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SWTOR Festival of Splendor Event Guide

cSWTOR Festival of Splendor event guide with walkthroughs and rewards. Festival of Splendor is a gambling event in SWTOR Nar Shaddaa from June 13 to August 2017.


The Basics

When and where?

June 13 to August 2017. Nar Shaddaa Casinos.

What Level?

You will need to have a ship so you can travel to Nar Shaddaa. Level 10+

Can I sell the rewards from this event?

No, everything is legacy bound.

What do I need to participate in this event?

Lots of credits, deep pocket, patience, mouse that can withstand lots of clicks. This is designed to be a credit sink so expect to spend money.

How to Start

Head to the fleet and you will find Advertisement Terminals on the inner ring of the fleet.


Interacting with it will give you a very short cutscene and a mission called Festival of Splendor which will direct you to Nar Shaddaa Casino. In addition, it will give you a few credits and 5 Smuggler’s Casino Chip.


Once you arrive in Nar Shaddaa, head to Club Vertica Casino if you are Republic or Star Cluster Casino if you are Empire.


How to Play

Before you can play on the slot machines, you will need to purchase chips from a Casino Cashier.


  • Kingpin Casino Chip: 75k credits
  • Smuggler’s Casino Chip: 2k credits

There are two type slots: Kingpin’s Bounty slots and Smuggler’s Luck slots. The big prizes are on the Kingpin machines but the Smuggler machine is worth to play for the buff you get from it that will help you on the Kingpin machines.


The buff you want to get from the Smuggler’s machine is the Feeling Lucky buff, which casts for 2 minutes (or until you win the Golden Certificate or jackpot from the Kingpin machines) and you have a 10% chance to get it from a Smuggler’s machine.


Generally the way most people play the slot machines is doing the slot machine shuffle in which they play the Smuggler machine first to get the buff and then head over to the Kingpin machines until their buff gets used up. Since there is a delay before you can use the same machine again, you can probably play 3-4 machines at once so you don’t waste time waiting for the machine.

  • There is a 1.5s GCD cooldown before you can click on another machine
  • There is a 5s cooldown before you can click on the same machine

Due to the way the machines are positioned, you can play 3 Kingpin machines at once if there are no other players nearby. You can play 4 Smuggler’s machine at once by standing in between 2 rows of the Smuggler machines. You will need to be fairly close to the machine to click on them.

What are my chances of winning?

Unlike gambling in a Las Vegas casino, you know the exact % of winning here. The numbers here are taken from swtor_miner’s threads on reddit.

Smuggler’s Machine

Outcome Description % chance
Free play You get your chip back. 50%
Lose You get nothing back 29.68%
Free play + buff Feeling Lucky buff 10%
Free play x2 You get two chips back 5%
Win Get a Kingpin chip 5%
Jackpot Get a Golden Certificate 0.3%
Machine explodes For that hidden achievement 0.02%

Kingpin Machine

Feeling Lucky buff from Smuggler’s machine influence your chances at Kingpin machine. It will last for 2 minutes or until you win the Golden Certificate or Jackpot. .

Outcome Description % chance % chance with buff
Free play You get your chip back. 50% 64.81%
Lose You get nothing back 45.86% 29.59%
Win You get a Golden Certificate 4% 5.18%
Jackpot 1 Vectron BWL Wraith 0.23% 0.298%
Jackpot 2 Gamorrean Guard 0.07% 0.09%
Machine Explodes For that hidden achievement 0.02% 0.026%

Got time but not lots of credits?

The cheapest way to do this if you have the time is to buy Smuggler’s Chips which are only 2k credits. Your odds of winning a Kingpin chip is 5% but you also have a 50% chance to get your Smuggler chip back, 10% chance to get your chip back + buff and 5% chance to get 2 chips back. This is much cheaper than spending 75k credits on a Kingpin chip but you are also spending much more time

  • According to the calculations by venomlash in the comments below, it is about 6 Smuggler chips per Kingpin chip on average so you are only spending 12k on average rather than 75k.

How much I need to spend that Gamorrean Guard?

This is gambling so either you are lucky or you are not. Chance to win a Gamorrean is 0.09% with the buff so it is about 1111 clicks on average (1/ 0.0009 = 1111). Each click costs 1 Kingpin chip. If you are buying the chips at 75k credits a pop and doing it with the buff you can expect about 1111 x 0.3519 x 75k =  29 mil credits for the Gamorrean. Doing it with the buff and/or using the smuggler’s machine to get the Kingpin chips will be much cheaper but slower.

  • 0.3519 came from 1- 0.6481, which give you the number of chips you actually lost since you have a 64.81% chance to get the chip back.
  • If you get Kingpin chips from the Smuggler machine at an average cost of 12k per chip, and have the buff, you are looking at 1/0.0009 x (0.3519) * 12k = 4.7 mil

How much do I need to spend on average for item X?

Calculation provided by venomlash, this is assuming you always have the buff and using Smuggler’s machine to get the Kingpin chips. Acquisitions are not mutually exclusive of each other.

  • Golden Certificate: 57916 credits
  • Feeling Lucky buff: 6,000 credits
  • Vectron BWL Wraith: 1,418,440 credits
  • Gamorrean Guard: 4,694,836 credits
  • "Unlucky" legacy achievement: 2,998,500 credits (calculated on the Smuggler machine)

Remember, this is gambling. There is no such thing as if I spend x amount of money I will get this item for sure. It is all about probability.


Golden Certificate

You can see all the Golden Certificate rewards on this page here.

Kingpin’s Fedora 3 Golden Certificate
Kingpin’s Jacket 3 Golden Certificate
Kingpin’s Pants 2 Golden Certificate
Kingpin’s Gloves 2 Golden Certificate
Kingpin’s Boots 2 Golden Certificate
Kingpin’s Belt 1 Golden Certificate
Kingpin’s Bracers 1 Golden Certificate
Vectron Opus 15 Golden Certificate
Vectron Magnus 15 Golden Certificate
Kingpin’s Rancor 30 Golden Certificate
Kingpin’s Assault Cannon 3 Golden Certificate
Kingpin’s Blaster Rifle 3 Golden Certificate
Kingpin’s Sniper Rifle 3 Golden Certificate
Kingpin’s Blaster Pistol 2 Golden Certificate
Kingpin’s Lightsaber 2 Golden Certificate
Kingpin’s Lightstaff 3 Golden Certificate
Pets & Customization  
G07-DY 5 Golden Certificate
HK Hutt Military Customization 1 Golden Certificate
Mako 10 1 Golden Certificate
Elara 10 1 Golden Certificate
Tharan 10 1 Golden Certificate
Doc 10 1 Golden Certificate

New Rewards (2017)

Vectron BWL Wraith – Kingpin Slot Drop


Gamorrean Guard Companion – Kingpin Slot Drop


Nightlife Socialite Armor

  • Top: 3 Golden Certificate, Belt/Bracers: 1 Golden Certificate, Rest: 2 Golden Certificate each. Total of 11 Golden Certificate.


Pearlescent Cruiser – 15 Golden Certificate




There is a hidden achievement for blowing up the slot machine.

Achievement Description Points
Party Hard Purchased a Gambler’s Mic Stand, Gambler’s Bar, and Gamber’s Party Floor from a Casino prize vendor 25 pts
Smuggler’s Machine    
Hammer the Machine Play Smuggler’s Luck slot machines 100 times 10 pts
Payout Won a Kingpin’s Casino Chip or Golden Certificate from a Smuggler’s Luck slot machines 10 pts
Sound of Rain Won 10 Smuggler’s Luck slot machine prizes 25 pts
Kingpin’s Machine    
High Roller Played Kingpin’s Bounty Slot machines 100 times 25 pts
Instant Winner Won a Golden Certificate, Vectron Magnus, Vectron BWL Wraith, Gamorrean Bodyguard or Rancor from a Kingpin’s Bounty slot machine 25 pts
Hot Shots Won 10 Kingpin’s Bounty slot machine prizes 50 pts
Another Big Prize Won a Vectron BWL Wraith from a Kingpin’s Bounty Slot machine 25 pts
A Professional Contract Obtained a Gamorrean bodyguard contract in the Nightlife Event 50 pts
Cashing In Purchased a Vectron Opus from a casino prize vendor 25 pts
Big Prize Won a Vectron Magnus from a Kingpin’s Bounty slot machine 25 pts
Jackpot! Won a rancor from a Kingpin’s Bounty slot machine 50 pts
Quality Assurance Blew up a Smuggler’s Luck or Kingpin’s Bounty slot machine 50 pts

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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It will cost 20k on average to get a kingpin chip from the smuggler machines (5% chance = 20 attempts to get on average; 20 attempts x 1k = 20k). Accordingly, it will be less than half the cost to use only smuggler machines to acquire kingpin chips, with the added bonus of always having the buff to do kingpin machines.

