• Wheezy

    Some interesting ones in here. 😀 Love the face and hair updates.

  • Junkie

    This looks more like “take the old face, photoshop, add on total makeover kit, yay done!” :/

    • Zivhayr

      Yeah, pretty disappointing. They really are just slight edits of the same face.

      • Derp

        Sometimes those slight edits can make all the difference, for those of us that are particular.

    • Al

      But it is a NEW FACE, just painted 3 different ways.

  • TikTak

    The asura ones are the same face 3 times with different eyes 🙁 Also, why do male/female not get a different set of faces each? Yikes.

    • Kat

      This happened to the sylvari on a different patch, too. Not that big of a deal. I like it personally.

  • Zuunos

    I like the second male charr face, mainly because it’s like the “cat” version of what they released in the last face-packs. It was more dog like in that one, but this one makes it fit in very well on a charr. Damn, and I thought that last face was going to be permanent XD. The only downside to it is that you can’t see the detail of the face as you could do with the other one; regardless an awesome update.

    • Shara Lee Comstock

      Here’s a Charr face for you…. Lol

      • Syreadisa

        Oh no!, you posted it twice! XD

        • Shara Lee Comstock

          I don’t have a delete comment option either.

    • Shara Lee Comstock

      Try this again

  • Crosknight

    the fem charr face, asuran faces and 2/3 male charr faces: *facepalm* they really need to give charr more love, and the asurans faces are the same on both gender

  • Ivan

    And of course the male humans get crap, just like they did with the hairstyles.

    • Derp

      One with a new scar, another that’s mature but not elderly…so far female humans just have one welder face, and no mature but non-elderly faces.

      • Derp

        *elderly, not welder

  • Chentally Mallenged

    Can also get the total makeover kits from black lion chest. But then again, you still have to purchase the keys and hope you get lucky.

    • Linguisticallyinept

      >you still have to purchase the keys

      area completion and personal story (lvl 10, 30 and 50 IIRC) can give keys

  • Shifted

    That male charr face (in the middle)… Noble, but badass. Looks like a lion. Okay, I’m sold, makeover kit it is.

    • Iguana

      Don’t go for it. The face clips through almost EVERYTHING. Even tiers 1-3 armor.

      • Shifted


        Talk about testing the content..

        Thanks for the warning, gonna reconsider.

      • Ciea

        Pick one for this face:
        Show the face forever with a hair. Some hats are fit it well.
        Not use the face if you like to use hat on all time if you wear culture hats and mostly hats doesn’t fit on the “lion” face.
        Show off with “lion” face with T3 hat as half robot (cyborg) like this picture. lol

      • Hachi-chan

        Best idea? No helmet 😀 I’m going for light armor savage look sooo.. won’t need that.

    • AysonCurrax

      It also is just a reskin of an existing face. I don’t consider it new if the only difference is a tiny bit differently colored fur.

  • Yarr Charr

    No Rox’s Eyes? Whyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Airwolf

    In the original set of faces I have only one that I like and that one is on my main mesmer. So even after tweaking on another face type for my thief (do not like to use the same face again) I did not like the result. But as soon as I saw that second female human style I instantly went for it. And the result is great yet different from my main 🙂

    End result:

    • Kuro Inu

      hmm that combination looks really nice oO didn’t expect that. have the same problem while actually playing 4 humans… 2 faces for 2 characters >.> can’t stand any of the other faces. might have a third one now though.

    • Devin Murray

      what armour is that?

      • Airwolf

        T2 human mask, magitech shoulders and strider chest. (both from the gem store)

        Rest of the set is T2 gloves and strider leggings and boots.

    • Pedro Quaresma

      Nice one – looks great! Would you have the sliders for this face?

  • Anonymous

    Could make a pretty gnarly Bri with that Norn 2 face!

    • Anonymous

      Bri from Game of Thrones, I mean

  • Syreadisa

    Female humans new face kinda looks like Queen Jennah’s face, and the female asuran new face looks absolutely cute!

  • DoctorOverlord

    Nice, thanks for showing the new faces.

  • Kuro Inu

    is it just me or do the female human faces all have the same form with different make-up? well except the last. that’s indeed a bit different than the other two.

  • Devin Murray

    Asuran new faces always look feminine… are they going to add more masculine ones?

    • Syreadisa

      As far as i know, asuran do have alot of hilarious faces.

      • Devin Murray

        i like my original one, nothing tops the grumpy asuran

  • eiserne drossel

    Why all asuran faces look retarded?

  • Terri

    I tried the norn faces and they didn’t look anything like the ones in the pictures. was really disapointed. I ended up using my makeover kit on my human guardian.

    • rham

      Maybe because you used low graphics quality ?

  • Shara Lee Comstock

    Why is it the picture I keep throwing up for a joke on Charr doesn’t seem to be showing up?

    • Hmm shows up for me

      • Shara Lee Comstock

        Well now it is. So what do you think of that for a Charr… Lol

        • Laura Brown

          Looks more like a wolf then a Charr. Based off Teen Wolf I can assume?

          • luinks

            the werecat from michael’s jackson video Thriller

            • Shara Lee Comstock

              At least some one caught it.

  • woah, the third Asura face reminds me of The Host o_o’

  • Hachi-chan

    omg the middle charr male face <3

  • Hachi-chan

    I had to make this cutie mesmer. *byebye money*

    • Pedro Quaresma

      You wouldn’t happen to want to share those sliders, would you? 🙂

  • Siobhan

    They all look terrible and the human, way too much make up. Nothing as ugly as a char though.

  • Salad

    Umm I think there might be something wrong with this article? I saw this a few days ago and noticed some changes in the images since then. For example, first time I was here all the male Sylvari faces were different, but the current set of images shows the same face just with different eye colours/face patterns. There are also two Sylvari faces missing, the male and female big-eyed/noseless faces. Considering the other comments pointing out the similarity in faces just with different makeup, I’m not sure this article is entirely trustworthy.

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