SWTOR Rarities and Collection Prices for Star Cluster Intended

It looks like the current rarities and the collection prices for the Star Cluster Nightlife Packs are correct. Star Cluster Packs will also be embargoed on Game Update 2.8.1

Are the collections prices intended or a bug? | 06.19.2014, 03:02 PM

Hey folks,
I want to add some clarity around what was wrong, what is intended, and what is being changed. First off, the what is wrong. There was a little confusion around things when we last talked about this issue. It appears that the current rarities in the pack are correct, however, the tooltips and rarity icons for those items are not. Just to reiterate, the rarity of the items that you have been seeing in the packs is correct and is not being changed. What is being changed are the tooltips and rarity icons to make sure that this is accurately represented. Our current target is to get those adjusted in Game Update 2.8.1, it should be noted that the Star Cluster pack also becomes embargoed in that same update.

Another thing that I know was questioned was the collections unlock prices. Those prices are intended. Collections prices are something that is not completely static from one pack to another and can shift. Similarly, many of you might notice that in the Star Cluster pack there are different amounts of items at different rarities than normal (more rares, less commons, etc). With the Star Cluster pack, we were trying out some new things. I can tell you that the team has heard your feedback around both the rarities and the collections pricing and will adjust accordingly in future packs.

I apologize for the confusion around this and I hope this clears things up!
TLDR – Rarities and collection costs are right. Item rarity icons and collections tooltip rarity are not and are targeted to be fixed in 2.8.1.


  • martin

    I don’t believe him. They dropped the ball but can’t admit it because of the backlash. If what he said was true, why are thy embargoing it so quickly. They are openly lying to us more importantly thy think we are stupid.

    • Sean Malloy

      Want to bet that we see a “Club Vertica Nightlife Pack” being released shortly after the Star Cluster Nightlife Pack gets embargoed, with virtually the same content as its predecessor but with the rarities and collection prices tweaked?

      • Trogdor

        Except we already know (to some extent) what’s going to be in the club vertica pack.
        That said it does seem a bit odd that I was able to pick up the entire ‘enhanced assailant’ set for less than 100k, but the head/chest from the ceremonial mystic set is going for many hundreds of k or millions. Why is that set so much more rare? Or at least, those pieces, since the rest of the set can be picked up for a pittance?

        • Justin

          On my server those pieces are damn rare I bought 3 packs of 24 and got only one supp pack for the sorc but got a million lower sets for it. I well at least I got my rancor and Tulak horde set

        • Mark E. DeSade

          I was a little shocked at how cheaply I was able to get the assailant set. Fine by me, tho, Lord Scourge looks fantastic in it.

  • Ansician

    …I call Bullshit!!!

  • R-six

    What they need to do is put the legacy unlock prices available before you bind the item.

    • writinwater

      Now that would really be something nice.
      Fiddling with the cartel-currency is something I can live with (and I see bioware’s reasoning) , but basically not knowing what I do own in CC for the newly acquired Tulak Hord set (I was really lucky there) sucks. Usually I only sell the unopened boxes and buy the stuff I do like with the credits

    • Sean Malloy

      Just a nitpick; it’s account-unlock, not legacy-unlock; when you unlock an item, you can retrieve it from your collections on characters on other servers.

  • KingThane

    ya I tend 2 agree, I bought 4 hypercrats. I got 2 sets of the mystic chests and pants, a ton of assailent gear almost 4 complete sets, tulak boots,belt and glove. Xoxaan belt and boots. Other than that the rest was complete junk, so much useless starfighter junk(we know no one likes it) and some comp gifts. I haven’t seen any rancor,orobird or any mystic head and belt. Which is crap. Currently on my server rancor is 10-15M,orobird is 3-5M and mystic head is at a steep 2.5M and belt at 1M. Tulak head and chest are staying at 3-4Mish. This is completely crazy. I would expect when u buy 4 hypercrats 2 get something amazing not a bunch of useless items, or 8 assailent helms-_-

    • KingThane

      only bright side my lower guildies love me more,i’ve managed 2 gear them and give them ugly Ikas XK-9 and Irakie Vulture mounts:P

    • Ataro

      On my server there were 30 pages of Assailant lower body armor packages. Im not exaggerating. 30… ………..

  • this smells crazy fishy.. why is BW so dishonest about stuff..! i wouldn’t even be that mad if they were upfront.. this just pisses me off.

  • R-six

    I know quite a few people that bought 4-5 hypercrates. they barely got complete sets and none got any rancor mounts/or bird. These were bought the first day, before they froze the CC’s on us. BW either messed up the drop rates or they meant to rip us off. Using the casinos to deplete our credits and releasing the star cluster packs with shitty drop rates to deplete our CC’s before the strongholds are released.

    • KingThane

      agree,if I have say gotten full xoxaan, or tulak sets. Or really any full set besides assailent I wouldn’t have mind. Really even if thy had told me I wouldn’t get a rancor or orobird mounts that would be fine, so long as the armor drops were good. But to only get one complete set of gear,and a ton of crappy glatatic starfighter stuff is stupid. As for the casino once more I agree,i know ppl whom blow huge amounts of credits in the millions with no luck of rancor.

      • Beasthunt

        Agreed. Now factor in that many of us have alts. I would say 3-5 is common and some like myself have 14 55’s and others have more. I was EXTREMELY lucky and got my rancor within 200k. I have heard of people spending millions and not gotten one, now how about the other toons we have in our legacy? Do they not deserve one? I just don’t have 25 trillion credits to outfit all of them with a rancor.

