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SWTOR Vancouver Cantina Tour Flashdrive Files

SWTOR Vancouver Cantina Tour Flashdrive files. There isn’t alot of new stuff if you have already been on the 2.8 PTS. Special thanks to Contramalgra for sending me these files.


Inside Scoop


Galactic Stronghold




Spoils of War


Cartel Market


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Q&A from 2 hours ago: Paraphrased

Q: Will there be another Magenta style mystery series?

A: We’re considering it, but if we add one it might not be announced even after being added to the game.

Q: What can you tell us about Legacy Banks?
A: Not much, we don’t want to say anything till we’ve worked out every last detail.

Q: Can we see the old companion kill videos from Beta?
A: Sorry, we didn’t really keep those old options for viewing, and we don’t want to confuse players by posting those on the site.

P.S: I’m sure there were more answers, but I’m still slightly sloshed from all the free drinks.

Q: What can you tell us about the expansion?
A: Next to nothing, but buy it anyway!

Q: Can we see some cut content, if it is clearly marked as such?
A: No, our audience is stupid people who can’t read.

Yes, you can buy it. They keep hawking it as a reason you should subscribe. Subscribe now and get this free house! But they haven’t said much regarding why you’d actually want a house, other than it being a persistent instance that you can decorate. I don’t think I’m alone when I say that if that’s all GS is, this is a massive waste of time on BW’s part.

In regards to them only having the code from the comp kills – code which was ostensibly in a functional state – wow. That sounds like it would take them… ~minutes~ to throw together. MINUTES, I SAY.
Hell, they could even release the dialogue in text form and I’d be happy.

Of course you’re not alone in saying that.

Just like I wouldn’t be alone in saying that PvP, Ops and HM FP’s are a waste of time on BW’s part.

Doesn’t make either of us right since there are also others saying that it’s great and exactly what they want.

To me Galactic Strongholds it sounds like a very watered down version of the upcoming Garrisons feature in WoW’s new expansion.

Like many things they’ve tried to lift from WoW, it seems they’ve completed missed the point of them. Or maybe they’re just copying ESO and starting to realise how dumb that was.

If I remember correctly, Guild Ships can be purchased with CC.
And the level cap may be increasing as soon as the end of this year.

I don’t drink, I just have a terrible memory… so hopefully someone can confirm ^

Tulak Hord armor looks awesome 😀 Better start saving credits for my juggernaut. I like the republic version too, minus the mask. The Jedi usually do not cover their faces. Would look nice on both Guardians and Sages.

I was always hoping it would be in the buildings there to the Right of the Citadel as you look at it in this picture, On a high floor you would have a view if the citadel, the rain forest, and the spaceport if you were in that area. The screenshots from the Cantina Tour doesn’t seem to match any part of the City that is easily seen, so perhaps its past the Citadel, or maybe its in its own submap, which I’m not that fond of, kind of like the idea of walking out the lobby into downtown Kaas city.

Only one of them will be available around then. They are in different packs so whichever pack is released first will have one set and the other one will be available around a month later.

yeah, lets hope its the one with the mandalore outfit. the 2nd one will be around July or sub early access

Also during Q & A, Cathar was a litmus test for additional species, and it performed VERY well.

Their response about not wanting to say anything until every detail was worked out, was for Guild Ships, not Legacy Banks.

For Legacy Banks, they mentioned being interested in showing us how it works, not tell us. I feel like there is another trailer or reveal coming soon.

I’m glad to hear that about the Cathar. Did they drop any hints about what the next playable species might be? My money’s on Voss, Bothan, Mon Calamari, Rodian, or Nautolan. We need more “alien” races, imo, because everything but Sith and Cathar look too much like humans. This is Star Wars fer christ sakes.

I think when voting was done way back in the Long, Long Ago of beta, Togruta were the runner-up to Cathar. I NEED a Sith Togruta, especially since I can’t convert Ashara. >:(

For those of you still playing the old caretel market have you given any thought on how they will give you an advantage, with giving out things in gambling packs that will be used on slot machines ? Anyways for you remaining 50-100 k subs playing swtor may you all have mercy on your wallets and save some bucks for Wildstar were most of you will end up.

Exactly!!! That Is one thing none of those other new games have, Star Wars. Elder Scroll, Warcraft, Wildstar, none of them are Star Wars and SW is my life. None of those games can compare to me for that reason alone.

Wouldn’t we want to wait a couple of months until the Wildstar subscription is dropped when they convert to F2P?


You don’t know what you’re missing. Wildstar does not look that great at all and I will gladly keep on paying the few bucks it costs to sub to SWTOR. LOVE the game.

