SWTOR Summer Pass for Non Subscribers

SWTOR is introducing a 4 month long Summer Pass for non subscribers. This pass will grant you 120 days of gameplay time for $39.99 USD.

You can purchase the summer pass here: http://www.swtor.com/summer-pass

The offer is not eligible for subscribers. You do save 33% compared to 4 months of subscription ($40 vs $60) but you do not get the monthly 500 cartel coins. You only get one time 200 cartel coins.


2014 Summer Pass – On Sale Through June 30th*!

  • Save 33% over the standard monthly cost for four months of subscription – one-time payment of $39.99USD / 23.99 GBP covers all four months
  • Get unlimited game access to exciting story missions, galactic adventures and more
  • 200 Bonus Cartel Coins to spend on valuable collectibles, XP Boosts, mini-pets and more at the in-game Cartel Market


  • The Summer Pass offer is valid for all players without an active subscription to Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ through June 30, 2014, at 11:59PM PDT / July 1, 2014, at 6:59AM GMT.
  • The Summer Pass is a one-time, non-recurring purchase of $39.99 USD and immediately adds 120 days of continuous subscription time to your SWTOR account. 200 Bonus Cartel Coins will be added to your account within 72 hours of your purchase.
  • Summer Pass Subscribers receive all Subscriber benefits and rewards, but do not receive monthly Complimentary Cartel Coin grants. They are granted 200 Bonus Cartel Coins within 72 hours of purchasing the Summer Pass.
  • As an active Subscriber, you are not eligible to purchase a SWTOR Summer Pass. The Summer Pass offer is valid for all players without an active subscription to Star Wars: The Old Republic.
  • Zerxous

    So instead of giving everyone the chance to save money on subscriptions, they give it to those who don’t have one…that is rather annoying.

    • Well, you can cancel your sub now and if your sub runs out before june 30/july 1 you might be eligible for this.

      • Ancaglon

        I had been using the 60-day game cards since they used to be cheaper than the 6-month subs but those prices are now about the same. Most infuriatingly, I have 22 days left on the current card, so I can’t buy this.

        As for Cartel Coins, I have something like 9k coins now — there really isn’t much that I want to buy with them and I don’t even really need to turn them into Creds by selling the items on GTN.

        All in all, a great way to annoy long-time paying players.

    • plokpf

      I think they want to get rid of us subscribers. Clever move. Maybe I will leave this game, they want it so hard, why not give it to them?

      • Stilluff Fogg

        Stop it.

    • Mossy

      why you have to think of some twisted diabolic plan at work? Simply some people do not have the money to have a recurring sub, mainly students, who happen to benefit from a summer deal and do not have to cancel their sub when they go back to school/university. I find it a good deal for those who don’t have a sub and don’t really need the cartel coins. its win-win

  • Reasor

    Do we know whether purchasing this pass will permanently raise a player’s account status from Free to Preferred? I’d like to get the word out to some of the newer players in my guild, but I don’t want to put out bad intel, and I know that question’s going to come up.

    • Haggardbr

      Any cartel market purchase or deals like this will turn a F2P account into Preferred, since the person did spend money on the game.
      You only stay as F2P if you NEVER spend anything in CM… buying CM stuff from GTN for credits doesn’t count as a CM purchase.

      • Reasor

        That’s my expectation as well. I’m just hesitant to risk watching guild members get burned by the company under the excuse that it’s already a discounted deal, or some such corporate weaseling.

        • Haggardbr

          I guess that if there isn’t anything written between the lines in the terms and conditions, this can be applied just like a normal subscription, like if they were buying 2 60 days time-cards but with a 33% discount.

  • ODST_Parker

    I think I’d rather just subscribe for four months and get the 2000 CC that comes with it. Anyone done the math and figured out if the extra 1800 CC would cover the cost of the rest of the 4-month sub?

    • 1800 coins is about $15 if you go with the 2400 CC for $20 deal or $13 if you go with the 5500 for $40 deal. So it is still better than subscribing IMO since $40 + $15 or $13 is still less than $60, the cost for subscribing for 4 months.

