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GW2 Living World Season 2 Begins July 1

GW2 Living World Season 2 will start off on July 1. Festival of the Four Winds will run until July 1.

Other than the July 1 date, a teaser image was provided.



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More recycled content awaits! But wait there is more, no rewards, only mindless grind and zerging! WOOHOO

Season 2 will also be available in China. I remember from GW1 that there is a chinese law that it is illegal to portray the harming or killing of an endangered species. So in other words, no panda’s are allowed to die or get injured in GW2 otherwise GW2 China has to close down.

killing panda in china is punished by death, but still there is a lot of ppl, who risk their lives for high profit from selling panda stuff (imho same things like japanesse killing whales for “study purpose” in ten thousands pieces per year :/ )

QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ < u end ur frindz cry cry cry cry, don bee sad panda


It can hardly mean something else. Maybe not a new map in the first patch but the 2nd season should give access to new areas, at least in Maguuma.

its portal in brisban wildlands at the broken bridge at least im guessing that but would be the most likely option

Maybe if you’re good, and kill another elder dragon this year, we’ll see about having a Dragon Bash next year.

Why not?? who said that??
Last year Dragon Bash was integrated into the living story and actually used to open a new chapter in the living story (the introduction of the aetherblades). So it is perfectly possible to have dragon bash AND the kick off for season 2.

Something that is possible (fanfiction).
Due to Lion’S Arch still being in ruins and being rebuild, Queen Jenna invites all races to DR to celebrate Dragon Bash there. During the celebrations, this is interrupted by a wounded shining blade spy who barely made it back to base. This spy explains that he was sent as a scout to the area west of Queensdale to watch movement off the white mantle there. He reveals that it seems that the white mantel has made an alliance with Mordremoth and is pulling together an army to attack DR. The Queen then asks the player and the rest of the Scarlet slayers (Kashmeer, Rox, Braham, etc) to investigate and stop them, After this we can enter this new map AND celebrate dragonbash

Not saying thats what going to happen, but just an example how it would be totally possible.

Dragon Bash? How about Super Adventure Box! Just as long as it’s not a gigantic pain in the ass like world 2 was.

It’s just Anet… what do u expect? a new map with funny things to do and an epic breath-taking scenography? wrong company….
I’d like to see wonderful things but i’m scared, i’m pretty sure they will copy paste something with a new texture

That thing is considered to be an elder dragon. Given his location and looks the most likely candidate is Mordremoth (the lei-lines in the video went through gendarran fields to metrica province and beyond, indicating west of the current map there). This elder dragon resides in the region on the map called Maguuma wastes and/or Magus Falls.

The teaser image in this announcement also is a jungle themed portal indicating that we are going into that direction.

you are a complete moron……. it is mordremoth anet has confirmed it long ago….. please drink some draino and save us from you….

1: Your mother shouldbe bloody disgracedabout your behaviour. If you really think you can talk this trash it says a lot bout you and what kind of a lowlife you are.
2: Anet did NOT confirm it is mordremoth in any official posts. Your prolly pointing to the interview with Colin where mordremoth was confirmed to be the jungle dragon. In that interview he clearly said that they might! go there first. He never said we will. It is people like you that make assumption (and think you can flame others bout it) that makes me loose faith in humans.

A good friend of mine said once, ‘You have humans and pencils, your clearly a pencil. hopefully we are soon saved from you!

its the gateway u can see at the other side of the bridge in brisban wildlands its somewhere northeart on the map check it out

No it’s not the Twilight arbor dungeon entrance, that one is open on top and shows some shrooms. I also don’t believe it is the gateway in Brisban Wildlands. That one doesn’t show thorny vines. I think it is either taken from the other side of the gateway to the new map or that they’ll update some map with a total new gateway.

it’s definitely in Caledon Forest somewhere, and most likely tide to the Dragon or Monster we saw at the end of season 1! Hopefully a new map, but possibly just a new dragon to fight like in frost gorge and blaze ridge, and splintered coast. i deeply hope not though.

so wvw season 2 ends this friday, but when do we get our season 2 wvw ticket rewards from the chest? at wvw reset friday evening?


I think it is your company that has the issues. I’m not in a guild atm,but the last oneI was in had over 100 members online at peak moments. Same goes for my friendslist.

The expansion seems to be unlikely. Or atleast a traditional expansion. The reason is that they are looking into releasing expansion type (permanent) content within living story. It does look likes this will include new maps and they allready said that most season two content will be permanent.

Also. I would like to tell you a secret among us internetters. You have to promise to not tell anyone. But there is a button called caps lock on your keyboard. If you do not use it you don’t get capitals and will likely be taken much more serious 😉

Plus the fact that a new maps will only entertain people for like two days, since there’s nothing to farm, be it armor or skins (never seens someone farm Ta aetherblade path for the dedicated skins XD) and dungeons will get forgotten in two weeks…and if they make it a bit “”””harder”””” like TA new path, no one will do it…
Unless they start to put the so much hated gear grind in this game, no content will make you stick to gw…because you stick with other mmos just because you have daily vital stuff and gear types/level to chase lol.
Gw2 is different…unless it’s story or new stuff like they do in the LS xD Still people do not realize that the only reason you should play gw2 is because…you like it ? not like every day in our real life is exciting and productive XD

