GW2 Lute and Bobblehead Laboratory in Gemstore

GW2 gemstore was updated tonight with the Lute instrument for 800 gems and the Bobblehead Laboratory for 400 gems.

Lute – 800 gems

  • Player instrument with several octaves, including chords. Have the ability to sync tempo with nearby players.



Bobblehead Laboratory – 400 gems

  • Places a table on the ground that you and other players could interact and use.
  • Give you the option to have a 1 minute Bobblehead buff or 1 hr.
  • Everything around you appears to have Bobblehead.
  • Unlimited uses, click the table again to remove the buff.
  • Works in sPvP, WvW, dungeons and sticks around when you die. Buff disappears when you change map.



By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

19 replies on “GW2 Lute and Bobblehead Laboratory in Gemstore”

The bubblehead buff works only on user? I mean, when I drink use the table, then I see everything bubbleheaded but, nobody else does right?

I agree, I wonder bout the lore. To fit in it should actually be steampowered Guitar’s imo, so let it be steampunk releasing clouds of steam (while you play it), and maybe for the high notes a big flame coming out from the headstock. Design should be a combo of Charr and Asura (Charr delivering the steam technology and the Asura the amplifying technology). Let’s Rock and Roll!!

Never played the game , but judging from all of Dulfy’s update and patch covering it seems they don’t release new PVE content …ever? Just shop items and item sets?

to elaborate a bit more. The game is buy once, play for free. The gemstore items are mostly costmetic and do not give any real advantage. They do not release things like expansions (or atleast not so far). Instead they have something they call the living world. While season one was really bout events that where temporary available (but you had new content every two weeks), they decided to continue on that pace, but now with permanent content. to prepare for that they have taken a break. The last living story season ended in march. in April they added a big feature pack that changed a lot of the game mechanics, and now they are preparing for the next season that is starting july 1th. from then on there will be again pve-content added every two weeks and it will be permanent content.It will also be free content (although you still need to buy the original game), but only if you have the game and log-in atleast once every 2 weeks. If you do not log in during the two weeks after a new release, you can still unlock the content, but it will cost you 2,50 USD

The bobblehead table beats out the whole SWToR event imho. Running pavilions this is just pure awesomeness it keeps people laughing. I think the best are charr, necro and ranger pets.

Should have used the music sheet approach like mabinogi with mml scores. They the sound from the lute would be clean and without lag and gaps in the song. Especially when you have to change up or down in scale.

Imagine a game made by aNet and TornBanner. Bobblehead helmets. aNet and TornBanner are the same scum focusing on getting more money from the players instead of offering quality content.

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