ESO Hel Ra Citadel Trial Guide

ESO Hel Ra Citadel Trial guide with written and video walkthroughs for all bosses.


General Information

Hel Ra Citadel is one of the two 12 player trials introduced with Craglorn. It is on the west side of Craglorn. There is no lockout for trials but you only get 36 rezzes for your entire trial death. Each death will add additional minutes to your trial timer. Once you run out of 36 rezzes, you have to zone out, disband your group, reform and retry all the way from the beginning.

  • Compared to Aetherian Archive, the first boss is a lot harder but the rest of the trial is on par if not easier. It is also a lot shorter than Aetherian Archive.

There is an option in the preferences to show soul reservoir which will tell you how many rezzes your trial team have left. You can also check it on your party window.


There is a leaderboard for completing the trial the fastest (access by pressing your journal key and then go to the last tab).. Keep in mind that since death adds lots of additional time to your completion timer, it is better to go safe than fast.


You will need 12 players that are VR10+ with one tank and three healers. Some of the bosses and trash do deal fire damage so vampires need to be extra careful. It is avoidable if your raid group is quick on the interrupts.

Pre – Ra Kotu

There is a fairly long horse hide from the start of the trial to a bridge. Do not cross the bridge until your group is here as mobs will spawn as soon as you are close to the end of the bridge.


The mobs will spawn in waves and start walking upstairs to where the Ra Kotu, the first boss spawns. You should engage all the mobs before they get there or you will get a massive group of adds there. Becareful to not run too far and get too spread out as this will make it easy for the mobs to kill you. Beware of the archers especially.

Once you killed all the walking adds, you will encounter a wall with a bunch of adds sitting around. Kill this wave and separate the War Priests away from each other.


The second wave of adds is a bunch of Flame-Shapers, you need to watch when they raise their staff in the air and interrupt them right away.


Ra Kotu will spawn immediately after killing this second wave and tend to aggro right away so you should be prepared for this.

Ra Kotu

HP: 263761

Ra Kotu is a fairly difficult first boss but with good DPS and damage mitigation you can ignore some of his mechanics to make this fight easier.


Healing PoV


Basic Mechanics

  • Ra Kotu comes with three adds: Two War-Priest and a Destroyer. Make sure to kill them first but if you have good DPS you can just AoE them down.
  • Summon whirlwinds that chase players and deal a lot of damage if you get hit. If you have enough DPS, you can ignore this mechanic for the most part.
  • Six Sword Assault attack that deals massive damage. Best way to avoid it is by standing directly behind the boss.
  • Below 35%, Ra Kotu has a spinning attack that can be devastating for melee, tank should kite him while everyone else damage him from ranged.

Group Composition

  • 1 tank, 3 healers, rest all DPS. Sorcs with Barrier ultimate from Alliance War will be handy here.


Ra Kotu comes with three adds: a Destroyer and two War-Priest. If you are low on DPS, you may consider moving them away from the boss and focus on them first. Otherwise, you can just group them with the boss and AoE them down.


Ra Kotu summon whirlwinds that follows a random raid member with a red circle that deals damage if you get hit by it (will show up on Death Recap as Gust). You can avoid this mechanic if you have good DPS and damage mitigation for the 100-35% phase by having everyone stack right behind Ra Kotu and just heal through all the damage. Damage mitigation stuff like Barrier, Solar Prison, Veil of Blades etc will help you to mitigate the damage from the whirlwind.

Past 35%, when everyone is spreading out for the spinning attack, you will need to worry about this mechanic and avoid them while burning the boss down.


Six Sword Assault

Six Sword Assault is Ra Kotu’s special attack that deals quite a lot of damage. It is a diagonal attack where he throws 4 swords forward that flies back. If you stand in it, you will get hit twice and will likely die from the damage unless you block it. The best way to avoid this attack is to have the raid stack directly behind Ra Kotu and have the tank standing directly in front of him.


Spinning attack

Past 35%, Ra Kotu will perform a spinning attack that absolutely devastates anyone in melee range. There is a massive red circle around him when this happens. Everyone need to start backing off at 35% while the tank kites him around. Finish Ra Kotu off with ranged attacks.


Group Split

After defeating Ra Kotu, your raid will split into 2 halves with 6 members each. We split the group into left side with 1 tank, 2 healers and 3 DPS while the right side has 5 DPS and 1 healer. The right boss is easier if you have good DPS.


Left Group

Left group will need to go in first and after all 6 players go in the gate will shut. Left group will need to deal with about two waves of adds while avoiding the oil drops from above (appear as red circles).


After the two waves are down, two Gargoyles will spawn and you will need to kill them before proceeding to the next area. For the Gargoyles, you will need to avoid their red circle AoE which is a ground pound that deals massive damage. Their frontal cone AoE just freezes you and you can easily break out it using your CC break.


The next area is a wide open space where you will need to fight waves of trash. Destroyers will need to be tanked as they can wreck other players otherwise. Flame-shapers need to be interrupted ASAP.

Right Group

Right group will need to wait by the door until the left group enter theirs. A group of mobs will come out of the door and need to be killed.


Once you get past the door, keep going up the stairs and clear the trash mobs along the way. There are two levers you need to press. The first one will stop the oil that drops on the left group.


