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Wildstar Algoroc Explorer Missions Guide

Wildstar Algoroc Explorer missions guide with a list of the explorer missions in Algoroc and their walkthrough. Algoroc is a level 6-14 zone for the Exiles.[toc]

Staking Claim

Algoroc Staking Claim

Map of the staking claim locations


1. Coldwater Gulch (3070, –5087)


2. Crowe Family Homestead (4001, –4592)


3. Crowe Family Homestead (4325, –4496)

  • There is a little path next to the entrance to Blackpaw’s Den you can use to climb up


4. Crowe Family Homestead (4236, –4755)


5. Ganther’s Claim (3260, –4159)

  • Jump up to the top of Ganther’s Claim to plant the flag


6. Jeric’s Claim (3646, –3953)


7. Gallow Fields (3798, –4037)


8. Gallow Fields (3946, –3742)


9. Demonclaw Pass (3275, –3769)

  • If you have trouble reaching this place, use the little flags along the way as they allow you to jump higher


10. Grimstone Pass (4210, –3582)


11. Grim Lumber Mill (4574, –3385)


12. Grim Valley (4244, –3213)

  • There is a rock you can interact on the left that allow you to climb all the way to here


13. Annihilator Silo 14 (4414, –3652)

  • Get to here by scaling the platforms


14. Annihilator Silo 14 (4768, –3903)

  • Again, need to scale some platforms and chutes to get up here.


15. The Loftite Cliffs (3697, –4819)


16. I forgot where this spot is, if you know it please let me know in the comments below.


Hidden in the Grotto

Hidden Grotto entrance can be found at (3164, –4770) in Coldwater Gulch.


Scavenger Hunt

Scouring Tremor Ridge – Tremor Ridge

Mission given by Explorer Rokgore in Tremor Ridge


This piece of relic was last seen in the possession of a Deadstar Marauder

  • Random drop from mobs in Deadstar Ravine


This piece of the relic was said to have been encased in ice on the northern side of Coldwater Gulch

  • Coldwater Gulch (3070, –5087)


This piece of relic was said to have been buried near exposed loftite in the Crystal Shards

  • The Crystal Shards (3471, –4172)


Hunt for Gallow’s Lost Relic – Gallow

Talk to Explorer Cawley in Gallow to start this mission


This relic fragment was rumored to be in the possession of the Skeech in Duskfall Caverns

  • The Duskfall mobs inside have a chance to drop this relic


This piece of the relic was said to have been hidden inside a slush crate at the Crowe Family Homestead (4085, –4504)


This piece of relic was said to have been buried among the tree stumps near Grim’s Lumber Mill (4372, -3423)


Uncover the Past – Excavation Base Camp

Given by Explorer Duskrunner at the Excavation Base Camp


This fragment was reported to be buried near a canimid burrow in the south side of the dig (4588, –3885)


An XAS scientist in the northern half of the dig site secured this fragment in a crate before being augmented (4686, –4296)



Cartography: A Loftite Landscape (3396, –3952)
  • The location you need to reach is all the way up top so you will need to jump up there


Cartography: Ganther’s Mining Outlook (3237, –4111)
  • After you done this a challenge will pop up which ask you to run to the cave entrance nearby. You will have plenty of time for the challenge


Cartography: Gallow Fields
  • Have to do a bit of double jumps between the rock ledges to get here


Surveillance: Demonclaw Pass (2599, –3797)


Surveillance: Crowe Family Prospect (3988, –4804)
  • Climb up


Surveillance: XAS Excavation Sites
  • Use the wooden ramps to help you reach up here



Tracking: Gravitic Anomaly

Head to the start position and press start on your datachron. There is an orb that will spawn and you will need to follow it.


At near the end, the orb will go up the rocks and you will need to jump up as well. If you are more than 60m away from the orb, you have to restart.


Rockridge Recovery – Rockridge Hollow

Starter NPC for this explorer mission is here at (3392, –3278)


Second guy is here at (3351, –3229)


Third guy is up here (3296, –3396). You will need to do some jumping to get up here.


Fourth guy is here at (3342, –3441)


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8 replies on “Wildstar Algoroc Explorer Missions Guide”

Explore missions are so hard… tried that path in beta and I was literally not able to complete any mission

They aren’t hard tho. But they are off the beaten path, for sure. I assume otherwise “explorer” would be a misnomer ^^

Also, if you haven’t tried it, roll a new explorer and try trailblazing. IMO the most powerful ability any path gets (closely followed by settler travel speed buff and taxi but you can’t always build them). Allows you to run from one end of the map to the other in minutes. And it’s so fun!

Unfortunately 16/16 of the staking claim points bugs out and the pointer won’t work inside the evacuation zone so it’s extremely difficult to find. I know it is somewhere south-east of the map and fairly high, so I suspect it may be on top of the wall overlooking the big robot, but no luck finding it so far.

Theres 2 at Jeric’s Claim, Dulfy 🙂 I don’t remember the coordinates but it’s right opposite the rock in Jeric’s Claim that you got up there.

I’m uploading the video for this on my channel 😀
Hope this helps!

Theres 2 at Jeric’s Claim, Dulfy 🙂 I don’t remember the coordinates but it’s right opposite the rock in Jeric’s Claim that you got up there.

I have attached the image here & uploading the video for this on my channel 😀
Hope this helps!

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