SWTOR Patch 2.8 Patch notes

SWTOR patch notes for Patch 2.8. This patch is scheduled to deploy after the maintenance on June 10 from 2 am to 8 am PST.

Game Update 2.8: Spoils Of War

Soovada ("Spoils of War" in Huttese) is an annual celebration of total extravagance in Hutt culture, originally celebrated in the summer season of Varl after successful military campaigns. Rival clans compete to prove their superior wealth, attempting to sponsor the most parties, pit fights, bounties, gambling, and every other public display of fortune and excess imaginable.

Popularized among outside cultures during visits to Nar Shaddaa, this exuberant holiday is now celebrated on hundreds of worlds across the galaxy, where it’s simply known by its Huttese name; any connection to ancient wartime looting is largely ignored.


New Event: Spoils of War! Players can earn double Ranked Warzone Commendations, Warzone Commendations, Fleet Requisition, and Credits from PvP participation, and can try their hand at the slot machines on Nar Shaddaa for exclusive rewards during the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife celebration.

  • Earn double Fleet Requisition and Credits in Galactic Starfighter battles from Game Update 2.8 to 2.8.1.
  • Earn double Ranked Warzone and Warzone Commendations and Credits from 2.8.1 to 2.8.2.
  • Keep an eye out for intriguing advertisements for the Club Vertica and Star Cluster casinos for more information on the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife celebration!
  • Earn Golden Certificates from Smuggler’s Luck and Kingpin’s Bounty machines and redeem them for prizes.
  • Earn exclusive mount prizes directly from Kingpin’s Bounty machines.
  • Smuggler’s Casino Chips can be purchased with Credits or Warzone Commendations.
  • Kingpin’s Casino Chips can be purchased with Credits or Cartel Market Certificates, or won from Smuggler’s Luck slot machines.

Nightmare Mode Dread Palace is now available! Return to Oricon to face off against Dread Masters Bestia, Tyrans, Calphayrus, and Raptus, who are now more powerful than ever before! Defeat this new difficulty while Nightmare Power is active to earn a new title!

Group Finder Operations have been redesigned! Story Mode Operations are now more accessible to endgame players (levels 50 – 55). The Operations section in the Group Finder window will list available Operations on a predetermined schedule, rotating in different Operations every few days. Players who meet the level requirement of the Operation will be Bolstered, removing the requirement for endgame gear. Rewards have also been improved, making this a great opportunity for players to earn Ultimate Commendations and experience new content!

Bounty Contract Week returns! The event runs from June 10th 12:00 GMT to June 17th 12:00 GMT.

Progress faster with a Double XP Week! Get twice the experience from July 1st 07:00 GMT to July 8th 07:00 GMT.

The Gray Secant has returned from its travels! Participate in the Relics of the Gree event from July 22nd 12:00 GMT to July 29th 12:00 GMT.


  • Added Shadow Map options to the Preferences graphics tab:
    • Shadow Map Cascades: Increases the number of shadow maps used by the shadow system. Increasing this will improve quality but reduce performance.
    • Shadow Map Resolution: Increases the effective resolution of the shadows. Applies to interior and exterior shadows. Increasing this will improve quality but reduce performance.
  • Removed 6 Location and 1 Bestiary Codex entries that were erroneous and not obtainable through gameplay.
  • Corrected an error that caused /say messages to not send as expected.
  • System Messages are now able to have their location moved with the Interface Editor.

Cartel Market

  • New Nightlife Pack now available: The Star Cluster Nightlife Pack! Cost: 320 Cartel Coins.
  • Hypercrates containing 24 Star Cluster Nightlife Packs are now available! Cost: 6912 Cartel Coins (Discounted 10% for a limited time!)
  • The Star Cluster Nightlife Pack items can now be previewed in Collections.
  • Several Pets and Emotes from the Hotshot’s Starfighter Pack are now in Collections as intended.
  • Moods now have a description indicating which slash command they unlock (ex: /goofy).
  • The item “Holographic Disguise” now indicates in its tooltip that the effect will break when performing any action besides moving.

Classes + Combat

  • Fixed an issue that would occasionally allow abilities to affect targets, even if those targets had a 100% or greater chance to defend against attacks.
Jedi Knight


  • Merciless Slash now deals more damage and costs 4 Focus.
  • Dispatch and Merciless Slash now have a 25/50/75 percent chance and Slash now has a 15/30/45 percent chance to trigger Mind Sear, which finishes the active cooldown of Cauterize.
  • Inexhaustible Zeal now also makes the Damager Over Time effects from Cauterize and Overload Saber uncleansable.
  • Overload Saber now requires Juyo Form to be active.
  • Plasma Blade now increases the damage dealt by burning effects by 7/14/21 percent (up from 2/4/6 percent).