It is not that simple as you didn’t add the fact that the smuggler’s machine will return chips so there is a bunch of free play options that reduce the cost even further.

Ah yes, my mistake. I read through this too quickly. Accounting for the chips you get back:

Every 1000 smuggler chips you purchase (1 Mil credits) you will get ~3333.32 spins before you run out of chips, receiving 166.66 Kingpin chips, making it 6000 credits per kingpin chip.

While it may seem absurd to get 3333 spins for 1000 chips, just look at the fact that in your first 1000 spins you’re likely to get 700 chips back (50% for chip back, 10% for chip back and buff, 5% for 2 chips back); that keeps cycling down (of those 700, you’ll get 490 back, of those 490 you’ll get 343 back, etc.)

Based on my math, you will get one Kingpin chip for every 6 Smuggler chips you spend.

Let S represent Smuggler’s Luck chips and K represent Kingpin’s Bounty chips.

1*S [because that is what you put in for each spin] = 0.5*(S) + 0.2968*(0) + 0.1*(S + buff) + 0.05*(2S) + 0.05*(K) + 0.003*(certificate) + 0.0002*(kaboom) = 0.7*S + 0.05*K + 0.1*buff + 0.003*certificate + 0.0002*kaboom

Subtracting 0.7*S from both sides gives:
0.3*S = 0.05*K + 0.1*buff + 0.003*certificate + 0.0002*kaboom

Divide through by 0.3 to find the average return on each Smuggler’s Luck chip actually spent:
S = 0.1666*K + 0.333*buff + 0.01*certificate + 0.000666*kaboom

So for each Smuggler’s Luck chip SPENT (not played and possibly returned, but actually SPENT), you will on average get 1/6th of a Kingpin’s Bounty chip, 1/3rd of a Feeling Lucky buff, 1/100th of a Golden Certificate, and 2/3000th of an explosion.

Thanks for the guide, Dulfy and SWTOR Miner!

So the average cost of a Kingpin chip by playing the machines is 6k, rather than 50k from purchasing it directly. You save 88% off the list price, in addition to the chances of buff, certificate, and rare achievement!

For my next trick, I shall perform the calculations finding the value of a Kingpin’s Bounty chip and approximating the overall credit cost of getting those fabulous prizes!

Assuming that you always have the Feeling Lucky buff:

1*K = 0.6481*K + 0.2959*0 + 0.0518*certificate + 0.00298*Magnus + 0.0009*Rancor + 0.00026*kaboom
0.3519*K = 0.0518*certificate + 0.00298*Magnus + 0.0009*Rancor + 0.00026*kaboom

K = 0.1472*certificate + 0.00847*Magnus + 0.00256*Rancor + 0.00000739*kaboom

Plugging these equivalents into the previously-computed payoff for a single Smuggler chip in place of the Kingpin token:

S = 0.2553*certificate + 0.333*buff + 0.00141*Magnus + 0.000426*Rancor + 0.000667*kaboom

The net cost of acquiring each prize, assuming optimal play (spend every token, always have the buff when playing Kingpin machines):
Golden Certificate: 3,917 credits
Feeling Lucky buff: 3,000 credits
Vectron Magnus: 709,220 credits
Kingpin’s Rancor: 2,347,418 credits
“Unlucky” legacy achievement: 1,499,250 credits

Bear in mind, these acquisitions are not mutually exclusive of each other. If you spend enough tokens to earn the Vectron Magnus, you will earn on average 181 Golden Certificates as well.

And just to prove that averages are super scary in gambling, I’d like to point out that I got a Vectron Magnus on my second try on a slot machine (tried the kingpin ones first using cartel certificates) on the PTS…
That actually bothered me a bit since I wanted to try out the blaster pistol, so I needed a certificate, not a mount 😛

Well, except for the fact that my real name is Magnus, I don’t really want the mount either way 🙂

GAH! I knew I made a math mistake somewhere!

The correct coefficient for Golden Certificates is 0.0345, and therefore the average cost of acquiring one if playing efficiently is 28,958 credits. As such, playing enough to earn a Vectron Magnus will earn you on average 24 Golden Certificates as well.
Sorry about the slip.

Ok, so how many times (on average of course) would I have to play the kingpin slot machine to get 13 certificates? (I want all the guns, including 2 pistols, so that’s 13 gold certificates)

Doesn’t matter, I’m wondering how many spins on the kingpin slot machine it will take to get 13 certificates in general.
I don’t count the certificates I might get on the smuggler one if I decide to take the “cheap” route, since the chances are so small.

Hehehe not all that hardcore.
First off, I have 23 cartel certificates that I don’t need, so that’s 23 kingpin chips right there.
Then I’ll just keep rolling on the smuggler ones to get however many kingpin chips I need.
And I’ve got quite some time to do it since the event lasts for a while hehe

I was never able to angle myself to be able to play four smuggler’s machines at once without moving. I could only ever get two on PTS. I’ll have to try again I guess.

Position yourself between two rows of slot machines. Click the two on the front and then move just a little to click the two at the back. That’s the only way I could do it.

Really my question was more for Dulfy, or anyone that’s replicated this. I’m aware you could click 4, or 50, if you wanted to keep moving.

“You can play 4 Smuggler’s machine at once by standing in between 2 rows of the Smuggler machines. You will need to be fairly close to the machine to click on them.”

Seems to suggest the 4 were clickable without having to move.

It’s gonna be here for a month, at least you’ll have enough time to get that rancor. I hope.

Thank you for sharing.
I’ll make sure to notify you when I decide to not partake in an event in the future 🙂

I love how when I say I like something about the game I get ripped into by 3-4 people for “being a fanboy” and get asked if “I work for Bioware”, but when I say I do not like something about the game then I get “NO ONE CARES UR A DUCHE”.

Well if you had said that you didn’t like it and explained why, then I certainly would have replied differently.
But just saying “pass…” is about as interesting as if someone randomly walks up to me on the street and tells me they don’t like milk.

your comment was ‘..pass’ with no explanation. you were better off keeping it to yourself, you must have expected negative feedback on your lame comment

Its got upvotes so I guess it couldn’t have been that lame, but even if it was, you are just making yourself lame by making a stupid reply to a lame comment.

Guess it wasn’t that lame since it has some upvotes. But if it is, why respond with an equally lame comment? You could just vote it down and move on.

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Thank God I’m only going for a couple of the weapons here. I don’t have that many credits to spare.

IKR not my taste, sorry, and funny how people come to pages related to game they dislike or something to talk about some other O-So-Awesome- new mmo, if it was so awesome why aren’t you playing.

EDIT: and also even if lets say your computer just broke down or something i’d rather spend my time diggin blogs for my “new fav mmo” then coming to games i dont like and waste time bashing.. smh pointless

I probably have more credits than you. This event is a waste of credits. You’d have to be pretty stupid to just throw money away.

Ugh, I hate gambling. It’s all well and good if you happen to get lucky, but what kills me is this: Let’s say you spend 2.3 mil, and after all that you still don’t have the rancor mount you want. Your chance of getting it with the next 2.3 mil you spend is the same as your chance of getting it in the first 2.3 mil. No matter how much money you spend, every time you play your chances are the same small number. Every damn time. Some lucky ducks will get it by spending almost no money. Some will spend a fortune and still not get it, and probably be very bitter when so-and-so boasts that they got it on their 10th try. And you don’t know which you’re going to be when you go into it.

Some other numbers (people can check me on these). Assuming optimal play as described by venomlash:
37% of players will not have won the rancor mount after spending the average 2.347 million credits.
10% of players will not have the rancor after spending 5.4 million credits.
1% of players will not have the rancor after spending 10.8 million credits. I think this is what should grant the title “the Unlucky.”

Of course, there are other prizes to be had along the way, as long as the rancor isn’t your only goal. This comment is kind of a negative way to look at things, but I know how many people get disappointed when they buy a hypercrate and don’t get the mount they wanted. Hopefully people will take this into account as they go into the event. Did I mention I hate gambling?

Should’ve said your odds of getting it are the same using 1 kingpin token as it is using 2.3m worth of kingpin tokens. My real concern about this is how long will it take to pump out 2.3m worth of tokens?

Well… 1.5 second global cooldown, 5 second cooldown per machine.
Let’s say you use two machines, that’s two runs per 5 seconds.
You needed 1111 clicks to get it, so that’d be (1111/2 x 5) 2777,5 seconds or around 46 minutes.

I brought 5 hypercrates once and didn’t get 2 of the mounts I wanted. I hate the RNG factor of these hypercrates so much and would much rather just buy it direct for CC. I will probably just gamble enough to get the assault cannon/blaster rifle for my alts as none of the other stuff are really interesting. As for mounts I want the orobird mount over the rancor anyways.

