Wildstar Zone Lore

Wildstar Western Grimvault Exile Zone Lore Guide

Wildstar Western Grimvault Zone Lore guide for the Exile faction with locations of all the datacubes and journals.


A note on guide usage: The datacubes and journals are listed in the order they appear on the Lore menu. Use that menu to check whch ones you are missing.  A zone map is provided to help you getting all the zone lore items as you are leveling through the zone

Western Grimvault Zone Lore Map



1. Datacube Entry: Genetic Archives (-236, –4096) – Bio-Mech Facility – Gamma Sector


2. Datacube Entry: Tighter Control (-1017, –4092) – The Spire

  • To get there, you need to be on the quest On Through the Light as part of the World Story quest.


3. Datacube Entry: Unstable Mind (-1279, –5361) – The Divergence

  • This datacube is all the way down at the Phagelab. Enter the teleporter pad in the middle of Phagelab to get it.


4. Datacube Entry: Covert Adjustment (-683, –5360) – Phagelab Level 1

  • Near the entrance of Phagelab level 1 is a green screen that can be accessed by scientists only via a terminal nearby. Inside is the datacube.


5. Datacube Entry: Deranged Descent (-888, –5514) – Phagelab Level 1

  • This datacube is in the NW corner of the lab level 1. You might need to be on the quest Protected Light as part of the World Story quest.


6. Datacube Entry: Infallible Perfection (-391, –5370) – Phagelab Level 2

  • You can access level 2 using the teleporter near the Deranged Descent datacube


7. Datacube Entry: Impermeable Defense (-156, –5358) – Outer Core Chamber- Floor 4

  • You can access this while on the quest Shade of Entity that is part of the world story. Outer Core Chamber is on the other Phagelab (take the left teleporter by Drusera instead of right teleporter).


8. Datacube Entry: The Techno-Core (184, –4818) – Inner Core Chamber

  • You can access this while on the quest Shade of Entity that is part of the world story. Inner Core chamber is on top of Outer Core Chamber



1. A Trooper’s Letter Home (865, –4024) – Cryomere


2. Receipt for Splorg Kibble from SplorgSmart (1173, –3000) – Silverwaste

  • The journal is inside a cave


3. Chief Medical Officer’s Report (1709, –4329) – Sick Bay

  • This journal is on the left upper bay of Widowmaker, deep inside the [GROUP 5+] area.


4. Agent’s Log XK1182 (1751, –4517) – Sick Bay

  • This journal is also inside the [GROUP 5+] area, a bit further in


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