  • Focused Defense now lasts a maximum of 10 seconds (down from 40).
Sith Warrior


  • Annihilate now deals more damage and costs 4 Rage.
  • Vicious Throw and Annihilate now have a 25/50/75 percent chance and Vicious Slash now have a 15/30/45 percent chance to trigger Pulverize, which finishes the active cooldown of Rupture.
  • Indefatigable Onslaught now also makes the Damager Over Time effects from Rupture and Deadly Saber uncleansable.
  • Deadly Saber now requires Juyo Form to be active.
  • Hemorrhage now increases the damage dealt by burning effects by 7/14/21 percent (up from 2/4/6 percent).
  • Enraged Defense now lasts a maximum of 10 seconds (down from 40).
Jedi Consular

Balance (Sage)

  • Sever Force now deals slightly more damage.
  • Telekinetic Focal Point now grants a 9% per stack bonus to the damage of Rippling Force.
  • Mental Scarring now increases the damage done by Telekinetic Throw to targets affected by the player’s Sever Force by 8.3/16.67/25 percent.
  • Containment now reduces the activation time of Force Lift by 0.5/1.0 second (up from 0.25/0.5).
  • Shadow’s Training now decreases the activation time of Force Lift by 1 second in addition to its other effects.
  • Mass Mind Control now taunts NPCs when Combat Technique is active, and lowers threat when Combat Technique is not active.
  • Reduced the activation time of Phase Walk to 0.5 seconds (down from 1.5 seconds) and increased the maximum duration to 5 minutes (up from 2 minutes).
  • Combat Technique, Force Technique, and Shadow Technique no longer require 100 Force to activate, and instead use all available Force regardless of amount.
  • Force Technique’s Force Breach now deals slightly more damage.

Balance (Shadow)

  • Sever Force now deals slightly more damage.
  • Mind Warp now increases the damage of Mind Crush by 16.5/33 percent instead of extending its duration.
  • Sever Force now also triggers the damage and Force regeneration of Rippling Force.
  • Containment now lowers the activation time of Force Lift by 0.5/1.0 second while Force Technique is active.
  • Mental Defense now enables Mass Mind Control to grant a 15/30 percent reduction in damage taken by 6 seconds.
  • Force Strike now has a 100% chance to activate on melee attacks (up from 60%).
  • Crush Spirit now grants a 15/30 percent chance for periodic damage over time effects to trigger Crush Spirit, which finishes the cooldown of Spinning Strike and makes your next Spinning Strike usable on a target of any health level.
Sith Inquisitor
  • Guard damage no longer cancels the effects of Whirlwind.

Madness (Sorcerer)

  • Creeping Terror now deals slightly more damage.
  • Focal Lightning now grants a 9% per stack bonus to the damage of Lightning Burns.
  • Creeping Death now increases the damage done by Force Lightning to targets affected by the player’s Creeping Terror by 8.3/16.67/25 percent.
  • Haunted Dreams now reduces the activation time of Whirlwind by 0.5/1.0 second (up from 0.25/0.5).
  • Assassin’s Training now decreases the activation time of Whirlwind by 1 second in addition to its other effects.
  • Mass Mind Control now taunts NPCs when Dark Charge is active, and lowers threat when Dark Charge is not active.
  • Reduced the activation time of Phase Walk to 0.5 seconds (down from 1.5 seconds) and increased the maximum duration to 5 minutes (up from 2 minutes).
  • Lightning Charge, Dark Charge, and Surging Charge no longer require 100 Force to activate, and instead use all available Force regardless of amount.
  • Lighting Charge’s Lightning Discharge now deals slightly more damage.

Madness (Assassin)

  • Creeping Terror now deals slightly more damage.
  • Lingering Nightmares now increases the damage of Crushing Darkness by 16.5/33 percent instead of extending its duration.
  • Creeping Terror now also triggers the damage and Force regeneration of Lightning Burns.
  • Haunted Dreams now lowers the activation time of Force Lift by 0.5/1.0 second while Lightning Charge is active.
  • Shapeless Spirit now enables Mass Mind Control to grant a 15/30 percent reduction in damage taken by 6 seconds.
  • Raze now has a 100% chance to activate on melee attacks (up from 60%).
  • Bloodletting now grants a 15/30 percent chance for periodic damage over time effects to trigger Bloodletting, which finishes the cooldown of Assassinate and makes your next Assassinate usable on a target of any health level.


  • K.O. now allows Shoot First to interrupt the target.
  • Slippery Devil now offers a 15/30 percent reduction in area of effect damage in addition to its other bonuses.
  • Surprise Comeback now grants a 10/20 percent reduction in damage received while Stim Boost is active in addition to its healing effects.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Surprise Comeback from healing a fifth time.
Imperial Agent


  • Jarring Strike now allows Hidden Strike to interrupt the target.
  • Shadow Operative Elite now offers a 15/30 percent reduction in area of effect damage in addition to its other bonuses.
  • Revitalizers now grants a 10/20 percent reduction in damage received while Stim Boost is active in addition to its healing effects.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Revitalizers from healing a fifth time.
  • Tech Override now grants 6 seconds of interrupt and pushback immunity after it has been used to activate an ability immediately. For Commandos with Overclock, the immunity is triggered after the second use.

Shield Specialist

  • Shield Cycler now also regenerates Energy Cells when an attack is defended against in addition to shielding.
  • Static Shield now has a chance to finish the cooldown on Stock Strike when an attack is defended against in addition to shielding.

