Festival of the Four Winds GW2

GW2 Sky Crystal Master Achievement guide

A guide to locating the Master Sky Crystals for the Sky Crystal Master achievement in Festival of Four Winds. Special thanks to Chris Ks and Crilt for helping me locating these.

Video guide (Master Crystal 1-10)


Master Sky Crystal 1

Use Wind Aspect (#1 skill) to jump on the roof of the building and then hop on top of the sky crystal below. Use #1 skill again to land on top and carefully jump on the horizontal beam to grab the sky crystal.


Master Sky Crystal 2

Jump over the wind aspect platforms and then use wind aspect to grab the second Master Sky Crystal


Master Sky Crystal 3

Make sure you have air and lightning aspect and then hop on the roof of this little house near the second crystal. Hop on the narrow beam and make it on top of another roof. From that roof hop on the beams above it and then use lighting pull to pull yourself to the top of a red outcropping on the wall.


Master Sky Crystal 4

Master Sky Crystal is also nearby. Jump down to the roof of the housing outcropping near the Quartz Crystal Formation and then use air aspect to jump on roofs and beams to reach this sky crystal.


Master Sky Crystal 5

For this Master Sky Crystal, waypoint back to the beginning or run back across the air aspect platforms. Make sure you have lightning and air aspect skills with you. Use the lightning aspect to hop over to this platform hanging from the rock. Use air aspect to jump on the beams and then lighting aspect again to hop over to the platform left of it.


Make sure to recharge your air aspect there and then start jumping up. Once you get to the top of the scaffolding, use lightning aspect to pull yourself over to the Master Sky Crystal


It is very important when you trying to pull yourself to this platform right before the master sky crystal that you place the target of the lightning pull at the very edge of the platform against the rock. If you donโ€™t do it correctly, you can pull yourself off the platform.


Master Sky Crystal 6

Port to Sky Dock Waypoint and make sure you grab wind and lightning aspects. Jump off into the water and swim towards the grounded ship on the SW corner of the map. Use Lightning aspect to pull yourself up on the rock and then air aspect to jump on the roofs of the houses attached to the rock.


Once you are at the very top near the tip of the rock, use air aspect to jump in the middle of the rock so you donโ€™t slide off.


Master Sky Crystal 7

Make sure you have wind and lightning aspect. To get this master sky crystal, go up the roof above the wind aspect and keep going up until you are high enough to use lighting pull to get over the gap to the other side.


Once you are on the other side, jump on the beams and get up top to reach the Master Sky Crystal.


Master Sky Crystal 8

Make sure you have wind and lightning aspect. Go to the back of the ship and jump up on the roof. Keep going up until you can lightning pull across the big beam supporting the sail. The Master Sky Crystal is at the very end.


Master Sky Crystal 9

This crystal is above and behind Kookoochoo. Make sure you have wind and lightning aspect.


Master Sky Crystal 10

You will need 50% damage reduction trait (every class has it), sun aspect and lightning aspect. Drop off not far from the Sky Dock Waypoint and drop down all the way to the last wheel thingie.


From that wheel. jump and use the sun aspect ability. Aim towards the inside so you donโ€™t fall off.


Use lightning pull to bring you up the cliff and then use it to get the last master sky crystal.


Master Sky Crystal 10 (Alternative route)

Alternative route posted by AerosAtar


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32 replies on “GW2 Sky Crystal Master Achievement guide”

found one, far south of bazaar docks waypoint. you have to walk on the ground to the way south part of the islands, a tad south of the point of the ship, and you will see the area where we fought aetherblade pirtates for treasure last time in the downed ship event. theres a large tilted pillar of rocks there with one on top.

the secret to getting it is that you climb the rock next to the houses with a lightning grap, then jump onto the black cage that is covering the whole area above you by assisted leaping to your right onto the edge of it. then you can go on top of it to the roof of the higher houses and its a easy climb from there

Someone beat me to the punch. Heh. I have an alternate route for #10, which I will add as comments in a few minutes. Shouldn’t need the 50% falling damage if you can get it right.

The start. We will be going in the opposite direction to the guide above, then carefully making our way down.

Sorry about the double-image post/order confusion on the second one. My Firefox is playing silly-beggars… only the first two images in the second post are out of order though (switched), otherwise they are correct.

The master sky crystal achievement is bugged for me atm. Interacted with all 10 but is not updated with in the achievement panel. Do I need to do anything prior to interacting with the sky crystal?

hey my character name is nillai (Jedalos) and today i ported a lot of these master crystals and i have to say, that there is an easier way for “master crystal 6”: there is a iron “skeleton” (framework) where you can walk on the rock, then you need 2x air jump

I wasn’t having much luck on number 10 with jumping and aiming sun at the same time. I ended up just using lightning way high up against the wall opposite where I needed to land. Seemed really easy that way.

I appreciate the advice about how to do it that way but I wasn’t looking for help. I’m actually saying that with the 50% less damage, the way I did it was easier.

You need to space out the jump and the sun charge. Jump around the outcropping and then sun towards the ledge.

I’ve clicked them all and they are deactivated now (like they should’ve). My counter is stuck on 8/10 so I used the guide to check them all again but it’s completely broken.

Hopefully they will patch this soon… this is the third time one of these achievements bugged out on my account (couldn’t finish the Krait obelisks either for instance)

Found another method for #10, no relying on luck with abilities this way. There’s a third pole above the Master Sky Crystal which you can directly fall onto from the top of the cliff. If you have the 50% fall ability you’ll just survive the landing. From there it’s a single regular jump to the Master Crystal. Landed the first pole three times easily, only overshooting the last jump two times due to stick W-fingers.

For Master Crystal #10, there is one more alternative. Its similar to the alternative posted, instead of jumping down from AerosAtar’s cliffpoint you jump directly down off the cliff towards a beam that is right above the sky crystal beam. Using the 50% damage reduction buff, you can survive. After this you jump down to the sky crystal beam. And finally jump down to the cliffside (speed boost may help). Its just as dangerous as the other paths, since the beams are such small targets, but it involves no use of aspects.

Note: The alternate route for crystal 10 does NOT end on that wooden pole. After lading on the wooden pole, you need to jump in the direction that the arrow is pointing in the final image.

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