GW2 Dyes and Watchwork Mining Pick returning to gemstore

GW2 Gemstore was updated last night with the return of some dye packs and the Watchwork Mining Pick. Various items are also 20% OFF.


20% OFF

44% OFF

  • Black Lion Introductory Package – 1600 gems (was 2000 gems) – Can only purchase 1 per account

Returning Dyes (Length unspecified)

  • 125 gems each, 5 for 500 gems, 25 for 2500 gems
  • Deathly Dye Pack –(Swampblack, Caustic, Toxin, Algae, Acid, Acrid)
  • Metallurgic Dye Pack – (Amenity, Fling, Onset, Perseverance, Prosperity, Recall)

Mining Pick

  • Available for 7 days only – 1000 gems
  • Watchwork Mining Pick – This will give Watchwork Sprockets when you mine stuff
  • narg

    does this “new” minig pick still gives watchwork sprocked or it is removed ??

    • Yes it still give sprockets

      • narg

        so what do you think, is it worth of buying ?? 250 sprockets is about 8g, we need 1000 gems for 110g, so will i be able to get money back with trade ??

  • I bought this for about 120gold so i calculated that for every 40 sprockets it is 1 gold 6 silver. So i need about 5400 sprockets to get my gold back. When i calculated this it was 2silver 95 copper each.

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