit: Just wanted to note that his model viewer has gotten even better.

  • Trogdor


  • Wosiu

    Nothing interested 🙁

  • Sarigar

    Tharan’s customization looks like they added a Viking to the Village People.

  • Haggardbr

    OMG, they added a Thompson Submachinegun to the game! ROFL!!!!

    • Daniel Moreno

      But that’s pretty much a copy of Han Solo’s blaster. Why change it?

      • Haggardbr

        Why change it?

        1 – If you remove the extended barrel and the scope, it pretty much looks like a Beretta 92F pistol with laser sights or even a Col M1911 with laser sights… awesome for someone (like me) that would like more “realistic” styled guns.

        2 – I don’t think it’s a copy of Han’s pistol at all… below is a picture of Han’s pistol, which pretty much looks a lot more like those hand cannons from previous packs than this new gun.

        • Daniel Moreno

          I understand what you’re saying. You want them to change something so that it suits your own personal taste, rather than having a strong resemblance to the lore on which the game is based. Fair enough, though I like the design, as it does strongly resemble Han’s pistol, while at the same time being a subtly different design.

        • Chakra Kusanagi

          It’s actually a Walther P38 with a laser sight, scope and the muzzle hider from Han’s pistol.

          • Argaria

            Mauser C96.

            Wather P38 is waaaay different.

            • Chakra Kusanagi

              The pistol in the pack, not Han’s blaster…

        • RidDler2435

          I disagree. It looks very much like Han’s blaster from ep IV

  • Brad Schmeling

    Assault cannon and blaster please!

  • dodgerfn

    Like the Elara custom…she can finally let her hair down 🙂 I have mixed feelings on the “tommy gun”. Kinda like it, but doesn’t really belong in SWTOR,

    • Gereorth

      Because it has a drum-mag doesn’t mean it’s classified as a tommy gun. I mean, the whole look is quite different. But I really think having some kind of drum-mag is quite cool. It fits, as well. This whole “gangster” thing going on. 😉 Oh wait, I see why you picked tommy gun! Haha

      • Chakra Kusanagi

        Actually no, large parts of the weapon draws inspiration from the Thompson. Not just the drum mag (which was actually pretty uncommon on the thompson)

    • dbaswell

      Whenever my commando reloads it always looks like a drum mag at the end to me, so there is at least some precedent to that type of magazine in game.

    • RidDler2435

      You do realise most of the guns in original trilogy was modified guns from real life? So yes, tommy gun does belong in star wars.

      Han Solo’s pistol is a customized Mauser C96, while the stormtroopers carry Sterling submachine guns or the World War II-era German MG34.

  • Amodin

    Oh look! New stuf…. err… wait, never mind. More of the same.

    • Luis Rosado

      Those are all new speeder/weapon models genius. Only thing recolored is the armor set. If you don’t like it go play monopoly. Geez some people on this game will never be happy.

      • HumorPrint

        I like the idea of the event, but not interested in any of the rewards I see here.

        • Chakra Kusanagi

          Well that’s up to you, but what does this have to do with the comment he made?

  • dbaswell

    Did I count right, 56 Certs to get 1 of each, 59 if you want two of the single hand sabers for Marauders/Sentinels?

    Edit- Guess 62 for the full compliment, cause I forgot 2nd pistol for Slingers.

  • Averzaath

    that cannon! must have

    • Josef Tauser

      Dat cannon is hawt !

  • Luis Rosado

    I like it, reminds me of the golden saucer in FF7. A lot of really cool weapon models too. I’m wondering what the time ratio will be to get a single golden ticket (‘Cause I got a golden Tiiiiiickeeeet!) per game. I forsee myself becoming a vegas grandma and spending all my time at the casino. I like the cool retro ’50s vibe to the weapons, reminds me of vintage sci-fi flicks. Definitely have to get a pair of those blasters. Merry Christmas, you filthy animals!

  • Darth Álru

    New Thompson gun is for total badass characters. My agent will have it for sure.

  • Trogdor

    Any word on those T/C/R lookalike sets?

  • Stefan

    Great, the Smuggler Rakata Set is back. Nice to see.

    • Argaria

      That was exactly my 1st thought. 🙂

  • e^3

    A Tommy Gun. Hm. Why the ugly Rakata cowboy armor? Why not some Al Capone like armor… fitting to the Tommy Gun?

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      Because Al Capone didn’t wear armour of course 😛

  • Илья Шиманов

    Tharan Cedrax WTF?

  • Кирилл Жмуренко

    Tharan Cedrax – Hulk Hogan xD

    • Haha you said that 😛

    • Trogdor

      Whatcha gonna do… when Tharan Cedrax.. runs wild on you?!?