It was like looting those Crates during the Chevin Arms Race event. Some people pulled a mount or pet within their first few crates. I played that event for 12+ hours a day, for the entirety of the event and didn’t get a single mount or pet drop! I had to buy mine with the certs. Made a ton of creds selling certs though.
(I had just had surgery for a broken foot and was on bed rest, so I had the time to grind)

Honestly, though with my track record on events and drops, the odds are never in my favor, so I am not expecting much from this event either. But I’ll at least have fun.

I would just like to point out that despite this being a “casino” event… none of the prizes are money. It’s more like a carnival game.

I was really hoping for a shot at lots and lots of credits. It’s a little disappointing, really. I’m sure I will no longer mind if and when I get the Kingpin Rancor! lol

Theres a reason they can’t do that… In real life, money always comes from somewhere.
In the game it just magically comes from thin air.
Having an event where you can win tons of credits would increase inflation (even if just a little)

The following numbers should be seen as averages after an infinite amount of repeated experiments. First some results based on when ‘1 or more drops’ is more likely than ‘no drop’ [P(X>=1) > 0.5].

* Cost of a Kingpin Chip
It takes 14 rolls for 1+ drops to be more likely than no drop. Every Smuggler Chip can be played 1.6825 times (not certain), therefore 5 plays are free. That leaves us with 9 Smuggler Chips and a total cost of 9’000 credits.

* Cost of a Kingpin’s Rancor
It takes 770 rolls for 1+ drops to be more likely than no drop. Every Kingpin Chip can be played 1.6481 times, therefore 302 plays are free. That leaves us with 468 Kingpin Chips and a total cost of 4’212’000 credits at 9’000 each respectively 23’400’000 credits at 50’000 each.

Some quick numbers as for when ‘exactly 1 drop’ is the most likely outcome [1 is the expected value: E(X) = 1 = n * p]:
* 20 rolls (n = 1/p = 1/0.05), 8 free, 12 needed, 12k
* 1112 rolls (1/0.0009), 437 free, 675 needed, 8’100’000 @ 12’000, 33’750’000 @ 50’000
* at this point the probability of ‘1 or more drops’ is 64.15% respectively 63.26%

While its true that the point where P(X>=1) >= .5 is different from the point where E[X] = 1 and is interesting to consider, you can’t use it the way you do in going from 1 Kingpin chip up to the things you get with Kingpin chips as if they each cost 9000. The law of large numbers kicks in once you start earning more than 1 kingpin chip. More concretely, the point for P(X >= 500) >= .5 is much closer to 500 * the point where E[X] = 1 than it is to 500 * the point where P(X >= 1) >= .5

Thanks for your input. You are right, it doesn’t work out. I should have just based it on the expected value. It’s late and I don’t feel like rewriting it, so I’ll just scrap it for now.

Looks like one of the older jedi sets with all the armour removed… might even be the one coming in one of these packs but with the armour removed.

at least the top

I don’t know whether to spend 3million on maybe gettin a rancor, or spend 8 million and buy a rancor off the gtn.

Considering it is the most wanted mount ever released, I think it’ll be higher than that.
But it depends on the server of course.
But I think the prices will be around what we have for the thrones now.

your forgetting that the packs are filled with other cool stuff, so I forsee alot of people buying hypercrates.

I never said they wouldn’t.
I’m just saying that the price will be artificially high no matter the supply (ie. doesn’t matter how many buy the crates and get rancors, people will still try to sell them for 20 mil)

Yea I get what your saying, but I also thought the Banthas were gonna be ALOT worse..and they ended up around 4million on Harbinger. (which to an endgame player really isn’t much) It sure will be interesting to see, I think I’ll just set myself a 1million credit limit for this casino and play it safe…then try to buy a classic brown rancor in a month.

Whatever happens, nightmare ops are always top priority.

Yeah like chris said i thought Bantha would be allot but on my server they went from 8 M to 5 M and the Thrones go for 7 – 14 M. But yes it all depends how many GTN has, i just hope its right down my lane

But the bantha turned out to be crap :/
Looks like a little dog or something… doesn’t even look right when walking instead of running… they dropped the ball on that one IMHO 🙁

You’re bang on there, my PVP gear is in sand people armor and I couldn’t even bring myself to buy one 😛

Yeah, Bantha was pretty much an ugh wtf moment. But came back here to say, Rancor on my server go for 5 M cheaper then i had forseen

Haven’t seen a single rancor for sale on my server yet 🙁

Orobird is going for 4-5 million tho.

A little off topic, but what’s with the anger coming from people on MMO’s? It’s getting pathetic guys. I mean, if your playing a video game how bad can life be? Some of you need to learn a real hard lesson and quickly before your life ends up being a complete waste. If your upset, it’s most likely not the entertaining video game you’re playing, it’s probably your bad habits that have dug you into an abyss of self pity.

I’m 26 and I can see this, so what’s your excuse?

Yep, i’ve never understood people threatening to rage quit when one power of theirs has it’s damage lowered by 2-4%, or that the dye/hat/mount they like costs too much.

Or the general angriness of general chat. A heck of a lot of people there need a hug.

I’ve only ever been genuinely angry at an MMO twice. Once was Star Wars Galaxies, when they completely changed the game system. The game they reintroduced was not the same game, so I quit. The other time, and i’m still a bit angry about this one, was when NC Soft shut down City of Heroes while it was still profitable.

I don’t think I’ve ever been angry at an MMO…..well I was a little angry at WoW for the Firelands quests, and a little bit for Cata in the first place. My paladin killed Arthas! Arthas! It was vacation time! Not an attempted mass extinction time!…*cough* Ahem… Honestly I’ve mostly had anger issues with the player communities in games. Elitism, trolling, greed and just generally being rotten to other players just ’cause. This is what I really think sinks games. When you don’t want to deal with the people in an MMO, you stop logging in. Sure you can play by yourself, but then why are you playing an MMO?

A good community is a great thing. It’s one of the reasons i miss City of Heroes so much. I have never played a game, before or since, that had such a helpful community, a general lack of abusive people in general chat, and generally a postive friendly environment.

SWTOR isn’t awful, but sometimes fleet chat gets pretty dire and makes me uncomfortable.

The only thing that would make the Vectron mount even better would be if it played footloose by kenny loggins in a loop for all to hear.

Lmao, yea I don’t really care what mount I get in the next month, I just need a change from my varactyl. He’s tired.

So all this “event” is is a credit sink? A glorified “store”? With the fabulous opportunity to spend lots of time and credits and not get what you want. They should have released this on April 1st.

You’re spending credits, for the chance to win certificates.. to purchase an item that you’d like to own.

As for the time issue..I’m sure you’ve been in pug ops games that lasted in excess of 2 hours just to get 20 ultimate comms. (I do it once a week atleast)

So relax bro, were not gonna drag you to Nar Shadaa, you can sit alone and cold on Hoth if you prefer.

To be fair, everything you do in a computer game is a glorified time sink.
When this game shuts down for good, you don’t have much to show for your time spent in the game… Except whether or not you had fun… and some will think it’s fun to play slot machines.

The Borderlands 2 slot machines had me, I don’t see this being any different.

There 2 clear options here, either join in the fun with everybody (this is mostly to get everyone together in the same area to mess around) OR don’t.

If you think it’s good for the game to do major events that are nothing but a time and credit sink for people to chase vanity items, you are entitled to your opinion. Not everybody is into that. Seems a curious thing to release in the face of direct competition like ESO and Wildstar that have actual new content for people to play.

And telling people, take a hike if you don’t like it is a poor way to do business. Very poor.

I don’t think it’s being marketed as a major event is it? This isn’t an expansion, this is simply what it says, a gambling event.

As an avid gamer for 20 years, I can tell you that Swtor will never have to worry about that cartoony looking mess that is wildstar.

Alot of people playing swtor are just straight up star wars fans, and wildstar has absolutely no chance of bringing that fanbase to their game.

People are playing swtor because they want to immerse themselves in a series that has captured the imagination of the human race for decades.

Really If you don’t like Star Wars, I don’t know what you would possibly be doing here other than trollin down the river of misguided hate.

Yeah, this was like a “let’s kill time with something silly while we wait for the HUGE upcoming release”. I appreciate it. It’s fun. And the Achievements for blowing up a machine made it hilarious.

I find even more insulting that WoW has not released a patch since fall of 2013 and there are still 6 million players subscribed. At some point i thought that competition between mmos would make them all increase their pace of content releases, but I am not seeing that happening much actually. At least SWTOR has some minor content released now and then, but it is getting worse (so far this year). Lost my faith in WoW, I’ll wait and see in SWTOR.

