GW2 Story Journal Developer Livestream Notes

GW2 Story Journal Developer Livestream notes and images on the new story journal for living world season 2.

Developers Present

  • Kate Welch – UI Designer
  • Colin Johanson – Game Director
  • Mike Zadorojny – Design Lead

Living World Season 2

  • Hidden nuggets/easter eggs in Season 2 that ties back to GW1 Lore
  • Meta achievements are taken away – Achievements are now unlocked when you complete the episode. It is more skill based.
    • We don’t expect everyone to do all of them since some of them are really tough.
    • Achievements are optional, it is not required to complete the story episode.
  • Living World episodes are unlocked for free forever, as long you login for a few seconds during the episode timeframe. If you missed it, pay 200 gems to unlock it.
  • Season 2 will keep the best part of season 1 – the world can evolve and change.
  • A lot more permanent content in season 2.
  • Open world content is available to everyone to play. Journal itself will give you access to the story instances for the episodes. 
  • If you want to play with a past episode with a friend who have not unlocked that episode, you can bring them in but they won’t get any rewards or story progress or achievements.
  • We would love to add season 1 to journal but it is a lot of work since season 1 was not built with the journal in mind. Someday, it is just a matter of when.
    • Some of the stuff in season 1 required tons of players so need to be redesigned to fit into the journal.
  • Some thing are temporary in season 2 as well to help setup the theme/environment for the next episode (i..e the whole teaser for the release of Southsun Cove)
  • Season 2 is modeled after TV episodes format. You can tune in to watch it live or play it another time once you have unlocked it.
  • Achievements in season 2 can be completed anytime just like the story episode.

The Living World Story journal is in the hero panel.

gw2-living world-story-journal-5

You can scroll down to a particular episode you have unlocked and play it.

gw2-living world-story-journal

Once you have completed the episode, you will unlock the rewards and can do the optional achievements.

gw2-living world-story-journal-2gw2-living world-story-journal-3

Episodes can be replayed. Instances that can be replayed show up as purple stars on the map.

gw2-living world-story-journal-4 

  • MauricioCezar

    So. absolute nothing that wasn’t at the blogpost 🙁 . I’m happy I didn’t lost time watching, thank for sharing dulfy!

    • Ranique

      I just watched it on youtube (missed the stream: ). I did find it informative. Dulfy did a good job summing up the facts, but in between there is a lot more. Colin explains why they are taking this new course, e.g. what signals they picked up from the s1 feedback.

      • isla

        They’ve said on the news release that you can pay gems to unlock past content (within Season 2) if you didn’t have the chance to log in for a few minutes while the content was live (which would otherwise effectively unlock it).

        “To unlock an episode and have it added to your story Journal, you simply need to log in to the game during the two-week period that the release is live to be given permanent, free access to the storyline of that episode. Once you’ve unlocked it by simply logging in, you can replay that episode’s storyline on any character on your account as many times as you like from your story Journal forever. Past episodes will be available for purchase for 200 gems. (Don’t forget you can earn gold and purchase gems to unlock the episode for your account).”

        • Ranique

          Yes?? Thats what I heard too…your point??

  • LeRapace

    Why did they need a live stream for that? lol

    They always try to make such a huge deal out of the smallest things like it’s the latest iPhone.

    • Braghez

      Because many people do not read details of the stuff they post and start to blabber or nag about things well stated without reading them xD…
      Maybe with a livestream they can keep the attention higher lol.

  • vilesoul

    The biggest thing I like about all of this is that they are learning and hopefully growing/expanding on the coming living story seasons. Season 1 was pretty good, but at times I just didn’t care about what was going on or some of the content. I still did appreciate what they were trying to do with it, and the updates were a nice touch to add things even though most of it was not permanent. Hopefully we get a lot more permanent content with S2, as I’ve done pretty much everything their is to do with multiple 100% complete characters/fractals maxed/dungeons over and over and so on.

  • Islarose

    Achievements were the best part of LS, IMO, aside from patch day rush. Kind of disappointed they’re irrelevant and purely based on gambit style achievements, rather than the fun of scavenger hunts and participating in the variety of content.

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