GW2 Announces Festival of the Four Winds

GW2 Festival of Four Winds will begin on May 20, featuring the return of Zephyr Sanctum and Crown Pavilion.

As part of the celebration of our launch in China, we’re holding an in-game festival that brings back some of the best-loved Living World content! The Zephyrites have returned to the Labyrinthine Cliffs to do business and trade their goods, and Queen Jennah has reopened the Crown Pavilion. Experience the joy of movement as you harness the power of the Zephyrites’ aspect crystals, or put your battle skills to the test in the Crown Pavilion and Queen’s Gauntlet.

Players will also get to help rebuild Lion’s Arch (this part was not on the GW2 website but was included as part of the press release)

Get ready: the Festival of the Four Winds begins on May 20!

Edit: According to a GW2 Developer, these two area will have a bit of Chinese flair.


Edit 2: According to those who went to the Chinese Beta Festival, players will have chance to get guaranteed rewards from past Living Story events in this patch (i.e. those from meta achievements) but rare drops such as Monocle and Molten Backpack will likely not be available for NA/EU players.

Edit 3: Arenanet released this poster showcasing some of the enemies you can expect to face against in the Crown Pavilion



  • Tenetur

    God, can’t wait! The Bazaar of the Four Winds was my favorite LS patch in season 1. I expect new skins, minis, and more lore.

    • Syreadisa

      Yup!, same 🙂

    • RH

      But you’ll get the exact opposite..more of the same old content, skins, and …lore.

  • shodannet

    To be clear, is this going to be a mix of new and old stuff, or is it just the old stuff (which I enjoyed so don’t get me wrong) with a new name for the content’s release?

    • Ranique

      All we know is the vid and the announcement. This means that the queens pavillion is open and labyrinthe cliffs is open. It also tells that activity’s in queens pavillion has the same name. For the rest it is all unknown. There can be new stuff. they can have gone through the trouble of putting the sky crystals in the cliffs on different locations, but it can also be exactly the same as it was. Knowing Arenanet, after such an announcement it’s wait and see.

  • Shifted

    Even if it’s a filler because they’re running late, it’s a good filler. Gimme!

  • Ryan

    Does this mean we’ll be able to get the octopus back piece if we missed out earlier?

  • bleeters

    Good to hear Lion’s Arch is going to see some restoration, at least. Being sent there by the personal story quests to speak to highly influencial and significant figureheads who inexplicably inhabit the ruined husk of a dead city was more than a little silly, to say the least.

    • Ranique

      Knowing how the speculation goes wild some times. The wording used by Dulfy (who saw the press release) is ‘Rebuild’ and not Restoration. Just wanted to point that out cause it is still in the mists wether it will be restored the way it was, or if the map will get a whole new design (and even wether the map will be a town, it can even be rebuild to be an explorable area with foes and no services).

      Personally I didnt had a lot of issues with the personal story’s there. It actually showed to me the importance of the town that even now its destructed and abanded, it is still so important and iconic to be the decor of these important events.

      • bleeters

        That’s fine and I could look past Detiny’s Edge meeting there, but I did have to question the other day why General Almorra Soulkeeper, founder and supreme commander of the Vigil hung out alone with Forgal Kernsson in the back room of the ruined fort just outside Lion’s Arch, as opposed to moving to the Vigil Keep just up the road. I mean the place is a wreck. There’s flaming airship wreckage in the courtyard.

        • Ranique

          I think its all bout how much imagination you’ve got and are willing to accept a different situation then before. If you forget that they where there before (what is essentially the case cause its your characters story, and that toon is only doing it once). The conversation starts with then end of a dialogue between Almorra and Ambassador Elidor. It is fully imaginable, with the vigil keep being now overcrowded with people and the delicate content of the conversation, they wanted to meet in a less crowded place.

          • Shadow Sanctus

            The story happens 2 years before LA was destroyed… they could have made LA appear as it was before… it would make more sense… but i guess it would be a huge burden on the servers…

    • Sylar^

      I hope the restoration of LA will result in a slightly different LA to the original. If it was jus tlike before it’d feel like nothing happened and moved back in time for me =

  • Chial

    Does this mean the achievements of both the queens campit and zephyrite will be unlocked again? I was on a hiatus at those stories so I don’t have’ em.

    • Ranique

      I truly dunno and we prolly wont know till the release is out. I personally hope they make a new achievement track (simular to halloween), with some refreshed achievements and some recurring (but you have to start from zero as well). For example. the balloon ride achievement for the queens jubilee would be silly to return cause her jubilee isnt due for a few months. The pit is opened for a different occasion. As for the achievement to land in the hay from the upper circle, that would totally make sense.

      Also, by making a complete new track wich has to be done from the start, the people who did it can haunt some new achievementpoints.

      • Sylar^

        The pit.. dat farm.. *drools*
        Bazaar of the four winds was my favourite patch, i’m looking forward to walking around there again for dem feels

  • Drake Dragon Knight

    Finally another chance to take down Liadri,gotta stockpile some Bowl of orrian truffle and meat ste while they’re “cheap”

    • Sylar^

      Depends. I doubt it’d be an exact copy but there’ll be a chance Liadri will be in the gauntlet – if there is a gaunlet

      • AysonCurrax

        Gauntlet is mentioned above.

        • Ranique

          This + the tier one foes are the same as last time. So it is likely that the rest is likely too.

  • zaw

    sovereign skins back please!

    • Ranique

      I bought the greatsword last jubilee. Seeing how many pm’s I get aksing where I got it, I do think there is a big market for it. Besides it would be nice to answer those PM’s with some positive news for a change.

  • Dainjah

    I’m personally hoping that, with LA being rebuilt, they find a way somehow to incorporate player housing into it somehow, I’m dying for it to be introduced, so this is a possible way for it to happen with a bit of luck.

    • Ranique

      I personally don’t see it happening and actually find it not desirable. Although player housing is something that would be nice on the longterm, they really should be concentrating in playable (permanent) content then fancy features.

    • Sty

      Guild housing with halls or dedicated instances would definitely be a great feature.

      • narg

        as arena once said, no guild house or player housing this year 🙁

  • Peet
    • That is only 4 NPCs right not the whole team?

    • Azure Byron

      That’s clearly a teaser,they won’t spoil all the surprise(for new players)
      I bet on all the old enemies with obviously also Liadri,GREAT CONTENT!
      + maybe 2-3 new bosses around Liadri level.
      I expect watchwork sprocket and t6 to tank hard and sage leaf and endurance refill food raise

      • Lord

        maybe a new level after Liadri ?

    • Ranique

      As said one post below yours. These where tier one foes in the gauntlet last year.So assuming they still are and there other tiers are unchanged, Liadri will be at the end in tier 3 ever after.

  • Poop

    Bring back the instigator, poor south sun cove.

  • Mockingbird

    Suriel is a quaggan?!

    • Ranique

      She can always try to fool us, I personally know what she truly is

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