I left WoW back in September of last year. Never going back. I haven’t really had issues with SWTOR other then about of time patching takes (my average is 5 hours for big patches with a 30mbsp cable connection). I do agree the Bioware seems to like to intro new additions in little chucks, where WoW would give you new content in mega patches.

Aren’t there too few rewards to wish for in this event?? I notice quite a little variety, they could have added dyers mods, paint jobs, and a whole extra bunch of small things (minor rewards)

I think the problem here is some of these people don’t respect the GRIND. What are you gonna say in a month when everyone has all this cool stuff and you have no way of getting it? You gotta respect their grind even if all that means is dumping hard earned credits into a slot machine for an entire evening.

Lucky this time we have until mid-August before this goes away. But yes, there is a huge amount of amount players that do not even know what “the Grind” is. Between leveling via KDY (laziest action in SWTOR atm), and people just no willing to give dailies a chance, only the vet MMO players ever “grind” things out anymore

I played EQ. That game had varying lvls of what ‘the Grind’ was. The
worst being waiting in a ‘line up’ for your chance to wait for the rare
monster to spawn and drop the thing you want. And you could have to
wait for an entire group of people camping it to get said thing.
Example, camping Dressler’s Assistant in CZ. Is it sad that people are forgetting what it is to strive for something in a game? I think so. People don’t seem to want to be ‘in it for the long haul’ with MMO’s these days……Good gods I’m old.

I rarely am lucky but I spent about 50k and about 30 minutes and I had won my rancor! I love it!

These items are lame! The mini-game is worse yet. I was really looking forward to some pazaakeque type mini-game, but no. They didn’t put much into developing this trash..I thought I might rejoin SWTOR for this and apts. but, alas..I got bored almost immediately. I got golden tickets, but I don’t want any of the rewards except Rancor. And that could take 1000 tries!

I agree with you about Pazaak. That should have been the mini-game added with this event but I imagine they only have a handful of people working on stuff for SWTOR. Probably would require more time and money to implement than a simple slots game.

well maybe this can be something that they bring back, start adding items to the list for GCs add new jackpots for different games. If they could add a new mini game every time they bring it back I think people would be happy. They have tried to at least listen to forum feedback before.

this isn’t any giant attempt to engineer something super. this is a pretty transparent attempt to sink some money out of the economy that’s despiratly needed.

that was the average cost of getting a GC by using the Smuggler’s Machine and using the buff to play the Kingpin and/or win one off the Smuggler’s

I just won a Rancor :DD Feeling soo lucky 🙂 I spend over 300 maybe 400k and it take me 1,5 hour. Funny thing that I had once last chip… and BUM! Like in the movie !

Looking at these numbers, I feel incredibly lucky. I picked up the rancor, the Magnus, the Unlucky title, and enough golden tickets for the Opus, the pet, 2 blaster pistols, the blaster rifle, the chest, the pants, and the HK customization. Total investment: less than 800k, and about 3 hours. One of my guildies has sunk over 25 million into it, has about 150 tickets, and still has not picked up the Rancor or the Magnus.

I havent spent that much, but ive been playing for about 3 hours and have only managed to get 7 certificates. I’ve only had to invest 250k so far over 3 hours, but still lots of free plays, very little actual winnings. Every one of my guildies has hit the Rancor, or MAgnus so far.

I have no luck at all with any RNG stat machine. 🙁

Got my rancor. Ended up spending 400k and took about 1.5 hrs of clicking 3-4 machines per cooldown. Also had enough certificates for the two regen items and a tommy gun. Thanks a lot for the tips about using smuggler’s machines to pick up kingpin tokens, saved me a ton of credits, even it if did take a lot longer.

Already I love this event more than the Rakghoul Resurgence. Yes its a money draining gambling addicting event but the rewards are so much better looking than the Rakghoul ones. So far I got the Magnus, a Sniper, and a Pistol *(currently need one more cert for the second for my merc) and even tho I know my chances of gettin the Rancor are slim to none, I’ll still go for as a sort of off prize (meaning I won’t care if i dont get it but if I do ill go insane). Really what im trying to do is get as many certs as I can for some legacy weapons, possibly the mount, and maybe the HK customization.

I met some dude in the cartel bazaar who won his rancor on his fourth try!
Lucky bastard! 🙂

I can’t believe how lucky people are. I spent about 4 million credits so far, won a ton of certificates but no Rancor or Vectron. Oh well, RNG always hated me.

I am also one of those who is alwasy unlucky when it comes to games of chance.

But I did manage to get one Magnus… not that I wanted it 🙁

Only played Smuggler’s machines and used the Kingpin chips from there to play the Kingpins. Spent 1.1m before I got my Rancor and a total of 1.7m to get all achievements, including the hidden one. Total time spent, 7 hours maybe?

Not that anyone cares, but 600k got me 3 vectrons and a rancor. Only thing is I don’t actually know which character to use my rancor on 😛 (also rancors and vectrons seemed to be falling from the sky within the first hour, could it be that the machines gave out more than they should have?). Anycase, is there a gallery of all the items from this event as of yet?

I saw him flipping out about it in chat. Don’t really care if you believe or if it’s true, but that’s what I saw. I believe it because he was crying about it being BOL

I don’t necessarily doubt what you saw. I doubt the person who claims he got it. I suspect he was trolling you all.

Well not sure if the calculations are incorrect or I just had an incredible streak of bad luck. Spent about 12-13 hours, only using the Kingpin chips won from the Smuggler’s luck machine and only when buffed. Spent a little more than 5 million credits but didn’t win a single rancor or vectron mount nor did I manage to break the machine.

I can kind of understand the rancor which was calculated at 2 million credits but the Vectron? Come on, from 5 million credits I should have won it at least 7 times already. What a waste…

Sounds like you had horrible luck. Hope that means more luck for me 🙂
So far I’ve blown about 600k and got one Vectron, and 23 gold certs, which seems about on par with the expectation.

I spent around 250k to get my Kingpin Pistol, a friend spent around a 100K and got 4 gold certificate and the Vectron on the Kingpin machine.
Also we both blew up the machines… Twice.
In the hour or so we put in we saw around a dozen Rancors and a couple Vectrons, it’s really all luck.

Someone told me that the rancorn has a 0.01% chance if you’re under lvl 40 and 0.12% if lvl 55, he said that he talked to the Customer Service or something like that, does anyone know if this is true?

I don’t think CS would mention any percentages, the ones in this article were datamined, and there was no level-dependent component found afaik.

I highly doubt CS even knows the percentages. Most CS reps, for most large companies, are actually outsourced to companies like Xerox, and they sit at a desk where they can pull up the information on accounts, and manage them from there. They have absolutely no involvement in the development of the game (or product sold), and do not work directly for the company in question (in this case, Bioware/EA).

It’s called averages… just because that is the mathematical average chance doesn’t mean it’s a guarantee, lol. Must be nice to just have 5 mil laying around to throw away on something so stupid.

Avg time for a GSF match:About 10-12 min,With it being double creds and reqs right now its 28.6k per win and about 20k per loss.Plus the daily,plus the weekly rewards for playing 2 matches/1 win and 7/3.5 (if I remember right). And you can play the slots between matches. So basically it pays for itself.

The only issue I see with this event is that you can legitimately buy credits via RMT by buying stuff from the cash shop then selling it on the GTN, with a day or so delay.

I wonder if anyone will seriously consider or even go though with plonking a sizable amount of real money down to try to win that mount?

Considering the fact that plenty of people are running around with the rancor on fleet and I know of people who have 3-6 rancors because they got them trying to get the Magnus, I’d say there is a chance that people will seriously consider it, yes…

Why wouldn’t you just buy the packs that have the rancor in that case? Plus you might get the orokeet, which is nicer anyway. Then you can sell everything on GTN.

And these packs have been around for ages.

I can’t conceive an intelligent person spending a ton of money on packs (which is also gambling andI know people that bought hypercrates and got all crap from them) when you can earn 500k in about 3 hours. Run Makeb weekly and all dailies including GSI, then go run a full Oricon, then sell everything you looted that’s not purple… you will have at least 400k if you’re not a stealthoid that just runs around and never kills/loots mobs. If you are one you will still have about 250k. 3 hours of play vs. $300… somebody’s not thinking.

So this is the way EA/BioWare combats the credit sellers that spam the general chat 6 times per second? By making events that require tons of credits in order to participate? And in an MMO that has taught the player base already how to buy Cartel Coins for real money…
The rewards are cool but really, I went through the comments here and on other sites and really? Spending over 25 mil for a mount and NOT getting it? So what’s the average Joe gonna think of that? The one that can’t make all these millions from crafting or GTN? That’s right, buy cheap credits for real money. Great business model EA, great business model.
Oh and to the ones that won’t like my comment, I know I know, if I don’t like it, I don’t have to play it or SWTOR in general. But the ones that will attack me it means that they haven’t really gotten the real meaning of my post.