What he’s saying is that as the Kingpin Tokens can be purchased with either 50k credits or 1 Cartel Market Certificate, those who have hoarded said certificates through regular purchase of Cartel Packs will have an advantage over those who haven’t or don’t own a single one, as they can just get so many more tokens: 100 certificates will save you 5 million credits.

I honestly can’t see them changing it, given that both the event and the market are “run” by Hutts in-universe. Well-known for being galactic scumbags, they actually would legitimately give preferred service to those who indulged themselves on the services offered by the Cartel.

50k credits for one certificate is an absolutely terrible exchange rate. Anyone who uses CM certs for tokens is a fool.

I’d have to agree with that. While I have gotten some certs no where near enough to throw them away for a slot machine chance.

Every once in a while I just need one piece of armor from a different set to tie a look together. Those certs come in handy on the rarer pieces.

Yeah….right….”Guild Wars 2 will totally kill SWTOR, in couple of months everyone will move to GW2″….”Pandas will totally kill SWTOR, in couple of months everyone will move (back) to WOW”….”TESO will totally kill SWTOR, in coupl of months everyone will move to TESO”….”Wildstar will… nah screw it, you get the picture, right?
It may be surprising to some not very bright people but there are still plenty of players who like Star Wars and “classic” MMOs.

And the game has more and more people every day ?… Or maybe not. This game can’t be killed anymore than already is dude, accept it.

Yeah, game is totes dying……..

Oh wait, the other thing. SWTOR posted player and income growth for Q1 2014. This game is far from dead, if anything its bucking the old MMO trend of “loads of players on release, then drop off until either new release, or extinction”.

FTP is working, I played FTP and subscribed because of it. I would never have picked up the game if it was sub only.

truly … this game imo has two kinds of players mmo fans and starwars fans … the only reason id quit is if they closed down or there’s a new startwars mmo … like they closed down galaxies after 8 yrs

Sorry, I don’t play Muppet Babies MMO’s. I play games were I can shoot shit and not look like Kermit the Frog.

Ridiculous. You can get slot tokens for 50,000 credits, which isn’t much at all. You don’t even need anything from the CM if you want to go the credit route. Anyone with Cartel Certificates would most likely rather spend 50k credits for a token than 1 Cartel Certificate. That’s not even a good exchange rate. So everyone who has been playing for 1 to 2 years and has a bunch of credits saved up has an advantage too. Considering you can easily pull in 300k to 500k credits per day running dailies depending how much time you put in, this isn’t really a big deal when slot tokens only cost 50k. I’m tired of these people who whine every time there’s an event wanting everything to get handed to them as if people that have been playing for 2 years shouldn’t have a leg up on people who have been playing the game for 2 days. Also, people that are just general MMO players may leave for Wildstar, but the people who play this game because they love SW aren’t going to leave for Wildstar, which looks like it was designed for 13 year old kids with A.D.D. hopped up on Red Bull.

Wildstar has 0 appeal to me personally. I’m not going anywhere. SWTOR is where I belong and where I will stay.

Wildstar, published by NC Soft.

Have fun with the game while it lasts, NC Soft are the one company in gaming i consider worse than EA.

That Tulak Hord set might just be the first “armor” looking set I actually like so far in this game.

So this is what Tulak Hord’s armor will actually look like, hm… I am kind of sad that they shied away from more reveals this time around, but considering Boston’s was just the contents of a pack I’m not surprised.

ty mate .. the chest piece looks good the legs meh… I was hoping for a version without the cape tho

Maybe it’s just me, but I think that the gear set would look better without the buttcape…
And I’m still not sure where the whole ‘asymmetrical shoulders and gloves’ meme comes from.

exactly .. soon we shall have “hordes of hords” like the eradicator fever of the past

I came her to say just this… such a shame. I would pay good money for a SWTOR that looked like that.

Yep. The Tulak armor ingame doesn’t have a ragged cloak and some other details found in the concept art. A shame really.

