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SWTOR Coruscant Skyrise Apartment Video

SWTOR website released a video on the Coruscant Skyrise Apartment players can expect in the upcoming Galactic Strongholds expansion.


The first shot has a shelf on the left, some NPC guards and what might be a companion standing there (Corso?).


Looks like there is some sort of garage structure with parked mounts



Wide staircase with paintings on the left wall. Will the NPCs walk around inside your stronghold or just stationary?


Another shot of bedroom, interesting cabinet there.


That looks like a statue from Makeb and a painting of a Hutt.


Table with holocommunicator maybe?


Pets and droids. Are these two droids the ones from that quest on Balmorra?


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90 replies on “SWTOR Coruscant Skyrise Apartment Video”

Thanks for breaking this down for us! I’m guessing maybe that odd cabinet in bedroom is for legacy storage?? The place looks Huge, very exciting!

We already know that Legacy Storage will come with Strongholds. The question is how it will work and what object will we use to access it in our Stronghold.

“Legacy Stronghold Storage – Unlock access to a new type of storage that is shared across your entire Legacy!”

The scene with the stairs and painting clearly has an NPC with a climbing staircase animation, not just the regular walk.

AWESOME!!! πŸ˜€ Getting super excited! … but now show us the Kaas apartment! We already got a peak at the Pub one… show us imps some love! ;p

Wondering if they’re keeping that one under wraps to release slowly. I suspect the two shown will be the ones on the PTR initially, with DK and Tat entered only after their own videos.

Don’t worry, the imps Always get the best looking gear, so I’m sure the stronghold will look better as well lol.

lol, august. Yeah no I’m not subscribing for 3 months of stale old content while you ‘develop’ housing.

Nah 2.5 months really.

There were going to put it out in 2.8 but delayed it so they could make it better.

Not sure if it was a better idea just hurrying up and getting it out before everyone goes to Wildstar or something else.

Uh, right… because they are not going to do aaaaaaaaaaaanything during those months… nothing at all… no events, no patches, noting… amiright?

well.. less then usual at least (IIRC from last summer, they don’t do to much stuff in that time)
but maybe he forgot about next weeks update?

My hope is that there will be some way to pay to unlock non-cartel hair changes. Not the full suite of customization options, but like the equivalent of going to a hair dresser. Would really appreciate this QoL improvement for RP.

If only they would give us free character transfers so we could move OUT of RP servers.
I chose the Ebon Hawk when I did not know what RP actually ment, I thought it had something to do with Rocket Propelled Grenades and, being a military nut, said “count me in!”

…..Imagine my disappointment when I saw cantina loads of losers people /emoting all day.
I’d love to go to POT5 or something, maybe then I can PvP…..

I don’t think you’re owed a free transfer for accidentally picking the *wrong* server…if PVP was your priority, you should have gone to a PVP server, seems obvious enough.

Why would they have a server specifically for rocket-propelled stuff? That just defies logic.

Yeah, but that’s almost $20 for each transfer ($20 is 2400 I guess every 3 transfers you get one free? :P) and I can understand that being a frustrating amount to pay.

I’m on Begeren Colony and LOVE it. There are fewer end tier raid groups (judging by GTN sales) but the PvP is solid (although ranked queue times are sad outside of prime time), and finding HM DP and DF groups is not difficult.

I know right ! Ranked PvP and GSF are actually more popular on RP servers than on PvE servers. Plus you can actually talk about Star Wars without someone yelling something about World of Warcraft for some unknown reason.

If its true about the WoW’ers, Is chat cleaner there? If so, I’m transferring =P
Too many damn trolls in our chats

Every server has its trolls. Begeren Colony is no exception. Still, I think that it’s general chat quality is a lot better than other severs. -especially after you get a few choice people ignored. Begeren also makes great use of chat channels (almost too much). I’m in the max number of them; they are where the real discussions/ group making happens. Think of them as super guilds. πŸ™‚

So besides rehashing ides from other games are we going to get some actual real content or am I just about to star making my 11th 55 toon so they can stand around bored together?

Just give us a new class already. Or something that is useful other then a house which is cool but we need more. Been playing this since day 1 and just need more.

New classes would be too much effort. They’d have to do hours of voiceover work and cutscenes, not to mention the storyline…
You realize that each class in this game is often more than the storyline in entire singleplayer games right?

Not really. They can just add new advanced classes based on existing base classes. There are drastic differences between Sorcs and Sins, there is no reason why they can’t add more Advanced Classes that are significantly different.