      • DS

        Not really. You can’t figure at 4 separate months because it’s a package deal. That means you automatically have to assume the price of a 3 month package at $41.97 as opposed to $44.97. Even if you slap that extra month on at full price, the total is $56.96. That makes both deals roughly even. A couple dollars more expensive for the subscriber, over the entirety of the 4 months.

        • DS

          Ultimately, though, what it boils down to is trying to get people in the door. Directv offers NFL Sunday Ticket for free to new customers. It’s just how it works. Comparatively speaking to other similar type offers from other companies, the difference in prices between the two aren’t that bad.

          • Daftvaduhh

            Yes but TV/Phones deal with much longer contracts. This is them offering a pricing model that seems to suggest they are somewhat skimming from the sub market because they can…

            This whole thing is to turn the F2P base into a 5-6 month sub base for the upcoming expansion (3.0, not Galactic Check out my Rec Room).

            • DS

              Possibly. Even still, the price differences are negligible when you compare the two models side by side.

              • Sigfriedjk

                I agree that the goal is to draw new customers. Seems odd however that they would do this in the July. Since they mostly target people in the the northern hemisphere, evident by the term “summer sale” (sorry aussies!), seems like this type of promotion would work better in January/winter when more people spend more time indoors. Thoughts?

              • DS

                Good question. Maybe they have a lull in subscribers during the summer months and they’re hoping they’ll get a little bit more money by offering it then. It’s the only thing I can come up with.

              • Sigfriedjk

                Makes sense to me.

                A friend of mine also proposed that they might be targeting college age players who have the summer “off”.

                Between your idea and his, I’m satisfied 🙂

              • DS

                Honestly, I’ve only subscribed for a couple of months since pre-F2P transition. This is a deal I would consider. They do need to come out with some new content. The Strongholds idea is cool, but it’s only filler.

      • Daftvaduhh

        Isn’t it 500/600 coins per month? So it’s 2000 or 2400 if you have a security key app.

        Remove the 200 granted and it’s actually cheaper to take this deal and buy 2400 coins. I’m furious and want to know when I can discount myself 33% to play sans CC grants.

        They’ll probably spout some bs about recent CC bonuses, but that doesn’t paper over this IMO.

  • That would be great if they let us buy it as a gift.

  • Haggardbr

    Sincerely… to me this is kind of a slap on the face for subbers, since they should work to keep the current subbers instead of desperately look for more. MY opinion though.

    • Amodin


      • Green Mann

        Yea what a HUGE slap in the face getting a several million credit house/etc for free is! How dare they offer a deal increasing/maintaining the player base so that we have more ppl to play with, increasing wz/fp/gsf queue pops. Don’t even get me started in the 600CC per month, jeez!

    • Unoshi

      Yeah, one of the lamest thing they could do towards subbers. For non sub people, Enjoy the summer pass, i wouldnt let it slip by so quickly. Make use of it while u can.

      Pretty much bumbed, since Im a sub till july

    • Zakun

      Would you like me to slap you in the face so you can tell the difference between this and actually being slapped?

  • Azob

    buy this pass and we get hutt expansion for free? since it is free for subscribers

  • Vinak

    They should just get rid of the subscription model entirely and have more regular updates to the CM.

    • TJWoo

      They like having a subscription model alongside F2P because it’s a dedicated revenue stream. If they eliminate it many of those subscribers will buy little to nothing on the CM because they’re no longer getting the 600+ CC each month.

      And I think the packs come out too frequently as is. They need to put less junk in them. If that means making them more infrequent so that more desirable items can be had, then so be it.

  • Josef Tauser

    Yesterday I got a 7-day sub through the Refer a Friend thing. Can I just do that every week and mooch off of subscriber referrals for life ?

    • Guest

      no, refer a friend is a one time thing!

  • martin

    They must really think that remaining subs will not quit no matter what.

