GW2 Sclerite and Winter weapons to be removed

GW2 Sclerite and Winter weapons skins will be removed from the Black Lion Weapon Specialists in a few weeks so grab them now if you can.

This coming days bring some opportunities to Guild Wars 2 that you won’t want to miss! Evon Gnashblade has added two new discounts to the Black Lion Trading Post: Black Lion Keys and Trading Post Express are 20% off this weekend.

The Black Lion Weapon Specialists are clearing inventory–they will only be offering the Sclerite and Winter’s weapons for a few more weeks. Now’s the time to finish those Black Lion Claim Tickets and redeem them!

  • Sclerite weapon skins costs 3 Black Lion claim tickets each
  • Winter weapon skins costs 5 Black Lion claim tickets each
  • You can find a Black Lion Weapons Specialist near the Vigil HQ in Gendarran Fields.



  • Shifted

    ArenaNet is going full retard yet again..


    • M P

      anet wants to sell keys. anet wants to make room for new skins. not such a bad move for themselfes. not so retarded like you say.

      haters gonna hate. ofc removing the availability for some content will always make some people outrage. understandable, but it doesnt affect me so much. sclerite is not my taste, winter is ok but doesnt fit so well with my characters. /shakeitoff

      • aa

        room? sorry, what? its hard to add another tab? removing anything is just wrong.

        • Braghez

          And the in the future you end up with 250 different tabs, I want to see how they can put all those tabs in a merchant :D, and then add another merchant…and then another…

          • Ranique

            As usual people are jumping to conclusions. Just as have been the case in the past. Winter weapons likely makes a return at christmas. Also sclerite weapons will likely make a return in the future. They have not said they will be removed for good and forever. It is a way marketing works, by making something not widely available and exclusive you make sure more people want it and actually boost sales.

            • M P

              oh well, the “room” thing was a bit of a wild guess.

              • DaGhostDS

                In term of code the item listing is probably not even an issue.

              • Ranique

                not so much for the code, specially cause the skin will remain in the dat-file. the response given by arenanet is that the merchant window is allready cluttering up with tabs (wich is kinda true).So with room they mean that, and not the actual coding needed for it.

            • Sty

              Why likely? It is possible that these skins will be available again and it would a great improvement not to have to buy them with gems but to obtain them while playing.

              Anyway, removing original skins without a single word of explanation is bothering me.

              • Ranique

                Cause they always did it that way.. Also it seems you dont really know what you are talking bout. These skins are available for gold. You buy them with black lion tickets. You can get those for free by farming BL-keys. But more important. the skins can be sold on the TP and it is likely that after they are removed from the merchant they will be available on the TP for a long time.Off course, the longer it takes, the higher pricetag will be on it.

              • Sty

                I know, I know. These skins are available for gold (hundreds of gold for a single skin like a precursor weapon, but yeah, it’s “available”), and you can have them for free (by farming BL-keys for tens/hundreds of hours). So, as I said, you can’t obtain them while playing, you have to farm for them without any relation to the lore or any living story.

                In a few weeks, it will be thousands of gold for a single skin like a legendary weapon? This is disproportionate just for skins. But it’s ok, if they are “available”?

                I was talking about gems because these skins were initially available through the gemstore. And also because we are kindly asked to buy BL-keys with gems to finish our tickets.

              • Ranique

                I do not believe that the price has anything to do with it. Yes, Arenanet would prefer you getting it with BL-keys and pay for it with gems. This is also perfectly possible. But if you don’t prefer that they have offered a different way. If it was priced lower people would complain bout the lack of exclusive items. A game always needs exclusive items and yes you cant get everything. Envy is a terrible sin, dont fall for it!

              • Sty

                Exclusive items? Exclusive for ppl who were not in game at the right time. Not really exclusive for the others. And it is a non-sense to me, because there is christmas every year (at least until last year) and karkaland is still here. But these skins are locked and out of reach of new players. Sorry to find that sad and illogical.

                Btw pride is also a sin, you should be careful :p

              • Tyler Sears

                Tell me, how is something exclusive if the skins are always available? That literally goes against the definition of the word, but also, THEY’RE JUST SKINS. They in no way affect gameplay, or give you an advantage. They’re for showing off, and you can’t really show off something if everyone has it, now can you?