But he wasn’t asking for new advanced classes… he was asking for new classes.
Biiiig difference.

He didn’t ask for a new class story, he asked for a new class. When people are talking about classes, they’re generally talking about Merc, PT, Jug, Mara, Sorc, Sin, Op, Sniper (and pub equivalent). Not BH, SW, Inq or Agent (and pug equivalent), since those become irrelevant after lvl 10.

i see this “complaint” so much. I just can’t understand how 16 classes with 3 spec trees apiece is not enough for you entitled crybabies

New classes would be bad but I would like to see them add a new race/class story line. Something like a Imperial Combat droid that contains a new 1-55 story or a Wookie Beserker

Well I for one would love to see an Assault Canon wielding imp class and Sniper wielding pub class.

Yeah sure, me too. Ultimately, that doesn’t really need a brand new class. Smuggs are agents, BH are Imp Troopers. I suspect they didn’t want to create completely redundant classes.

What would the Imp Trooper storyline be like anyway “BE AFRAID, LIKE, ALL THE TIME. ALSO COMMIT ATROCITIES. WOOOOO.”

I’d like a second force healer class, since currently only sorcs/sages can cleanse Force debuffs. However, if it is never added, I won’t lose sleep over it.

I really like the armor the female player character in the demo is wearing! Do we know what that is? Maybe something from a Cartel pack that will come out around the same time as Galactic Strongholds?

You’re referring to the gray and blue jedi?
Dunno, I don’t recognize it. The gloves look sorta familiar but the rest of it, nope.

Yes, the gray and blue. The gloves look a lot like Gav Daragon’s, but the chest piece looks new. Didn’t notice the asymmetry with the sleeves at first, but it still looks pretty cool.

In the Club Vertica pack there is a listing for Shrewd Rascal’s Armor Set, with a placeholder. I’m guessing that this is that set.

It seems that way. We’ve seen both coruscant and nar shaddaa now… question is if they are that way only if you own a stronghold on the planet or if it’s universal (my money is on the latter)

That table looks to me like it has the same image from on your ship where you see the galactic map, maybe it is the thing for jumping back to where you were, or maybe where you will pick to do planet conquests.

y i need i house in the game ?, it not like GTA 5 online , i stay in the ship for more action not for retirement

Well it’s too bad you don’t want a house, but plenty of others do. So that’s why it’s being implemented.
The game isn’t all about what you want.

so lame, all they do is copy and paste, then arrange old objects that have already been created and then call it “new” content….

if you look at the objects/wall designs in each apartment, yes… they are copy and pasted from other areas of the game.

except you can unlock new trophies and stuff based on your achievements. here’s hoping for a giant pile of credits and treasure if you’ve gotten the “wealthy” achievement!

The idea of traveling through street after street of thousands of player houses just to get to mine doesn’t thrill me. I’ll take the taxi to my house option any day.

Meanwhile, on Coruscant:
Player 1: Hey guys, I can see my house from here!
Player 2: What? Uh, that’s my house, dude.
Player 3: Pff you wish, that is definitely my house.

god that looks awful. What’s the draw distance on that 10 feet? How do you tell your house apart from someone elses? Are there only those few generic designs? Why are the houses casting shadows but the moutains its next to not?

To be fair, the fact that it existed sets a precedent of quality and expectation. And so far, everything I’ve seen regarding GS has been fluff. Where’s the meat? Where are the functional benefits to owning a home? In SWG you could use your house as a store.
Okay, legacy bank. What do we know about it? Nothing, aside from ‘it’s a thing’. Will people who don’t craft care?
There’s got to be more to this than just ‘its an instance you can decorate’. Do you honestly see yourself visiting anyone else’s house, if you have to do a load screen every time? I don’t. In SWG, you could walk out of your house and into your neighbor’s, and his neighbor’s, and so on (assuming they allowed public entry). Your house felt like a place in the game world, because it was. I don’t think SWTOR’s take on housing is going to be nearly as satisfying, unless BW’s holding some big cards close to their chest.

No it doesn’t. Just because there was a star wars game before doesn’t mean every star wars game has to be the exact same.

What kind of idiot would think that Bioware a company known for making single player theme park RPGs would try to make a updated Sandbox MMO which Failed so bad they had to remake the game while it was live?

That’s a nice strawman you attempted to make of my argument. At no point did I suggest Bioware should make SWTOR like SWG. However, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect the new to be better than the old, and this is a step backward. LOTRO did instanced housing too, but it’s a darn sight better than what SWTOR’s seems to be.

really how is it a step backwords? because its not in the world? is that it? because everything else is a HUGE step forward from the mess that SWG housing system.

