Wildstar Northern Wastes Gameplay Livestream Q&A

Wildstar Weekly Northern Wastes Gameplay Developer Q&A summary and notes. Northern Wastes is a new zone coming with the upcoming Strain patch.

Twitch link: http://www.twitch.tv/wildstar/b/542044611

Northern Wastes Background

Level 50 zone coming out at same time as Blighthaven. Not related to Strain and has no strain content: has its own independent storyline. It is a shared zone with lots of dallies where players can come in for endgame solo content for elder gems. Northern Wastes takes place in the future of Northern Wilds after the Exiles have left the area.

No normal path missions but there is a daily specific to your path

Q: Do we need to unlock the strain emote?

  • You get it automatically with the patch

Q: Are these new zones open world PvP?

  • They are contested zones so you can expect some open world on PvP realms and on PvE realms if you flag yourself.

Q: When are the PvP gear balance changes coming?

  • There are changes coming, no specific dates on hand.

Q: Bigger weapons for Esper class in high end content? (Sword etc instead of psyblade)

  • Doesn’t make sense for Esper to wield big swords..Maybe we can make bigger psyblades if there is enough demand. We are got a lot of stuff on our hands right now and cosmetic stuff comes behind functionality.

Q: Can we expect same amount of dallies as Crimson Badlands. Any plan to make dallies random?

  • Same amount of dallies as Crimson Badlands. Random dallies is something that might be possible later.

Q: Will there will be pre-requisites to get to the two new zones?

  • For Northern Waste you just need to be 50. There will be a breadcrumb quest from the capital city that lead you to here

Q: Reducing costs of AMP resets? They are really high right now for experimenting stuff

  • Post that on forums so devs can listen to it

Q: Will there be official fan kits for download in the future?

  • We had a fan kit available before but assets have changed so much then. I will definitely look into this (Tony)

Q: Any plans to put in vanity pets?

  • At some point, but we can’t say exactly when. We are looking into it seriously.

Q: Is there a class balance in the next big patch?

  • Yes, we will continue to do it on a monthly basis

Q: Strain update focus heavily on endgame, will future patches on midgame or other stuff?

  • Usually we tend to focus on endgame but you can expect to see some non-endgame stuff to improve the leveling experience.

Q: Are we going to get gear sets to change between DPS/tank sets?

  • You can swap the action bars right now, but gear wise not yet. Northern Wastes will give you a new set of gear from the dallies.

Q: Will there be any world bosses in Northern Wastes?

  • Not in Northern Wastes since it is a solo zone but if we make another zone like this we will add one in.

Q: Opening up additional race/class combos in the future? Like melee Chuas

  • It will be a while before we do that. We need to get functionality, optimization etc gets taken care of first.

Q: What is your favourite non-Carbine addon?

  • One that tracks where your group members one (Stephan Frost)
  • I don’t use addons that much (Tony)

Q: Are there any planned events in Northern Waste

  • Not at the moment. There might be something happening for the PTR (i.e. tomorrow). There are no boss events in Northern Wastes either.

Q: How many bug fixes will the Strain patch have?

  • A Shload of bug fixes

Q: Is there a limit to number of players on a housing plot?

  • Not sure

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