GW2 Developers are looking into Build Templates

Evan Lesh, Gameplay Programmer for Arenanet, has expressed interest in build templates and is asking the community for suggestions.

We absolutely want to make build templates. They could work similar to GW1, but there are more components to a build now. Using the old string-code method may prove to be unwieldy.

Things that must be in a template:

  • Weapons
  • Sigils
  • Rune
  • Amulet
  • Skills
  • Traits

What could be in a template:

  • Skins
  • Dyes
  • Outfit
  • Finisher

Things to consider:

  • Sharing (chat links? codes? urls?)
  • Viewing (seeing some else’s vs. seeing your own)
  • Saving (notepad vs. local vs. account vs. web)
  • Building (one spot in UI vs. multiple spots)
  • Websites (third-party sites should work with in-game)
  • APIs (Could expose an API to third-parties)
  • PvP vs PvE vs WvW (each mode requires different configuration options)

How would you like to see any/all of these work?


  • Ranique

    Personally I got nothing against build-templates, but also see a fear. In GW1 I saw so many people running around with a build succesfull at the meta, without knowing anything bout how it actually works and WHY it works as good.. So I’m ok with a way to safe templates for personal use, or even to show it to others and publish it, but against, being able to paste a code in the game and you got your build done. Even if you get your build from a website (wich I would never do personally cause I want to fine tune a build around my playstyle), the minimum that can be required is to make it the old fashion way the first time (and then make it saveable for future personal use).

    Also I’m against situations where you need to ping your build to participate in content (e.g. dungeons). Take for example my guardian build. it is 85% zerker (gear and traits), but 15% is round healing power. Also I prefer to bring a staff cause off the extra healing possibillity’s The reason is that I pug a lot. In good pugs you can easily run full zerker. Sometimes however things go bad and with this small change I am much more capable to save the day. When people can preview and judge me without my consent or judge me cause I made my build invisable to others with a checkmark, then I wont get invited into the party before I can explain why I do it and ask them to trust me (I never had any complaints btw, when I now join a -zerker only- group, I never get even questioned if I am actually 100% zerker). So all In this is a good thing, but with some questionmarks bout the direction they are taking it.

    • Sty

      Both the behaviors can already be observed in the game, even if build templates are not implemented yet.

      Anyway, being able to save/load at least personal templates (with equipment/traits/utility skills) would be great.

      • Ranique

        I know, I know. but I think both behaviours are bad as it is. Too many people are allready too narrow minded bout what a ‘good’ build is. It’s a natural behaviour to say that ‘my build is the best around’, but it also leads to ‘everyone not using this build is a moron’. And knowing how these people function, it will also go to ‘this people isn’t showing his build on default, so he must be using a crap build’. So I hope that the Anet devs will be careful with the way they introduce it.

        • narg

          in this case, i will find useful some “build calculator” where i can put my build and others and compare mine and his damage/life/heal/gear stats and find my weakness etc. I personally think, this will be great tool

          • Sty

            I would prefer a more informative combat log that can monitor damages/buffs/heals during a fight.

            • Pavees

              very few things in the game have a need for something like that. Considering how no bosses have enrages or that there is no effective group healing methods. All it boils down to with any setup is out survive the boss.

              • Sty

                To my opinion, there is a need for a tool that allows build comparisons. If one want to compare two support builds or zerk/hybrid/condition buildss, there currently is no easy way.

  • narg

    YES, please add some way, how to inspect players build/gear/equip please please, i will give you my kids for slavery, if you add this

    • nononsense

      In PvP inspecting gear is fine.
      In PvE… let’s just say I don’t want snobbish players to inspect my build/gear and kick me because I am not a zerker. Besides, you can already ping your gear in the chat.

      • narg

        I play since beta and never, never was been kicked due my gear, but ofcourse, if you want go inside Arah with blue gear… and some players are incredible stupid, if you can’t understand even simple dung mechanics, nothing ascendet will save you…

        and its not hard kick you now, simple ask to ping your equip and kick you immediately, what i want is simple gui, how to inspect someones gear without annoying asking him (other guy must ping his gear, in lots of cases simple run away etc.), class or equip limitation group are fuc*ing speed runners and dung farmers, they have special systems required precise strategy and gear, I have own experience, when I lame long dung run and cause wipe every 10 seconds, its hard do not kick that asshole in no time (even in my own guild, and i am guild owner :D)

        and yes, in most cases, it will serve as my self ego boost and my dick comparing stuff

        • Dat british dude

          What he says?

    • FCRivers


      There are ways to show the gear, everyone tells you what skin it is, or what build they use…

      No need for this thing to be added, and as the player below me said… it will only ruin the game.

      You already get kicked by playing a certain class that is not that “useful”, lets not make this a thing pl0x

    • Ravenhunt

      No Penismeter, like WoW…. please.
      No pseudoprogroups who kick players for not to be “meta” Equiped for super easy instanceruns.

      Thats so useless.

