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Wildstar PTR June 27 Strain Update Patch Notes

Wildstar patch notes for the June 27 Strain Update on the PTR. This is the second set of patch notes for the Strain update on the PTR. The first set can be viewed here.


  • Path Hoard-O-Tron 4000s can be found next to the Elder Gem vendors in Illium and Thayd. If you’ve accidentally sold your path gear, they’re available again on these vendors!
  • Character and realm select screens now properly report when you are disconnected. This fixes issues in realm and character select where it appeared to be working fine, but then get stuck waiting for server responses.
  • New art for the stun breakout gameplay has been added.
  • Added new key bindings for Stun Breakout gameplay.
  • Keybindings for Stun Breakout gameplay have been added. They also have an icon and tooltip describing how they are allowed to be multi-bind.
  • Fixed an issue with certain AIs not reacting to mounted players properly.
  • Guards in Illium and Thayd should now direct you to the C.R.E.D.D. Exchange.
  • Trial accounts are now properly notified via a system message when reaching the reduced max renown and gold.
  • Fixed potential client crash that can happen when 2-Step Verification is submitted without a code.
  • Fixed a bug where interrupting certain creatures could cause a significant decrease in client framerate for a few seconds.
  • The deserter duration for PvE activities (Adventures and Dungeons) has been increased from 5 minutes to 15 minutes.
  • The deserter duration for PvP activities (Battlegrounds, Arena, and Warplots) has been increased from 5 minutes to 10 minutes.
  • While consuming C.R.E.D.D., the player animation is no longer late.


  • Shiphand instances will now use the rallying system.
  • Gadget – Reduced the duration on Attachment Optimization Routines to 10 seconds down from 20 seconds.
  • Imbuement – Dasher – Reduced the Dash regeneration on all tiers from 30%, 36%, 40%, 44%, 50% to 16%, 18%, 20%, 22%, 24%.


  • General
    • Fixed an issue in which damage would not be dealt if multiple Engineers mark the same target.
  • Abilities
    • Fixed an issue in which Shatter Impairment would not remove subdue effects.
    • Energy Auger – Fixed an issue that prevented the field from dealing damage if multiple Engineers stacked them.
    • Personal Defense Unit – Fixed an issue that prevented it from absorbing damage.
  • AMPs
    • Keep on Truckin’ AMP – Fixed an issue in which the last tick would not always apply.
    • The Zone AMP – Fixed an issue in which Volatility would drop if going from Mode: Provoke to Mode: Eradicate.
    • Volatility Rising AMP
      • Fixed an issue that prevented the buff from reapplying due to it triggering more than once during the internal cooldown.
      • Fixed an issue in which by going over and under the Zone thresholds, you would gain Volatility faster than every 1.5s.


  • Abilities
    • Fixed a bug with T8 Reverie not benefiting from the Healing Received Buff.
    • Soothe T8 Telegraph no longer sticks around when Hold to Continue Casting option is off.
    • Fixed a bug with T8 Geist that was preventing it from taking 100% of the Esper’s threat.
    • Fixed a bug with T8 Mind Burst ignoring shields
    • All 3 Spectral Swarms should now attack the closest target to the Esper when the spell is cast
  • AMPs
    • Fixed a bug with Fisticuffs that was preventing it from procing.
    • AMPS Duelist and Inspirational Charge should now be able to stack.


  • Abilities
    • Gamma Rays – Fixed an issue where using Tier 4+ would consume all 4 Actuators following Energize.
    • Crisis Wave – Fixed an issue where using Tier 4+ would consume all 4 Actuators following Energize.
    • Paralytic Surge
      • The Tier 4 Bonus has been swapped with the Tier 8 Bonus.
      • The new Tier 4 bonus no longer increases the Stun duration while the increased Interrupt Armor pierce remains.
    • Debilitative Armor – This now properly reduced PvP Offense by the intended 6.5%.
    • Gamma Rays – Fixed an issue where there was a noticeable delay between finishing the cast and being refunded the Actuator for landing all 3 beams.
  • AMPs
    • Power Converter AMP – This buff is now applied when you enter combat and persists as long as you are in combat.