Don’t be a moron. This isn’t to “combat credit sellers”…

And it’s gambling… so if someone spends over 25 million to get one mount, that’s their problem
I know people who spent no credits and still got it.
Remember, you can buy smuggler tokens for warzone comms and kingpin tokens for cartel certificates.
You don’t have to spend a single credit if you don’t want to.

In an MMO everything has to be about against illegal credit/gold selling and not encouraging it by any means. Who’s the moron now?
Also, how do you acquire Cartel Certificates? That’s right from Cartel Market. Which means with real money else if you take the complimentary CC that we get each month, it means 1 certificate, 2 at best per month.
I’ll give you credit though for the Warzone Comms argument but I can counter it EA makes people play a certain aspect of the game (PvP) not because they like it but for the Commendations. I guess the folks at the random queues on the arenas rated or non-rated will be thrilled when they see undergeared crubs join their team for no other reason than to get free slot machines chips.

Umm yeah ok… so a new op is against illegal credit selling… and making a new flashpoint is too?
The event is not made to deal with illegal credit selling.
As for the other points you make, none of them have anything to do with illegal credit selling… so what’s your point?
(ps. I had 23 cartel certificates… most of them gained by using free CC)

Your PVP argument is ridiculous, it is just as easy to make 100,000+ credits doing 1 daily planet. That is equal to 99 Smugglers Tokens. So people that do not like PVP, are likely not going to queue for PVP just to earn “free” commendations.
Second, there is an amazingly simple way for you, personally, to deal with gold spammers. It’s a neat little feature called ignore. When someone irritates you like a troll or a spam bot, you right click on their name in the chat box and add them to your ignore list. Amazingly, you will no longer see comments by those people. Since this feature exists, I highly doubt Bioware needs to plan their content on “Preventing gold spam bots”.

That’s actually a bad idea. 100 warzone comms gets you 1 smuggler token. However, 100 warzone comms also gets you two credit boxes, which should average over 3k credits. Which will get you 3 smuggler tokens.

But it’s still going to be slower than running your PVE dailies or using another method to make credits. I just run BH and CZ which clears about 100-150kish credits for about a half hour to forty minutes for both.

If you need more, and you have alts, it’s also a simple matter of just playing your alts, i prefer to gamble with only one toon though, even though he is The Unlucky.

Lol, please stop commenting, oke. This has never been about combating gold seller thats one point, secondly this has been about making actual use of a casino that has been there for almost 3 years without offering any playtime to players.

2 Cartel market certificates a month? seriously, dude there is a thing called saving up, i had 34 CM certificates saved up from 6 months up untill two days ago. No one can make 25 M from crafting? really? then you clearly dont know the economic ways in an MMO and specially not SWTOR I make daily up to 2 Mill on 1 char, occasionally another 1.5 with another char and every once a week anothr 800 k from crew skill missions. And thats the normal way. People who got their 180 relic schems can make up to 4 M a day, that is if they only sell 1 relic/implant/hilt/barrelt etc. But they dont they sell more. so thats almost 8 to 10 M a day. If they are trading it in for mats then its a bit lower but still around 1M per item.

The warzones were never there to let people to go and play pvp to buy smugglers coins.. smh.. it is there for the people who have bought all pvp gear for both specs if they have tank/healer healer/dps/ tank/dps etc. some even spend pvp gear on companions, some even still pvp allot without even if they dont need gear, simply because they like it. So that means when they dont have any way to usefully spend WZ coms, they can get rid of it on the event, gamble a bit and go play pvp again because they love it.

I was broke two days ago, i got some M’s back but did i ever thought let me go buy gold because im out and i wanna play. screw u BW for making me go buy gold. no… neither did i go pvp because i to buy coins and im not the only one who thinks this way. BW isnt forcing me to do anything that i dont want. I simply stopped using the casino. So please think before you are posting something.

I bet you are the one who was thinking about buying gold cause you are the one not making so much M to spend on an event, bet you dont like pvp and felt force to do so for the coins,

and if your post is all about I Can Counter EA/BW then just stop, will ya

I spent 23 cartel certificates to get 23 kingpin slots and used 400k to buy smuggler slots. I blew up 2 machines, got 1 Magnus and enough gold certificates to buy 5 pistols 2 rifles 2 snipers and 2 cannons… still no rancor tho 🙁

I have noticed that the Magnus seems harder to get than the rancor, despite the percentages.
This is just based off the chat of people trying to get the magnus but getting 2-4 rancors instead.

I have won three of the magnus’ and no rancor about 500k in. Gotta love the quirks of probability!

So we are all complaining. Has anyone tried figuring out maybe a pattern on the machines?
Easy to see that when your needle lines up with the middle of the spinning segment, u win a cert. Im assuming that not only does that need to be aligned correctly but it also has to be pointing to the 12 oclock position to win the jackpot? I have tried only clicking on the machine when the spinning segment is at the top. While i may have won my token back at a higher rate this way, i stil havent landed a jackpot. Have put down about 2mill. I buy 50 smuggler tokens, use them till they are gone, and then use the kingpins i win from those 50, with a buff. rinse and repeat. this seems to be the best economical way of doing it, but its evident i have BAD luck no speeders or rancor

There is no skill element to this game. I have hit the needle several times, and aside from a coincidental prize (like double chips, or feeling lucky buff) there has been no jackpot. As stated above, it is entirely dependent on mathematical probability, likely entirely unrelated to the spinning wheel.

When the servers came up I went straight for the slots, and only spent 10k and 2 mins on the machines and got my rancor. 😀 Best luck ever. Then logged for work.

I’m spending enough to get my Rancor then calling it quits. I have to say that 6 Kingpin token for every smuggler token is FAIRLY accurate. I once hit it 3 times in a row(LUCKY!!!) Spent maybe 300K so far. I like the event in it’s simplicity. I just wish there was a way to save up certificates then just buy the rancor outright. I would save for that!

Lucky son of a… I’m close to 400k, no Rancor. Luck has never been on my side in mmo’s though. Gratz.

I gave up and installed a pazaak app on my android. But nobody else plays it seems so I can only play the computer. Oh well, it still beats blackjack.

Spend about 750K, got me 25ish golden cert. 3 speeders and 0 rancor, guess I’l try again tomorrow, only got 250K left D:

You people are playing right into their strategy. They want to take as much money out of the economy before the guild flagships come into the game. Quit falling into their trap!

That was the first thing I said when I saw how much money was actually being fed into these machines.

I was completely against this event until I tried it and all I can say is HELLZ YA IT’S HELLA FUN!! We need more events like this and no, you don’t need to blow millions to get the good stuff. Run a few dailies if you don’t have many creds and DO NOT buy kingpin chips, just win them. A + for this event and I hope we get more cause it’s fun….and I hated the idea originally lol.

871K spent. Got 35 gold cert. the black speeder. Blew the machine up twice…..but no Rancor.. Oh and the 1 kingpin for every 6 smuggler chips is pretty accurate. I kept track and I worked it out to 5.8/1 so Yeah DO NOT BUY Kingpin Chips. Win them! Much cheaper.

still no Rancor, one char dead broke, 14 remaining 🙁

hope this is the only event of this kind. gambling is an expensive hobby 😉

Spent 12 M, blow up the machine, jackpot, 28 gold certificate, but nooo damn rancor. Now i am just death broke… time to make some creds again. For the ones who won the rancor, very lucky, congratz

Hah all this and I would absolutely not be surprised if the last day of the event the Kingpin rancor is available for 20000 cc on cartel market for 24 hours – and to even get the KP rancor winners to spend 20000 cc they can reskin it …then next day new cartel pack, housing, guild ships and . . . . Shame and the KP rancor becomes a monument of gamer pity

Spent around a million credits, blew up 1 machine, got 10 tickets, and finally got my Rancor! Took me about a hour and a half. I enjoyed the event ( although frustrating ). I feel bad for those who have spent a ton and haven’t won it yet, hang in there!

Spent 2.3m, got 81 certs, 5 magnus’s, 1 rancor, 4 explosions (2 on kingpin, 2 on smuggler). Only bought smuggler chips, never played the kingpin machines without the buff. When I got the rancor I had about 20 chips left and got 1 cert with them. Got an additional cert by playing the 5 free smugg tokens from another character.

I couldn’t find a spot that let me access more than 2 smugg slots at once, so I’d stand in the middle of 4, click 2, move up, click 1, move back and repeat. If most of the slots have people, just transport to a different instance (a good guess is whichever has the highest number).

If you are going to win anything from a kingpin machine, your lucky buff will disappear the moment you click it (but before the animation and the outcome). This implies that the outcome is already determined when you click the machine and the animation is just window dressing. The nice part of this is that it lets you play multiple kingpin machines. Just move from one to the other and watch your buff. The moment your buff disappears, run back to the smuggler slots. You’ll get your cert on the way back.