Assault Specialist (Vanguard)

  • Riot Augs now increases the damage of periodic elemental damage by 35% in addition to its other effects.
  • Rapid Recharge has been replaced by Critical Recharge. Critical Recharge increases Critical Hit chance by 1/2 percent, and reduces the cooldown of Recharge Cells and Reserve Powercell by 15/30 seconds.
Bounty Hunter
  • Power Surge now grants 6 seconds of interrupt and pushback immunity after it has been used to activate an ability immediately. For Mercenaries with Power Overrides, the immunity is triggered after the second use.

Pyrotech (Mercenary)

  • Superheated Rails no longer gets damage from both Primary Hand and Off-hand Rail Shot attacks.

Shield Tech

  • Shield Vents now also vents Heat when an attack is defended against in addition to shielding.
  • Rapid Venting now has a chance to finish the cooldown on Rocket Punch when an attack is defended against in addition to shielding.
Pyrotech (Powertech)
  • Power Bracer now increases the damage of periodic elemental damage by 35% in addition to its other effects.
  • Rapid Venting has been replaced by Critical Venting. Critical Venting increases Critical Hit chance by 1/2 percent, and reduces the cooldown of Vent Heat and Thermal Sensor by 15/30 seconds.

Flashpoints + Operations

  • The effect of Nightmare Power has been removed from Nightmare Dread Fortress, and the “Conqueror of the Dread Fortress” Title can no longer be obtained. Congratulations to those who overcame this challenge!
  • Nightmare Mode is now available for the Dread Palace Operation.
  • Dread Master Brontes and the Dread Council now drop a Dread Guard Cranial Scan for each member of the Operation.
  • Players who are defeated in an Operation now have the option to spawn inside of the instance when all other players in the group are out of combat.
  • Players accessing Operations through Group Finder will now be Bolstered to an appropriate gear rating while inside the Operation. This Bolster effect will also provide increased incoming healing and increased shield chance and shield absorb.
  • Operations in Group Finder will now group players for the 16-Player Story Mode version of the Operation.
  • The Operation category of the Group Finder now rotates through a different available Operation every 2 or 3 days. The currently available Operation, the time remaining and the next available Operation can be accessed through the Group Finder panel.
  • Dread Fortress and Dread Palace have been added to the Operation rotation.
  • Mass Manipulator Generators no longer drop from every boss in Hard Mode Dread Fortress, and now only drop from Dread Master Brontes as intended.
  • Enemies outside of boss encounters in the Dread Palace now correctly follow players when engaged in combat.
  • Added additional gating to the Dread Fortress to block access to unintended areas of the map.
  • The Sovereignty buff players receive after claiming a Dread Master’s throne is now properly dispelled when leaving the Dread Palace.
  • Rewards for completing content via the Group Finder have been improved!
    • Operations:
      • Upgraded to 30 Ultimate Commendations at Level 55.
      • Upgraded to 25 Elite Commendations between Levels 50-54.
    • Hard Mode Level 55 Flashpoints:
      • Upgraded to 10 Ultimate Commendations.
    • Tactical 55 Flashpoints:
      • Upgraded to 10 Elite Commendations.

Galactic Starfighter

  • Spawn locations are now chosen randomly for players by default. Players can override this from the Map screen by manually selecting a spawn location.
Ships + Hangar
  • A new Gunship variant has been added! The SGS-S1 Condor (Republic) and the GSS-4Y Jurgoran (Empire) are now available via Fleet Requisition. These Skirmisher Gunships are a more up-close-and-personal Gunship with a Railgun and Missile-focused loadout, including an option for the new Interdiction Missile.
  • A new Bomber variant has been added! The Sledgehammer (Republic) and the B-5 Decimus (Empire) are now available via Fleet Requisition. These Assault Bombers are heavily armored Bombers that are best in the thick of the battle, and are able to deploy Drones or Mines for maximum effectiveness.
Components + Crew
  • Interdiction Mine damage has been increased, but no longer has Shield Piercing.
  • Feedback Shield’s damage has been increased and now correctly activates off of Primary Weapon attacks.
  • Fortress Shield now increases shield strength by 130%.
  • Mine area of effect now obeys line of sight.

Items + Economy

  • Serendipitous Assault, Focused Retribution, and Devastating Vengeance Relics no longer activate from both dealing damage and healing within the same rate limit.
  • Scrap Peddler Lockbox has been added to the PvP Items vendor on the Republic and Imperial Fleets for 600 Warzone Commendations. This Lockbox gives a random Jawa Scrap item that can be exchanged at the Scrap Peddlers in the Cartel Bazaar.
  • Master Hunter’s Headgear has been given voice modulation.
  • The Imperial version of the Battlemaster Force-Mystic’s Headgear has been given a more appropriate voice modulation.
  • The inventory of Fleet Commendation vendors has been updated:
    • All PvE Starship Upgrades have been moved to the Starship Upgrade vendor.
    • The Pilot Suits sold by this vendor no longer have Social Level requirements.
    • Reduced the cost of the Legacy Item Kits sold by this vendor.
    • Merged Grade 6/7/8 crafting Lockboxes into a single “Level 50” crafting Lockbox containing 3 random types of crafting materials.
    • Removed Level 50 Premium and Prototype Equipment Lockboxes.
    • Reduced the cost of the Level 50 Artifact equipment Lockbox.
    • Added a new Lockbox that contains a Rating 144 Prototype Item Modification, identical to the one purchased from the Makeb Planetary Commendation vendor.
    • Added a new Lockbox that contains a Rating 140 Item Modification, identical to the one purchased from the Makeb Planetary Commendation vendor. This Lockbox is weighted so that it is more likely to contain Modifications appropriate to your class.
    • Added a new Level 55 Crafting Lockbox that contains 3 random types of Grade 9 or 10 crafting materials.