  • Abilities
    • Arcane Missiles will now apply stacks of expose correctly.
    • Fixed an issue in which sometimes the Arcane Missiles ability would deal an extra damage print marked as Magic Missiles.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed a full Surged Charged Shot to fire off twice while ignoring its cooldown.
    • Aura’s should work more consistently now especially if a player enters / leaves the Void while in one.


  • Abilities
    • Increased the from behind range to 140 degrees up from 90 degrees.
    • Updated Nano Fields 2nd press to have a short 250ms GCD to prevent the combat option “hold to continue casting” from triggering it non-stop until out of Suit Power.
    • Fixed a bug with Impale that was causing it to have a higher deflect chance than intended.
    • Updated Stim Drone to have a small 250ms Cooldown to prevent “Hold to Continue Casting” from casting all charges at once.
  • AMPs
    • The Cutthroat Debuff Stacks can no longer be deflected.


  • Abilities
    • Whirlwind
      • This is now a channeled ability rather than a Press and Hold.
      • Fixed a bug where the CD reset was only occurring on the base Tier.
      • Fixed an issue where tiers 1-8 had a longer GCD than intended.
    • Plasma Wall
      • This is now a channeled ability rather than a Press and Hood.
      • Fixed a bug where the defense buff would sometimes not be removed.
      • Fixed an issue where tiers 1-8 had a longer GCD than intended.
    • Resolved an issue with Tremor that could cause ability charges to not recharge after reconnecting to the game.
    • Fixed an issue with Augmented Blade where it was not dealing damage.
    • Flash Bang tooltip will now update the blind duration for each tier.
    • Leap – Fixed a bug where the Tier 4 bonus would cause the Warrior to not leap the full distance when breaking free from Tethers.
    • Power Link
      • Range has been reduced to 15m down from 20.
      • The base buff has been reduced to 14% Damage Dealt, down from 18%.
      • Damage gained per tier has been reduced to 0.5%, down from 0.6%.
      • Updated the tooltip so that the base tooltip does not show the bonus of T4.
      • Fixed a bug where the T8 bonus would sometimes not trigger while sprinting.
      • The Storing Power buff will now be removed upon leaving combat.
  • AMPs
    • Detonate AMP
      • Ranged increased to 10 meters, up from 8 meters.
      • Targets increased to 10, up from 5.
      • Damage dealt reduced to 225% Assault Power, down from 300%
    • Vigor AMP – Updated the tooltip to clarify that this buff stacks.
  • Warplots
    • Kill counts during a Warplot match will no longer include NPCs such as the generators.
    • Fixed an issue with Warplot assets not loading in at their proper height.
    • The being disabled at the end of a PvP match can no longer be avoided if stunned moments before the end of the match.
  • General
    • Challenge cooldowns will properly count down while the character is logged off.
    • Fixed an issue where players were unable to reenter solo instances.
    • Secret Ops Report and Enigma Reports for world story episode completion will now be visible to players in the Secret Ops Center / Enigma Chamber.
    • The following creatures will no longer occasionally forget their top threat target:
      • Slavemaster Drokk (Normal)
      • Slavemaster Drokk (Veteran)
      • Genetic Monstrosity
      • Frostbringer Warlock
      • Maelstrom Authority
    • Fixed an issue where neutral hub guards would attack Players that were fighting overland creatures (not other Players/Player-related creatures).
    • Players may now travel to the Northern Wastes through a new portal available on the Northern Wilds biome plug.
  • Achievements
    • The achievements for guild dungeon completion now refer to earning a medal upon completion for unlock.
    • Achievement completion times are now listed in UTC instead of local time.
  • Deradune
    • Combustible Mammodins in Deradune should no longer have interrupt armor.
  • Ellevar
    • When failing the CSI in quest Blackout in Ellevar, the spell name now properly displays as ‘Shock’ and has appropriate sound effects.
    • Lightreach Commoners will now walk towards the church when called by the Vigilant Bell for the challenge “Hear ye, hear ye” in Lightreach Mission.
