Wildstar Zone Lore

Wildstar Southern Grimvault Exile Zone Lore Guide

Wildstar Southern Grimvault Zone Lore guide for the Exile faction with locations of all the datacubes, journals, and tale keys.


A note on guide usage: The datacubes and journals are listed in the order they appear on the Lore menu. Use that menu to check whch ones you are missing. For tale a map is provided of all of the tale keys. A zone map is provided to help you getting all the zone lore items as you are leveling through the zone.


South Grimvault Zone Lore Map



1.Datacube Entry: Sublime Substance (1829, 1039) – Shattered Sands


2. Datacube Entry: Destructive Conclusion (1399, –1313) – Phage Cannon

  • You have to be on the quest Command Override to get inside the middle of the Corrupted Installation to retrieve the datacube


3. Datacube Entry: Exotic Amplifier (1283, –1048) – Corrupted Installation

  • To get up here, use the teleport pad at the marked location as they will teleport you to the area. Once you are inside, run to the datacube.


4. Datacube Entry: Expected Opportunity (2041, –1180) – Creeping Abyss


5. Datacube Entry: Profound Horror (3196, –1309) – Blighted Pass


6. Datacube Entry: Unalterable Impression (856, –1611) – Blighted Pass


7. Datacube Entry: Visionary Decision (1878, –2121) – Spineridge Nest



1. Exile Quartermaster’s Log (788, 679) – Alpha Company Crash


2. Deployment Orders: Operation Prime Time (814, –714) – Stonebreaker Post


3. Star-Dog Arkship CanineCare Receipt (908, 44) – The Final Stand


4. Cryo Pod Emergency Operation Manual (1267, 594) – Charlie Company Crash


5. Moris Dustland’s Journal (1497, –11) – Ethereal Hollow

  • At the very top of Ethereal Hollow, need to jump on top of some rocks to reach it



6. Archaeologist’s Diary (1719, 253) – Ethereal Hollow

  • Inside Ethereal Hollow cave


7. Exile Investigator’s Notes (2055, –2183) – Strain Tunnels



Cleanup Crew


Cleanup Crew #1 (794, 710) – Alpha Company Crash


Cleanup Crew #2 (766, 461) – Fractured Fields


Cleanup Crew #3 (782, 216) – Fractured Fields


Cleanup Crew #4 (769, 134) – Fractured Fields


Cleanup Crew #5 (1018, 46) – The Final Stand


Cleanup Crew #6 (668, –773) – Brinny’s Wayside Retreat


Cleanup Crew #7 (865, –1055) – Blighted Pass


Cleanup Crew #8 (1175, –1041) – Creeping Abyss


Cleanup Crew #9 (1719, –653) – Ghostwind Hollow


Cleanup Crew #10 (1804, –1485) – Spineridge Depot


Cleanup Crew #11 (1453, –1039) – Corrupted Installation

  • To get up here, use the teleport pad at the marked location as they will teleport you to the area. Once you are inside, find a ramp that lead up to the wall.


Cleanup Crew #12 (983, –1717) – Boiling Depot


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3 replies on “Wildstar Southern Grimvault Exile Zone Lore Guide”

I am very happy to see your interest in WildStar and I hope that continues to hold it.

Will you being doing the Dev stream round ups like you do for GW2 any time soon? Mainly, I would like to see The Nexus Reports done.

I dd took notes on the Nexus report but there weren’t much new stuff so I din’t make a new post on it. But here are the notes if you are interested
*Q: Does Carbine to release official class colors?*

– A: Yes, no official date yet

*Q: Inspiration for the strain content?*

– A: Alien organism that can take over biological content and morph it into this strain

*Q: World bosses in the zone that drop cool loot? Like the mount?*

– End boss in the 5 player episode, some bosses in the event. The mount is acquired via reputation so you may need to kill some world bosses to quickly gain rep.

*Q: When will players be promoted to go to these new areas?*

– You can come here as soon as you reach L50. There are breadcrumbs from capital city and also you can get to here (Blighthaven) from Western Grimvault

*Q: Are there path missions in the new zones?*

– Yes there are

*Q: Shiphand missions with the patch?*

– No shiphand missions planned for this patch

*Q: Addition of more endgame dallies. Will weekly cap be changed?*

– No, cap is cap.

*Q: Further Drusera missions in this patch?*

– No solo Drusera stuff, but the group area have some Drusera stuff

*Q: What kind of gear can be obtained from the Strain? Will they be better than current gear?*

– Not better than dungeon/adventure gear

*Q: Are there going to be achievement rewards other than titles?*

– A: I think we will. For the strain content we have at least one achievement that rewards a title

*Q: What is being done about teleporting/pvp bots*

– We are constantly working against them. We put in fixes but they keep coming back. We are banning them.

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