SWTOR New Jawa Scrap Peddlers on Cartel Bazaar

Several new Jawa vendors have popped up on the Cartel Bazaar of the fleet on the PTS. They appear to exchange crafting materials for several new types of currency.


Eric Musco confirmed that these vendors are used to exchange for mats in upcoming Cartel Packs

What you will find is that in upcoming Cartel Packs, you will no longer find an assortment of crafting materials. Instead, in their place, you will find one of three items:

  • Scavenged Scrap
  • Assorted Droid Parts
  • Jawa Junk

You can take these three items, to the vendors you mentioned in your post, and turn them in for crafting materials. Basically what is happening is that instead of receiving a random set of crafting material in your Cartel Pack, you will now receive these items which you can turn in for the exact materials you want. It takes some of the randomness out of getting crafting materials you don’t necessarily want.

Also, if you are not a purveyor of packs, we will be adding a lockbox to the PvP Items Vendor which will also grant those crafting turn-in items (purchasable with Warzone Commendations).

New currency

  • Scavenged Scrap
  • Assorted Droid Parts
  • Jawa Junk


Hadir – Premium Materials Scrap Peddlers

  • 1 Scavenged Scrap for each material


Mnek – Prototype Materials Scrap Peddlers

  • 15 Assorted Droid Parts and 10 Scavenged Scrap for Alien Data Cube and Biometric Crystal Alloy
  • 1 Assorted Droid Part for everything else


Izzar – Artifact Materials Scrap Peddlers

  • 3 Jawa Junk and 10 Assorted Droid Parts for Rakata Energy Node and Self-Perpetuating Power Cell
  • 1 Jawa Junk for everything else


By Dulfy

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41 replies on “SWTOR New Jawa Scrap Peddlers on Cartel Bazaar”

it also could be that they dont want to give away too much information so they are not putting the high end mats on there

It’s in the cartel bazaar, so it will be related to the cartel market. Like Dulfy said, the scraps will likely drop from cartel packs in place of materials, giving you the ability to at least choose the mats that better suit your chosen crafting skill.

Because, heaven forbid they buff something like, oh I dunno, Scavenging? Why is it every MMO loves to screw crafting to the point of near extinction? Artifice gets screwed by the Market with all of the GOOD crystals, now it looks like more to come wtih more screwing of the trades.

Yet again, GG Bioware. Tools.

The cartel market has done far more good for artifice than ill. Color crystals are a tiny portion of what an artificer does. The very wide range of enhancements that can be crafted, however, many of which can only be crafted, become far more attractive with all of the adaptive armor out there now.

Excellent way to stop the abuse of overpricing in GTN if u wanted to buy crafting mats, but sucks for those who made billions of the rest of the galaxy selling them

I really hope they take all of the crafting mats out of the cartel packs. It will be so nice to open a pack and not see a stack of Perfect Yellow Crystals, Hypercloth or, even worse, Rakata Energy Nodes and Self-Perpetuating Energy Cells. I’m so sick of having to drastically reduce my prices on the GTN just to clear out my cargo hold.

What is the point of this, to screw over sellers, its bad enough thermal regs have dropped down from 20k to 15k each on harbinger, last thing we need is more stuff dropping the prices, more so as I am positive they have lower the chance to get them.

It should be just for hard to get stuff for end game stuff like exotic element that you need to make re-useable level 52 adrenals and other higher up stuff.

If the new currency ends up in high demand (which it probably will) then people will be trying to sell all their mats to convert them. When they run out, they will go to buy more off the GTN to convert them. The demand for ALL mats will go up, along with their price. Be smart and buy mats now while they are cheap.

I really don’t see what’s wrong with this, sellers always gouge people mats are just one less thing they can gouge on.

And I thought they really would buff up Crafting with Housing coming along. So instead of doing something to make Investigation, Armstech, Synthweaving and Armortech worthwhile they do the opposite and kind of nerf down the whole market for ressources? Even if the currency is only coming from the new Cartel Packs, they will only lead to more price dumping. Seeing Beryllius popping up for 2k on my server after a new Pack has come out is already “not nice”, but I can buy these 5 units up. With that change coming… I have a bad feeling about this.

Can you check the crafting tables on the pts? With some of those new mats, like the Green rarity Purple, Black and White crystals, I feel like there may be some new recipes on the way.

Well, maybe they got fed up with how players are charging for stuff that is so cheaply crafted, i mean, seeing something being sold for 25k per item, when it costs between 500-1k credits to craft the item is just insulting.

I mean, the cost of the item should be based on the rarity of the materials used in its creation, realistically, only the purple quality stuff would be expensive and so it should be, since the purple quality materials used in their creation can be quite rare to gather, especially the makeb level 50 underworld trading purple quality metal.

So, i am really hoping they add in vendors that allow you to trade in those scraps for items or something similar or if they allow you to trade items for crafting materials, it would virtually render the gathering professions useless…..which would take away the need to gather anything, which i like the idea of. 🙂

Crafting has never been a fun thing for me, but it helps me save over 150k or even higher sometimes on upgrade costs of my gear, due to player clueless pricing.

