Wildstar Zone Lore

Wildstar Algoroc Zone Lore Guide

Wildstar Algoroc Zone Lore guide with locations of various datacubes, journals and tales.


A note on guide usage: The datacubes and journals are listed in the order they appear on the Lore menu. Use that menu to check whch ones you are missing. A zone map is provided to help you getting all the zone lore items as you are leveling through the zone. Separate maps are provided for each tales key.


Zones Lore Map



1. Datacube Entry: Crystalline Matrix (3697, –4701) – Tremor Ridge/Loftite Cliffs


2. Datacube Entry: Biological Mutation (2680, –4575) – Coldwater Gluch

  • At the very end of Icemaw Cavern which is in Coldwater Gulch


3. Datacube Entry: Geological Strata (3517, –4214) – The Crystal Shards


4. Datacube Entry: Primal Infusion (2896, –3921) – Demonclaw Pass


5. Datacube Entry: Scheduled Termination (3154, –4214) – Ganther’s Mine

  • Ganther’s Mine entrance is on top of a bunch of rocks.


6. Datacube Entry: Subterranean Descent (3991, –3681) – First Strike Mine

  • Datacube is at the top level of the mine. You have to do a jump to get it. Zone map marks location of entrance to the mine


7. Datacube Entry: Diverse Evolution (4096, –4602) – Halsen’s Claim

  • On the top level of Halsen’s Claim, near the back. Zone map shows the entrance to the Claim


8. Datacube Entry: Organic Infestation (4243, –4311) – Duskfall Caverns

  • This datacube is located inside Duskfall Caverns


9. Datacube Entry: Prohibited Variable (4202, –4566) – Duskfall Caverns

  • Use the mini map to see where it is inside the caverns


10. Datacube Entry: Masterful Achievement (4265, –3563) – Grimstone Pass


11. Datacube Entry: Project Security (4551, –3810) – Annihilator Silo 14


12. Datacube Entry: Technological Enhancement (4505, –4073) – Exo-Site 14


13. Datacube Entry: Questioning Protocol (4568, -4244) – Exo-Site 14


14. Datacube Entry: Containment Issue (4628, -4172) – Exo-Site 14


15. Datacube Entry: Artificial Intelligence (5082, –4245) – Annihilator Control Room 14-A

  • To get this datacube, you have to do the quests from Belle Walker that allow you access to the control room. Once you are in the control room, take a teleporter upstairs.




1. Prostar Production Analysis (3857, –4512) – Tremor Ridge


2. A Marauder’s Stash O’Salty Verse, Vol. XXX (3054, –4284) – Deadstar Ravine


3. DREDplex: Skyhammer Official Progress Report to the Emperor (3682, –3511) – DREDplex: Skyhammer

  • Inside DREDplex: Skyhammer


4. Prostar Emergency Procedures Manual (3225, –4922) – Coldwater Gluch

  • This one is underwater so you will need to swim to the bottom of the lake


5. Warrant for the Darkspur Cartel (4103, –3990) – Gallow


6. The Chronicles of Gallow’s Name (4099, –3951) – Gallow


7. A Bloodstained Map (4532, –3392) – Grim’s Lumber Mill


8. Tonight’s Listing (4040, –4632) – Halsen’s Claim

  • On the bottom level of Halsen’s Claim, near the back. Zone map shows the entrance to the Claim


9. Throg’s Personal Journal (3615, –4198) – Morek Throg’s Lair

  • To get this journal, you have to be on the quest The Final Confrontation which has a series of quests that starts in Gallows. Morek Throg’s Lair is only accessible if you are on or have completed this quest as there is a lever near the First Strike Miner that allow you access to it. Zone map shows the entrance to First Strike Mine.


10. Warning Label (3974, –4784) – Crowe Family Homestead

  • Climb up from the end of the Crowe Family Homestead


11. Currently Unavailable Items (4442, –3938) – Excavation Base Camp


12. Deployment Orders: XAS Joint Op (4597, –4048) – Belle’s Field Lab


13. A Freebot Poem (4621, –3824) – Annihilator Silo 14


14. An Explorer’s Journal (5104, –4185) – Annihilator Control Room 14-A

  • To get this datacube, you have to do the quests from Belle Walker that allow you access to the control room. Once you are in the control room, take a teleporter upstairs.