The second lever is across the narrow bridge structure.


Once you press the second lever, up ahead are gargoyles and catapults. Watch out for the gargoyle’s ground pound AoE and destroy the catapults so they don’t rain fire down on the left group.


Yokeda Rok’dun (Left Group)

HP: 150442

Yokeda Rok’dun is the boss that the left group will face. It is a bit easier than the right group boss as his mechanics are fairly simple.


Healing PoV


Basic Mechanics

  • Comes with two guard dogs (Enraging Welwa with 65k HP each). They should be ignored as they respawn when killed.
  • Drops red circles on the ground that spews fire in all directions but fairly easy to avoid.

Group Composition

  • 2 healer, 1 Tank, 3 DPS

Fire & Adds

Two Enraging Welwa will be accompanying the boss, they should be ignored as they have almost as much HP as the boss and respawns when killed. The only other mechanic for the boss is the fire circles he place on the ground that spews out in all directions. They are fairly easy to avoid as long you do not stand on top of the fire circle.


Yokeda Kai (Right Group)

HP: 150442

Yokeda Kai is the boss that the right group will face. This boss is slightly harder than the left group and requires quick reaction time and interrupts.


Healing PoV


Basic Mechanics

  • Fire attack similar to Flame-Shaper adds, you need to interrupt/bash him quick to stop it.
  • Splits into four adds with same amount of HP as his remaining HP. One DPS on each and interrupt their fire attack
  • Meteor attacks that you need to dodge roll to get out of it. Failure to get out of it is a one shot.

Group Composition

  • 1 healer, 5 DPS

Fire Attack (Inferno/Flare)

Similar to the Flame-Shaper adds, when Yokeda raise his arm and starts to spin it to do fire attacks, you will need to interrupt him quick to stop this attack.



Yokeda will disappear and split into four adds on the four corners of the room. Each spot is marked by a pile of fire so you know exactly where the adds will spawn. Each DPS should be assign a spot prior to the fight so there is a DPS on each add. The extra DPS and healer will pick an add and help to finish it off quick.

  • If Yokeda is not in the middle of the room, he will run to it before disappearing for the split. This allow you to predict this split.

The adds have the same health as Yokeda’s remaining health when he splits so the more damage you deal to him before he splits, the quick the adds will die.

Depending on your DPS, this split may happen twice during the fight.



Meteor attack is a red circle on the ground that you need to immediately dodge roll out of as you don’t really have the time to run out before the meteor hits. Meteor hits for close to 2k damage so if you weren’t topped off, you will likely not survive it. This meteor can land anytime during the fight, including the add phase.


Pre-Warrior & Warhorn

After both the left and right side group have killed their bosses, you will reconvene before the stairs leading to the room for The Warrior. There is a warhorn there you can blow for an achievement but beware that doing so will cause the mobs by the stairs to rush you. The Gargolyes in the back won’t come so doing this might be easier than running up to them as long everyone is ready.


The Warrior

HP: 872019

The Warrior is the last boss of Hel Ra Citadel. Compared to the Mage, he is slightly easier as long everyone knows to dodge out of red stuff on the ground.


Healing PoV


Basic Mechanics

  • Frontal attack and jump, both of which need to be dodged or blocked
  • Summon Destroyer and Flame-Shaper adds that need to be interrupted.
  • At ~ 35%, everyone need to block and spread out for the explosion which will also remove all the adds.
  • Past 35%, he has a deadly frontal cleave in additional to his frontal attack. Both of which can one shot players. When he raise his sword in the air, everyone need to stack for heals.

Group Composition

  • 1 Tank, 3 Healers, rest all DPS

Frontal Attack & Jump

The Warrior have two attacks that players need to pay attention and either block it or dodge out of it. The first one is a narrow frontal attack in which the Warrior throws his sword out and back. The second one is a massive red circle on the location where the Warrior will jump to.



Destroyer and Flame-Shaper adds will spawn during the fight. Destroyer can cause a bit of problem as they can do a lot of damage to non-tanks. If the tank is able to, they should grab the Destroyer add as well. Flame-Shaper adds will need to be interrupted to stop them from doing their fire attack (shows up as Flare in the death recap)

Destroyer adds will place a red circle on someone which will explode for massive amount of damage after a few seconds (show up as Shehai Overload in death recap). If you get this red circle, just block and it will reduce a lot of the damage.


If the Warrior is close to 35%, you can ignore the adds and just push him since the explosion at 35% will take out all the adds.


Just below 35%, the Warrior will raise his sword and it will glow bright. When this occurs, spread out and block the explosion damage.


Sub 35% Phase

There are 3 things you need to aware for the sub 35% phase.

Shehai Storm – when the Warrior raises his sword up in the air, he will start doing raidwide AoE called Shehai Storm. Everyone need to stack up on the Warrior for heals. This AoE lasts for 4-5 seconds. Siege Shield and Barrier will help greatly in mitigating the damage.


Frontal & Cleave – The frontal attack from above 35% still occurs but this time the telegraph (red rectangle) is much wider and you have less time to react. You should dodge out of it immediately as the damage is much more. To help avoiding this frontal, everyone should be spreading out after Shehai Storm. In addition to the frontal, the Warrior’s attack now cleaves so you should never stand front of him.


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