I do hope they make this scrap metal trading stuff actually viable, i would hate to need to spend hours and hours to just get 10 pieces that would be rather useless for me, since i would be able to get vastly more materials the old way, FAR quicker.

If someone pays 25,000 credits for something that would cost them 500 credits to craft, then they are an idiot. If the item is THAT cheap to craft, then the person doesn’t need to buy it off the GTN anyway as they just craft it themselves cheaply. I don’t craft to sell on the GTN but, if I did, then I sure wouldn’t waste my time crafting stuff to sell if I was only going to get back the cost of the mats (including the GTN’s cut).

Yeah, fuck those crafters and their profit margins. Who gives a shit about their time and money invested into learning the schematics, leveling reputations, reverse engineering, etc. They should be doing a community service and selling that shit at material cost!

Anyone complaining about cost of crafted stuff… make it yourself.

I do make my own armourings and mods and the cool thing is, instead of paying 15k or 25k per armouring, its costing me 500-1k per modification, non-crafters have no idea how much they are being ripped off. lol

They’re not being ripped off. They’re paying for a service, price of which is determined by free market. If more people crafted their own stuff or even joined the crafting market, prices would go lower. Isn’t free market wonderful?

The funniest thing I find about people complaining about crafter prices on the latest Dread Forged items is that everything is available for free if you clear DF and DP HM. If you don’t want to pay mats + 1 million to a crafter for your Dread Forged relic, go clear Tyrans HM and win the roll yourself. Free relic!

If you honestly believe you’re making mods for 500-1k each you’re either deluding yourself or you’re equipping a bunch of garbage greens. For prototype level mods, not only do you have to factor in the cost of the materials to make the mod itself, but all the materials it took to build all the green mods it took you to even research the schematic in the first place. At 15 to 25k per armoring you have to be talking about prototype and looking at the GTN somewhere in the level 39 range. 4 pieces each of resinite, diatium, titanium and brazing flux. Were you to buy the components on the GTN, you’re talking about 2k for the resinite, 1400 for the diatium and 3k for the titanium (I’ll ignore the flux since in the scheme of things its cheap). That’s 6,400 in materials that if you crafted nothing at all you could sell on the GTN. Even if you run missions for the mats, you’re still talking about 3 crafting missions running anywhere from 700-1200 each averaging enough yield to make a single armoring. Some will yield more and some less but an average of 4 is reasonable. That completely ignores missions that are total failures and yield nothing for your credits. So, at bare minimum, the level 39 armoring for which someone is charging 15k on the GTN, cost them 3k plus the time and effort to run the missions, plus the expense of crafting and reverse engineering the greens to get the prototype schematic.

I know this a couple months old and you have probably grown up a little since then. But listen to yourself. “If someone pays 25,000 credits for something that would cost them 500 credits to craft, then they are an idiot.” Have you bought a candy bar lately, or anything else that is mass produced; I’m sure you have. Well you are by your own definition “an idiot.” Because all that mass produced crap you buy, well, its marked up by about 300 percent from pre-manufacture to the retail store. How do you feel now about virtual and easy to earn currency ? You prove my theory that most people who call others “idiots” are themselves suffering from the same unfortunate condition.

You need an econ 101 class. The market sets the price. If someone is charging 25k for something that costs 500 to make and it sells, then guess what that item is worth? 25k.
You could easily compete with him and sell the product much cheaper and take all his business. So why don’t you?

Erm, cause i am not a motivated by greed? i think if i am making a profit, its good enough, i am not greedy.

It could also be they’re deciding to do something about duplicate recipes as well, we just havent seen the introduction of that vendor yet.

Eric Musco just confirmed my theory, they are indeed used in upcoming cartel packs to exchange for crafting mats that you want instead getting a bunch of random garbage.

I love the fact that you will be able to get these with warzone commendations and not just from cartel packs. I guess I will be maxing out all my characters warzone comms before 2.8.

I’m looking forward to these little guys; my cargo holds of mats won’t continue to swell in the near future, thankfully.

I also think it would be awesome if they did something similar to the companion gifts in the packs as well. Instead of a random blue/purple gift, maybe they could give us the equivalent amount of gift fragments (I think 8 for the purple and 6 for the blue? can’t recall right now) instead, and let us choose which one from the gift vendor?

My only real question on the Jawa currency is the amount that will be in each pack. If we only get one of the new currency per pack, then that will be a big nerf to the amount we get now, even taking into account the ability to choose what type. Not a concern for me, really, since I have plenty of gatherer characters I use anyway, but just something I was wondering about.

(Thanks for the info, as always, Dulfy! You rock! m/ )

I reread the PTS patch notes and the pvp box you buy only gives you 1 of the jawa dealer currencies. I thought that being able to buy it with pvp comms was great but not at this rate of exchange. 600 warzone comms will take from 30 minutes to an hour to acquire using the daily pvp missions rewards and match rewards. I can run a level 1 underworld metal mission once every 5 minutes. This makes no sense. The positive is that you will now be able to get the mats you need when you buy the packs.

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