GW2 Mystical Dragon Finisher

Video and images of the new GW2 Mystical Dragon Finisher sold on the gemstore for 800 gems.





  • D

    This is a way better finisher than the actual R80 Dragon Finisher.

    Thanks Dulfy!

  • Romo

    Wow that’s a long one.

    • Michael Scott

      That’s what she said

  • Kasteros

    best finisher ever xD

  • Andrew McCunn

    Meh, still prefer droppin’ cows on people.

  • lockhart


    • AbnerDoon

      Lol glad I am not the only one thinking Shenron.

  • shodannet

    Man, you could have a fireworks show if lots of people get finished around about the same time

  • vi

    gg anet !! that dragon finisher > pvp rank 80 that

  • Sweet’scar

    Why am I still playing swtor? lol (ok, made my point, and I still play it coz I love its pvp)

  • QT Mac

    I hope this is still for sale on Chinese New Year

  • Edward Durden

    DragonballZ anyone???

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