Missions + NPCs

  • Slicing Missions now grant the correct grade of Lockbox.
  • The Starship Upgrade vendors S-1A0 (Empire) and S-4S0 (Republic) have been changed to Fleet Commendation vendors.
  • The Galactic Starfighter Daily Mission now additionally rewards 40 Fleet Commendations.
  • The Galactic Starfighter Weekly Mission now additionally rewards 90 Fleet Commendations.
  • The French voiceover for Darth Arkous in Assault on Tython and Korriban Incursion has been updated.


  • The Acid Trap Burn effect from the Toxic Sludge in Quesh Huttball Pit is now applied faster, and is no longer avoidable by using abilities that increase the player’s speed.

Source: http://www.swtor.com/patchnotes/6102014/game-update-2.8-spoils-war

Developer Commentary on key Patch 2.8 features

Nar Shaddaa Nightlife

Greetings Galactic Citizens!

My name is Chris Schmidt, Designer on Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, and I’m here to talk about the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event coming with Game Update 2.8!

On the Republic and Imperial fleets, you will notice some new floating advertisement terminals perhaps too enticing to ignore. When activated, you are a captive audience for the Star Cluster and Club Vertica Casino advertisements, inviting you to come and experience the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife for a limited time.

The heart of Nar Shaddaa Nightlife is the Smuggler’s Luck and Kingpin’s Bounty slot machines. Through these machines, players can win unique weapons, armor, cosmetic abilities, and mounts including an exclusive Rancor mount!

Smuggler’s Luck machines consume Smuggler’s Casino Chips, which can be purchased with Warzone Commendations. Players using these machines have a chance of winning additional Smuggler’s Chips, Kingpin’s Chips, or Golden Certificates (more on these in a second). Additionally, the machine will sometimes grant you a Feeling Lucky buff, which increases your chances of winning on a Kingpin’s Bounty machine.

Kingpin’s Bounty machines consume Kingpin’s Casino Chips, which can be purchased with Cartel Certificates. These machines award players with Kingpin’s Chips, Golden Certificates, or one of two exclusive mounts.

Golden Certificates can be traded in to the Casino Cashier for weapons, armor, and toys. Show everyone your inner Kingpin with your new fedora, or equip the entire set of all-new weapons on your companions to form your entourage!

One of the more fun aspects of Nar Shaddaa Nightlife to implement was bringing the casinos to life with ambient spawning, including the VIP area in the back of the Casinos. Here Giradda the Hutt and Baron Deathmark keep an eye on things while Beastmaster from Hutta would like to get his hands on the caged Rancor. With this event, we also introduce some new alien NPC’s to the game, including Aqualish, Snivvian, Ishi Tib, and Klatooinian models.

I hope you all have as much fun participating in the event as we had making it, and I can’t wait to see you all on Nar Shaddaa! Good Luck!

Chris Schmidt

Spoils of War

If you enjoy PvP, in either Galactic Starfighter or Warzones game modes, Game Update 2.8 is for you. Kicking things off with the Game Update 2.8 launch, all Galactic Starfighter matches will net you Double Fleet Requisition and Credits. Anyone can queue up right away and participate in a match to work towards upgrades to their current ship and help unlock new ships faster. The Galactic Starfighter portion of the event will last until Game Update 2.8.1 so be swift and absolute. Break out your Blackbolt and pick up your Pike, you’ve got Double Credits and Fleet Requisition to earn!

During the race to the conclusion of Season 2 from 2.8.1 to 2.8.2 (Season 2 ends with 2.9) players who complete in any Warzone match will receive Double Commendations (Ranked or Warzone depending on the queue) and Credits. Brutalize your opponents in the Warzone queue with a heart pounding match in the Quesh Huttball Pit or take on a gang of 4 vicious opponents with your own team on Makeb Mesa Arena in the Ranked queue to earn more rewards and gear up faster. All while lining your pockets with the Spoils of War. Get in there and go berserk!

On top of all that, two new ship variants, the Assault Bomber and Skirmisher Gunship, will be released for immediate purchase of Requisition. If you want to get these ships as fast as possible you can earn them faster quicker by participating in Spoils of War.

Please note that these rewards do not include quests associated with Galactic Starfighter and Warzones. They only affect the rewards you gain at the end of the match.

Alex Modny
PvP Designer

Group Finder for Story Mode Operations

I wanted to take some time to talk to everyone about the changes we’ve made to Group Finder in Game Update 2.8, specifically for the Operations category, and what we are hoping to accomplish with these changes.

