Wildstar Strain Gameplay Livestream Q&A

Wildstar Developer Strain Gameplay Livestream Q&A summary about the upcoming Strain update coming to Wildstar in early July.

Twitch Link: http://www.twitch.tv/wildstar/b/539981898


  • PTR should be going up soon, could be as early as today. Boost NPCs for players to get them to level 50. No character copies for PTR yet.

Q: Update limited time or permanent?

  • Permanent content, about a month worth of content. Blighthaven + Northern Waste.
  • 3 solo episodes, 1 group episode and a 20 player public event in Blighthaven for example.

Q: Any plans for ingame events for new release of new content?

  • Sorta, kinda, not really. We will have things such as holiday events but you won’t see stuff like Strain outbreak in Algoroc for example.

Q: What level do you need to be to play in the new zones?

  • Elder game content, so it is level 50. For those who are 50, the zones will help you get elder gems.

Q: Where is blighthaven on the map? Where is it connected to?

  • Blighthaven can be traveled via Western Grimvault

Q: Will it be difficult to get the Strain costumes and hoverboards?

  • Guardians of the Growth reputation is needed to purchase them so expect some reputation grind (inferred answer). The Strain outfit is a costume and can be acquired through the leveling process.


Q: The coin icons are different. Any comments?

  • Dev build

Q: Will this zone provide different content between Exile and Dominion?

  • Yes, the very first episode is different for the two factions. Later on in the Globellum area you are doing relatively the same quests that are mirrored.

Q: What are some of the emotes coming with this patch?

  • /strain


Q: What tier of loot will be acquired here? Dungeon, Adventure or worse?

  • If you want dungeon/adventure gear, run them. You will not get those tier of gear here.

Q: Regularly content for hardcore PvP content?

  • No pvp update for this patch but it will be in the next drop (patch)

Q: Is a new house set provided with this patch?

  • Not a new house set but a lot of new Strain related decors.

Q: Original swimming sounds in the Globellum were pretty gross so you changed them. What were they sound like?

  • Ugh..

Q: is the Mutated Rowsdower a boss?

  • Not yet..

Q: Can we expect player class balances

  • Yes always, that will never stop. We have to keep doing it over and over to find the balances.

Q: Strain update have new dungeons, raids or adventures?

  • Not with this patch, it will happen in the future. For this update it is just some PvE content, some housing stuff and new hoverboard.

Q: How many people work in a zone at one time from a production perspective?

  • Big long process that is difficult and involve multiple teams. Need to balance between what looks good, what plays good, and what sells the story.

Q: Any changes in AMP acquisition or new AMPs with this update?

  • No new AMPs, but there could be (have to double check). Might be changes with AMP acquisition with balance updates but unsure.

Q: Will Blighthaven offer any new dallies or should we expect these to come in the future

  • For Blighthaven we do have a few dallies in the group episode area and a daily to participate in the group event that all give you rep. Northern Waste have tons of dallies.

Q: Will every update in the future involve the strain or is it a one time thing?

  • There could be, it is not end of the strain. There will be some content that won’t involve the strain, but also some that involve it.
  • Noran

    Dulfy delivering as always, great job!

  • TerrabyteX

    oh sweetie why did you go exile and not dominium 🙁

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