15. Prostar Voice Recorder (3766, –4817) – Tremor Ridge/Loftite Cliffs

  • To get up here, you need to climb the Loftite Cliffs by starting from this chute structure and keep jumping up


16. Explorer Juliet’s Geocache No.JN001 (4486, –4342) – Exo-Site 14

  • It is on the platforms high above so you will need to do some jumping/climbing to get it


17. The Grim Necro-Alchemist’s Lament (4110, -3117) – Grimbone Tomb

  • This one is easier to reach for explorers as you can use a rock to get up. I am unsure if non-explorers can reach this. To get to the tomb, you have to climb the rocks and get up to the ledge with the sinkhole. The sinkhole will drop you inside the tomb.
  • The journal is at end of Grimbone Tomb, next to the boss.


Tales From Beyond the Fringe!

A Duel for Deadeye
  • A map is provided of all 7 pieces of the tale.


A Duel for Deadeye #1 (3695, –4530) – Tremor Ridge


A Duel for Deadeye #2 (3745, –4591) – Tremor Ridge


A Duel for Deadeye #3 (3868, –4595) – Tremor Ridge


A Duel for Deadeye #4 (3047, –4846) – Coldwater Gluch


A Duel for Deadeye #5 (3304,-4392) – Deadstar Ravine


A Duel for Deadeye #6 (3229, –4194) – Ganther’s Claim

  • You have to do a bit of jumping to get up here


A Duel for Deadeye #7 (3594, –3836) – DREDplex: Skyhammer


The Vengeance of Kain
  • A map is provided of all 7 pieces of the tale.


The Vengeance of Kain #1 (4087, –4018) – Gallow


The Vengeance of Kain #2 (4207, –4410) – Duskfall Caverns

  • Map shows the entrance to Duskfall Caverns. Check the mini map for location inside caverns


The Vengeance of Kain #3 (4085, –4813) – Crowe Family Homestead


The Vengeance of Kain #4 (4288, –4488) – Blackpaw’s Den

  • Inside Blackpaw’s Den, entrance marked on map. Blackpaw is a 2 player boss but you can run along the left side and avoid Blackpaw. Read it quickly before you aggro Blackpaw.


The Vengeance of Kain #5 (4121, –3584) – First Strike Mine

  • This piece is at the very end of First Strike Mine. Zone map shows the entrance to this mine. Use the minimap to locate it once you are inside the mine.


The Vengeance of Kain #6 (4233, –3368) – Grim Valley


The Vengeance of Kain #7 (3721, –3311) – Rockridge Hollow


Happy Birthday, Belle Walker
  • A map is provided of all 7 pieces of the tale.


Happy Birthday, Belle Walker #1 (4407, 3645) – Annihilator Silo 14


Happy Birthday, Belle Walker #2 (4667, -3559) – Annihilator Silo 14

  • It is on the platform behind the giant Eldan Construct so you will need to reach it by running on the platforms on the sides of the wall


Happy Birthday, Belle Walker #3 (4655, –3864) – Annihilator Silo 14


Happy Birthday, Belle Walker #4 (4425, –4132) – Exo-Site 14


Happy Birthday, Belle Walker #5 (4396, –4033) – Excavation Base Camp


Happy Birthday, Belle Walker #6 (4790, –4272) – Exo-Site 14


Happy Birthday, Belle Walker #7 (5110, –4199)- Annihilator Control Room 14-A

  • To get this datacube, you have to do the quests from Belle Walker that allow you access to the control room. Once you are in the control room, take a teleporter upstairs.


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4 replies on “Wildstar Algoroc Zone Lore Guide”

Well, as of the release I cant find Throg’s personal Journal any longer. Checked both at this site and others confirming where it used to be. But as of June 8th its no longer there. The map tab shows me as having 16 of 16 journals while the lore tab only shows it as 16 of 17. Very frustrating but cheers for another good guide dulfy.

Correction, seems that it didnt appear while Throg was alive or even after I had killed him. But once I had exited his lair and gone back in, it popped up…..kinda odd consider Throg is dead and there is no one living there that items move around LOL.

Thanks for doing these! I’ve been impressed by how much I’m enjoying Wildstar. Even more importantly, with the inclusion of paths – and the Scientist requirement to find every datacron in each zone – these are invaluable.

You can get the The Grim Necro-Alchemist’s Lament as anyone but I think you need a mount. I jumped up a rock and onto the wooden support beam then back on a rock and up. the sinkhole opens up for anyone

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