SWTOR 2.8 PTS and Cartel Market Update 3

SWTOR Patch 2.8 on the PTS just received another update along with 3 new armor sets for the upcoming Star Cluster Nightlife pack.

Hey all! Here are the notes for Update 3. One thing that isn’t noted is that we adjusted the event so that it continues running through next week instead of automatically turning off.

Flashpoints + Operations

  • Made balancing adjustments to encounters within Nightmare Dread Palace.
  • Players can no longer use gap closing abilities while carrying the Seed Of Knowledge during the Dread Master Calphayus encounter in the Dread Palace.
  • During his Dread Palace encounter, Dread Master Tyran’s Inferno ability no longer deals damage outside of its affected area.

Galactic Starfighter
Ships + Hangar

  • The Sledgehammer now correctly mirrors The Decimus in components, and has Ion Mine, Interdiction Sentry Drone and Concussion Mine available to it.


Here are the three new armor sets that are part of the Star Cluster Nightlife Pack

Xohaan’s Armor Set



Ajunta Pall’s Armor Set

Note that the shoulders might be bugged on body type 1 females (players & companions) and won’t show up.





Mandalore the Ultimate’s Armor Set



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The two armor-design memes that the SWTOR art department seem to have taken to heart is “Shoulders of Doom” ( ) and “Fashionable Asymmetry” ( ), with an infusion of “Bare Your Midriff” ( ) in many of the more recent armor-set releases. With a helping of a number of other fanservice tropes.
Some of the armor designs just seem too badly thought out to be real — for example, all the heavy armor chestpieces that have shoulders with ‘L’-shaped bars sticking out that are conveniently placed to snag on protruding piping when you turn.

🙁 thought they would nail the mandalore set but, meh. i’ll take the mask tho. and the mask from ajunta’s pall i have only one thing to say about it. “Get over here!!!”

I like Mandalore’s mask, but thats about it. I suppose hood up with this mask would be asking too much….?

That’s not an armor set. That’s what happens when you get in a fight with the toilet paper roll and lose.

Great. Now if only the Sledgehammer didn’t look stupid, we’d be all set. Seriously, who thought that was a good idea? :<

Only Ajunta Pall and XoXaan’s do to me.

Ajunta Pall would look better if they’d rendered the shoulder pads(?) better, or just not had them on at all. I get that it’s probably trying to be like a capelet/poncho thing, but instead it looks like they just glued plastic L-shaped pieces on it and called it good. The hood also looks really weird, too.

With XoXaan, I do have to laugh, since it’s basically a reverse of the Sensuous Dress top from a few CM packs ago, in that it’s the men who get skimped and the women are covered up (though that’s how it is for the character herself) this time. But to echo Trogdor, it looks like Andronikos there had an epic battle with a toilet paper roll and lost badly.

Forums: “I want a breath-a-lator for my republic character …whaaaaa whaaaaa
Devs: Hey lets ignore all the bug fix requests and other request and give this guy a breathe-a-lator mask.
Dev’s….well if he is republic and needs a breath-a- lator he must also need a blood pressure monitor as a belt!

Oh Gooood why did they delete the pauldrons from female version of Ajunta Pall? It looks much worse now((( I wanted to buy it and now it’s pointless

Looking at Mandalore the Ultimate’s set I’m disappointed by 2 things: 1, no breathing lines coming from the mask, these are present on 90% of the artwork for him (though not all) and number 2, the missing lower skirt/robe over the legs. that as far as i can tell has been on every version of the armor up till now. the set still looks great and I’ll have to get me a complete set of it (like all of the other Mando gear so far) but just those 2 little changes would have made it perfect.

I think the problem is that they can’t attach part of one item to another item. If they can’t do this, there would be horrible clipping issues regardless of whether the tubes were part of the helmet or the chestpiece.

i know they have issues with that, the attempt for Mandalore the Preserver went poorly (similar tubes) as such i can live without the tubes. the lower skirt i haven’t seen attempted with a Cape as well so I’m not certain how bad the clipping would be. they probably made the best choices they could given the limits in the system to balance between accuracy and aesthetics.

I think they’ve updated the Ajunta Pall set for females to show the shoulders as well now (see picture). Also, is anyone else a bit sad the Temple Guard set seems to have been removed?

I gotta admit that, even though the game is VERY LIMITED graphic wise,
Xohaan’s looks pretty damn cool (even when the clothes’ fabric doesn’t look or feel like fabric, but that’s not my point).
I like it a lot.
(I use ONLY female toons, so I won’t mention male sets, which sometimes they are ridiculous like this one).

The Ajunta Pall’s, damn, we know we’re in it for the chest piece, and this one is pretty damn cool I think, with
a “touch” of classic robes, yet, the hood says another thing, yet they go rather well together.
Its leggings, specially the butt view, looks pretty sexy, lol.