    • Increased challenge time for “Snoglug Squasher” and “Shiny Snacks” from 3 minutes to 5 minutes.
    • Quest “Spreading the Word” wasn’t giving enough indication to players about which Lopp were still able to be converted, and which were not. Made them change their pose if they’d been spoken to already.
  • Farside
    • The Exile Battle Suit and the Dominion Battle Suit for ‘Suits Me Just Fine’ will now damage only the Ikthians in The Sunder Flat. These suits will no longer deal damage to players.
  • Galeras
    • Fixed a bug causing several imbuements in Stormtalon’s lair to appear unlocalized.
  • Grimvault
    • Adjusted visual effect animation to end at the same time as the despawn for “Psychic Rescue in Progress” in Grimvault.
    • Rotgear will no longer instantly reappear after he is killed.
  • Illium
    • The challenge “Back to Basic” in Illium will now clean up properly if it is abandoned.
  • Thayd
    • Guards will now direct players to the transport to Grimvault.
  • Whitevale
    • Tear Gas now has sound effects for quest Tear Gas in Whitevale
    • The Brandy Dagun in Whitevale now only attempt to heal badly injured players, and they can not heal the same player more than once per minute.
    • The Silversnout Patriarch should no longer be able to get stuck without respawning on the Exile quest ‘…But You Can’t Hide’.
  • Wilderrun
    • Bombing ICI Operatives now has sound effects for quest Crafty Critter.
    • Destroying War Drum now has sound effects for quest Noise Pollution.
    • Cleansing Fire now has sound effects for quest Encroaching Corruption.
    • Fixed an issue for the quest Race for the Everpool that could make it difficult to complete the step to shout to Dorian Walker.
  • General
    • The cooldown for Sergeant Berog / Corporal Vizrek’s “The Big One” has been increased.
  • Drusera
    • Players will no longer be blocked from entering solo instances while in a group.
  • The Hycrest Insurrection
    • Players who log in after the intro has started will automatically port inside the barn.
  • The Malgrave Trail
    • Fixed an issue that was causing infinite food respawn at one of the hidden resource caches.
  • Shiphands
    • Shiphand mission Deep Space Disappearance now plays all audio properly.
  • Kel Voreth
    • Slavemaster Drokk should no longer be able to interrupt Destructo Constructs when they attempt to self-destruct.
    • Trogun now begins facing the forge and skips initial movement. This should prevent his AI from breaking at the start of the fight.
  • Stormtalon’s Lair
    • Stormtalon will no longer attempt to target player pets when performing Lightning Rod.
    • Fixed a bug causing several imbuements in Stormtalon’s lair to appear unlocalized.
    • Engineer Artillery bots should be less likely to pull the final third of the instance when Aethros disperses
  • Skullcano
    • Redmoon Wrestler will now knock players upward, and only hit them once, rather than hit them multiple times.
  • Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden
    • Selene Holdout – Selene now takes x5 damage if no players are alive.
    • The public event should no longer occasionally fail to complete when Spiritmother Selene the Corrupted dies.
  • Genetic Archives
    • X-89: Players should no longer collide with the platform from below.
    • Phageborn Convergence entrance door now re-opens properly when the bosses reset.
    • Impending Demise can no longer be deflected.
    • Gravitron Operator – The doors to his room are now closed while he is in combat.
    • Revolving Door Room – If you kill one of the pair of mobs, and then wipe, the rest of the pack will respawn rather than just despawn.
    • Malfunctioning Battery – Thermal Insulation Damage reflect will no longer proc off certain effects like Fatal Wounds.
  • Datascape
    • Players progressing through the Glacial Fortress, Obsidian Wastes and Earthen Biomes in the Datascape will now be able to unlock new holocrypts after defeating certain mini-bosses.
    • System Daemons – Encounter challenge is now more difficult.
    • Defeating the Phageborn Convergence will now properly award the Achievement “Council of None”, which will allow you to buy Genetic Archive Weapons from the Elder Gem Vendor. (For all you raiders [hardcore] who have been kicking butt in there, sorry for the delay on earning your shiny new epics! [hardcore]).