Once again I don’t get it, and if I sound like a whiny b, well, yeah! but it’s because I love the game, I LOVE pvp like water or food. As a player, customer, whatever, you want what you are using/playing to be better. I know there are limits in life, but… come on… I know this will be another lost-in-limbo comment, and if I don’t write this I would be just “sigh”, would be just starting the game, queuing for pvp, beating all them azzes, be very content, close the game, ad naseum.
But since yeah, looks are part of a game, graphics are part of the game, once in a while you want something very cool looking for your toon. And once and again (been playing for like a year and a half now), the devs fail to deliver a VERY GOOD looking piece of gear. The concept art here looks pretty damn cool I think (trying not to compare to anything else).
I know the engine has its limits (but hey, we players didn’t choose to go the devs route when choosing an engine for the game) but making this awesome looking concept art so simplified when transferring that idea to the game is just for me it really makes me sad.
And I’ve read a lot the forums (I don’t know if when they write something they mean it or whatever) and they talk about the devs using the CM to make money for the game, well, that’s great, but really, if the devs
really want money to support the game, to keep it alive, and whetever needs have to be met, why in the span of a year and a half they haven’t made a super duper good looking not simplified piece of gear?
And I mean ONE SINGLE PIECE OF GEAR (a set of course).
I bought the Cavern Varactyl, and judging from the image ingame (“conept art”) when seeing the actual thing, well, it’s pretty damn close and yeah, very cool, I love the damn mount. So, again, why can’t they make what I guess some of us want?
This last Tulak Hord set is not that it looks for the trash, but looks like someone did the models on 3dmax or something and just put them all together, it has no life at all.
The boots don’t resemble that mucht he concept art and we all know we could be comparing the ingame set with the conecpt art and rip apart the mentioned ingame set. Feels like they were trying to make it very cool but got tired at half the job.
Also, it feels like even if it’s just one single guy doing all the design for the gear sets, that he’s really not a talented guy at all.
I mean, FF has a million artists doing 100 drawings per hour, selecting what’s best ,modeling load of stuff (that’s just to finally compar this game to any other).
And all this recycling models to make other some… just look at the exterminator pijamas. The eradicator look pretty cool but when looking the toon from behind looks like he ate 1000 donuts and didn’t go to the bathroom (for me maybe its only defect).
And to realize that the gree gear was indeed a recycling from the Vendetta’s set (and maybe others) was really frustrating (even though I really like the gree gear when it was released).
I know I don’t have the whole truth but come on.. BW…
Dulfy, you have a great site thanks for letting me speaking my mind in here.

Wanted to add that weapon wise, blaster rifles haven’t had that much diversity and that most of them don’t cut it.
And this is where the I don’t get it, the new even that is coming (the Nar Shadaa casino slot machines event),
have some amazing weapons coming, and the gree weapons are so cool too.
Again, that’s why I don’t get it, BW can make really cool stuff, the toys, the pets, several mounts (the aratech ones for example, I have them all now) some weapons are super amazing.
And the planets are beautiful, Oricon is awesome. The Wings of the Architect mount is awesome.
The objects in the environment are so overlyyyyyyy, overllyyyy, overrllyyyy cut and paste, and the worst part of these is that they all look like perfectly placed, and that is not humanly possible, usually there are:
little defects on objects, namely boxes, containers, etc. And when placed, usually they are skewed, angled, etc.
And I am not talking about the big ship containers, those in fact some of them are very nicely placed within the environment.
And on the Cerka planet, the prisoners kneeled on the floor where the reputation vendors are located, just to put an example, put some music on and u will notice how they do this very coordinated dance, coz they… ALL HAVE THE SAME scripted movement, and that, being prisoners (I think they are like 8 people)… is humanly not possible!
Again, I don’t know if within the game code or whatever it’s not possible to give each prisoner a scripted movement, but in 2014, the engine we all know is not good enough for these days and the prisoner movement example is just a joke…
I guess there are a loooot of details within the game that if “corrected” could add a lot of life to the game.
So, having this conflict of I love this game yet has lots of stuff that needs a lifting is not a good feeling, lol.
Having said all this, I am still happy, very happy, pvping, coming out of stealth and killing people who thought were safe and guess what? lol, u’re not! lol
BW: Thanks for making this game, even if I have moments like these where I wake up and know the game is still under construction, in a way.
Wish u the best BW. And Dulfy, thanks again for this site.
– Sweet’scar, Studio, Gibson’grt’rock, Pëbblës (one of many, soon to be deleted, coz pubs suck for pvp on the shadowland server most of the time).

Sorry for some bad typed things like ” the new even that is coming” where it should read “the new evenT that is coming”. Idead fly through my head and while typing sometimes there is a typo or a change of direction.

It’s true though, I saw the Tulak set on the PTR, the whole bottom part doesn’t even match the top or comes close to this concept pic. They fired the good art teams right before f2p launched and replaced them with morons.

That negates the purpose of the legacy set. The benefit of a legacy set is being able to equip it with end game mods and send the set to an alt toon that uses the same gear

I really hope that the cape on this armor is attached to the legs bc then it would fit the Mandalore the ultimate set perfectly to the sketches in the books since swtor left his lower kilt out of the armor revealed to public. Maybe BW wants us to mix around different sets to create a particular image for the same reason they put alacrity in 90% of lvl 55+ gear we don’t buy 1 set with every single thing we need ..put 12 desired armor mods spread across 15 different armor peices littered with crap alacrity and bam – u got supply and demand.

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