GW2 Coin Collector Prospect Valley Achievement Guide

GW2 Coin Collector Prospect Valley Achievement Guide for Dry Drop. Video guide coming soon.


Note that due to the vertically and complex nature of the map, it is really hard to describe accurately the location of each Lost Coin without cluttering the page with tons of pictures. Therefore, it is better to follow along with the video, the route has being semi optimized to reduce backtracking.


Note: The numbering system was changed from the previous version due to route optimization. If you were using the old map/numbering system, you can find the old map here to compare to the new map to get the new numbering system.



1. Jump below the waypoint to collect this coin


2. This one is on the very ground level. To get to this area, you need to follow the path from the waypoint for a bit and then jump off. If there is an event running there, the hole is blocked and you will need to complete the event.


3. Circle around from #2 to get to this lost coin


4. Jump up to grab this one here


5. Get to this platform by using the air crystal nearby (may need to use swiftness for the jump) or lightning crystal if you have it


6. On the ground


7. Next to some bushes


8. Not very hard to spot


9. Up on the ledge. Can take a few jumps to get up here.


10. On the building on top of the repair thingie.


11. This Lost Coin is up top so you will need to use the air crystal nearby to try and jump to grab it.


12. Inside the well.. Good job hiding it


13. Inside the mine area below Miner Toska


14. Up top, follow the jumping puzzle route to get to here


15. From the last coin, drop down, grab air leap and run forward a bit. To your left is a wall you can jump up to drop in a hole.


16. To your left is a slightly raised platform with a devourer. Run past it and jump across the gap to grab this one.


17. This coin is at the very top, along the route to the jumping puzzle


18. Keep following the route to the jumping puzzle and past the skill point is another coin


19. At end of the jumping puzzle


20. Use air jump to get up here. You can use the roof of the white tent as a sidestep


21. Use air jump to get up here


22. On the ledge to the NW of the waypoint


23. Get up here by using the air crystal


24. Use the air crystal nearby to get up. If you can quick enough, you can use air leap to get up. If not, use swiftness from the small ledge.


25. On the ground level below some rocks.


26. This one is on the ground level


27. Inside a little cave next to Nochtli


28. Go up the stone ramp


29. On top of a small ledge, use air jump to grab it.


30. Inside the Llama cave, you need to destroy the Inquest containment pods to get abilities that will get you across. Use sun dash to get past the orange screen.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

47 replies on “GW2 Coin Collector Prospect Valley Achievement Guide”

Wow, decided to check the site one last time at 29/30 and saw that the guide was up. Scrolled all the way down to find my last coin in the well. xD

I’m having some trouble with number 29, not entirely sure where it, or the mentioned air crystal are.

From #18’s location, you will see a ledge with another devourer on it. If you go on that ledge, you will see a gap and then another ledge with the #19 coin on it.

It is kind of hard to describe this whole map in just words and pictures since there is no much vertically and nooks and cranks. If you still can’t figure out wait a bit for a video guide.

Thanks turns out my trouble was that I didn’t find #18 when i thought i did, which is prereq. for #19. THANKS DULFY (:

Video is rendering + uploading so it will be an hr or two. Beware that I have changed the numbering after I optimized the route a bit so hopefully it isn’t too confusing.

Ugh is it possible this achievement can get bugged? I did a large majority before you had a guide up. Went back to look for the obscure ones (jp ones, well, the one hidden behind the vines). Then only needed one left. Been back through everything step by step by video twice and no clue what I am missing. >.< Stuck at 29/30. Guess next time I'll wait for a guide first. lol

Yeah definitely have that one, went back to check too. Gonna make another round again tonight just to make sure I guess.

Thanks for the map as an additional help to Dulfy’s info. I had 3 left and used your map to get two and yours and Dulfy’s to get #16 which was the last. Kudos on giving us good info. You might know where these are but some are a challenge to get to. I got most on my own and was down to 5 when I started using these maps and guides. Very happy I got this achieve. Thanks to you both.

Now that there are vines everywhere, I can’t get #11 – I always hit the vine on first jump and fall down.

Has anyone tried #11 since the vines came? I’ve tried for hours and they block my jumping… I’ve tried everything (at least I think I have lol) any help would be appreciated! LOVE THE GUIDES!!!!

I used the 2 big thorny branches that are coming out of the building underneath the platform. Took me a while to get into the right position but I somehow managed it. Good luck!

Anyone knows where is the Lost coin #20 in the dulfy list? I just need this one for finishing that achievement. :-/

If any of you were just as confused as I was in the beginning, Dulfy has ordered the coins in order of route optimization — meaning coin #23 is the coin closest to #22 (after getting coin #22), and does NOT correspond to the actual coin number in the achievement.

Well, more because GW2 numbered their coins long after the achievements and relevant guides came out.

really need help with lost coin 3(ingame number) i cant find it anywhere and i run the guide couple times i think i miss something

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