GW2 Ancestral Outfit and Mini Jaguar in Gemstore

GW2 gemstore updated with the much anticipated Ancestral Outfit for 700 gems and a Mini Jaguar Cub for 400 gems.

Ancestral Outfit – 700 gems

  • It is an outfit that covers your entire armor, can be used in combat
  • Can be dyed, cannot mix/match with other armor pieces
  • Unlocked for entire account, can use on all characters without using transmutation charges.











  • Dragon on male charr tail, not present on female version



Mini Jaguar Cub– 400 gems


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25 replies on “GW2 Ancestral Outfit and Mini Jaguar in Gemstore”

You did see the photo “gw2-mini-jaguar-cub-gemstore-2” right? We’re looking at the same boxy modeled/badly textured thing?

I’ll definitely wait ’til I see someone with it to judge, but yeah… my first thought looking at picture #2 was they just shrunk the adult jaguar skin into the jaguar equivalent of a tiny, wrinkly old man.

I smell China.

Regardless of the smell, I don’t know if i’m mistaken or not, but I think that the left part of maguuma jungles has undergone a few changes since the last update (new crater, larger brown areas, …).

You are mistaken…..
Don’t worry, I had the same thing a while ago. So made a screenshot and have been comparing it since. Nothing changed (sorry). To the OP. All the Canthan-style armor/weapons that have been released on the TP actually makes me wonder if we ever go to Cantha. The reason is that they are allready putting the content in the game at random. The list gets pretty long. Jade-weapons, zodiac weapons, Zodiac armor, Ancestral, Phoenix weapons, So Why now spill all the beans when they are planning on releasing Cantha?? Given the living story and the known locations of elder dragons I would bet that we won’t see Cantha for a long time (if we see it ever).

I think the outfit has was made celebrate the china release. (sadly…, Would love to see Cantha :D)

It could be, It could be. Just something I can’t get my head around. I’m dutch (you too??). Would I appreciate it if a game like GW2 would be released in the netherlands with gemstore items like wooden shoes, Tulips and a costume in the shape of a Traditional dressed Volendam’s person??

Yes i’m Dutch 🙂 Well that would be awesome hahaha. And a special stroopwafel consumable ofcourse 😛

Yup, I was mistaken. I compared the current map with an old map of GW2’s Tyria (probably from the beta period). So these changes are not really new.

is it clipping on charr tail again? >.<
Seems like there's no tail-hole.
If anyone owning this on any EU server, please send me mail so we can set a quick meeting to check it out. Thanks in advance!

There apparently are only clipping issues with female charr.

It is a bit strange though, as the outfit for male charr is clearly designed for a charr (outfit adapted to the presence of a the tail and dragon on the tail) but the female version is not.

yeah I see that, I like it on both and I would like to by one for my male, and gift one for a charr female. First I thought charr had more love then other races, but the longer I know about this game and the longer I play, I feel they have less love then others.

Even though the charr male verison is designed for charr specifically, it might have clipping issues. So how does it look animated? Anyone seen it?

I’m buying it more or less as we speak. Drop me a line and lemme know when and where you wanna meet.

Thanks mate, already seen it and decided I’m not gonna gift it for female charr.
As for me – male charr – haven’t decided yet.
But your offer is greatly appreciated. See you around!

No problem. Don’t forget that as soon as it’s unlocked it can be used account-wide so you’re not just bound to the charr 🙂

The outfits are nice and have a nice eastern vibe to them. And at the risk of getting flammed i would like to see the tengu city before going to Cantha… And i would wager that we’ll see Elona before Cantha simply because we know that an elder dragon lives in the crystal desert… I just hope that they make the new Season like they did on GW1, where u could do the story at your pace but you could only do them in order and after you finished the game. Maybe they could make LV and then turn them into Instances (or even dungeons)…

Not meaning to troll, just wanted to say I wish Swtor guys would make stuff as good looking as this (the sensuos set is one of the best made of said game, quality wise, so I know they can make good stuff).

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