      • writinwater

        like finally : “appreciate the power of his genius ?”

  • Chyron HR

    I would like attractive male companions. Is that really so weird?

  • Skyward

    Oooh I like that HK customization.

  • Herman

    Why do all the HK mods change his head?!, i rlly like the original head!

    • Trogdor

      The “Advanced Recon” HK customization appears to not change the head at all, and just tosses some extra bit onto the body.
      Personally I’d like some more variations, and more droid customizations overall. There are none for Scorpio, only a few for M1-4X, and while T7 has several, all but one are just recolors.

  • ShadowLynx98

    Saints Row 4 Anal Probe assault cannon? Seriously?

  • Delta

    Hory Sheeet!

  • Elfa

    SWTOR miner has some new material about the event you may want to look into.

  • R315r4z0r

    That assault cannon looks freaking incredible.

    Also, just an FYI: The “stock” of a weapon is the part that you rest on your shoulder. For the kingping’s sniper rifle, what you labeled as a “stock” is actually called a “magazine.”

    • Trogdor

      Idk. I do like it, but a lot of assault cannons (like this one) don’t look like they’d be able to shoot many of the Trooper’s various abilities, like demo round, mortar volley, etc. It looks like it should be able to fire energy bolts and that’s it.

      • R3215r4z0r

        Well my commando is a healer so it works for me 🙂

  • Areneth

    Hey Dulfy, what about Jawa Vendors on fleet? Is it some kind of another new event?

    • rip

      There’s a jawa vendor on the fleet? :O

      • Areneth

        on pts 🙂

    • It’s not named Jeelvic, is it?

      • No he just sell crafting supplies in exchange for some new tokens (not sure where these are from yet)

  • SirRobinII

    nice a goodlooking blaster rifle 😀

  • Meta Ray Mek

    Tharan Cedrax looks like he belongs in a 70’s Southern Rock band.

    • Kassy

      SWTOR:Lynyrd Skynyrd editon

  • Defector

    Kingpin’s Blaster Rifle AHAHAHAHAHAH the Space Al Capone AHAHAHAH

  • Mikhayl

    Seriously? A Thomson submachine gun?
    I want an AK-47 for my Vangaurd. Period.
    Fine, I’ll settle for an AKM with GP-25 grenade launcher addon.
    But, in terms of practicallity, an AK-47 wins hands down. Even in vacuum.

    • Theewokingdead

      you do realize all of the guns in the orignal SW trilogy were just modded real guns right?

      Han’s iconic DL-44 blaster was litterly just a Mauser C96 with a scope on it.

      • Mikhayl


        What else would they use? A roll of toilet paper and a popgun?

        However, I still want my AK-47

  • zlambit

    what do the various guns sound like though? 🙂

  • definitely going to have to find some time to get me a Tommy Gun. I wonder if they will do a variant with fullers on the barrel. That should not be too hard with normal maps, they love using.

  • Duke BigSnacks Macias

    Theran Cedrax mod looks like “Lawrence” from the movie “Office Space”. “If I was rich I would do 2 chicks at the same time.”

    • y2z

      Watch out for your cornhole, bud.

      • Luis Rosado

        I reckon you get your ass kicked for sayin’ something like that.

  • Josef Tauser

    That serving droid needs some drinks.

  • Vos_L

    Saw a Kingpin’s Rancor on a data-mining site. It says 0.7% chance of winning on the slot machine. Wonder if it will also be available for purchase on the vendor. If so, then I’ll definitely be grinding out some golden certificates.

    • Not on vendor, winning only. There is an achievement for winning it as well.

    • Josef Tauser

      How expensive will the certificates be ?

    • Ol Pa

      The chances of rankor winning are 0.07%(normal) and 0.09%(with lucky buff)

  • Big Brother

    I made a character that looks just like that Tharan customization, bushier mustache though. I went around streaking and being a douche bag cop >:D

  • Ixum

    that armor set… so reskin many dissapoint

  • Mortaval


  • Dragon

    I don’t like the Mako customization. There aren’t any cybernetics! Oh well, one less thing to buy.

  • ninjashibal

    so SWTOR.com said something about rare mounts from this event..
    Win big and drive away with the brand new Vectron Magnus Speeder or wrangle your very own Kingpin’s Rancor. With so many prizes, there’s a jackpot just around the corner!

    • ninjashibal

      thank you for adding in the videos for these items!!!