The Mandalore Ultimate’s, even though still these kind of sets look like a cheap toy (again, game’s limits),
I think is put together rather well, even for the male counterpart. Not my cup of tea exactly, but I think
guys who like these kind of armor will be very happy.

So, in summary, I look forward to this pack. I gotta give it to BW this time.
(I still don’t go astray from my main point of view that this game is far from great looking graphic wise,
I wish the fabrics or metals or whatever material composed the sets, body skin, etc, would a little tad more
“realistic” or with more life).

The game is very limited graphics wise? Looks the best of any MMO on the market imo. Sure an MMO will never be able to compete with a single player or a shooter’s graphics, but I haven’t seen an MMO that looks better.

Granted, as MMO it perhaps is one of the best looking (I wouldn’t know). Still, as a player, my point still stands, it doesn’t look great compared to a shooter or a single player game, now that u mention it. Just look the pics posted on this page: Xohann’s set doesn’t look like a fabric, we “know” it’s a fabric coz of the design, we could say it’s made of plastic, for all we know, if it wasn’t for the wrinkles.
And Ajunta’s one… we know it’s fabric coz of the first SW movie and the design resembles some clothing of said movie, but we can’t see any thread, just painted with a full color (and black gradient). Is that worth of 2014, think not. And don’t get me wrong, I still look forward getting those 2 sets, for me a must have (and these 2 make me not look at the GTN any new chest piece that I could like).

If your standards are single player or shooters, you are never going to be satisfied. MMOs cannot compete with them graphics wise due to all of the other tech strains in an MMO that other games do not have to deal with.

I love SWTOR, but common… there’s lots of better looking MMOs… Note I didn’t say better MMOs, but better looking certainly. Many of them are Korean, but one example of a western one would be ESO, which has better overall gfx, higher quality textures, and more detailed armor. Granted, ESO goes for a more realistic look, so if you don’t like that style, you may not like their armor designs.

I think you meant ‘come on’, not ‘common’. I personally did not think ESO looked good at all (talking graphics, but in general applies also). Can you list the Korean ones so that I can see if you are right?

I’m pretty sure he’s referencing Tera and Aion as the Korean ones that look way better than Swtor.

I have Tera installed on my computer after it went F2P and have played it exactly once, I disagree that it looks better. Aion maybe though I guess that could be.

I think think it is cool that they did the complete collection of the Dark Jedi who landed on Korriban. I also think we have everyone from the Valley of the Dark Lords as well. My life will be complete when I have a Malgus chest piece with the cloak and Darth Talon’s set.

I think even after Club Vertica we’re still short Sorzus Syn. But yeah, it’s pretty cool.

Thank you Dulfy, it’s a nice model, but on the other hand what saddens me is that instead of hearing the plead of the commando community for a “rifle like” or smaller cannons, they just make them bigger and longer…

Uh… that’s pretty tiny and rifle-like for an assault cannon. If it were any smaller, it would defeat the purpose of holding it like that, it would just be a rifle.

The whole point of being a commando is to feel like a walking arsenal. I have a Vanguard for rifles.

Still waiting for the Nihlus robes and Freedon Nadd still hasnt got an armour set. So that leaves Darth Bandon, Darth Traya ( I suppose there will be 2 sets for her), Darth Glovoc, Darth Desolous (not sure if he fits quite in time frame), Darth Simi, Darth Scabrous, Darth Angral, Darth Mekhis, Darth Baras, Darth Chratis. I think you can already get the armour sets for Thanaton, Jadas etc. Cant think of anymore they could use, there are certainly some more Jedi/Bh, but can never remember their names 🙂

Nooooo! Female body type 2 has shoulder pads!!! FFS! Noooo! I was looking forward to this, as it was a good mix of simple and cool,,, I am twisting on the floor like a worm with salt all over it… 🙁

someone knows when the guardian gear “” will come??

I think I like the Ajunta Pall top better without the shoulders, to be honest. The simpler look seems like it would be easier to integrate into a different customized ensembles.

Yes I read the note, that’s what I was saying I despise those shoulders! (“Note that the shoulders might be bugged on body type 1 and they won’t show up”). All I use is body type 2 female toons, face is “distorted” on all the other body types.
Why can’t BW understand that females just look horrendously wrongly horrible with shoulder pads or whatever?
If u are gonna put them, at least make them have a different size… Females aren’t supposed to look wide shouldered, if I wanted a toon to look like a man, I wouldn’t made a male toon. And as I’ve read several sources, we have been complaining about that kind of stuff for like FOREVER!!! That’s what is annoying, ok, don’t “fix” what is there, but new packs with again the same “defect” is just a spit on our faces (to those of us who have been complaining about this).
We want COOL more than LORE or whatever.
And on this set, is not that the shoulder thingies are bad looking, I think they are rather cool and add character to the set, but… it’s just too damn freaking big for a female and damn freaking wide… for the 1000th time… GRRR to BW… jeez…

I understand exactly what you mean with how female shoulders should look, but I’ve never had an issue with shoulders being too big or too wide with gear on any of my female characters. I’ve only ever used body type 1 or 2 and occasionally 4 though. I’m sure there might be some that look bad, but I’ve never had any problem finding gear that looks good on my female characters, though I tend to lean towards more “badass” looks. I’m also a male, so my opinion could very well be skewed. But I’ve found many chest pieces with small shoulders. Especially the gear that is more intended for females.

