ESO V1.2.4 Patch notes

ESO patch notes for V1.2.4, deployed on June 30 with several fixes to gameplay and quests.

The Elder Scrolls Online v1.2.4 is an incremental patch featuring fixes to gameplay and quests, including a fix for Silver Bolts, the sudden drop in FPS that you’re seeing in Cyrodiil, and weapon swapping breaking stealth.

Alliance War

  • Fixed an issue where you were not being teleported back to your alliance’s starting area when entering the Northern Morrowind Gate or the Southern High Rock Gate.
  • Fixed an issue where you were not getting killed properly when passing through the scroll gates before your alliance owned the appropriate keeps.

Combat & Gameplay

  • Weapon swapping with an equipped item set no longer breaks stealth.
  • Knocking back an enemy while they are in the air no longer causes them to die instantly from fall damage.
  • Removed an erroneously placed crowd-control break from the Ravager.


  • Fighters Guild
    • Silver Bolts: With one exception as noted below, we fixed an issue so this ability no longer has a 100% proc chance after Skilled Tracker is purchased.
      • Known Issue: This ability works properly against all vampires and werewolves in human form. However, if you are specifically in werewolf form, this ability will still proc at 100%. This is not intended, and will be fixed next week.


  • Restoration Staff
    • Grand Healing: Fixed an issue where using this ability would significantly reduce your game’s performance. This fix will help alleviate the sudden FPS drop some of you encountered after we released v1.2.3.
    • Regeneration: Fixed an issue where using this ability would significantly reduce your game’s performance.

Alliance War

  • Assault
    • Rapid Maneuver: Fixed an issue where this ability was not working while mounted. We also fixed an issue where using this ability would reduce your game’s performance when hitting multiple targets.

Dungeons & Group Content

  • Volenfell
    • Blood and Sand: The levers associated with this quest will now be responsive, and the quest will no longer be blocked.
  • Direfrost
    • Noble’s Rest: Having this quest in your journal will no longer impact other quests.

Veteran Dungeons

  • Veteran Crypt of Hearts
    • Alanwe will now properly activate in the final room.
    • You will now animate and react properly during Mezeluth’s Dark Betrayal attack.
    • Mezeluth is now properly dressed.
    • The fight with Ibelgast and his minions will now properly grant VP.


  • Legacy of Baelborne Rock: You will no longer have an issue interacting with the Daedric Warding Stone if Tachnim becomes stuck.


  • Stone Cold: You can now talk to the Hollow Watchman.

Khenarthi’s Roost

  • The Perils of Diplomacy: Ulondil will now respawn if he becomes stuck. The pin for the quest step “Continue Harrani’s Investigation in Mistral” has also been updated to reflect the correct location.

Main Quest

  • God of Schemes: Molag Bal’s dialogue will now continue regardless how far away you move from within The Colored Rooms.

The Rift

  • Stomping Sinmur: Sinmur will now respawn if he gets stuck while in combat.


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