  • Kubrickian

    Okay so we see that everything is a re-skin with the exception of the speeder. Isn’t that the starforager hat mixed with the venerable often re-skinned Vendetta boots? Also, getting really tired of Dulfy’s psuedo Gweneth Paltrow blonde white chick in a pony tail modeling the stuff. FFS can you please change your race every once in awhile at the very least a Chiss or Miralan. Something that lets us know we are on a Star Wars blog. TY..

  • Xenoph

    Really digging the rifle. Can definitely tell it was modeled after a Tommy.

  • Anysao

    What are those glowing terminals by the training dummies?

    • They bolster your stats for parsing etc

  • Ol Pa

    how much are tokens for both slot machines?

    • Unoshi

      you have two slot machines, one if King ping bounty machine and the other one is smugglers machine. the King ping is where u can win the Rancor shown in the video. and King ping tokens are 50k and smugglers token are 1 or 10 K cant really remember

  • Gremlin

    Is the Rancor bound when you win it? Or can you mail it to another character in your legacy?

    • Belisar

      It is Bound to Legacy as far as I remember. Like the Vectron Magnus.

  • Benjamin77

    Pimp hats and hooker boots. This is my kind of event.

  • y2z

    You know, the more I see the Kingpin’s Blaster Rifle, the more I’m liking it. My trooper (in red scalene) was going to use the Mandalorian Champion’s Rifle… now I can’t decide.

    • Ark

      You get it by using the Smuggler’s Luck machines =). When you get it, it lasts for two minutes, saying “Greatly increases your chance of winning at the Kingpin’s Bounty slot machine! Lasts until either a Kingpin Bounty win or departure from Nar Shaddaa”, which is slightly contradictory to how it only actually lasts 2 minutes. xD

      • y2z

        Slightly!?!?! Hot damn, that’s not even close. And thanks for the info.

      • Hache-Moncour

        To be fair, winning something or leaving Nar Shaddaa will also end it…

  • Fsbravo

    The gear and weapons that you can get with golden certificates are bound or bind to legacy? or just bind on pick up or something.

  • y2z

    So, think 5m is a good number for this event? Think I’ll cap an alt and leave it at that. Damn Vegas stakes are too tempting.

  • Jay

    Kingpin Rancor you will be mine!

  • Bob Bilbert

    hmmm. Wonder why the commando cannon isn’t a CC item. That would be very popular.
    In fact…why don’t they make all/most/several event rewards purchasable with CCs?

    • TJWoo

      That would largely defeat the purpose of events. If you can simply just buy the rewards, why bother? And the canon only costs 3 certificates. At the very most, that will cost you a couple hundred thousand credits and probably much less. Why would you want to pay real money for something that can be had with 20-30 mins of in-game effort?

  • guest

    so assholes like u can’t buy it with cash and they have to play to get it

  • Simon

    Just curious, are the Kingpin mounts able to be added to collections? Or just a one-character deal?

    • One character deal I think

      • John Johnson

        Honestly F2P don’t have the luxury of being able to drop millions into events like this. If you’re preferred its a 375K credit limit. While people who have millions in the game can comfortably sit there and spend there is a limit for others.

        • Vodorlo

          Then subscribe.

  • Aleksey314

    Some of the rewards look cool, usable. By the way, nice come-up with moving screenshots, Dulfy!

  • Dax

    How about some real content, instead of just more cartel type items? They’ve made their money back and so many of us have unsubscribed because there is no real new content. I played for two years, subbed for two years. I don’t anymore. Better PvP, space PvP? Great! Awesome! If you like PvP. PvE content? *looks around* Where is it? 🙁

    • Dylan Carter

      Idk if you will read this but they just dropped 3.0.

  • Jose_Who

    So the Helmet is the Star Forager Headgear with a paint-job? Come on now…

  • SpideyBry

    I see a lot of female players getting that Tharan Cedrax customization… 😀

    • red1

      hells yes! his standard look is so vanilla. Bummed I just started playing and cant get it :'(

  • mhonde

    Aren’t there too few rewards to wish for in this event?? I notice quite a little variety, they could have added dyers mods, paint jobs, and a whole extra bunch of small things (minor rewards), even (or particularly) as a ‘money sink’ it could be a bit more appealing

  • Mavin

    The Armor reminds me of Cad Bane

  • Arby

    Wow. I can honestly say there is not one item on these vendors I have any interest in owning. Not wasting any time on this event.

    • Authn

      I have a similar feeling. But I still want to try Rancor mount, though.

  • Sweet’scar

    Tommy gun and sniper rifle added to my collection, love them. Hesitating if I make an effort to get a blaster pistol. Took me like 30 min to get the mentioned items, time flew by, I couldn’t believe it.