If you always collect 10+ tokens, get a fresh buff, then go hammer 3 kingpin machines, it will be very rare that your buff will naturally expire (I saw that only 3-4 times). I dragged smuggler tokens & kingpin tokens to my hotbar so I could keep an eye on their totals without having my inventory open.

I think this was everyones problem, playing more than 1 machine, I stuck to the same machine the entire time and I think I hold the harbinger server record for rancors.

Spent 350K on smuggler chips hit the king pin slot soon as I got lucky buff and bam. Rancor. Only 1 gold certificate out of that 350K….

So far about 20 certs and 3 vectrons. I bought the blaster rifle but the rest of the weapons/gear don’t really interest me. You should be able to sell the vectrons and certs back to the chip merchant for more chips.

Slight correction needs to be made in the “rewards” section above Dulfy….the Magnus mount comes from the kingpin machine, not the Opus. The Opus can be bought with certificates.

I played at the very start of the event for 90 minutes. I got the rancor within 10 minutes and blew up two machines before I quit. Kingpin coin odds from Smuggler slots have since changed IMO. I know all about RNG, but I was getting around 10 kingpin coins for around 45-50 smuggler coins at the start. But on Wed and Thurs I now only get around 10 kingpin coins per 70ish smuggler coins if I am lucky. Seems too big of a difference to be not by design.

Spent 300k, got Rancor, Vectron Magnus and 5 certificates. Guess I’m quite lucky then 😉 Too bad I’m still waiting for the explosion. (and more rancors for my alts)

I spend over 3 milion, get 120 Golden sert. 3x Vectron Magbus.. still wating for Rancor….. I unlock all achi. only need Rancor now to finish all…

update: spent around 3m now. Got 8x Vectron Magnus, 2 machines blew up and about 140 golden certs but still no rancor 🙁 How lucky can I get…

5,5mil, get one Vectron, 19 certficate. Still waiting rancor, nope. All my money is gone and I delete my account and unsub june26. TY Bioware for awesome content.

I’m very close myself to unsubbing I have invested around 500+ dollars in cartel market coins over the year and IMHO “supported” the one genre I have been with since childhood and I’ve played for days now blowing all my money having almost everyone around me win jackpot constantly and all I wana do is pop rancor and get back to pvp and groups stuff but noo I get burned by a company candidly butt-f-ing Star Wars fans.. I go up to KP machines with “feeling lucky” and 1 in 3 times I get 4-5 consecutive fails i mean do I have an invisible debuff called unlucky that only my character has?

I feel for ya… Sometimes you can’t help but wonder WTF the devs are even thinking. A cred sink is one thing, but one where there are odds you get nothing… That’s cold.

3 certs came from smuggler machines, it was about 45 kingpin chips in total, never blew up the machine.

one thing I noticed I was doing different than EVERYONE…i only played 1 smuggler machine and 1 kingpin machine the entire time.

CORRECTION: The lightsaber costs 2 certificates and the blaster pistol costs 3. Found this out after dropping about 100k I didn’t have to trying to get my 3rd certificate (although I ended up getting 4 total before I ran out of chips). Just an aside, from keeping track as I went along it seems the %ages for winning 1 and 2 chips, golden certificate and lucky buff are pretty much spot on. More power to anyone with enough credits and time to sit there all day clicking buttons trying to get the rancor or buttuglycycle, you have much more patience than I do.

doesnt work.. when you put offhand hilt in it, it sais it is offhand.. even if you rip it out again.. i have just tested it so i know

Also, input for the devs, since Dulfy seems to have their ear…. More Smuggler machines, Less Kingpin machines. Seriously… struggling and grumbling and people coming up to the machine you’ve been on for 10 minutes and trying to beat you to the clicks… omg frustrating. Then you get some kingpin tokens and lucky buff and find 30 machines not even occupied. Seriously, I have to wonder if the devs actually thought people were just going to drop 50k each for a couple hundred kingpin tokens… if they did they it proves their grasp on reality is a little loose.

Check out Lower Promenade. Seems few people know about this secondary location for slot machines. I’m usually there with only 1-2 others.

Well that’s crap, so I just threw away about 250k credits… not that it’s the end of the world, just the principle of the thing. Almost afraid to ask about this, as it may be a bug… but then again BW might make all the other legacy pistols and the blade work the same way, which would totally suck.

My wife hasn’t played swtor since Elder Scrolls came out, only logging in to do the bounty week when it’s on. While we were headed there for the bounty anyway she clicked on the advert in the fleet, went to nar shaddaa and got the 5 complimentary smugglers tokens, used them, which took forever for me watching, got one kingpin coin from those 5 smugglers ones. And yes, after 5 or 6 times of just getting her coin back she won a rancor and was a bit upset that she couldn’t give it to me. Now i didn’t really want it, I wouldn’t say no but it’s just not on my must have list, no what annoyed me more than her absolute out of this world luck was the fact she tried to cheer me up by spending the rest of the night maneuvering herself so that the rancor’s backside filled my screen. Anyway, on a brighter note i have finally got enough certs to kit my baby operative out with the outfit and a bba crossbow for a cyber punk witch hunter look, so I’m happy

Spent 160k(preffered) got 18 kingpin 5 certificate.
The best way to do is buy a bunch of smuggler then stand beetwen 4 machine and every time You need to move,but You can use 4 machine at the same time.

1.2 Million deep. Produced 158 Kingpin Chips. No rancor. Got everything else though. Tons of Golden Certificates though. 35? I dunno. Wasn’t tracking those.

Duffy is getting lazy. All I wanted to do was see the Companion Customization, and there are no pics.

Or you could follow the link embedded in this post to go where they HAVE been posted.

Y’know, unless you’re too lazy.

Notice how this person didn’t even have the guts to use their own login to accuse Dulfy of being lazy but created an anonymous one for the sole purpose of whining about pics not being posted…if your going to complain about someone who works tirelessly to provide you with high quality info at least show the balls to do it using your own login

500k in total, got a rancor 73 certs and a vectron, all i wanted was for the machine to blow up on my face though :

i am a sub and i have to say it does seem to favor those whose are subs and not those who aren’t. got everything on the first night by spending less than 100k being trying to get a second rancor but no luck seems subs get one and end up with the same chance as everyone else. all the subs in my guild have a rancor and those free to play or preffered status dont. plus think it would be a good idea if you can trade in those speeders. i now have 11 say 5 for a rancor would be good

Yup, subscribers have much better odds. As a preferred player I spent 700k on 700 tokens and got 23 certificates and no mounts of any kind (I only spun the Kingpin slots with the “feeling lucky” buff on).

As a sub i only got my first magnus after 1.1m. Only got the rancor after 5m so this theory is incorrect. It’s all about luck.

It’s just your imagination… I’m a subscriber and spent 700k credits on tokens and 24 cartel certificates for more tokens and only got 9 Golden Certificates out of it.

–Regardless, its for someone who’s end-game and probably a Vet with at least 3mil to burn if not more. Its still “chance” but the investment price is no joke.

You can easily make the cash up or make the cash back with GSF. IM pulling 28.6k per match at a win and 17-22k per loss in GSF at the moment due to the double the reqs and double the creds til July 1st.

Or spend 15-20 mins running black hole dailies, you make about 120k just from that short time investment.

There are a few tricks I have noticed. 1: Go to the lowest population instance 2:buy 200k of smuggler chips at a time. 3:Only hit the kingpin when you have proc’ed the feeling lucky buff twice (as in you have it and it pops again) and have at least 15 kingpin chips 4:When the buff wears off get it twice again (remember it will disappear if you get a gold certificate or a jackpot) 5:Play two machines at once 6:Never play 2 kingpins where someone else is playing the third one next to you.

What you are saying is exactly how I have been playing. I am 700k in so far and only have won 29 certificates. No mounts, no explosions.

What really sucks is the odds of winning a cert on the smuggler machine is the same as winning a Vectron Magnus on the Kingpin machines. I have won 8 certificates on the smuggler machines thus far, but no Jackpots on the kingpins.

And pretty much everyone in my guild that has played thus far has won a Rancor or the car with less investment! I have some pretty bad RNG luck. And I have been a dedicated sub since pre-launch with no lapse. So you can throw that idea right out the window.

Agreed… I’m a sub as well and my luck sucked compared to some of my other guildies… Total RNG… No skewing…

In case you haven’t noticed, the game is now more about degenerate gambling than content. Cartel packs and casinos appeal to human beings’ degenerate nature.

It was like that when they introduced the cartel market, around the time subscribers became

second-class citizen and we were no longer the primarily source of income since those packs were selling like hot bread and cost nothing to make. EA is EA after all, quick buck all the way.

