Festival of the Four Winds GW2

GW2 Sky Crystal Seeker Achievement Guide

A guide to the 40 sky crystals you need to locate for the Sky Crystal Seeker Achievement in Festival of Four Winds.

Video guide


Sky Crystal #1

When you arrive at the Bazaar Docks Waypoint, don’t leave the ship just yet. Take the wind aspect next to you and use it to grab a sky crystal.


Sky Crystal #2

Make sure you still have your wind aspect charges and head towards the sun aspect bridge. Before you get to the bridge though, look to your left and use your wind aspect to leap on the roofs to reach a sky crystal located on top of the lantern.


Sky Crystal #3

Use the ramp that teaches you the sun aspect skill. When you are about to turn a corner and get on the final ramp, use wind aspect to reach this sky crystal within easy reach.


Sky Crystal #4

Jump from the final ramp to grab this crystal, then run back to where you jump off and continue.


Sky Crystal #5

Right inside the water, the easiest sky crystal to get.


Sky Crystal #6

This one is just behind the stone pillar past the waterfall. You will need to use Light Dash (#2) and control how far you dash by pressing #2 again.


Sky Crystal #7

After you exit the waterfall, keep following the path and then look to your left. You should see two platforms out in the air. You will need to grab Lightning aspect nearby and then pull yourself there.


Sky Crystal #8

Return to where the lightning aspect was and backtrack just a little.  You will come to a wall with some holes next to an Unusual Merchant. Use air aspect to get on top of that rock where you will find a sun aspect recharge item. Then use the Lightning aspect to pull yourself onto that bamboo to retrieve a sky crystal on top of a house tucked away.


Sky Crystal #9

Go back to the lightning aspect area, this time recharge your lightning aspect and use it to navigate to the platforms next to the cliffs to the left of you (same path if you are going to grab Master Sky Crystal #5). There is a sky crystal near the air aspect recharge.


Sky Crystal #10

Go back to the lightning aspect area again, recharge your lighting aspect and simply drop off to the platform below (do not jump as you will die. You can also take the 50% fall damage reduction trait if you can’t resist the urge to jump). Use your lightning aspect to travel to the platform left of you to grab the sky crystal.


Sky Crystal #11

From that platform, use lightning aspect to return to the platform where you fell down. Now you are going to inch close to the big rock to your right and manually pull yourself there using lightning aspect to reach this sky crystal on top of it.


Sky Crystal #12

From that rock, pull yourself back to that platform and use lightning aspect to place yourself on top of this fishnet support pillar to grab this sky crystal.


Sky Crystal #13

Drop into the water and run back to the Bazaar Docks Waypoint. Don’t forget to grab the lightning aspect recharge along the way. Not far from the waypoint is a bunch of merchants in a house next to a series of lightning aspect platforms. Stand on the crate and pull yourself to the first one and follow it to reach the next sky crystal.


Sky Crystal #14

Drop down and you will find a wind aspect recharge nearby. Use it on this very easy sky crystal on the wall.


Sky Crystal #15

You want to run all the way up past where you jump off for sky crystal #9 and next to the wind adept you will find another sky crystal that is fairly easy to reach with the wind aspect jump.


Sky Crystal #16

From sky crystal #15, you are going to use lightning aspect to pull yourself to the roof of the house nearby and use it to reach the sky crystal next to a moving water wheel.


Sky Crystal #17

Lightning Pull yourself back to Wind Adept and cross a couple of platforms with #1 Assisted Leap. Drop down to the big safety net below and grab that sky crystal below the net. If you are a mesmer you can simply put a portal down one of the platforms and port yourself back once you grabbed that sky crystal. Other classes will need to drop on the ground and run back.


Sky Crystal #18

This time cross all the platforms next to the Wind Adept and make it to the other side. Look to your left once you arrive and Lightning pull yourself over to #18.


Sky Crystal #19

Pull yourself back to the Lightning Adept and then cross over to the next tower. Keep going up that tower until you are at the very top.Walk to the end of the stick that is sticking out and then use ightning aspect manually on the little house on the right. Then use #1 Assisted Leap to get up to the very top of that bamboo structure.


Sky Crystal #20

Drop down from that sky crystal and move on to the next tower where you will find an easy sky crystal inside a bucket.


Sky Crystal #21

Get to the very top of the tower with sky crystal #20 and look up. You will find a sky crystal on a house all the way up. Use lightning aspect to get over to the scaffold that supports and house and then use wind aspect to jump up through the roofs to get that sky crystal.


Sky Crystal #22

From #21, you are going to drop down and run on the support beams. Use lightning aspect to get over to grab sky crystal 22. This one can be a bit tricky.


Sky Crystal #23

Exit out using Sky Docks Waypoint and run back a bit and drop down to to the tower to grab sky crystal #23


Sky Crystal #24

Exit out using Sky Docks Waypoint again and run to the area with the lightning aspect recharge. You are going to use lightning aspect to get on the roof of the building next to it and grab the sky crystal behind it.