      “Lets go FZ P1… oh only with Pro Equiped Players.. haha”…. rly? Com on..

    • Zerk or GTFO its PVE ppl…

      YES! I want to kick PVT scum from my pug groups before seeing them fail at dodging and die to trash mobs.

      • Non-Meta Build Player Avenger

        GTFO yourself asshole. Scums like you should be wiped from the face of the earth! Narrow-minded, arrogant pricks! If you keep insisting on this kind of shit, might as well make a petition to ANet to already include and establish the Holy Trinity into their game. I’m so sick of this zerk norm. How I wish for future events to have a PVT or HPT or other unpopular meta build to be established and make these suckers feel how their ascended zerker gears be rendered useless.

        • Ranique

          First of all, I want to distance myself far far away from how you adress Mr. Zerg….(etc). Even though he put parts off your insult in his name, doesn’t mean you should insult a human being the way you do it.
          The reason I want to say that is that I actually agree with you. But there are other more civil ways of convincing someone.

          to Narg and Zerk …(etc).
          The danger is that your idea of what is good or bad for a player, could result in a false optimum build. It is something I saw a lot in GW1. You had a succesfull meta build in gw1 that was very good. So people (like you) where only accepting people using precise that build. Cause that build was considered OP, then Anet came and nerfed it. So the community looks at possible other builds and comes up with one thats actually better. And builds that where rejected cause they where misunderstood before that nerf.

          My point is that people are too much judged on their build instead of their skills. I have seen people with 12k AP’s totally suck at dungeon path x, where people with less the 500 AP’s really where rocking.

          I would wish that people would be more open minded of the unknown.That is what makes you discover new possibility’s. Yes you risk sometimes that it takes longer, but after that you would have learned what doesn’t work.

          Sadly, people are not that open minded and the proposed change to preview builds would mean just that more wannabe elitism would stand in the way of progress.

          There is no GOOD or WRONG way to play the game.

          • Honk

            There is a GOOD way to play the game, it’s called not being a pretentious, autistic sack of shit like “Ranique”.

            • Ranique

              Ow my…..You seems to be angry bout this discussion. Too bad you can’t talk with mutual respect and arguments, but resort to insults (btw, that is considered autistic-form behaviour). Your mum must be so proud of you.

              • This is Basic

                For real, Ranique? You’re going to criticize someone for talking about how someone should be wiped off the planet, and then proceed to use autism as an insult when they are a group that people are trying to wipe off the planet?

                I mean, even if you’re pro-cure, you do understand that autistic children are killed, right? And that the fear of autism motivates parents to not vaccinate their children, resulting in even more preventable deaths, right? People’s treatment of autistic people as lesser literally kills people. Do you really think that comeback was worth it?

              • Ranique

                I have nothing against autism. I have had a schoolfriend that had autism. Atleast in my country people are not killed and the vaccination hoax…

                It was Honk that called me autistic, and yes, the way he reacted is a sign autism (keep in mind the difference. He called me autistic, I judged his reaction to have symptoms of autism. So yes it was worth it and yes he deserved that 100%

              • This is Basic

                Are you saying that everything is okay because you have had an autistic friend? For the record, that’s even worse than the usual “I have an ___ friend,” argument. At least that one keeps your token in the present tense.

                What country is that, out of curiosity? I ask because I’m not so sure. Murder of autistic children are hardly localized to America.

                Exactly what symptom are you referring to here? “Resorting to insults” is not on any of the lists of symptoms, nor are they on the diagnostic criteria. Even if it was, are you saying that your armchair diagnosis in the middle of a fight in which autism is being thrown around as an insult is worth perpetuating the idea that autistic people are lesser? Is that your argument?

                And whether or not he has autism, why are you saying he “deserved” that, if, as you claim, autism is something you have nothing against?

              • Gaile Gray

                My oh my, you sir/madamme are quite a fiesty one. Do you mind applying and joining our group of GW forum moderators? We exactly need people of your exquisite personality and caliber of cockblocking to put our forum users into their proper places.

              • Ranique

                I’m definitly not from the states. I grew up with a physical handicap. This required many medical care. For that purpose I went to a school for people with physical handicaps. In my country, people with Autism are treated with regular education if possible. So thats how I met this friend. Personally I do not see autism (or related disorders) as a negative thing (wich you obvious do, cause you are offended in this discussion, that is you judging people with autism, not the other way around).
                ‘Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impaired social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior’

                So in my personal opinion, thinking that it is perfectly ok to call a person you never met in a public place a ‘pretentious, autistic sack of shit like “Ranique”.’ means you are social impaired in your verbal communications, and that fits the symptoms. There are some people that call this an effect of the internet and that other social standards exist on the internet where it is considered ok to present such behaviour, but I dissagree. I think that kind of behaviour should be considered as a dissorder and not as something that we see as normal behaviour.

            • This is Basic

              I’m sorry, is being an NT sack of shit much better?

