SWTOR More Specifics about GSH in next few weeks

Eric Musco went on the forums to let players know that they can expect to hear more specifics about the upcoming Galactic Stronghold expansion in the next few weeks.

Originally Posted by Reno_Tarshil

We are slowly getting some little tid bits here and there about GSH but when can we expect to see more about GSH and when/what is planned for 2.9 to see what we have?

Just a friendly update would be appreciated, please

Hey Reno,
I know so far we have been mainly dropping broad details without specifics. We will start diving more into the specifics around GSH in the next few weeks, specifically the end of June into July! Hope that answers your question.

  • Stilluff Fogg

    Let’s hear more about the Legacy Storage. If it’s only for crafting materials and not gear, I’ll be sad puppy.

    • BatteryH

      I think that players will be able to put in anything not strictly bound to a character. Otherwise, it would be easy for players to circumvent the need to unlock collection items by trading used (bound) items between characters.
      That being said, I hope that we will be able to treat the LS like normal bank space when crafting (ie, not needing a mat on our person). Hopefully, the priority list would be: on person, in personal storage, in legacy storage.

      • Trogdor

        I gotta wonder how many people actually use this functionality. I personally don’t – I try to keep all of my characters, and all of their followers, using unique equipment. The only thing I’ve unlocked account wide is Treek.
        Also, they haven’t done anything to stop people using BTL gear to transfer cartel market crystals between characters. On the contrary, they’ve been adding more and more BoL weapons and offhands.
        And so I have to wonder if they’re really concerned about people using the legacy bank to transfer CM items. Even if they were, it seems like it shouldn’t be difficult to make it such that you can’t put bound CM items in the legacy bank. This would still permit you to transfer bound gear (like old rakata, bm etc), bound item mods without having to pay extra extraction fees, etc.

        • Ansician

          A lot of us, myself included have multiple toons of the same class or across faction (ex. Sorc/sage)…so we share the same gear. So anything added to the legacy in the way of using the same outfits would be a relief…because legacy gear bites….

          • writinwater

            Quite number of legacy gear “bites” for one character or one physiotype, but looks perfectly alright with other chars. Also, taste in gear wildly differs (judging by the new “Assailant” gear which I find just horrendous…while it pops up all around my toons). Same as with the old social gear.

            • Trogdor

              I love that set! It’s too bad they did kind of a poor job on it. Very little of it shows whatever dye you apply, so no matter what you do the suit always ends up looking white/gray.
              In fact, it doesn’t show a secondary color at all. You can put a black/red or black/blue dye in it, and all you’ll see is the parts that are turned black.

              • Justin

                But u can put red and black the the red shows up real nice. I have that on my jugg it’s bad ass

          • Stilluff Fogg

            Also, there’s no really good looking Legacy sets imo. The only decent one for my Sentinel / Marauder / Jugg is the Dreadseed set, and getting multiple of those is a fucking pain in the ass since it seems like Star Forager has 90% chance to drop, while Dreadseed has 0.5% chance. The remaining is the Pleasure Speeder bullshit. >_>

        • BatteryH

          I don’t believe the engine distinguishes between CM and non-CM gear, the flags are only bound to character and bound to legacy. With crystals available from the Cartel Packs, Bioware has offered players a choice – either pay the realtivly small cartel coin fee and be able to spawn endless copies of a crystal, or continue to spend in game credits to rip out and transfer the crystals around. Note that this only applies to the crytals – no CM gear (packs or direct sale) contains end-game level armor/mods slotted. Thus, SWTOR avoids being “pay to win”.
          Also, note that the cartel pack gear isn’t bound to character (or even to legacy) until it is either equipped or slotted. Then, it becomes bound to your character. Any copies spawned from collections are bound to character to keep the GTN market from being flooded (and your potential profit in credits for spending real money), but since you have endless copies, it doesn’t matter.

        • SnowMeow

          I use BoL gear to move mods/crystals for reverse engineering. I also use the collections feature because that is the only way to sort of “transfer” stuff between JC + harbinger. Collections unlocks are account-wide, so they work across servers.
          Legacy-wide storage would be awesome for crafting. I hate having to log out + in many times just so I can move grade 5 bioanalysis samples to the biochem, and move the resulting medkits to the toon I actually want to play that moment… grrr. It would be even cooler if I could “tell” my crew to put the crafted or gathered materials into the legacy storage when completed, rather than in inventory, so I wouldn’t have to switch over just to say “accept” and right click it from inventory into storage.

      • Stilluff Fogg

        True. But, personally I’m hoping you’ll be able to put certain items in there like the Crest of the Dread Master. It’ll NEVER happen, probably, but I’m hoping for it. Crafting materials really aren’t of interest to me.

  • martin

    Didn’t they say the same thing on increasing level cap?

    • Ray

      I believe they wanted to do that at the end of the year with a “real” addon (aka an addon you need to pay for^^)

    • Nomar

      Level cap comes later

  • TheBBP

    No mention of guild ships in quite a while. Smells like a delay.

    • MrM

      Doubtful. Their excuse for delaying from 2.8/June to 2.9/August was the guild ships (and being allowed to place pets, companions, etc).

      To be fair to BW, I assume they’re not talking about guild ships because it isn’t for ‘everyone’ like the Strongholds are. There are some crazies who go guildless.

      • TheBBP

        I am not hating on BW for it. It just doesn’t seem good to me. I am patient though. We have waited this long!

        • MrM

          Oh, I can easily hate on BW. I want info too! They better not suck!

        • Nomar

          They said at the cantina tour they will talk about guildships when they begin talking about strongholds in the next few weeks

  • Heist 101

    Well ever since BoL gear my armor mods and enhancements from leveling are more valuable than ever.. I rarely overlap new mods meaning I have tons of mods all across my characters waiting to be thrown into a legacy piece and mailed.. Hopefully this bank will solve some of my mod hoarding or make it organized. Now there will be a single spot for my alts to take they’re pick from

    • BatteryH

      And, quite possibly, remove the role of “bank alt”

  • Nektele’leleh

    The announcement of the announcement of an announcement.


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