Wildstar Zone Lore

Wildstar Exile Zone Lore Guide

A guide to zone lore for all Exile zones with locations of datacubes, journals, and tales key.

Note: This is a Exile specific zone lore guide, a Dominion one will be coming later.


Zone Lore sorted by Zone

What are Zone Lores?

Zone Lores are collectables you can find in each leveling zone. If you view the Lore interace, you can see the zone lore you have collected per zone. There are three types of zone lores: Datacubes, Journals and Tales. Players who pick the Scientist path will need to collect datacubes but the rest are optional and do not provide any rewards or achievements. They do provide plenty of story background for every zone.


How do I use the guide?

There are two ways to use the guides above.

  • You can zone lore map to collect zone lore as you explore the zone. All the datacubes, journals and tales key are numbered so if the big map isn’t helpful, you can scroll down to that specific lore and look at more detailed maps or instructions.
  • All the lore entries in the guide are sorted in the same way that the game sorts them. So you can just look through your lore interace, see which ones you are missing and go straight to it.

What addons will help me collect lore?

The addon I use is Zenradar. It puts a nice little box on your upper left screen that will show any lore objects within ~300m of your location. It will greatly speed up your lore collection process but it won’t help you on lore objects that are underground for which you will then need to consult the guide for it.

You are missing world story/shiphand/dungeon lore

I will be adding them soon.

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