ESO Aetherian Archive Trial Loot List

A collection of loot drops and set bonuses from Aetherian Archive 12 player trial. Special thanks to Heartline for sending me the screenshots.[toc]

Loot Drops

Boss Drops

There are 4 bosses in Aetherian Archive. The last boss drops some unique purple loot while the rest drop blue set pieces such as Warlock, Ice Furnace, Stygian, Darkstride, Necromancer (loot scaled to your level, i.e. if you are VR 11 you get VR11 loots).

eso-aetherian-archive-trial-loot-22 eso-aetherian-archive-trial-loot-23eso-aetherian-archive-trial-loot-24


Last Boss

Last boss drops 1 piece of loot. The quest also give you 1 piece of loot (only once). You also receive an Undaunted Coffer (weekly reward) that give you 1 more loot.

  • First clear would net you 3 loot pieces. Second clear within the same week only net you 1 loot.


Set bonuses (Last Boss)

Wise Mage Set (5 pc set) – Light

  • (3) Add 115 Max Magicka
  • (4) Adds 1 % Spell Critical
  • (5) Enemies you attack have reduced armor and spell resist. Attacking a different enemy removes this debuff from the previous target.

Ophidian Set (5 pc set) – Medium

  • (3) Add 115 Max Stamina
  • (4) Adds 1% Weapon Critical
  • (5) When you kill an enemy, you gain increased Attack Speed and Movement Speed for 3 seconds.

Immortal Warrior Set (5 pc set) – Heavy

  • (3) Adds 173 Max Health
  • (4) Adds 5 Healing Taken
  • (5) Once every hour, when you die, you instead turn into a statue for 5 seconds. While a statue, you are immune to all negative effects, but can still be healed.

Defending Warrior (4 pc set)

  • (4) Once every 10 seconds, on successful block, pulse for 115 magic damage

Berserker Warrior (4 pc set)

  • Every time you hit a target with a weapon attack increase your critical strike chance by 2% for 5 seconds. Stacks 5x.

Healing Mage (4 pc set)

  • Enemies in your area heals have their Power reduced by 100

Destructive Mage Set (4 pc set)

  • When you make a light or heavy attack, you place a bomb on the enemy. This bomb will explode for 150 Daedric damage to enemies in a small radius when another player (not you) hits it with a heavy attack.

Twice-Fanged Serpent Set (4 pc set)

  • Attacking an enemy give you 38 Physical Penetration, up to five times. Attacking another enemy ends the bonus.

Armor (Last Boss)

Light armor



Medium Armor


Heavy Armor



Weapons/Shield (Last Boss)



Jewelry (Last Boss)



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First of all thanks Dulfy for your awesome work :-)! Keep it up!

I must say this set is crap by the stats/boni it provides (for me as caster-sorc)….you can craft way better sets. And yet again no set for jewelry only. Still searching desperately for a jewelry set which you can reforge to decrease magicka cost+magicka ;-(. Iwld take any set boni on 3piece jewelry.

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