The first change we’ve made is that Group Finder will now use the 16 person Story Mode difficulty for Operations. I’m sure anyone who has queued up as a DPS class has lamented the longer queue times for DPS classes versus healers and tanks. Since the tank requirements for 16 person are the same for 8 person, once the tank and healer requirements for an Operation are filled, firing the 16 person version will allow more DPS to participate in each Operation. The 16 person version also boasts greater rewards and has become the most popular Story Mode Operation setting, and this change will allow more people to participate conveniently through Group Finder.

The second change we’re making is all players participating in an Operation through Group Finder will be Bolstered to an appropriate gear rating. We’re doing this for a couple of reasons. First, we want to be able to offer all the major Operation content through Group Finder, and since Dread Fortress and Dread Palace are a slight step up in difficulty compared to Scum and Villainy and Terror from Beyond we wanted to be sure that players felt like they have an equal chance of success regardless of what Operation they’re running. We also want to try to make Story Mode Operations feel more accessible, especially for players who have never participated in one before and may feel intimidated by the gear requirements. Hard and Nightmare Modes will not be bolstered, and will continue to be the place to go for players seeking challenge as well as the newest and most powerful gear.

As I mentioned above, we want to include all of our major Operation content in Group Finder, and along with that we’re making some changes in how we present these new choices. Instead of a static group of Operations that then picks one at random, we’re introducing a rotating schedule. At any one time, one Operation per level bracket will be available to queue for. This Operation will change every few days, and you will be able to see how long is remaining for the current Operation and what Operation is next up in the Group Finder window. Our goal with this change is to allow equal access to all the Operations, and allow players to choose which Operation they want to queue for if they have a preference without a longer queue time and while still being eligible for the Group Finder reward.

Speaking of rewards, we’ve increased the rewards for almost all of the Group Finder categories, so if you have wanted to try out group content in Star Wars: The Old Republic or if your Flashpoint achievement category is maxed out, queue up and make some new friends!
Of course we will be monitoring the impact of these changes and will keep looking for ways to improve Group Finder.
Hope to see everyone in an Operation come Game Update 2.8!

George Smith
Lead Flashpoints and Operation Designer


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          Last weekend….I was on Telegraph Friday and Saturday in my Nova…I mean what is more fun GAMING or Driving my BEAST
          I have a few 180 geared toons and I know that is like so last year…but It is SUMMER and I am a GEARHEAD..
          Now compare your swtor account to my beast….she is worth about 50 grand and will make 1500 horsepower in the go mode….in Grocery mode it is like 900ish…difference in fuel ran from 900 to 1500 for sure.
          But I dont know why others dont own rides like I do I mean you still drive shit boxes?
          Again SWTOR vs this beast

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            But, being unemployed for the majority of my adult life doesn’t exactly give me tons of money to spend on “toys” like that 🙁
            At least I got to work on a few when training to be a metal shaper 😀

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        please raise the points available for characters too.

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        As a sentinel who played that spec throughout DF NiM, there’s only one thing I have to say about that: about f***ing time.

        • Okamakiri

          Agreed. However I’m annoyed that Carnage didn’t get any QoL buffs. i.e. Slaughter not proccing off cooldown and Execute being more reliable

    • Honza Hladík

      they are brainless… everytime community discover any kind of hybrid, glith or whatever that brings something new and better (sent/mara hybrid is fakin op) they are like -> NO! we need players-idiots who wont do that, and they will pay for reskinned stuf that looks like hammer but sounds like dual-saber a lot of poeple will have to regear their chars.. they had better bring some stuff for survivability in pvp..

  • Devin Linker

    So the finally gave a set date for the Gree Event’s return. About damned time

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      Now if we can just find out when the Rakghoul Event will return! It’s a “secret” though so prob no more than a week or two notice. I’m hopeful for June or July. Please NOT August!

      • Ark, Jedi Bad-A

        They will not have them so close together. Probably September-November area by my best guess

        • TJWoo

          The developers said all recurring events will happen between 2.8 and 2.9. That means between now and August 19th. I’m crossing my fingers for July 4th. They love to do events around U.S. holidays.

          • Settesh

            Actually 2.9 isn’t out officially till 14th October.. it’s 19th august for subscriber earlier access

            • TJWoo

              Well, that’s one way to interpret the Summer of SWTOR update. I highly doubt that’s what was intended by the 2.8-2.9 event schedule though. The patch is scheduled to deploy August 19th. Whether one can access all of the content in the patch is irrelevant to the established events. Still expect to see rakghouls sometime between June 10th and August 19th.

            • Ark, Jedi Bad-A

              2.9 is the Sub early access patch in August, believe October will be 3.0. Got to remember, they are on a 60 day patching schedule effectively now

        • TJWoo

          Oh and there is precedent for them running them so close. Last Gree event was December 17th 2013 – Jan 1 2014. Rakghoul Resurgence about one month later Jan 21 – Jan 28 2014.

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    Should be interesting to see what happens when you throw 12 people into a 16m pug op with no knowledge of mechanics and several of those having no interest in learning them.

    • Al’Li

      i think – you will always can start voting for kicking players who will be a real trouble for others.

      • tmr

        I’m pretty sure the biggest problem will be that the knowing, well playing people do not want to carry a group and just quit the group.