I think you have a interesting point of view to the matter. I personally do feel what you describe, but its not the content itself. I’ll try to explain. When GW2 launched as a full scale awesome game, it took less then 48 hours before some team defeated Zhaitan (so leveled to 80, did all personal story’s and the final dungeon). So. no matter how much content they put there, we will always finish it faster then they can make it. I also think that there will never be any MMO that can make new content fast enough to prevent that. So what is GW2 offering to keep us busy between new releases?? well plenty of things. We got full world completion, dungeons, ascended gear, legendary’s. So lets grind our way to them like we used to do in other MMO’s like GW1 right?? So we grinded a poor tree in Caledon forest and it got nerfed (with good reason btw). We grinded Orr, and it got nerfed (and it was deserted afterwards). We moved to dungeons, and they nerfed the money you could get from that. Orr grind got back cause it was deserted so we went there again and started doing events there, but they nerfed that. We complained like hell, so they introduced champ bags. So we found a new grind, killing champs. So they nerfed the loot, and destroyed half of the effective ways.

so a good history nerfing good grinds in GW2 right?? there is one grind that never got touched.It is known as TP flipping. and most of the nerfs where made to protect those flippers. the people farming goodies (while playing the game) where damaging the profit for flippers. So the in game economist was the driving force behind those nerfings.

You proly know bout capitalism vs marxism. I dont want to debate the difference in real life. but in a game. Do you want to reward the people playing the game (killing foes) or the people playing the market?

I think, in the spirit of mr. Marx, it is time to sing, Arise ye farmers of Tyria!
Does Anet wants us to play their game or play the trading post.

So my call to them is to give us ways to farm the hard to get goods and stop changing the rules cause some TP-flippers are butt-hurt. I don’t mind people playing the TP, but they are protected from people that actually play the game, and thats what is wrong!

(sorry for a wall of text, it is my view to the game as it is now, and it is a complex view)

I dont agree with you. Hardcore raid-content in WoW is often not cleared the first week & 99% of the ppl will need to play for month to get that whatever kill.
In GW1 UW & FoW were farmed for 6+ years, it was that rewarding+ fun …

This, GW 1 never had any of this new shit but people loved to play it. THere were a reasonable lack of skins in comparrison (armour especially) but people didnt care because the game was FUN to play and FUN to grind. Hard mode assasin SF Vaettir Farming took up 2 years of my life and it never got old, the same run every day.

I honestly do not see all that fun in farming gold unless i aim at something…and in gw2 i’ve never found all that much gold needed xD i mean…know plenty of people with thousands gold….yet none use them,lol…

I Agree, GW2 needs something as big and hard/lucrative as UW and FoW, and the obsidian armour, i remember that was a huge goal for most casual players. and probably experienced ones too.

WoW raids are for complete dumbasses xD Even a kid could clear that…yet people find it easier to just wait a guide…plus the problem with wow raids is that there’s only a solution and it’s always like that, GW2 luckilly isn’t so fixed about this stuff…plus UW and FoW were farmed at begin…then moved to something else…then re farmed in mass when builds for soloing came out…and then nerfed the ecto drop rate and people moved to something else…ofc people will always farm something, but i meant as a “whole” ….not like 10% of the community who kept farming it instead of going to other more remunerative stuff…

That is my complaint Sina. As said by others, the hardcore raid content in WoW is just silly. That too was completed within 1-2 days after release (Although I never played it, I had a collegue that was in a guild doing it that quick). Even though the living story does a good job trying to save us from grinding repeatable content, there is no way they can release content as quick as it is repeated. The reason FoW, UW and DoA where popular from release was not the difficulty level, but the effect that it was a grind that made good money. In GW2, the only grind making good money is flipping the TP, if another grind popped up, it is destroyed. I like the living story line. But the way the current economy is going, it is causing recession, that is not good for any economy, Specially when the cause is the de-valuation off the valuta (gold is harder to get then when the game released. TP flippers gain gold faster then anything else, but they are not bringing in the gold, so the fact that items get more expensive means the value of gold is dropping, no economy welcomes that except GW2).

GW , both one and two has always been like that…the whole GW1 skill system was about nerfs and buffs lol…you could easilly divide the game in different “eras” based on the build aviable at that time , lol.
And they keep doing this now with the farm stuff since they can’t leave a single viable build in GW2, it would kill the point of the game.

I wanted to farm the aetherblade skins, but i was the only one in all the EU server looking for it.
Seriously, no one wanted to do it for more than 1 time (for the Achievement)
This is what Anet created! an achievement game with nothing funny.

Also, i agree with low numbers, there’re entire guilds moving to other games like LOL (at least many italian guilds are not playing anymore) and the few remaining players are building up a new guild to stay together

Problem is that it’s not profitable…i mean, it’s a path that require a tad bit of coordination, teamwork and knowing a bit of the game that simply isn’t “zeeeeerk in dah cornerrrrr” , and with such a low drop chance…and time needed to clear it, ofc no one want to do it xD
I would love to do dungeons, just for the sake of it…but i’m bored of people abusing buggy content and corners XD I’m waiting a serious revamp of them so that it becomes actually a bit hard/fun to do…
Still i do not think that in any game, unless they put comic stuff in it, there’s any kind of funny dungeon/etc …especially when you farm it, for gold, skins, drop or whatsoever…what makes it fun is running it with people you know…sometimes i had fun in a dungeon just because friends were overreacting about stuff, lol “omgg, heeelp, my ass is on fireeeee” xD

hi. this is anet. you wrote many “please” and everything in capslock. thats why we will grant you all your wishes. also, when we are looking for suggestions this is the first place we go to.

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