  • Hakkyou no Tenshi

    I want an option for female PC hair that the Tharan Cedrax customization has

  • Absconditus Veritas

    Kind of a bummer that they obviously put 20x+ more effort into the Hutt Cartel Nightlife pack loot that we have to buy with real money and tossed just a handful of mostly second rate items in for the actual event rewards. It’s like the whole event was just a lead-in for their new Cartel Market pack.

    Come spend hours standing still dumping all your credits into crowded, beeping rows of slot machines in a room that took us 30 minutes of effort to design and set up for this event. For all your spending and tedium, you have a chance at walking away with a couple decent weapon skins, a hideous armor set skin, a speeder of our latest phallic design, some discount companion skins and an infinitesimal chance at a rancor with no particularly outstanding defining features.

    And then for an extra $50 per crate, you can buy a chance at the real loot that was too good not to charge you real money for, the Rancor that can be made account wide in collections tab, the stealth ship, the color crystals, iconic mandalore and tulak horde armor sets, a new robot armor skin, and several other armor skins all of which are unilaterally better than the kingpin’s armor for the golden certs.

    Its like they had 1 guy set up the event room, 1 guy set up the golden certificate reward loot, then the rest of the staff worked on cartel market items that could only enter the game through someone’s credit card.

    • Sally Bowls

      I would much rather buy the B2L weapons with GC than anything in a pack.

      • writinwater

        I so agree ! Also, soundwise the casino weapons are among the best guns in the game. Beating everything found in the packs so far.

        • Gguy

          and visual wise!

    • ConcernedForVeritas

      I know it’s been a year but…do you still see a penis when you look at that mount? You say “latest phallic design.” What other mounts make you see penises? I think you may be the one with the phallic problem.

  • X-nine

    -Nightmare Dread Palace brought a Cybernetic Rancor.
    -The new Nightlife pack brought a Dathamor Rancor.
    -And this event brought the Kingpin’s Rancor.

    Rancor mount fight! Go go go!

    • Sciclex

      Season 1 Ranked PvP brought Giradda’s Rancor.

  • Josh

    Anyone know where the vendor to spend gold certificates is located? I’m blind.

    • It is at the back of the casino.

    • Joseph Kreifels II

      its at the place the quest takes you

  • Hache-Moncour

    For those annoyed by people winning rancors on their second coin etc, I’m down 5 million and nearly 20.000 coin clicks, and still no rancor.

    • Paffern

      right there with you

      • Hang in there buddy. I did get my rancor since I wrote that, although it took another 5 milion to get there… At least you’ll have more gold certificates than you could possibly need 🙂

  • sean

    apparently I’m not getting it… when you insta-win a mount the Rancor or Magnus, is that mount only for the character who won it?

    • Vodorlo

      The mounts are bound to legacy.

    • Joseph Kreifels II

      it’s bound to all your toons on that account and server

  • Joseph Kreifels II

    I had to spend about 500k to win the assult cannon

  • no

    Not a fan of this event, stand there and click till you get something, had me bored to tears. Played it just long enough to get 2x BoL rifle for my treek tank and heal sets then walked away. Now off to gree for the BoL offhands 🙂

  • Przemysław Narbutt

    wonder if this will come back again

  • Steve

    Is this event ever coming back?

    • It was a one time event I believe.

      • p4v7

        Wrooong! 😛

    • Kooler

      it is indeed coming back. Early/Mid June through August

  • High Roler

    Coming back people !

    Get ready to make some crazy rolls !!!!!!!!

  • Saint

    gosh, at least add some new items. All my 7 toons got the Kingpin Rancor already. No wonder people leaving swtor

    • ShenLong

      Cool story bro.

    • Cad Walker


      • Michael

        And this is why the community is so toxic.

        • thomas g.

          same here… 14mio c’, 9x rancor, 14x magnus… but no destroyed machine… -.-* so yes, any new items were nice

          • thomas g.

            damn… reply to the wrong guy. sorry michael

          • Michael Brooks

            I got 1 rancor, 32 magnuses, 9 destroyed machines… lol

        • Gguy

          you haven’t seen a quarter of the nonsense some people can make up,personally i think that the kingpin weapons are some of the coolest ones ingame,i only ever gotten the blaster pistol and sadly deleted the character i had it on,great guns!

    • Koz A Duke

      You mad bro?

  • HI, G07-DY Pet has gold coins

  • Popi Martell

    Dulfy, how do you get golden certificates? (first time playing swtor)

    • It is a rare drop from the kingpin/smuggler machines

      • Popi Martell

        aaaw 🙁
        Ty! 😀

  • RaxPl

    What about T7 customization?

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