Swtor need more body types 90% of armors look retarded,if we could manually scale body type like in some other MMO-s lots of armors would look awsome.

I think the “Ajunta Pall’s Armor Set” shoulder pads needs to have it’s thickness reduced abit and needs to be rounded abit more on the shoulder, also the pants and boots totally lack detail compared to the rest of the set. Also the “Xohaan’s Armor Set” for the Male Character should have his chest covered with Bandages instead of just showing his chest exposed. But that’s just my opinion.

“Somewhere between 10th and end of June.” Lol, you have no idea how accurate this will probably be knowing EAWare.

Hey dear Dulfy, by any chance could u show some dyes on those sets? I don’t know how the pts works so maybe what I ask is too much hassle. I bought 2 black sec and 1 main ready to dye those sets already 😛
Ok Iwipe, thanks for this very neat site. Regards.

You couldnt dye “named” set back in the day, pretty sure you cant dye those either.
Someone will need to clarify if they changed that policy, havent played in a year.

PTS update includes a dramatic increase in Bestia Monster HP, from a previous 265K hp to a staggering 390K hp.

Currently, with adds spawning at 30s and 60s, our group needs a dps to grab the 60s monster (first can be burst down with bloodthirst, 30s picked up by tank). Goal is to get 3 monsters down in time for bestia. 2-monster tank grabs Bestia, and the 1-monster tank grabs one monster off 2-monster. DPS stays on the monster away from the boss, swapping when stacks drop. You have about a minute to kill one monster and weaken the other before a new monster comes up. From there, we were not able to focus DPS on the boss, as adds kept coming up before we could kill both. Much much tougher fight now.

Ajunta Palls set for female type 1 makes it look like the generic dark Jedi in KoTOR with their famous line “Darth Malak was most displeased…” dye it black/black dye and you got yourself a KoTOR look

Hey dulfy I have a question for you. I know 2.9 or 3.0 when ever the lvl cap gets increased will there be a change to the matrix cubes (relics) cause those use to be really awesome relics and seems to be a huge waste of time now. I wanted to know if they will ever make those useful again. I enjoyed scoring the planets for the shards

We might or might not see them again when the lv cap increases. For starters, it was used for lower levels, going from planet to planet, and it wasn’t a must have for lower levels to equip relics, although it would be giving some benefits, it wouldn’t kill you if u didn’t had one. since end game only required relics to be equipped.

I know Makeb had some datacrons, not sure if one was a matrix shard or not. If it wasn’t then i assume they wont be when we get new level cap.

As far as I know, they mentioned at one of the Cantina Tours that they are “looking into it”, it being making Matrix Shard relics worthwhile. However, it does not mean they will actually do anything about them, as they might mind that they are fine as it is…

They killed Mandalore’s armor, that shit looks nothing like his armor at all. Who the hell made that set?

needs work. i understand that they might not be able to make the cape wider for gameplay issues, but there’s no reason not to add the lower robes.

I agree, the lack of detail in the art department for armor sets that are given to them in comics, hard back covers novels, movies, lore and hell, the movies have went totally over the artist’s head. I know it’s hard to come up with things and that Shit “Hero” engine they used has caused more problems than what it has solved. They can’t even put in any new species in the game, due to clipping issues with the armor sets in game. It’s a really easy fix though, create new armor sets that actually can be worn by the species and limit the other armor sets to the current species. I’m getting to the point now, I’m about to cancel and unistall this game, I am getting more disappointed every patch with armor and the PvP “Stun Wars” dynamic. I have my hopes high for the “Jedi” Temple Guardian set, but I know they will probably fuck that up to.

I agree, the lack of detail in the art department for armor sets that are given to them in comics, hard back covers novels, EU lore and hell, the movies. most of the things that the developers do are getting further away from what “Star Wars” and what it was really about. I know it’s hard to come up with things and new designs especially using that “Shit” Hero engine but they need to step up the game.
I know I have real high expectations for the “Jedi” Temple Guardian armor set, but I know they will probably fuck that up to.

i’m using the zealot set and the lower park keeps clipping. what’s worse is that’s exactly why got rid of my sion set! if this crap continues, then this game is gonna be dead from players sick of paying their hard earned money on a half-assed game.

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