    • tmr

      If it’s going to be anything like in World of Warcraft:
      – Ninjalooting, Failures and arrogant ‘pro-gamers’ that strangely are not in a raid guild will make running it PUG a pain.
      – Whining and Tears will be loude and strong.
      – The Forums will burst from more “Bads suck” and “How are random groups supposed to manage…” threads than there have been Nerf-Smash-Threads in all of swtor.

      If they make the wrong decision:
      – Content getting trivial
      – Players buffed (bolstered) to absurdity
      – Loot for everyone

      If they make the right one:
      – Players get help on how to improve
      – Limitations on access (avg gear, clear experience, …)

    • George Blair

      This was my first thought as well. Bolster alone doesn’t help when players don’t know or ignore mechanics.

      Had a Jugg tank show up yesterday to TC SM. 36k or so health. After he lasted about a nano-second, I inspected his gear. Willpower earpiece, DPS relics.

      Just c’mon man.

      • TJWoo

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        But I don’t think they are going to be more common because of the bolster either tho.

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    Too bad they are turning this into more PvP love, and the only real PvE patch is Dread Palace….

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      I would prefer to see more class character stories and have the opportunity to complete all the codices, this for me is far more interesting.

      • Amodin

        You can complete all of the codex entries now.

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      First: I think the PvP needs a bit of love, don’t you?
      Second: There’s more to PvE than just a new Op or NiM you know…

      • Amodin

        Actually, no. PvP is a joke here. The design in sharing the PvE system is totally illogical for this game. Second, yes there is more to PvE than an Op or NiM, neither of which I do…

  • tmr

    * System Messages are now able to have their location moved with the Interface Editor.

    That means I can actually move the red text spam to a place where it doesn’t get in the way of more interesting things… like… my character?

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      I sure hope so… really annoys me when making videos with the UI off :/

    • Sciclex

      Don’t see any option for System Messages within the interface editor, either they forgot to add it in the patch, it’s bugged, or it’s stuck behind the Interface Editor menu that for whatever reason you can’t move.

      • Chakra Kusanagi

        Yeah, I didn’t see it either.
        But you can move the interface editor menu… you just have to try a few times.

  • Honza Hladík

    double Fleet Requisition from 2.8 – 2.8.1
    double rWZ and WZ coms from 2.8.1 – 2.8.2

    Dulfy do you have any info how long will be this 2.8.1 – 2.8.2 period long???

    • Vader

      they are going on a 3 week update schedule so each will last 3 weeks

      • Chakra Kusanagi

        *should* last three weeks… you never know if a patch gets delayed 🙂

        • Honza Hladík

          i hope it will be for month atleast.. and it would be awesome if it will be also during the double xp week.. i need to get my two alts on 55 and then gear them with pvp… cause im on pvp server… :/ 😀 and i hate spending time in wz being useless cause i dont have money on 108 gear to get at least 1800 expertise from bolster.. and yeah, same problem with quick travel and fleet pass.. longer cooldowns, more nervous, annoyed, wasted money…

  • Unoshi

    Double XP WEEK, uhum hold up, cant get to roll quite nicely of my tongue. Double XP Week, Double xp Week, Week Week, yeaah double xp week, Can finally level some of the toons i never really liked to play but just for story sake

    • Oscar

      It’s in july tho, so in 3-4 weeks.

      • Unoshi

        Yeah i know, i am in no rush, Was just supprise to see double xp WEEk instead of weekend, last time i checked i thought they mentioned a weekend might have heard it wrong, or they changed their minds.

  • Ray

    yeah, so the average new player will be level 55 after 3 days of kuat drive yards, and then goes into dread fortress with level 15 gear and no experience at all… nice… let me get this straight: I don’t have anything against people who have no experience, as long as they even ask for help…

    little example: 16 people raid for toborro, looking for tank… 32k powertech joins and says he’ll tank it… my question: “who tanks hm afterwards?”, reply of him: “me of course”… I check his legacy, yeah so far he finished two bosses of eternity vault and his gear is something 130/156 like -.- he didn’t bother at all to tell us that he needed a short explaination… and even after explanation he decided not to need isotopes in hm…

    bottomline, as sad as it is, many experienced players won’t bother with the group-finder and those who do, will wipe all the time because most randoms have no idea what to do, and no intention to learn…

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      You’re not talking about “the average player” here tho… you are talking about someone who power-leveled through the game as quick as possible using KDY.
      That’s usually someone who already has several 55’s and just wants to get another one to end-game.

      • Ray

        okay, maybe not the average player, but there are more than enough players out there who spent half the time on their char (due to recent double-xp-events) and no or little experience but with the worst attitude… and personally I’m strongly against making story-mode even easier than it already is

        • TheSithOfTor

          Tbh, i spent a year on the one same character. Just to get to memorize my attacks, what they do, how and when to use them, etc… Also, farming mats and creds, also being stuck at 50 purposely, just to stack up on full classic and basic comms

          Then, when i got the expansion, grinded to 55 in a couple of hours and geared up to 35k hp just by buying Basic gear (Which is really sucky) Now, i’m augmenting my gear, getting mods crafted for a lightsaber and it’s as easy as that. I don’t see how i would make another 55 just to grind him to where he is. I have lots of friends with over 5 55’s and they’re almost maxed out on gear.

