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Wildstar Farside Exile Explorer Missions Guide

Wildstar Farside Explorer missions guide for the Exile Faction with walkthroughs for all the staking claims, cartography, surveillance, tracking and scavenger hunt missions.[toc]

Farside Bio Dome 3

Staking Claim Farside


1. The Beryl Forest (1991, –1282) – Bio Dome 3

  • Get up to the rock from the side


2. Progenitor’s Hideaway (1445, –1730) – Bio Dome 3

  • There are a couple ways to get up there, I use this route from the bottom near


3. Tanglevine Village (1284, –1684) – Bio Dome 3


Tracking: Drifting Toward Love

Start at this location in Tanglevine Village. If you have trouble getting there, follow the arrows.

  • Tracking itself is fairly easy, no hard jumps. Just don’t fall off the edge.


Scavenger Hunt: Primal Signatures

Talk to Primalogist Broadwell in Camp Woodview to get started.


Kill the bolded mobs in the clues above in the following areas. If you kill the right mob, they should drop it immediately. There are other mobs in the area that looks like them but won’t drop the parts.


1. The cores o’earth hold together primal energy from more volatile sources. Get one of these cores from an Embodiment of Strength.

2. The essence o’life was valuable to the Eldan. It could animate almost anythin’ else when combined with it. Look to Embodiments of Vitality for these cores.

3. The signature o’primal water was the last of the three used in these labs for unknown purposes. These cores come from Embodiments of Purity.

Cartography: Progenitor’s Hideaway

Getting to here is a bit complicated so I have included a video.


Basically you want to get to the structure in the middle via two paths depending on if you are exile or dominion. Once you are up there. Take a right.


At the end of that path, you want to hop on this tree root and get on the huge green tree branch. Keep going on it until you reach a smaller branch with an explorer icon. Simply jump on that smaller branch and follow it to get up.


Operations: Tanglevine Trespass

Super easy operations mission since the objects you need to destroy are huge and marked.


Surveillance: Tanglevine Tor

There is a set of leaf stairs you can use to get up to where you need to go for the surveillance.



Farside Bio Dome 4

Staking Claim Farside


4. The Arid Sands (3892, –1514) – Bio-Dome 4


5. Flamewalker Hold (4412, –1493) – Bio Dome 4

It is at the very top of the bio dome which you can get there by following the arrows in the images below.


6. Scorched Expanse (4218, –1967) – Bio Dome 4


Tracking: Hidden Flamewalker Treasure

You can find the Pell Treasure Hunter here.


The trick with this tracking mission is to make sure you collect all 12 residues. If you follow him too close, you will miss some. Try following him within 15-20m and you should be able to pick up the residues as him drops them.


Exploration: Drybone Cavern

You will find the entrance to the cavern at (4515, –1343)


There is a malfunctioning generator at the back of the cavern you need to deactivate to complete the mission


Operations: Primal Stabilization

In the marked area you will find Primal Stabilizers to activate. They are not hard to spot and the area is fairly big so you shouldn’t have much trouble with it.


Scavenger Hunt: Buried in the Sands

At (3971, –1493) you will find an Abandoned Datachron which you can interact to get the clues.


1. The first artifact was buried around the edge of a sinkhole in the Arid Sands

  • The sinkhole is not far from the datapad, make sure you open up and dig it out


2. The notes on the second artifact say it was buried near a skull at the base of Scavenger Rocks


3. The missing survey team had recover the third artifact, but it was left in a crate of abandoned supplies in the Arid Sands

  • Found at the crate around (3954, –1354)


Cartography: The High Ground

The location you need to get to is on the east side of the map. You can follow the wooden planks to get up there.


Farside Surface

Staking Claim Farside


7. Fatalis Fields (3926, –6104)

  • The back of the meteor is smooth enough that you can use it to climb up


8. Fatalis Fields (4213, –6250)


9. Plasmic Equalizer (3729, –6511)


10. Fatalis Fields (3424, –5596)


11. Ravenous Ravine (4777, –7102)


Tracking: Paradoxical Anomalies

Start with this orb at (3432, –6164). The orb moves quite fast so it is recommended you follow it on your mount.


Exploration: Spigo’s Space

Enter Dustrunner first and then inside you will find Spigo’s Cabin


Operation: Ikthian Starcharts

You will need to collect 10 of these Ikthian Starcharts in the marked area. They are not too hard to spot but you may need to kill some mobs to grab all 10.


Cartography: Meteor Mountain

I find the backside easiest to climb. There is a tricky bit in the area between the two holes but once you get past that it is smooth sailing.


Surveillance: Farside Antenna

This surveillance mission can be a bit annoying. You have to get to the very top of the radio tower. The first part is fairly easy, just jump between the green pads. The second part you will need to jump on the swirling staircase and follow it. It is best to dismount here.



Once you get past the stairs, you are on the annoying part as you need to jump between the green platforms again. One bad jump and you may have to start over. The trick to is jump far from platform you want to land to as doing it too close may cause your character’s head to hit the platform.


Scavenger Hunt: Broken Eldan Datacubes

Talk to Explorer Levi to get the clues


1. The first dig site was located near steam vents near the ravine’s entrance

  • Found my around (4598, –6696). You will need to dig it out.


2. The next dig site was marked on a plateau near a Moon Walker herd

  • Found my around (4851, –6949). Also need to dig out this one.


3. The final dig site was listed at end of the ravine among Eldan ruins.

  • (4487, –7249). Need to dig it out like the rest.


Cartography: Derelict Silo E23 Control Room

In Derelict Silo E23, which is in the NE corner of Farside surface, you will find a control panel that open up a set of stairs.


On the second set of stairs, beware that some of them can disappear so it is best to take it slow. I find it is best to start jumping/moving when some of the stairs disappear so you have an idea of where to land. Same for 3rd set of stairs, except there is some vertical elemental to it.


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