  • Meetra Actual

    I sense something ellusive….something I have not sensed from big companies in a while….panic.

    In all seriousness, this move has no corporate/sales logic behind it (to those who would have the money to splash around, $20 would not mean much, and to those, like me, who need every ¢ we have, well, we would not be buying subscriptiions anyway).

    I must admit, I was a sub for April-May, and I was unimpressed.
    Many of the restrictions placed upon us prefs are easy to deal with once you have at least one character at 55, legacy prices are the same for F2P/Pref/Sub (That ship GTN still costs 5mil), most comm gear is the same price, comm caps are the same, the only inconvenience is the 350k credit cap, but once you got yourself your legacy unlocks, you don’t need that much money anyway.

    The XP, Valor and Requisition boosts are nice, but neglegible, I did not notice a difference getting a character from lvl 15 to 40 as a sub and as a pref.

    Counterweighing these measly benefits are a whole host of shortcomings, namely the horrid customer support system.
    I shall not go into details, this comment has ran far too long as it is, but it would be honest to say that I shall not pay a single $ for SWTOR due to the customer service I’ve recieved (lack thereof).

    Serious changes would need to happen for me to even consider subbing.

    P.S. And anyway, being a sub has become prohibitatively expensive anyway.

    • FriezaReturns00001

      I subbed from Oct. 2013 to Dec. I continued to play the game and not stop. But in the end I still didn’t like the restrictions nor the benefits sub/preferred.

  • TJWoo

    SWTOR Summer Pass announced for spammers! Get all the spam* in you can for FREE this summer only!

    *(normal restrictions on the size of player’s ignore lists still apply to ensure you can still expose them to ridiculous amounts of spam while simultaneously jamming up their ignore lists with nonsense accounts)

    • Meetra Actual

      I could not have put it better myself

    • Diwrnach

      I like the game a lot but you’re right: it is time for some new content very soon and the gold spamming is ridiculous.

  • CommonSense

    Why this much hate for a promotion?
    I remember there were Timecards sales for ?6$ per month?

    If I compare it to my subscription(6 Month) 12,99 + 600 CC per month 4 * 12,99 = 51,96$
    summer pass = 39,99 + 19,99 (2400 CC) = 59,98$

    So what?

    Yes it is a good deal for any F2P. Take it!

    • Leont Stepanov

      F2P = not paying money, you know…
      But yeah, this deal is not that bad.

  • Kubrickian

    This looks to be a deal to keep the large contingent that decided to give up swtor for the summer and not renew. Only until very recently did they start giving the 600 cartel coin allowance back. Several months went by without the monthly allowance. Funny that is the only benefit to being a sub now is 600 coins (1.5 cartel packs) a month.

    Even with the people taking this deal there is very little new content (sorry I don’t count nightmare ops) to keep guilds doing ops. For the first time since launch the game has an odd stagnation feel to it. No new crafting, no new fp’s, no new op’s. Others have eluded to the game being on farm and sadly as much as I hate to admit it I would have to partially agree from what I’ve seen.

    5 level cap to 60 feels overdue. Instead they give us a dollhouse to look over our mounts and wax nostalgic on the bulk of our accomplishments from when we hit 55 in late 2012.

    • Green Mann


    • Moog

      The game does feel like it’s dying, or at least my server is. I asked around and people tell me my server is just dead, and that’s why they transferred out. But it’s the largest EC PVE server (Jedi Covenant) so unless I went to PVP I don’t know where else I’d go.

      I did roll on a PVP server prior, but my siblings wanted to play on that server so I made new characters on it and don’t have my old one anymore. My siblings are long gone, but we didn’t even really play that much to begin with. They leveled one character each and when they were done with the story they just had no intention of playing again.

      As to this promotion, my cable company does stuff like this all the time. It’s why I like to cancel and jump to Verizon all the time and then switch back. If I cancel for one day they immediately give me a good offer.