          So, invalid points here. New players don,t come in-game during 2x xp weekend just to burn some XP on KDY… They don,t even know how to play to begin with. That’s why they need support from people kind and caring enough to provide it to them.

      • George Blair

        Someone who has “several 55’s” and either doesn’t know basic mechanics or is just lazy.

    • Unoshi

      Even tho with or without power leveling, allot of people now in the game still dont bother reading tactics, ask for help, properly gear up with the right stats or trying to get their class uncontrolle, Like @chakrakusanagi:disqus said, these type of events are more set out for people (IMO) who have a few lv 55’s like my self and just want to add a few more for endgame, either for cool looking gear, crafting epics or just feel like raiding on all toons.

      the problem is not power leveling, the problem are those people who think everything is tank spank, of that with lack of their effort the rest will still make up for his or her stupidness

    • Yuvar

      Or you could do like everyone I know is doing and setup a 16m group then jump in the GF to get the extra comms, that way you can check everyone that joins.

  • Fúbar

    Ray +1, this bolster idea is dreadful

  • Truth

    I think I already know he answer to this, but does 2x pvp rewards include valor? It would be sweet if it did, and it is on “the final score card”, but sadly doesn’t appear to be the case?

  • Josef Tauser

    “Aqualish, Snivvian, Ishi Tib, and Klatooinian models” 0.0 I’ve never heard of these species.

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      Seems you are not a star wars fan then.

      • Josef Tauser

        Seems like you’re a troll.

        • Chakra Kusanagi

          Seems like you’re an idiot…

          Most star wars fans know of Klatooinians and Aqualish at least… since they are both in the original trilogy…

          • Buanamino

            Relax man, your heart won’t resist that much pressure.

            • FriezaReturns00001

              ^^ Star Wars snobs. .-.

  • Sivis

    Games broke yet again anyway. Posted a list of even more bugs, one of which makes the game unplayable on their facebook page (as ingame tickets dont work and the website is still down.)

    Shame really, that not 1 patch day has gone correctly. I’d love to see what their QA dept. actually does.

    • TokHaar

      exactly; everyones an f2p (/1 is literally silent and I’m no longer in a guild >.>), not to mention a ton of other bugs. I’m actually very surprised that even the cartel market isn’t working

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      They are very aware of the bugs and are working on a fix.

      • Sivis

        Sad thing is, its every patch day Chak. While we all understand bugs happen, they shouldn’t happen every single time and in this degree. It just shows incredible slack on the developers side.

        And I’ve worked in QA, no way in hell would this degree of bugtastic madness ever get past the test shard(s), regardless of time constraints and thats with an incredibly small team; on the various titles I’ve been involved with.

        • Chakra Kusanagi

          That comment right there just shows that I won’t take you seriously.
          It is not EVERY patch day… there have been plenty of patches that have not introduced any majer bugs. And in mmo’s there are bugs in every patch more or lees (sometimes big and sometimes small).
          But to say that this type of thing happens every patch day is pure BS.

          • Josef Tauser

            It IS every patch day. I’ve played since launch and every single freakin’ patch has introduced some kind of bug or glitch that had to later (sometimes much much later) be repaired. The coding and testing in this game is atrocious.

            • Chakra Kusanagi

              I’ve been here since launch too and there have been patches that didn’t introduce a single bug.
              But people tend to forget those.

              • Josef Tauser

                You don’t partake in every aspect of this game then. For example one patch deformed the posteriors on female body types 2,3,4 and it took them 6 months to fix it. If you don’t have a female character I’m sure you didn’t notice. When I say EVERY SINGLE PATCH INTRODUCED BUGS I mean every single bloody patch.

              • Sivis

                Indeed Josef. I believe most are in some sort of denial/want to believe its all fine, when in reality its a cobbled together, rushed mess.

                Personally my sub will be ending before long and it’ll stay on Preferred, BW and EA don’t deserve their income.

              • Kevin James

                That Chakra dude has been defending this game no matter what, he even did the flaming for anybody who dares to critisize the game in the official forum. Typical fanboy.

          • Yuvar

            Lol, to quote you ” And in mmo’s there are bugs in every patch more or lees (sometimes big and sometimes small).
            But to say that this type of thing happens every patch day is pure BS.”

            And this is why we can’t have nice things.

            • Chakra Kusanagi

              “more or less” being the important bit there…

    • Raemann

      I think the time has come to exit stage left. No point dissing, but I would like to encourage the devs – You did create a wonderful story line in the beginning. However over time your focus has been upon raiding only and people doing drop in play (we have 3 accounts in the family that are paid every three months) have nothing to do once they finish all of the story lines, quests and crafting challenges. Some of us do not have the stomach for raiding – mostly for reasons outside of the control of Development peeps – so we look for new content that is playable by solo or duo. Sadly it has not come forth. I hope that this exit statement assists in helping to better meet customer needs in the future and I thank you for the fun that was had.

  • Jonsa

    Did i miss the changes to the quicktravel and emergency fleet pass? having to wait 30min and 3h now from the old 10min and now wait time at all sucks really bad 🙁

  • Edward T. Riker
  • TheSithOfTor

    Tbh, i’m saving up the 1.5mill i have to buy the Mandalore set. Looks off the hook. But, 1.5mill might not be enough -.-

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      Probably will since alot of people don’t like the set.