I got a rancor. It’s movement is annoying. So is it’s size. Rancors are like culos. Everyone’s got one. In short the rancor is dumb. What a waste of credits and time.

Really?? I thought Rancors are cool because of their size. But the event is kind of a waste, Got to agree with that.

I’m sorry if I have to say this Dulfy but the event gave me no impression to continue on playing the festival of splendor, it wasted my credits and my time leveling up. Sorry about that if it offends you. Still wondering when the Infiltrator will come out since it got postponed…….??

Dulfy is a she.
And she just relays the information. She doesn’t work for them and I don’t think she cares much if someone likes or dislikes an event or activity in one of the games she covers.
Unless of course they just troll and behave like a-holes, but I don’t think you did that.

Well thanks for your comment, and sorry for the mistake that Dulfy was a he….No, I was just being honest about the event that’s all. No trolling here.

–I still would have loved PvP Pazaak, personally. And Sabacc. Even the idea of finding rare drop kards on enemies would have been kool. Surely for Trading. Trading Kard Games usually tend to go over quite well.

Yes it is, may just be an oversight on Dulfy’s part. She IS dealing with updates to 4 games now. Lol, keep up the good work Dulfy!

Talking about luck: spent more than eight million credits buying smuggler chips (green). Spent more than 800 kingpin chips (blue) and still not even one rancor, but all achievments x 10 (even the blown machine).

This is starting to be depressing. 🙂

8 million credits lol. Why would you waste that much? You could have just bought two rancors. Don’t say you wanted a fedora.

Well, I don’t care too much about the rancor itself, but I want the achievement, which cannot be bought from GTN. 🙂

Bottom line is…I am closing in on 20 million spent. If you want it keep pushing for it..if you don’t…go back to doing whatever you were doing before the event. I only got 1 Magnus..yeah, 1. and a lot of golden toilet paper….

Kind of crazy, I’m trying for all of the achievements, I actually won a rancor on my 2nd kingpin chip used. But I cannot get one of those darn Magnus. I have spent over 3 million now, and have 3 rancors, but no Magnus yet.

Nothing against you BUT I am really sick of hearing these stories of people getting it so quickly yet it takes Millions for others to get theirs. I know it’s gambling but I feel like you also should be able to work towards that Rancor Jackpot. Even if they said 75 Certificates gets you a rancor. That’s steep and requires millions but at least I would be working towards something. 1.5Million deep and I’m no closer to getting it then I was when the event started.

This is probably how the last week of “splendor” will be done -laugh- more like festival of theft

Got 2 Rancors,2 Vectrons,All the weapons (including 4 of the pistols),the holo slot machine,the Opus and completed 100% of the acheivments by day 2 spending a total of less than 2 mil. And I still have about 80 smuggler chips and 29 Gold Certificates left.

Then you must be…because on day one it was insane with the odds. I spent a total of 1.6 mil and did all of it but the second rancor on day 1.

I saw a rancor pet on the fleet, and the player told me it was a jackpot from the gambling event. Is it true, and if so, why is it not in your list? Thanks.

Did you even read the above guide? It not only has 3 pictures and a video of the Rancor, but even shows the percent chance of winning one?

Anyone else disappointed by the implementation of this two month event? The system is fine, but it sucks just as bad as real slot machines.

Click a button, read the text to see if you won.
Click a button, read the text to see if you won.
Click a button, read the text to see if you won.

Earning achievements was more entertaining. You think they would have had a pop-up window so you could root for three rancors or three hutts in a row. It is so lackluster.

That sucks… I know the feeling. I got to about that before getting my second pet. Still no explosion yet.

This event is for clowns. So what if we all now have goofy rancors. Do we actually feel happier as a result?

I’ve gambled on and off since the start and spent about a million credits. Last night, I thought the game crashed, I saw I lost my lucky buff (clear indicator of victory…although typically just another cert) right after clicking but nothing happened for a good 4-5 seconds.

Suddenly the machine starts spewing coins and a red light bangs on, JACKPOT. Nearby gamblers howl in rage, across the casino a hutt bellows his distaste, new alien npcs that look amazing and nobody has even commented on snark bitterly as a halo of light surrounds me and from the heavens descends a green rancor.

I realise. I am done. I am finally done. I don’t have to come here anymore.

And from the sidelines I see my 7 alts, each just as worthy of a rancor as the next save one. The Beastmaster. He holds out his hand demanding satisfaction, and I hand over the reigns.

I am never leaving. This is my home now. I don’t have a gambling problem, I am the gambling.

I won’t use that mount, it would remind me of the stupid crap swtor customers accept as an “event”, and would frustrate my gaming experience or make me leave the game.

My biggest problem with this event is the cost. I know it’s a cred sync, but the application is very disappointing because I, a subscriber since launch who plays regularly, might pay 5 mil to get a stupid rancor, but jo blo the noob can hop in and spend 25k and nail the jackpot.

Subs should get an extra buff or something.

Random thought but I got the rarest possible outcome, (or at least I believe I did, please correct me if Im wrong 🙂 My BH had a kingpin machine blow up on her at a 0.026% chance. Unfortunately, still no rancor mount. Might as well run some dailies and keep trying my luck.

It would be great if people read event information above and understood that like real life gambling, there was no guarantee of winning a specific item or mount. (It’s less than a 1% chance to get the Rancor mount, people… get over it!)

I’ve played about 150k credits on three of my toons, had fun doing it and walked away with no Rancor or Speeder mount… dissapointed about it, yes… but it’s not going to effect my playing the game tonight.

I’m at the point where I can spend a lot on cheap coins but I’m not rich enough to buy expensive coins. The event machines are really boring and every single time I play them for more than 10 minutes I start to fall asleep on my chair, at any time of the day and eve if I overslept the night before.

I only want my achievements, but this is starting to look like an impossible task. I’m too afraid to use a software cheat because there is a slight chance it is detected.

Does anyone know where I can get an idea to create a hardware auto click device?

This is seriously getting on my nerves. Just got the 8th Vectron Magnus… And no rancor… Is my main/account just prohibited to have a rancor jackpot?

Not sure how much difference this will make to most, but I did the math with these figures and got a different Average (1.6 Million Credits) for the Rancor.

First set to 50% chance of winning (…or losing if you are a pessimist).

0.5 = (1.0-.0009)^(Number of Kingpin Chips)

If you take the log of this equation you get:

log(.5) = Kingpin * log((1.0-.0009))

This gives ~= 770 Chips. Then using the numbers from Dulfy’s article:

770 * 0.3519 [chance chip was actually lost] * 6000 [to get one Kingpin Chip] = 1,625,778 ~= 1.6 M.

Unfortunately if you are in the bottom 10% tier, you’ll be spending about 5.4 Million [ (log(.1)/log(1.0-.0009)) * .3519* 6000 ] or more. 🙁

I’d advise to pick a set number, $1 Million, $2 Million, even $5 Million and quit if you don’t get the Rancor within that amount. That way you will be less likely to fall prey to the sunk cost and/or the gambler’s fallacies.

Finally got the rancor and I’m only broke with 3 Chars, All Achievments done.
Any news what will be the next “event” ?

Dulfy does it affect my chances to win something if i click the machine just when the pointer points to a specific position?

Some of my guildies said the won always if they clicked just when the pointer was at the opposite of the colored area. Other ones said the won if they click the machine if the points is at the colored area..

But i thought the machine is random and “does not require” any skills?!

Thx for answering

Word on the street is that they fudged the odds after 2.8a patch so you’ll get a gold cert before a mount. Back on fleet I noticed a lot of casino rancors the first few days and going into the last week of June I see none. Were the odds of winning also determined by how many people were gambling in nar shadda?

Either way the event spanning the entire summer seems uncharacteristic for bioware. All the other events lasted a week e.g. gree, thorn, chevin.

I some how lucked out and won both mounts at the same time playing 3 machines. then won 3 of the black speeders within 15 minutes after. It was nothing for 3 days then it rained prizes.