          • Non-Meta Build Player Avenger

            As much as I would like to be civil or professional like you in dealing with this kind of matters, sometimes strong-arming or talking to these people in their own “bastard” language is the only way to even communicate with them. Not exactly the best way to do it, but hey we can only do so much with their limited level of intelligence and reasoning.

        • Please stay noob forever

          Oh please run fractals in your precious PVT or clerics, I take great pleasure of joining parties where your kind is kicked because you can’t kill grawl fast enough or out-dps dredge; I need people like you to complete my 49/38 in under 20 minutes.

          • Colin Johanson

            Please stay a prick forever should be a wise retort to both of your name and response.

        • Mike O’Brien

          An excellent suggestion that unfortunately will not make it into the game.

          Please remember that we designed each profession with a specific concept, personality, gameplay mechanic or “build” in mind. This is done so as to avoid unnecessary duplication of classes/professions and also to provide a variety of combat and gameplay environment. We, however, will look into different mechanics and instances in the nearby future. As we progess, it is not our aim to establish a Berserker meta, but a rather a plethora of builds which our players can enjoy having and bringing into play based on their preferences.

      • Dont be a zerkhole

        I love when i join a grp with “only zerker ping gear”! I ping my Zerk armor (trans into TA armor skin) and then I change traits to 0/0/6/6/2 and equip my PVT (same trans into TA armor skin) and afk auto attacking the whooooooooole run. At the end of the run they all say : “Yeah man, thats it pure zerk power etc”. I laugh sooo hard with those arrogant pricks!

        • U are no skill scrub

          Guess what happens to staff AA guard with SiN in my group. They are outside the dungeon in 3 seconds.

  • Spartacus

    I would like to see it added, but as others have commented – it would be nice if it weren’t shareable. Have it stored in the player’s account (online). Personally I would also like to see weaponsets like in GW1. Each weaponset would include the weapon swap set. This way, if I was, say, an elementalist, I could switch from staff to scepter/dagger in one button press (out of combat). If I was a war, I could go from GS/Bow to Hammer/Mace/Shield, in one click. This would add dimension to the game’s combat IMO.

    Sidenote: they could add gem-activated inventory tabs that would store equipment that’s in your various builds.

  • Aaaaaaah

    Gear templates and trait templates would be awesome (equip everything in one fell swoop). But Rune/Sigil “templates” outside of SPVP? That’s just dumb, as is anything with a cost or destructiveness associated with it (transmutations etc).

    I should be able to pull up a small menu in the corner with a hotkey. It can have two rows of dynamically-created square icons. I can click an icon in the Gear row I specify to put on all my Soldier’s gear, or Berserker’s, etc that I’ve previously assigned as a set. I should be able to specify which items belong to a particular set, so for example I could have one set that only affects my 6-piece armor, and another set that only affects my weapons (i.e. swap between Fire & Might axes or Speed & Perception axes, for those of us who hate constantly leaving the inventory open and right-clicking “equip as off hand” in between combat).

    Traits can be similar, I select my traits, hit ‘save as build’, and pick an icon from a handy list presented to save it as.

    Armor dye selections having a separate string copy/paste template that doesn’t affect anything else would be good, too.

  • Bremy

    honestly one thing that I really like in gw2 is that people can not see what gear are you using, (unless you go into a party where people want certain characteristics). I think that in this way makes the game more personal and experimental. However, in my experience with other mmorpgs I have noticed that this thing is resolved by a panel UI in the options, where the player can choose whether to see that build / clothes / weapons to other people … I do not recommend it, for the simple fact that the game, as it is now, is more personal and therefore even more satisfying than trying a build that you find on internet… at least that’s my opinion 🙂 i love have experience with all class and untill i don’t understand how that class works i don’t study a build for it. I don’t want some people that says me ”how that thing works” or ”you build sucks” i have my view of gameplay. that’s all xD

  • 01

    Three templates per character & adding more will cost 400 gems per template.
    I don’t see the current anet not throwing gemshop into the equation at any and every opportunity.

    • Toxic Citrus

      Three templates seems fairly generous to me

    • Nicholas Cage

      Holy shit he called it xD

  • I’d more like to see Guild Alliances and Guild Halls much more than this feature!

    • BAzerty

      You actually want to see GUILD WARS litteraly.

      They could call this game cakes & bananas, it wouldn’t make less sense

  • Toxic Citrus

    I like the idea of being able to switch builds easily by establishing my own build templates, but I don’t want people to be able to inspect gear / view each others’ templates. The “zerk-or-bust” culture is a problem in this game. Players can make the argument all they want that zerker is by far the most successful build, but they can’t say that the game is fun that way. I’m tired of being pressured to play builds I don’t want to play.

    I know the devs wanted to get away from the holy trinity so that players could play the way they wanted without being limited to 3 archetypes, but with the way things are now we’re limited to ONE archetype. The devs need to either fix that now/soon or cut their losses and make the game trinity based. I’m tired of the community making me feel like a stupid selfish ass for trying to play the build that I enjoy, while the devs keep whistling their oblivious tune that everything is fine and they’re fixing it.

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