        I like this game but unfortunately it’s EA and they show the full power of the greedy corporate side when it comes to all things cartel related. You know the CM is pretty much gambling and it would not hurt my feelings if a gaming commission were enforced here. They are raping people

  • Chakra Kusanagi

    What a bunch of BS.
    To me it smells like they couldn’t admit that they made a mistake because then they would have to reimburse people, so they went with the “it’s working as intended” bailout and now they’re embargoing the pack in 2.8.1.
    Smells way too fishy to me.

    • KingThane

      yup, kinda like your at a store buying things, you check out and get home. Only 2 find out half of your groceries aren’t in the bag, you go back and the store says”woops, not our fault u didn’t get them.” Who wants 2 bet the next pack will also be broke with bad rates?

      • gigio

        wrong example….. you’re not at a store with packs you’re at a lottery and if you don’t get what you like you can’t blame the system… it’s gambling you know and you already know that before to spend you’re money on it….. As for me i’ve bought 8 packs got tulak chest and helmet that i’ve sold for 6 mil+a corellian stealth so i feel more than ok

        • KingThane

          not when thy tell u after u buy something that the chances of getting it are broken

        • Sciclex

          While it is similar to a lottery the correct example here would be going to a casino and playing blackjack, knowing the odds of winning are on a set statistic based on the # of each card in the deck. Then without warning the casino changes the ratio and stacks the decks with more Jacks, Queens, and Kings so there’s less of a chance for you to win, and more of a chance that you’ll pay more to receive the same payout as previously, which is a benefit to them, not you.

    • gigio

      pls could you explain me better why they may have to reimburse ppl for? looks to me that you miss that is gambling….. no reimburse for it mate sry, you loose: end of the game

      • It depends. If they ‘advertised’ things would be less rare than they are, then BW would indeed have a (legal) problem in terms of false advertising. But I honestly don’t know what is the case because I haven’t bought any of the packs and didn’t look at the rarity icons. So for all I know they actually advertised that things were more rare than they actually turned out to be. xD

        • KingThane

          bet way I can think of explaining it is, say u bought the hypercrates or packs hoping 2 get a certain armor or mount. But the packs/hypercrates didn’t have those armor or mounts in them, even when thy told you thy did. Another way is that some items rarity was higher than what thy should be. Example from my chances mystic gear is the same rarity as assailant gear. However i’lll get 10 boxes of assailant gear while only getting 1 or 2 boxes of mystic. Mystic gear is acting as super rare or rare/gold, while it should only be umcommon/sliver rank. Also the glatlatic starfighter crap counts as a gold/rare. So instead of getting say tulak hords mask u get starfighter ship paint color.

    • Pyre

      The Nimble brawler lower body armor was dropping at a rate similar to the assailant too…or more…probably more. And the upperbody/supplementary was dropping at a rate barely higher than mystics….so “Working as intended” sounds like a line to me.

  • wiesoistmeinalteraccountausgel

    Yeah, buttkick your customers. You are on the right way BioWare!

  • metakel

    does anyone know when the last bh pack will be embargoed?.

  • metakel

    btw I got all the armor sets/pets/crystals/wepons for 5mil I guess I was lucky

    • KingThane

      I find that hard 2 believe since you’d most likely have 2 pay 6-8M for rancor, then u have tulak chest and helm for a combined 4m, ajun stuff would be in the 250K area for chest and helm. xoxaan chest is really high in my server 1m, and lets not talk about the 2.5M for mystic helm and 600Kish for mystic chest. So inless you’re bless/half bioware god don’t see getting everything for 5m

      • Jeremy Holmes

        he means 5 mil US lol 🙂

  • Revan

    I sell my clothes cheeper .

  • y2z

    They’re embargoing the pack they JUST released? WTF? Is that part of they’re new plan now, all majors packs are only available for that month?

  • cisconetdude

    more like they messed up trying to see how deep your pockets are and now they have to save face as cheaply as passable on there behalf. After about 3 months of embargo you wont remember they stole all your money

    • Meetra Actual

      So true…

  • TheBountyHunter

    I bought 2 hypercrates and spent 4 million credits on the GTN. I now have everything except the rancor and Xoxaan’s chest piece.

  • Thannazzar

    We Eric, let me get this straight.

    Previously if I bought a hypercrate I’d be likely to get at least one full set of each of the non rare armours, most of the parts of the rare sets and enough crap to sell on the gtn to make up the difference.

    Based on your new business model I either:

    A) buy a hyper crate that won’t give me what I want (unless I want 36 sets of unsellable leg armour)


    B) use the money I would have spent on CC to buy @ 7.5mil credits from a gold seller which will get me all the stuff I want when it hits the GTN.

    Which option do you think I’m going to take in future?

    • KingThane

      I sadly chose A, which resulting in getting a ton of starfighter and assailant gear. I decided 2 a good person and give it away 2 guild. The 50 pages on galatic trade about assailant gear, ppl cant even sell the gear cause is way 2 common. But I do agree with you. cant even make your money back by selling the stuff u get.

    • Vel’Rathis

      Il be choosing B in future, EA has lost my trust over this.

      • Unoshi

        EA should have lost your trust years before, forcing developers to release their games way to early, resulting in crap video games to the public.

    • Meetra Actual

      Option C: SHIFT + DELETE on the game folder.

      No, seriously, there is nothing that would make me go to one of those gold sellers on fleet chat. I can’t believe you are that naive to believe you will get your money’s worth.

  • dbaswell

    As I said in my reply on the forums, this is explanation is one of those lies that are so bald faced that if it had to be given in person I can’t imagine Eric being able to say it without a grin that says that he knows that I know he’s full of complete crap.

    • Vinak

      I’m really not sure who he’s trying to fool…or how this could possibly be a good PR move.

  • Logic

    Hit up the gold farmers. You will not get in trouble.

  • Won’t be purchasing or unlocking anything from the cartel market or collection anymore because 600 Cartel Coins for a Super Rare outfit unlock instead of the normal 360 is way to much.

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