    • Raid groups that are working on Datascape will find The Caretaker near the entrance with teleportation options to various locations in the instance.
  • Explorer
    • The Cartography mission in Prosperity Junction is no longer blocked by an invisible wall when the Settler project below it is being built.
  • Soldier
    • Detonating Poison Canisters now has sound effects for Soldier path mission Taste of Their Own Medicine in Ellevar.
  • Loot
    • Icy Kess and Shale the Shatterer no longer sell the Dominion version of the Hologram FABKit. They will both now sell the Exile version.
    • Adjusted the drop rate of the Dominion Medical Station and Exile Medical Station decor items from the PVP reward bags and chests.
    • Housing items that are rewarded from challenges are now item level 1.
    • You can no longer sell the Thayd Transmat Coordinates and Illium Transmat Coordinates rewards from the capital city tour quests.
    • Some decor items have had their levels adjusted to match the content from which they are obtained.
    • Fixed an issue where Crafting Goody Bag could not be purchased unless player was on a particular quest.
    • Stats on the Eldan Gauntlet imbuement items have been adjusted.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Decorated Protostar Zapinators, Epsilon Protostar Zapinators, Supreme VARIANT Force Chargers, and Meow-Meow to appear invisible when equipped.
  • The text in the crafting summary for Technologist, Architect, and Cooking now properly describes the direction of the discovery when a failed discovery occurs.
  • Added tier-5 tradeskill nodes to Northern Wastes PCP.
  • Architect: Aurin Clock achievement on the tech tree will now increment when you craft Aurin Clocks.
  • Chua Mailbox can now be used as a mailbox.
  • The Sky option for the property will be retained when changing the house.
  • Characters on the same account can now properly edit the houses of their alt characters.
  • The decor item “Large Falkrin Gate” has had its model replaced.
  • Roommates can no longer delete decor.
  • The Housing widget color now matches the UI arrows and rotations.
User Interface
  • Items equipped into costume slots will now display the detailed item tooltip for that item when moused over.
  • Changed labels in the Reputation window so they cannot be expanded if they have no visible sub-labels.
  • Challenge timer display has been made more accurate; no more failing due to time when you appear to have crucial seconds left!
  • Fixed an issue that caused Combat Floaters to show twice.
  • Cluster targets no longer overlap unit frame cast bars
  • Fixed tokens so that they now display the correct values in the tool tip.
  • The ‘Selection Marker’ option will now correctly prevent the selection border around the nameplate from being displayed.
  • Fixed an error in the Reputations UI when the player had rep with an unaligned faction.
  • Guest Accounts can no longer open the Auction House UI (orders wouldn’t complete anyways, so we’re just not getting their hopes up).
  • Achievement scores longer than 4 digits will now shrink to fit on the Achievements UI.
  • In Video Options, Max Framerate Limiting and Field of Vision sliders have been added.
  • The use occlusion setting for Nameplates now works again for disabling and enabling occlusion. This will have reset everyone’s existing choice for this setting though.
  • Nameplates should be up to 1-2% faster per frame.
  • QuestTracker: Fixed timed public event objective and quest objective timer count down in the Quest Tracker.
  • Fixed an issue in the Quest Tracker where public event objectives would not always be removed once completed.
  • UI Dialogs should now clean up after themselves better.
  • Changed item tooltips so every item shows its required level if it has one.

API Changes

  • Fixed user provided sounds to play out of lua module directory, instead of base game directory.
  • Apollo API: Item:GetRequiredLevel() returns the correct value for every item that has a required level. If the item has no required level, the function still returns 0.


  • Varied but numerous sound effects added to Datascape.
  • Emperor Myrcalus now speaks at a consistent volume on the tram ride to the Garden of the Vigilant on the Dominion Arkship.

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