              • Sty

                As you said yourself, it’s not exclusive now. The skins will eventually become exclusive if the weapons are not available with BL claim tickets anymore. Although they are linked to still-existing content (wintersday and southsun cove) and currently not replaced by other new skins for newer players.

          • DaGhostDS

            Whats the issue with that? I want to see that :3

          • theglados

            All they need to do is to change the UI to something different. The achievement category list could work in this case.

          • the the best guy around

            yeah but instead of making all thiese things buyable at some stupid merchant, how about making some skins drop on certain bosses, or events or rewards for really hard quests… i always thought the whole merchant thing is lame, you dont really need to play just save up your gems and thats all there is to it…. merchants are LLLLLAAAAAMMMMEEEE

            • Braghez

              Lol, the game is already b2p with quite some content delivered totally for free…and you want free skins too ? Why do they even pay their employes,,,they can just clear some quests and earn their pay…lol.

              • Tyler

                You obviously have no clue what “b2p” means.

    • the second best guy around

      i hate losers like you who judge things without know anything about whats going on, eat shit and die

      • Peet

        Why is he a loser? Gratz you just did the same thing…

      • Faze

        Retard, you just did the same thing he did.

      • thatdamnrat

        What he knows is that once again A-net are removing more of the scant shreds of new content added to this game post launch. At the rate they are removing things, by this time next year the game will consist of only Queensdale and a cash shop.

  • Jonabalona

    Is there ever going to be bi-weekly updates again? When is the next content update? What’s the system now?

    • DaGhostDS

      System is they dont care, just buy gems. hell its been 2 month since the last living world.

      • Braghez

        There was already a break of LS after wintersday…it was winterday event + 1 month and more of no new content, not such a big deal honestly, lol.
        Plus, personally, i have some time to dedicate to other games XD wich is quite nice imo…it’s nice that for once an mmo doesn’t force you to play 24/7.

        • DaGhostDS

          They didnt force you to play all day with the living world, it was a few hours every 2 weeks.

          I, truthfully havent logged since a week after their “feature” patch, we dont really have any reason to log in either.

          • the best guy around

            if you dont like the game why do you play it…

          • Nightangel20

            Speak only for yourself please.I have a lot of reasons to log in every day.

    • Ranique

      A recent statement on the official forum explained a few things. They are between seasons. They are very busy with the launch in China AND with designing new content. Things are in development but it is too early to make any official anouncement bout how and when they will release new content.

      • AysonCurrax

        I would prefer it if they fixed some of the bugs and horrible design flaws instead of blatantly ignoring those but that’s just me .

        • Ranique

          I hear that argument a lot. But after asking what, 90% of the bugs are not really bugs, but decissions made by the designteam where people dissagree with. The same goes for design flaws. I think talking so generally bout so many aspects of this game, to convict one individual decission is not fair. If we would engage in a discussion bout those ‘bugs’ and ‘designflaws’, I would bet that we dissagree on many of them (as well as agreeing on many). But that would bring it terrible off topic., so maybe just argument why you think the current silence and break in content is a good or a bad thing in your opnion. ;).

          • Ryuu Shun Hayashi

            Molten fractal – 2x diff bugs before and after facing the boss
            Twilight Arbor Up path – If hatchling spiders are killed before Fyonna gains aggro she’ll never gain aggro and the dungeon breaks
            Jade maw fractal – If the Maw is killed before all colossi die the Jade Maw never enters its final phase and the whole fractal breaks
            Citadel of Flame Path 2 – If Magg does not fully enter the volcanic chamber room (with the bombs) for unknown reasons, failing completely breaks the dungeon disallowing any repeat tries…

            I can list a lot more bugs that have been spotted and reported for more than half a year that have not yet been fixed, but I doubt it’s necessary… >.>

  • Scowny


  • alex

    someone know will the wepon skin after the update be acc bound or i can sell it anyway*?

  • War Queen Xena

    Hiya Dulfy, any word about the travelling merchant that will trade for blade shards? or those items related to it, like belongings and such. would like to know missed out on trading em in to vendors in genadarran fields when it was available.

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