GW2 Gallery of New Hair and Eye Colors

GW2 Gallery of New Hair and Eye Colors from the Makeover Kits in gemstore.

Hair Colors




Dark Lime



Light Lime



Dark Cotton Candy



Cotton Candy



Light Cotton Candy



Light Peach






Dark Peach



Eye Colors




Dark Lime



Light Lime



Dark Cotton Candy

gw2-dark-cotton-candy-eye-color gw2-dark-cotton-candy-eye-color-2gw2-dark-cotton-candy-eye-color-3


Cotton Candy



Light Cotton Candy



Light Peach






Dark Peach



  • So disappointing. Some meaningful updates like more hairstyles or beard styles (especially full beards for humans) would be nice at some point.

    • Derpy

      It’ll be soon, I’m sure. I’m more disappointed in the fact that it took them this long to add more color, and only with light greens and reds… ._. Where are the darker colors at least?

      • Burd

        They probably do it in increments so they can get you to shell out more money for a makeover kit once you realize that they’ve added a new addition to the customization. Even if you’ve bought one and used it a new thing will come out, forcing you to buy yet another and another.

      • DarkChaosGames

        Waiting on a dark green sort of colour for my ranger, running the whole plant-theme (non-sylvari).

    • Ranique

      If my memory serves me right, the last update to the makeover kit, where facial expressions. Before that it was new hair styles. You want some more hair styles, other people wanted to have some more colours. Just be patient. Not every patch should add only hairstyles.

  • Ayson Currax

    They couldn’t have picked any uglier colors, could they? Is it too hard to ask to get some proper red eyes on humans? :/

  • NoBoIm

    @TheGeekDad:disqus , just cuz its not meaningful to you doesn’t mean its not meaningful to others, im sure more hairstyles and facial features are coming regardless. personally think they’re releasing aesthetics at a semi decent pace (least once a month really) with all the updates they’re working on, though only a few of the new hair n faces I actually like, but still they’re more and more options for others to enjoy and look different from each other as it grows

    @Ayson Currax:disqus ,though I agree with ya on the shades of it, im glad they finally added green bout time too, been wanting green hair for my necro for far to long

  • Edwin

    I can’t help but lmao at Dulfy’s choice for the human male eye color pics. He’s a total creeper.

    • Adelas

      He has a bit of a lazy eye, too

    • Jessica Reynolds

      I hadn’t noticed but went back up and laughed out loud for real 😛 “I’m ready for my close up Mr. Duvalle…”

    • shodannet


  • Airwolf

    Instantly took the Dark cotton candy harircolor and cotton candy eye color. :p
    Looks great imo.

    • Rukh

      You’re a manly Norn, aren’t you.

      • Airwolf

        First i wanted to show only the face, then i decided to mash two screens together. Also, no, not a male norn. Just a female human thief. 🙂

        Actually the same thief I uploaded when I got the new face style in the comments on that article.

        • Empress

          Looks great! I like the colours.

          • Airwolf


            • WolfHeart

              That’s a really good look.

  • TrueBeliever

    This makes me glad I quit the game. Seriously the game is turning into My Little Pony land.

    • Toffee Rose

      Then why are you even complaining?

    • Jenna

      If you quit the game why are you even posting here? Is your life that dull? I never bitch about games i no longer play. It just doesn’t make sense to waste so much energy shitting on games i don’t enjoy anymore.

      • TrueBeliever

        I’m just stating my highly subjective opinion as is my right to do. And I’m not bitching, I’m actually glad that I won’t have to play a game that hurts my eyes and immersion.

        • Lis

          Aww, poor baby eyes waah waah ;_;

        • Ark

          Meh Bitch Bitching…

        • Yvaine de Winter

          I’m still playing, but I agree — GW2 is evolving into some sort of disco cyberpunk fairyland where everything is colorful and sparkling, gleaming, rainbow-emitting, burning, glowing, … With holographic wings to top it off. GW1 was much more serious, GW2 is sort of a kindergarden.

          • Kyrmana

            It was. Then everyone started running around in that demon dress

          • tinnic

            I think choice is good. A lot of people do make their characters super serious looking and there are colours and armours for that. But other people love the more fun and colourful things. I also think it’s a mistake to dismiss something as “kindergarden” because its colourful or labelling something as “serious” because it has a more sombre tone. That type of thinking gets us “dark and gritty” everything, not to mention boring fashion and a boring definition of what it means to be an “adult”. It’s a game. Games should be fun and if fun for some people means cotton candy hair, well that’s just what they like, isn’t it.

        • Inoshi

          You’re right, you’re not bitching…. you’re just whining. You have a right to your opinion, for sure, but whinging about a game you no longer play or care about — just for the sake of posting, apparently — is pretty much the internet equivalent of talking to hear your own voice. You can do it obviously, but in the all that happens is nobody cares AND they’ve realized your level of self-importance.

    • fp

      We are glad too!

  • I never do understand why people who don’t even play the game anymore complain about what’s being integrated into it. It’s like… ok… you don’t play, so… this affects you… how?

    • truetroller

      i agree with you fan boy 😉

      • Ranique

        If you try to hide you are actually TrueBeliever, pls be atleast creative enough to make a totally different name. Thanks for choosing one that reveals your nature though.

  • Empress

    Finally, my dreams of making a magical girl team on Guild Wars can be realised!

    …but seriously I have been waiting to see if they would bring out a “real” pink (not that crappy light purplish pink they had at launch) for hair and eyes. While I’m not a huge fan of the green, I know it’s something others will want, just like I’ve been waiting for a nice pink for my ranger’s hair.

    I agree with Ayson Curra though, red eyes for humans would be great, it was something I was disappointed by when I started up character creation. I have a bit more faith after the new ‘lime’, ‘cotton candy’ and ‘peach’ colours that they will do red eyes. We’ve had blues and purples, now greens and pinks. Let’s hope red eyes are next!

  • The Green Wolf

    Judging by the sample pics, I’d say the new hair colors look best for Sylvari, ok on Asura but odd on everything else [though I think hair on a Charr looks odd in most cases anyway, especially non-fur colors]. The eye colors look like they’d be fine on any race, assuming it was paired with the right face and hair style/color. As some have said more “dark” colors would be very nice. While I’m on the topic of other’s comments, someone said something about previous “face” additions. My biggest problem with “New Faces” updates, if memory serves me correctly, is that for humans its always Ascalonian faces never Canthan, Krytan, or Elonian faces [especially Elonian faces]. I understand that “If” we’re going to Elona/Cantha that they might want to save those “face options” for those updates/expansions but having, for example, more than one Elonian face option would be nice [and no choosing a darker skin tone for an “Ascalonian face” doesn’t count].

    Now after saying all this, I do still enjoy the game and play it on a somewhat regular basis but GW1 had much more diverse options [as in racially diverse, not many options diverse] when it came to making humans and that saddens me.

  • Bad Hairday


  • Sara Almeida

    *Stares at those eye colors*
    “Vampires… vampires everywhere.”
    *Le sigh*

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