  • Per

    Is it known whether having this ‘summer pass’ is considered subscription for the GSH early access stuff?

  • Sciclex

    Regardless of the obvious “slap in the face” to subscribers that is debatable based on the exchange of CC to Sub Time and the $ difference, it’s always a bad business model to put into an offer “not eligible for those that have been dedicated and put the money up front to keep the game going.” At the absolute minimum they could’ve done some cheesy move of offering either a new Pet for current subscribers, or an extra CC grant. Telling subscribers you get NOTHING and have to deal with it just pushes them farther away and ruins the appeal of your game/company. They honestly do not seem like they are trying to keep the game running for an extended period of time, and just want to squeeze every little dime they can out of the old content before the subscriber base runs dry and they shut it down and walk away, without any remorse toward their loyal followers.

    Preferred is the way to go, buy your unlocks while you’re a sub and enjoy not having to stress about throwing money into a bottomless pit of regrets. The game that is there now is really fun and enjoyable and I still plan on playing it until it goes away, but at the rate of new content I’m not putting anymore money into it.

    Pre-odered, Collector’s Edition Owner, continuous subscriber from launch until Oct 11th 2014, Big CC buyer, put over $2,000 into the game and feel like they don’t care about my contributions at all. A little bit of investor appreciation goes a long way, make the game better for people like myself and maybe you’ll get more money from the lot of us, keep going the way you are and consider the reputation you’ve made for yourself, and the lack of sales in the future, this experience has made me unwilling to put money into ANYTHING with EA or Bioware on it, past, present, or future.


    • TJWoo

      They really bungled the summer of SWTOR thing. Though competing with Wildstar and ESO was always going to be extremely difficult. The game needs new content, and sooner rather than later. It would be nice if they can push out the 3.0 update by the end of the year. The guild I’m in is becoming a wasteland as everyone moves onto other games. And housing isn’t going to bring them back as I’m sure other games are doing housing better.

      That said, as a subscriber, I don’t really have an issue with this current promotion. The marketing of it seems poor because they didn’t mention that subscribers are getting something, just that they’re not eligible. But don’t forget we have gotten a couple of pets recently and a couple infusions of cartel coins apart from our monthly allotment. And we get early access to housing.

      Really, I’m all for getting more people back into the game. So rather than grumbling about how I didn’t get a treat, I’m just glad maybe SOME people will think this is a good deal and re-subscribe.

      • luiza

        What a bunch of spoiled brats… TJWoo is right, subscribers ALWAYS get treats. They come up with only one nice thing for non-subscribers and suddenly Bioware doesn’t care about subscribers? Oh come on.
        I’m very pleased that SWTOR is being competitive about the new MMO scene. I want as many people playing as possible.

        • Sciclex

          Getting new players to the game is fine and dandy, but if it’s taking precedence over new content then all you end up with is new players to play old content with, which most current players are bored of and don’t run as much anyway. So the overall queue times are roughly the same, and there’s still no new content.

          Also Subscribers put money into the game on a steady basis, therefor should always be priority #1. When the newer players stop buying stuff from the cartel market, or just play for free indefinitely, guess who’s still funding the game.

          Also to note there are many other good f2p games out there that are putting out better and more frequent updates than SWTOR, without subscriptions or a market. SWTOR has BOTH, but still isn’t keeping up with them. That isn’t okay.

          Big business doesn’t like bad press, they tend to change their tune as soon as it starts affecting their wallets. The MMO community will always be around, Bioware might not be, and should listen to us when situations like this arise. I’m trying to help them see the error in their ways so they can make life better for all of us (them included). I 100% want SWTOR to last forever and be as amazing and long lasting as WoW has proven to be, and even better considering the Star Wars title. At this juncture I believe Bioware is testing how cheap and efficient they can be to keep the game profitable, instead of pushing to build a better game.

          You can all keep defending Bioware’s decisions all you want, but all it
          amounts to, is sucking up to the crooked boss who undoubtedly will screw
          you over in the future without a 2nd thought, and you could’ve had the
          chance to help unionize and prevent the business from crumbling. Being
          optimistic and standing up for something is nice, just make sure you’re
          doing it for the right side.

