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SWTOR Los Angeles E3 Cantina Tour Flashdrive Files

Contents of the the Los Angeles E3 Cantina Tour Flash drive files. Items of interest includes images of the upcoming walker mount and some of the decorations for Galactic Strongholds. Special thanks to Darโ€™ika of Harbinger for sending me the files.


Tatooine Homestead

Bioware forgot to put this in the flash drive but here is the pic they posted on instagram


Cartel market/Event





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Walker mount reminds me of the AT-RT that come out in SWG: Complete Online Adventure box. lol Looking forward to it.

These flashdrives are always so random, like hypercrates, you never know what you’re going to get! One thing you can be sure of is that there will be junk items in there, like the rancor mount and vectron that already exist in game. Why put those on there? At least we got to see a sneak preview of some of the housing decorations.

Yeah, I never understood why they put stuff that’s already out on the flashdrives :/
Maby they wanna show off their concept art or something.
I’d prefer more unreleased stuff tho.

This is the master stroke of the devious mind. The man who is responsible for the idea that 3D models of objects already present in the game should be sold on CM for extra cash is a genius.
My hat is off to you, Sir.

Who says they are going to be sold on the CM?
They already said most items will be craftable or dropped in-game.
I doubt the stuff sold on the CM will be old in-game models since people won’t buy the stuff unless it’s “cool”

They actually stated multiple times that a lot of decorations will come from completing Flashpoints + Operations, crafting, achievements and even reputation vendors (they will add decorations as rewards from old rep vendors)

I’m already dreading when GSH hits live and you have to grind all lvl 50-55 fps/ops for that 1 new decoration item drop, or go through ALL bonus mission series…. or the 1000+ mob kills for that rare decoration random drop…

ROFLMAO. With 37k+ achievements I think I may know how to work for something… come again noname guest…

Where can I take in the spectacular duelling sunsets of Tatoo I and Tatoo II from my very own Tatooine homestead? I don’t see the selection of exclusive screens for a first look at this sprawling new dual-faction stronghold.

Isnt much of a flash drive. Nothing really new then we already know. Bioware slacking again. Wondering if they are working on a new PvP map since the forum they posted.

However, I cant wait to get a Walker. Kinda looks like the ED-209:D <3

I hope there are not just big clunky objects that are easily recognizable of origin like I walk into x friends house – “ohh typical big Holocron and a bar and a throne same as the last 6 friends houses” I think there should be ex: item-table and on the table you can put weapons, cups, tools, terminals, holo maps etc.. Or highlighted wall space- weapons, terminals, displays, beast heads, carbonite prisoners etc. instead of something gimmicky like large wall with dinky little screen = 1000 cc/ 500k of mats/ 2 weeks of same repeated lvl 50 FP or Op

I’d be surprised if they went this far, but the Wildstar housing decorations are pretty varied – allowing players to purchase/acquire large decor items, but also personalize with smaller items of a great variety to create unique homes for themselves.

@dulfy:disqus Here is the picture for Tatooine Homestead, released 44 Min on swtor official instagram page

Awesome!!! I was really hoping for open air. It looks like the house instance is everything inside the U-shaped cliff. Looks like there might even be a part built into the cliff too (second picture, center). So. fucking. awesome.
Definitely going to turn this into my clan’s Mandalorian enclave, since capitol ships are going to be way too imperial for our taste, I think.

Anyways, thanks you two for posting! Good find, Unoshi… and Dulfy, awesome and prompt coverage as always. ๐Ÿ™‚

It might be… Nobody knows if those pics are of the fully unlocked stronghold with all the rooms and addons…
Might start out as just a hut in the middle

what i like so far, is the part that is integrated in the wall, hope there is a larger room behind those walls, reminds of me 4vs4 on tat. who knows what we will find. But im pretty sure with Nar Shadaa 5 rooms unlocked the first stronghold ill be spending credits on will be that of Dromund kaas. Hope its pretty good looking one

You wake up, greet the companions and guards who are in the house. You feed your pets and then walk out on the balcony. What do you see. A whole horde of sandpeople with bantha storming your propperty. Yeah ready for action. Ha would be fun event

*looking on pictures*
So… Tatooine will get another daytime? Awesome! Now we need night on Coruscant, Belsavis, Corellia, Makeb, and other planets ๐Ÿ˜€

Belsavis has night in section x, I have always wanted Tatooine at night since kotor was in daylight.. Maybe a brown reskinned ilum map reversed and done well with jawa eyes in the shadows and raiding sand people. As for coruscant it would be redundant to have a city nightlife when there’s nar shaddaa.

Am I the only one that thinks we might be seeing another tank mount? The Firebrand could be under decorations, but we will be able to use mounts as decorations. Another Trooper-ish mount is way overdue.

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