Festival of the Four Winds GW2

GW2 Festival of Four Winds Patch Coverage Guide

A list of guides, galleries and other useful information related to the GW2 Festival of Four Winds patch. This is a work in progress.




Patch Notes

Other Items of interest

Ancestral Outfit – (source unknown, datamined) – [&DAkAAAA=]



Chaos of Lyssa Backpiece – [&C1AVAAA=]

  • Recipe dropped from Queen’s Gauntlet (Gauntlet Chances) as a rare drop.
  • You will need 1 Vision Crystal, 50 Icy Runestones (sold by Rojan the Penitent near Jormag in Frostforge), 15 Bolts of Damask, and 20 piles of Crystalline Dust.


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31 replies on “GW2 Festival of Four Winds Patch Coverage Guide”

Cool might have to pop into game and give it a try as I still have a couple hundred of those lying about. Thanks!

There’s new faces too, can we get some close ups of them? I’m excited to see them!

Can someone please check this out : Mini Panda + 3 Quaggans from Gemstore = Mini Mystical Dragon ???

As Dulfy said, this unknown. The information is data-mined. This means that the skin is put into the game-files during the last big update, but there is currently no known way of buying or getting this outfit. A few scenario’s are possible. It can be released soon as a gemstore skin. It can also be something for future releases that they accidently put into the ready for release build. It even happens that skins are datamined and never have been made available for people to purchase (like paper-sack headgear). So this only means there is a good chance this outfit is going to be available at some point in the future.

Anybody know if the Fortune Scraps from last years event are useable? Could they be converted to Festival Tokens maybe?

They are still usable (just bring them to the black lion weapon specialist), but they can’t converted to festival tokens.

Thanks for that. managed to redeem them and get a few of the catcher skins from the BLWS. Nice call.

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