          • TJWoo

            I agree with your point about testing efficiency to see how little they can put into the game while still making a certain amount of money. However, I don’t think this is the doing of Bioware. It’s more likely EA, which doesn’t give two craps about the content of games, just how much money they can milk from people.

            They were rumored to make $130m+ on the cartel market alone last year. What are the chances even 50% of that is being reinvested in the game? I realize companies like Bio probably sell out to EA because they need the funding (rumored $250m to develop SWTOR) but I really wish this trend wouldn’t continue. EA is ruining gaming.

    • Bee

      I havent bought any EA game since SWTOR. No Fifa, No BF no SimCity for me. And i wont buy any EA game as long as they treat SWTOR like an unwanted baby.

    • Diwrnach

      I have criticized Bioware in the past for screwing people who bought the game at launch. That being said, this promotion is not a slap in the face. If you’ve been a sub over the past month or so you already got a free pet, cartel coins, as well as free housing on Nar Shaddaa when that launches. This is an effort to compete with Wildstar and I’m fine with it. I’m still getting everything they promised me and it’s not going to be a bad thing if a bunch of new players enter the game.

  • Authn

    That lighting does look stupid

  • Leaticia from the Red Eclipse

    SWTOR needs to be putting cool stuff in (pet quests, mount quests, hard to obtain schematic, armor etc) for people who actually PLAY the game rather than PAYING for it. Cartel Market is bloated and effortless. They should keep the CM to people who want to pay as you go and XP boosts rather than flood it with armor, mounts, weapons and lucky bags. It is really disappointing to see nice things in the game and then find out it is from CM.

  • Vlaf

    I have a question. If you have a f2p account who bought several unlocks ( i.e artificat autorizathion, titles, section x etc) and you subscribe with this offer, after the sub is over, do you still have the previous unlocks?

    • Diwrnach

      Yes, any unlocks used will still be active when your sub runs out.

      • Vlaf

        Thank you very much for info.

    • Mar


  • Johnsonvillebrawtwurst

    LOL, luckily my sub runs out on Jun 29th. SCORE

  • Hant

    Im trying to get an answer from SWTOR but anyone knows if the Summer Pass also make the customer eligible to the July 15th rewards and early access for Galactic Stronghold?

    • It treat you as a subscriber so it should work

  • Santa

    I have a problem: every time i click the “Buy now” button it says: An error has occurred while trying to process your request. Has anyone else received this error?

    • Hant

      Yes, i am getting the same error. Also contacted Support about that bit didnt get na answer for either yet.

      • Santa

        Damn them. Any replay?:))

        • Hant

          Nothing yet.

          • Santa

            Still doest not work. Damn them.

      • Santa

        Now it says maintenace…

  • Senton

    The funny thing is this discount costs more than a regular subscription price in some countries. If I press “Buy Now” button I need to pay 39.99$ for 4 months of subscription. Regular price for 1 month subscription is 8.69$, and 7.91$ per month if you buy 3 months of subscription. So even with regular subscription, price for 4 months will be 34.76$. That’s a bit stupid to give discount that is high than an original price.

    • Bartosz

      Yeah, I’m from Poland, just checked the price. They should block it or adjust the price, why would anyone want to pay 126 zł instead of 120 and get 1800 CC less?

  • Vodorlo

    How did you find this, Dulfy? Looking everywhere for an advertisement for this on their site, can’t find one.

  • HadesClutch

    No Cartel Pass? Kind of lame.

  • iceberg265

    I dislike the fact that this is not available to subscribers, but I guess I can understand the business aspect to it.

  • Coldin Torrence

    Wow. I was about to say “That’s a pretty good deal”, until I saw that you only get 200 cartel coins total instead of the normal 500-600 per month. Not worth it considering the value of 2000 cartel coins ($20). Soo…you really don’t save any money this way if you plan on getting anything from the store.

