Festival of the Four Winds GW2 Weapon skins

GW2 Phoenix Weapon Skins Gallery

Gallery of GW2 Phoenix Weapons skins released with the Festival of Four Winds patch on May 20, 2014. They are purchased from Black Lion Weapon Specialist for 1 Black Lion Weapon Claim Ticket each.

Phoenix Sword – [&C18VAAA=]


Phoenix Hammer – [&C1YVAAA=]


Phoenix Longbow – [&C1cVAAA=]


Phoenix Shortbow – [&C10VAAA=]


Phoenix Axe – [&C1IVAAA=]


Phoenix Dagger – [&C1MVAAA=]


Phoenix Greatsword – [&C1UVAAA=]


Phoenix Mace – [&C1gVAAA=]


Phoenix Pistol – [&C1kVAAA=]


Phoenix Rifle – [&C1oVAAA=]


Phoenix Scepter – [&C1sVAAA=]


Phoenix Staff – [&C14VAAA=]


Phoenix Focus – [&C1QVAAA=]


Phoenix Torch – [&C2AVAAA=]


Phoenix Warhorn – [&C2EVAAA=]


Phoenix Shield – [&C1wVAAA=]


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37 replies on “GW2 Phoenix Weapon Skins Gallery”

Some of these make me think ‘Hunger Games,’ which was a mockingbird, rather than of a phoenix.


I tend to like Anet’s weapons, but they are not anywhere near special enough to pay for.

Seriously. -_- They need to make it so either A, you and just buy tickets, or B, scraps are like an 80% drop from the black lion chests.

yeah They NEED TO… LOL think for a second. They want you to waste as much money as humanly possible on those things ( and i for one do NOT blame them for it).

so why would they make those items more accessible? So you have more fun? it’s not a priority here… I like the way it is now. If you’re desperate to get one of those skins ” Just buy them from the TP… ” gl hf bb

As long as you can buy from TP for around 40-80 gold I don’t see how anyone can complain about availability. 40-80 gold is not an awful lot anymore. It would be nice if there were some kind of story connected to them, maybe some moderately difficult content to unlock the ability to buy them, but that’s my only complaint.

There is currently a bug that you can’t sell the skins on the TP (so you can’t buy them either). Hopefully this gets solved soon.

Some of the weapons texture looks blurry, not sure if dulfy set the video settings to auto detect or low, or maybe a mix of low and high 😉

I just found out something about max settings in GW2: “Shaders” set to “high” looks worse than “medium” setting.

I found this out when I had to reinstall gw2 recently and couldn’t figure out why my characters wearing Abyss on armor that had reflective properties didn’t look black any more, but more like grey, even light grey sometimes. Turns out it was the shaders setting. I turned it back to “medium” and sure enough, all my characters in Abyss looked jet black again. And also noticed that reflections in armor looked deeper and more defined too.

Umm.., i just realised that i use sweetfx to make the game looks sharper, and i tried to look at these skins without it. And yup, it’s the same as your pics.

Haven’t they played-out flaming skins enough yet? I hate to be a negative nancy, but… really? I am a little disappointed.

The rifle is my favorite I think, it’s too bad I don’t have any characters that use rifles regularly.

hey how can it be i cant see this weapons at gw2spidy?
nead to know the price of this weapons want my sword =)

I put way too much money into GW 2 recently between getting the staff and dagger from this series and picking up the sclerite daggers before they disappear forever! Still, totally worth it!

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