Sky Crystal #25

You will need full charges of the air aspect for this. Use Lightning aspect to get on of the lower roofs and then go up the scaffolding on your right.


Sky Crystal #26

Refill your air aspect charges and jump on the balloon tower to grab this sky crystal.


Sky Crystal #27

There is a very easy to reach sky crystal behind the little hut under the balloon tower.


Sky Crystal #28

Not far from Sky Docks waypoint you will see these two platforms out in the open. Use your lightning aspect to get to the second platform which has a sky crystal.


Sky Crystal #29

Pull yourself back and this time instead of going on the two platforms you are going to drop down. You will find a sky crystal below near one of the wheels. Just WP back once you done.


Sky Crystal #30

From the waypoint, drop down and reach this sky crystal


Sky Crystal #31

If you look to the bottom right of you, you will spot sky crystal 31. There is also a sky crystal to the right of you but that is kind of hard to reach so I skipped it.


Sky Crystal #32

Have lightning and wind aspect ready. Run across the bridge to the zephyr ship and then use lightning aspect to get on that big beam holding the sails. Once you get on it, walk down to retrieve the sky crystal


Sky Crystal #33

Keep going down the big beam and then jump down on the smaller ones to reach this sky crystal.


Sky Crystal #34

From the wind aspect recharge on the zephyr ship, go up the roof on building above it. Keep going up until you see a big horizontal beam and then jump on it to grab this sky crystal.



Sky Crystal #35

Once you grab the crystal from that big beam, just keep walking forward and drop down to the roof of the next row of houses. Alternatively, you can use lightning and air aspect to reach this from the ground as well.


Sky Crystal #36

Carefully drop down to this sky crystal below. If you happen to drop down too much and die, it isn’t hard to reach either.


Sky Crystal #37

From crystal 36 just walk over to crystal 37


Sky Crystal #38

Go back to Bazaar Docks waypoint and stop before the light dash ramps. There is an easy sky crystal just to the left of it. Make sure you have air aspect and just jump on it.


Sky Crystal #39

Go up the little beam and use then use sun aspect to cross the waterfalls. Remember you can press the button anytime to stop the sun aspect so you don’t run off the beam.


Sky Crystal #40

This last sky crystal is abit far away in the SW corner of the map. Make sure you have lightning and wind aspects before you swim to here. Once you are here, use lightning aspect to get on the rock and then wind aspect to jump to the sky crystal. There is also a master sky crystal here on the tip of the rock.


By Dulfy

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23 replies on “GW2 Sky Crystal Seeker Achievement Guide”

Working on this achievement now, and decided to use your video. Thus far, the only ones no longer active (usually due to netting) are #9, #10, #3, #13, and the one in the waterfall room that’s up on the beams covered in candles (I watched the video last night to compare notes, but didn’t record the crystal number). I’ll let you know if I encounter any others that have been removed.

Additionally, there’s a crystal above the Bazaar Docks vendors (by the phoenix balloon/lantern on the beam of the canopy) and another high on the buildings by the wind adept (Photo: I didn’t keep track of the crystals I picked up last night, but those two just stuck out.

Also, #16, 18, 20, 22, 23, 25 are no longer there. Some have been replaced with charged crystal sites (during event) and others have been blocked with aesthetic additions (nets, buildings).

It looks like #26 has been moved to the vault on the opposite side, and there is a crystal on the rooftop of the building by the hot air balloon near there (Sky docks wp). #38 and #41 are also gone. #27 is still there, and there is another crystal to the west of it (opposite side of #28).

And I’m finished 🙂

You do realize you were critiquing the old video from last year, right? The new one is absolutely correct and my guildies and I used it to get the achievement.

The one blocked by the net that you used to drop down to (#10 in last year’s guide) can still be gotten to via the bridge to the ledge however when I got there, the crystal was not active. Possibly this is now a charged one now. I did not go back during the event to take a look.

Yeah, I meant to say that it seems they removed it as a crystal site and use it solely for a charged site now. I wasn’t sure if the addition of the net contributed to that or not.

Yeah, I was commenting before the updated one was posted, thought it might save you some time 🙂

Is there a map with the number crystals on it so it’s easier to figure out which one I’m looking for?

Hey Dulfy, on crystal 31 you mentioned another crystal to the right of it that you skipped because it was a bit challenging. I accidentally discovered a very easy way to get it.

From 31, drop down onto the small protruding piece of bamboo. After that, use the lightning aspect to pull yourself over.

If you don’t drop down onto the small piece of bamboo it will make you fly all the way off and fall down.

There is a very easy crystal just before #9 on the right you can’t miss it (it is on the rock before the #9 platform).
There is also another easy crystal in the opposite direction to #34 behind the house.
p.s. forgot to get pictures.

Yes, I have count at least 46 Sky Crystals, and some are far easier to reach than Crystal 22 for example.
So if peoaple do not manage to get some, they can search for other crystals.

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