    • iceberg265

      I already have like 6k cartel coins that I haven’t used, I would love to have the option to stop getting CCs in exchange for lowering my sub.

  • McPoop

    I have time left on my account. Could I “cancel” my subscription and pick this up? Would it add the days to my account for whatever is left on my subscription? I don’t care for CC coins really.

    • I think it only works if your sub renewal is before june 30. Otherwise even if you cancel, you are still considered as subbed when this ends on june 30.

  • Sury

    Anyone else has problems with the summer pass page? It always says Maintenance when i click BUY NOW.

  • Hant

    Got confirmation for SWTOR support that it counts as subscription for the Stronghold early access (the support response didnt explicity say that it entitles for the 15th july rewards though).

    As for the error that several mentioned in my case at least support indicated that it was that paypal was set as payment method (and it works, while you are already subscribed but only in that case that you have a subscription already running on). Support advised to use an alternative method to pay for the Summer Pass. So, that may be the case of others that are encoutering the same error.

    • Santa

      I don’t use paypal. I hope the will fix it.

      • Hant

        It is still not working for me either after following the suggested step, although the error is now slightly different where I can get to an addition step on the purchase process (but ends the same way with the same error message as before eventually).

        Seems that it is a somewhat frequent type of error that even affects people trying to get a regular subscription for what I could gather around.

  • Matthew Ottoson

    Used the link on this site to pay for access for someone else’s new account.

  • chris ghjgd

    What a crappy deal. Noob devs

  • Ahmed Yaghi

    I think the offer doesn’t work for paypal payment methods

    • Hant

      Well, for me it does not work for other methods either. Its over a week now and in spite of some effort from swtor customer service, after my contacts, the fact is that the problem is not being solved. I cant buy the summer pass no matter how many times I try, which methods I use and which steps the customer support advises to take: the result is always the same and – by now – its pretty clear that the limitation is within the swtor purchase system and not related to the payment methods.

      Also, I would like to point out that I only find a links to the promotion outside the swtor official site. I cant find a link within the site nor it is presented on the store or any news section on there, which is a bit odd, and that the price is only announced in $ and £, not in € which is the currency I guess most european users actually use and have their accounts linked to. I suspect that this is linked to the issue (pointed out this to the swtor customer support but didnt get an answer on this point in particular).

      I dont expect this to be fixed anymore though I may contact support a last time.

  • Dashto

    For those getting this error: http://i.imgur.com/KyiWgBP.jpg
    I fixed it by going to My Account > Subscription > Show your payment history, then deleting the existing credit card and re-entering it in again. Strange, since the credit card was not expired.

    • RaptorMk1

      Anyone getting this to work? I’ve tried your solution but it didn’t work for me…still got the same error as your screen shot above.
      Tried paypal, still did not work…wth?!!!

  • Shredder

    Hello, i also was unable to get the pass, and i know why. When you are placing your order you will see that the summer pass is worth 0.00 USD, thats why we all get that error. I called CS and they were very helpfull, what i did was to buy $40 dollars worth of CCs and then the rep took them from my account and gave me 120 days of subscription,

    Just did it 5 misn ago, i hope this info helps someone.

    • Hant

      I pointed them that out to them about a week ago one first time and a second time again some days later and they never answer to that though they replied to my contacts in general (actually I have that pointed out here too, 5 days ago, on a comment below).

      I have to say that, overall, I’m disappointed with the customer support. I started pointed out the problems early on when the promotion was announced and contacted custom support many times. The first replies showed some effort from CS to resolve the issue but the later ones were NOT helpful and even went on with “possible solutions” that were already cleared as not being solutions at all and not related to the issue (for example they restarted making suggestions about the credit card which was already cleared as not being the problem at all and everything they were suggesting again was already tried twice(!) by then) which shows the CS is somewhat messy and dont really follow through the issues properly.

      I ended giving up on the summer pass, unfortunately…

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