I think you have get a Kingpin on averarge for 5 Smugglers, because there is an 30% chance of loss, but also an 5% chance of winning 2 Smugglers, so in 100 rolls we win 5 and loose 30, so theres a loss of 5 Smugglers. There is also a chance to win a Kingpin (5%), so we win 5 Kingpins in 100 rolls and loose 25 smugglers, so its 5 smugglers for one Kingpin

if you win a Kingpin you lose the smug, so there’s a loss of 30 smugs for 5 Kingpins, so it’s 6 smug for one Kingpin

I spent 100k on one of the first days and 300k few days later after
one of the patches – and won only 11 gold certificates, nothing else.
Then I started thinking like some people here that they ninja-nerfed
chances of overall winning in one of those patches… I was kind of sad
and repelled from any more playing and wasting credits…

weeks passed and I was just watching a lot of rancors on Fleet, which I
really wanted to win (like anyone else, right?), so I eventually loosen
up and thought what a hell – and spent another 1,2m on smuggler chips (4
days ago)…
As I was playing I noticed I was getting a lot more
often gold certificates than usually, but was slightly losing hope of
getting anything more than that after spending half of the chips
(because I was still win just certificates). And then it happened –
after about 600-650 smugglers spent and don’t know which number of
kingpin chips played – it just hit jackpot. At first I thought, oh well,
another certificate, but then I noticed I also got some achievement.
After seeing jackpot I was really happy and excited, but still wouldn’t
hope for much (so I don’t get disappointed even more) and thought maybe I
got just Vectron – but after seeing Rancor in chat tab and looking in
Inventory, I couldn’t be more happier.

I went out and started
doing dailies and stuff, because I didn’t want to play any more casino
and I wanted to play with my new mount.
Having 500-600 smugglers
left, 2 days later (2 days ago), I decided to play some more just to
spend them because they take my inventory space and I have no use of
them being unused.

First coin I put in smuggler machine blew it out and my character started tottering. =)

Summa summarum:
– about 1,6m spent
– about 1m took me to get my rancor
– bought Vectron Opus and Slot Machine for healing (not sure why it’s not in the list above…)
– bought armor: Kingpin’s Fedora, Kingpin’s Jacket, Kingpin’s Pants, Kingpin’s Gloves, Kingpin’s Boots
– bought weapon: Kingpin’s Assault Cannon, Kingpin’s Blaster Pistol, Kingpin’s Lightstaff

– all achievements except the one for Vectron Magnus

– 330 smugglers luck chip left

in all, I am very happy with this event and I hope to buy/get Vectron
Magnus, pet and the rest of weapons and armor with these 330 chips I
have left. =)

I finally got my Rancor, as well as all other achievements, and just over 200 gold certs. To get that, though, I’ve spent over 8 million credits, and according to the combat logs I’ve inserted 24246 coins. Even clicking on GCD that has been more than 10 hours of clicks. Glad I got it now, but I hope for my mouse’s sake they won’t have another event like this anytime soon…

A little update:
– 0 golden certificates left and 0 coins left
– Vectron Magnus not won :/
– complete Kingpin’s armor obtained
– droid pet obtained

I’ve spent 1.2mil credits on Smugglers Chips now. For 99 chips you get an average of 12 Kingpin’s Chips. THat’s about 145 Kingpin’s coins. I’ve gotten everything but the Machine Explodes achievement and the Rancor Mount. 4 hours of my life – Lost 8).

Just scored the Rancor mount. Spent slightly under 300k total using Smuggler’s Luck for tokens.

Have the odds on the smuggler’s machine changed? Previous days playing it averaged about 1 kingpin chips per 6k spent, sometimes more sometimes less. Tonight I’ve sunk about 100k worth into smugglers coins and got back 5 kingpin chips and won almost as many golden certificates from the smugglers machine.

will the vendor for the “golden certificates” still be available after the event or should i spend them all before its ends

Due to the rakghoul event I hopped back in here. Almost at 100 certs now. I don’t know if it was bad luck but out of 198 chips I only got 16 Kingpin chips and 3 certs this run. Out of that 2 of the certs were at the smuggler slots.

On the plus side finished rep with Thorn so not completely bitter. 😀

Monday through Thursday I couldn’t win anything. 250+ smuggler chips without a single certificate. I usually get 5 golden certificates per 99 smuggler chips. I estimate burning through more than seventeen stacks of smuggler chips and still no rancor. I do have almost 60 golden certificates.

I finally got a rancor. So happy that some luck kicked in before the event ended. I really hope now that the next story arc after the housing release is something interesting enough to pull me back into the game for more then looking at a crude slot machine. :-)>

2.5 million spent, I got 122 golden certificates, 10 Vectron Magnus’, 4 exploding machines, and zero rancors ;p

This guy. Expect to see this in general the whole time. Best to ignore them. I think I spent about 1.8 mil on mine last year, I intend to go in for about 3 mil this year for another, if it happens it happens, if it doesnt…oh well.

Really? Sounds a bit crazy off. I spent 400K and got 11 Golden Certificates. I guess 4.6mil for next to nothing can happen, but that seems low. Were you using the lower end coins to get the higher end ones, or did you just purchase the higher end ones?

I bet you made the mistake of buying Kingpin tokens instead of Smuggler’s to win Kingpin tokens

The line “What Level? You will need to have a ship so you can travel to Nar Shaddaa. Level 10+” is no longer true with the Nar Shadda Stronghold.

Actually, you still need a ship to travel to a planet’s surface from its respective Stronghold, or at least you do for Tatooine and Nar Shaddaa.
Otherwise the only places you can visit will be your previous location or the Fleet.

Or you accept a Heroic mission for NS on the Fleet and use the transport from that to travel to NS.

Let’s talk about getting Kingpin chips without spending the 50k for them.

As stated, it’s 1k for a play on the Smuggler slots, with a 60% chance of a free play, a 5% chance of two free plays, and a 5% chance of a Kingpin chip. For simplicity’s sake, let’s ignore the achievement and golden cert rewards; they’re very low probability anyway; this gives us a 30% lose chance.

Cost: 1,000

Free play: 1,000 * 0.6 = 600
Double free play: 2,000 * 0.05 = 100
(Kingpin chip: 50,000 * 0.05 = 2500)
Loss: 0 * 0.3 = 0

Expected value of return: 3,200 (relative to buying kingpin chips directly, not relative to your wallet)

Before the kingpin chip, a smuggler’s chip drops you 300 credits each play. With a 5% chance of a win, you are expected (not guaranteed) a chip every 20 plays, or every 20k investment for 14k return. In the long run, it “costs” 6k credits to “buy” a kingpin chip with smuggler’s chips.

“But Armond,” you say, “the 50,000 cost divided by the 3,200 expected value of return gives me 15 5/8 smuggler chips!” You’re correct — including the free plays you get, you can expect 20 plays out of every 15 5/8 chips you purchase.

>it “costs” 6k credits to “buy” a kingpin chip with smuggler’s chips.

I missed a word — it costs an *extra* 6k. (This information isn’t super helpful anyway, and I probably shouldn’t have posted it.)

Still, using the final calculation from that post, you’ll pay about 15,625 credits to get a kingpin chip.

I hope they new stuff to the vendor, new mounts, new weapons, new outfit, Companion Customizations, pets, regen items and maybe emotes, and of course decorations 😛

i must have gotten lucky with the Rancor. I spent less than 500K and 3 hours before I won it. Then I left and never came back lol.. I didnt care about any of the other rewards. However, now that I have a commando, I might try to get that cannon.

If you’re bummed because there are no new rewards, I feel your pain. But don’t complain because it has been obvious for years that Bioware does not cater to its long time subs. This event is new to plenty of newbies that have signed up within the last year and that’s all that matters.

3 Rancors and 3 Vectrons in under 2hrs, and under 700k. Another guilde spent millions buying kingpin tokens, while I used the smugglers to win tokens for kingpin.

yup, not spending a dime this time around… incentive. Better off paying 10m for a rancor on GTN, at least you can unlock it on all toons instead of spending 2-3m per toon.

Great plan…except for the fact that you can’t unlock the kingpin Rancor because its not listed in collections

Won the rancor last night using the five ‘free’ smuggler tokens. No joke. RNGesus was with me for sure.

Everyone here does understand that this is a credit sink right? Seriously, stop whining about how you spent all these creds and still didn’t get anything when it’s just you to blame for spending them. Either keep going and hope you win the mount or stop, it’s your choice to spend millions on one event that is actually pretty fun.

Everybody is lucky there….100k, 200k, 30k, Free tokens…I spend 4milions on this event!!!And i got just 2 vectron magnus and 9GC !!!…Im sad and raged

Last two times I got nothing but gold certificates, kingpin coins, and the stupid super hard to get title (twice). I know the feeling.

not joking. flipping smugglers machine exploded in front of me as i was playing it. couple of achievement thingys popped up then i looked and sure enough, this was before i came here. i really wanted to find a quicker way to that silly speeder…. lol then i see its a rare title so… yea me i guess?

I only spend the chips I get from FPs. Good enough for me. Won a few GC’s. Not spending $5mil on a chance to win a mount I can only use on one toon….

3.5m on Smuggler’s Casino Chips and I only played Kingpin’s machines when I had the Feeling Lucky buff with the “free” Kingpin chips I got.
Results: 2 Vectron BWL Wraith, 1 machine explode, and 1 bodyguard.

I’ll have to head over there and lose some money. Just to see what the buzz is all about.

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