Not saying SWG was perfect. Not saying SWG’s player housing would even work with SWTOR – it wouldn’t. SWG’s worlds were enormous and there were vast, vast spaces of land between the npc cities for the player home cities. SWTOR can’t do that, the maps are way too small.
However, they could easily do “LOTRO style” instanced player housing and it would be infinitely better than this.

SWG were enormous?? Ok now you’re just trolling. They were a 1/3 of the size of Outland in WoW. What gave the Illusion of size was the fact that there was no edge of the map. if you want all the way to the top you would appear at the bottom of the map

LotrO style? sersioulsy?

Untrue sir! You would hit an invisible wall. Thats the science of star wars!

Hahaha I love how people talk about things they don’t even know, nobody ever missed his house at SWG , oh wait…maybe SWTOR players could do…do you forget where your house is when leave? Do you have a note from your momas with the address for the police ? XDDDD
Is so sad, you think that a loading screen with a empty space for place Cartel Market Stuff is a “housing system” , really grow up dudes, this game is a total mess, the servers cant stand 30 players in a same spot, thats why we dont get a real housing.
Is really sad how you cry about a how a 11 years old game , beats this 250m$ garbage in every aspect. BUT THE WORST is that that 11 years old game wasnt even good!

I didn’t even play SWG, but I have to agree that if the SWTOR housing is just an instance that you load into, it will be incredibly disappointing. This game isn’t even old enough to be able to excuse such a limited system. If all they are giving us is a loading screen, how will it really be any different than the ships we already have? Let us decorate those and bring more than three people in, and then they could add housing whenever they’re ready to add neighborhoods.

No one is saying that an ability to transport to your house instantly would be a bad thing, but think about how limited everything they’ve shown so far is. They haven’t shown any ability to view the outsides of your home, much less customize them. They haven’t shown neighborhoods or yards that people can walk through or RP in. They haven’t the ability to even customize the styling and design of your home itself. What they have shown is the ability to transport to it and bring friends like your ship, and the ability to put trophies and pets around your home. But how unique is that? Don’t you think you would eventually get tired of zoning with friends into a home that looks exactly the same as your own except where certain furniture is? And what about immersion and RP?

I’m not trying to critique this because I don’t like the game or don’t want housing. I’m trying to critique it so they don’t waste their time developing something that will be a far cry from what it could be. If this is truly just another instanced zone like your ship when it is released, they will not only have many disappointed fans who were expecting something more in-line with current MMO standards, but they will have passed up a great opportunity to improve the quality and enjoyment of their own game.

Also, for anyone curious, this is an example of another game’s housing system and the potential for what SWTOR could do in their own world.

Gotta admit. They could have better served themselves with enlarging the original story lines – or so it appears at first glance. I happen to agree with this poster – even the LotRO houses have more options. That said, I sure hope these houses are not going to be simple cash drains. As LotRO was mentioned I can use it as an example. They charge the character a fee to have a residence – skip play for a month or so cause the content has not kept up and you come back to an eviction notice and all the stuff you bought for your house in receivership : / – That will be unfortunate if they precede thusly.

SWG housing was not a instance that you load into. You walked up to the door it opened you walked in. You picked up items you put items down.we had beds, tables, chairs, paintings, statues and rare items . It was all functional. IT was wonderfull. SWG was the best there ever was and will be. If SWTOR had the same type of space combat (space sim) that swg had swtor would almost be as close to perfect as swg was

wonderful? yeah it was rreally great when you had to do a mission but were unable to do it because someone built a house on your objective.

Or how about the ghost town slums that surrounded every city

I think the SWG worship is really muddying the issue here. I personally don’t care how great SWG was or that this game should try to emulate. But I do think expecting more of the housing than just another instance like your ship is well within reason.
It seems to me that all they are doing is expanding the ships(which I believe they discussed previously as being limited due to how they were programmed) into something a little more open ended to allow for further customization and involvement. But this “housing” seems to be little more than what our ships should have originally been, and a far cry from what one would expect from housing in a modern MMO.
But, as futile as it might be, I’m still holding out some hope that they will implement housing in a fashion similar to their competition, and please the masses. Hopefully they’re paying attention to the users who are offering comments and suggestions while still developing this.

It looks like the pillar things you kill during platforms fighting Soa are used as lamps in one of the screenshots? Achievement based decorations?

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