Wildstar Zone Lore

Wildstar Northern Wilds Zone Lore Guide

Wildstar Northern Wilds Zone Lore guide with locations of all the datacubes and journals. Northern Wilds is a level 3-6 starter zone for the Exile.


A note on guide usage: The datacubes and journals are listed in the order they appear on the Lore menu. Use that menu to check whch ones you are missing. A zone map is provided to help you getting all the zone lore items as you are leveling through the zone.


Zone Lore Map



1. Datacube Entry: Violent Tempest (4149, –5726)

  • Inside Ancient Tower


2. Datacube Entry: Primal Disruptor (4093, –5943)

  • Inside Exo-Lab 729


3. Datacube Entry: Volatile Power

  • Inside Exo-Lab 729 but only accessible if you are Scientist Path. There is a door with console which only Scientists can open


4. Datacube Entry: Decelerated Gestation

  • Inside Coldburrow Cavern



1. Deployment Orders: Operation Snowfall (4065, –5239)


2. Shuttle Boarding Pass (3989, –5374)


3. Renzo’s Journal (4540, –5723)


4. Lusk’s Report: Vol 1


5. Lusk’s Report: Vol 2 (4737, –5633)


6. Lusk’s Report: Vol 3 (4804, -5650)


7. Skeech Poetry

  • Inside Coldburrow Cavern


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Awesome you’re doing wildstar stuff now!

One suggestion though: consider making your minimap large and taking screenshots of it for indoor areas. Hopefully we’ll have an addon that lets us see indoor maps larger soon..

Hello! So, Dulfy, are you playing on a specific server/class/etc.? I imagine there are folks here who’d like to group up in-game.

Hello! long time follower, first time writer. I’m glad you are picking this up and are looking forward to more – Because more is always better!

NO WAY! You’re going to do Wildstar? Yay! I literally was just googling “Dulfy for Wildstar” hoping to find some blogger who was covering Wildstar perhaps 20% as well as you have covered SWTOR.

I’m not even that into Wildstar, I’m just playing it cause my friends are making me lol but now I’m excited if you’re going to cover Wildstar, YAY!

Hey, Add me in Wildstar. This is Rigen, Im an Exile on Orias. I didnt know you were gonna play Wildstar or I would of mentioned it to you in ESO.

Awesome! So happy to see this. Best MMO guide site just got the best MMO. 🙂 Welcome to Nexus, Dulfy.

It’d be nice if Dulfy gave ongoing reviews of games just because she is actively playing all of these games which is unique.

Most reviews like on YouTube come from people who literally don’t even hit max level then suddenly have all of this insight into this game which leads to bad reviews. Or maybe she wants to stay neutral?

Either way you’re doing a good job and I hope you bring lots of content to us on WildStar.

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