      That said, just do some dailies and you’ll afford it easy.

  • Josef Tauser

    Buggiest patch in the history of patches.

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      No, that was when it included the housing.

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      Wasn’t 1.4 worse?

      And for other games, I’ve had worse…

      • Smaska

        Yes, you couldnt even log in for 3 or 4 days then

    • TJWoo

      I understand bugs happen, things break. What I don’t understand, and maybe someone can explain it to me that has more knowledge of game dev and programming.

      When these patches are tested on the internal dev server and also the PTS why does it wreak havoc when it gets released on the live server? Is there further programming that is occurring after testing that causes the bugs? Or is there some issue with deploying a patch on a live server that doesn’t happen on test servers? Just trying to understand how a patch that breaks numerous key game features gets released on live servers…

      • George Blair

        Test server must be “test” in name only.

      • Corithna

        In racing there is a saying, there’s is no replacement for displacement, meaning that the more volume of fuel and air burned each engine cycle the greater the kinetic energy produced. In other words hit the gas it goes faster. Test realms are at best the equivalent of grandma driving to grocery store. Bugs that never show up for 500 or a thousand testers become immediately apparent when it reaches 10 to 15 thousand users. Test realms just don’t enjoy the same kind of volume as the live realms. And even if you could pack that many people into a test realm by the very nature of the realm being temporary people are not utilizing the same kinds of setups they have on the live servers. There simply isn’t the time available. Their bags are emptier and lighter(meaning they have fewer slots open on average, their banks are far less populated with fewer tabs unlocked. Specialty items people have saved up and only take out on special occasions are virtually never seen on the test realms while on live you never know what will pop up.

        The point is, volume exposes bugs better then any other kind of testing. Don’t worry this is all part of the process and it will get ironed out in good time. It’s the nature of the beast and a reality of online services in general.

  • Matthew Ottoson

    my fully upgraded fleet pass seems to be broken after patch. anyone elses?

  • Loeb123

    On of the buggiest patches I’ve ever seen. Everything is messed up: cutscenes, unlocks, CM, perks, queues… I really can’t understand some fanboys here desperately trying to defend this abomination…
    I’m not gonna argue about the “Boolster” stuff, you can like it more or less (or not at all), but c’mon, this should not happen! Releasing a “patch” that introduces more bugs than fixes with no brand new content… They have QA teams, public testing servers, yet they screw things that hard? Hard to believe. Don’t know about the others, but I’m really disappointed. I really hope they fix everything they screwed soon, at least.

  • Konoha the Wiper

    focused defense only good for being focused now, they could have kept the time a bit higher so that you could use all the charges in a 1v1, I know I had to when I beat Evolixe, and then he switched to pure duel spec and FD didn’t mean shit

  • Sweet’scar

    Talking about bugs… what about this gamebreaking bug where pt’s and vanguards do this ridiculous damage in pvp, lol.
    A friend of mine who uses a lot a PT was “what was this buff for?” “we were fine!”. I call it bug coz.. well, it’s a game breaking feature. And Guardians Juggies having this 2nd life? Oh yeah! So, as a concealment operative, let’s say u manage 1 on 1 to almost kill a Guardian or PT (or mirror class of course)…. nooooo! U are not allowed to kill them, coz… they heal to full! grrrr (yeah, heal to full is not accurate, but is just to get my point). And using my sorc who does a loooot of damage (madness tree is so op I sometimes think is gamebreaking too) I managed to almost kill a PT, 1 vs 1, 1 time out of 10… he wouldn’t die because we all know they have this abilitiy to heal up… the only times I manage to slain the basterd was when he was busy killing something else, I wasn’t the focal point.
    Oh yeah, and concealment operatives were so nerfed to the ground too. They are the easiest to kill (unless u go into stealth, where u basically ARE USELESS and have ur team with 1 less player).
    And don’t get me started on commandos spamming gravity sht, coz even when u interrupt them, it’s like u didn’t, 3 secs later (ok, haven’t checked this but it feels like this) they are spamming gravity sht while using walk the line, so… dead dead dead, and I speak about 1 vs 1.
    TLDR: Reroll PT, tvm… (which for me is the most boring class – not that the others are boring).
    ANDDDDDD what is this crapload of needing 600 Cc to unlock the xoxaan’s set? Next time I see a chest piece for 150k, I might just grab it (that’s what it cost me).
    ANDDDD I just had subbed… damn devs…
    ANDDD yes, I ain’t going nowhere coz despite what I mentioned , I fracking love pvp to death. Stealth is awesome, saber throw is awesome. Diversion on snipers is awesome… etc… yeah, there are pretty good things in this game too…
    BUT devs! come ooooon!! grrrrr….

  • Pyre

    Has anyone confirmed the drop rate on lvl 8 purple mats from the 6/7/8 fleet com materials boxes. Cause spending that many fleet coms and getting a bunch of green stuff I already have too much of is disheartening. I make ship parts for reasonable prices and I can’t really do that if I can never get my hands on the lvl 8 mats I need.

  • Gtruen

    I wanna know what idiot thought it would be cool to have the Gree Event only be 1 week. Last time it was 2.

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