GW2 Dry Top Achievements Guide

GW2 Dry Top Achievements Guide. Dry Top is a new zone introduced with the Gates of Maguuma patch.This is a work in progress[toc]

Note: This is a work in progress, missing achievements will be added soon.

Prospect Valley Crash Site Climber/Dive Master: Prospect Valley

Hit and Run

  • You need to wait in the event area for the event where Inquests collect crystal shards. Once this event occurs (about every 20 minutes), you need to pick up the rocks nearby to hit an inquest with a yellow kite. Both the inquest and rocks are limited in number so if everyone picks up the rocks or kill the inquest too fast you are bummed out of the achievement and have to wait.



Legendary Llama Locator

  • The Llama is inside an abandoned mine controlled by inquest. The door is not always open so if the doors are closed you need to wait out. Once the doors are open, you need to go inside and see if there are sun crystals inside. If not, you will need to kill Inquest Prisons to free prisoners who will spawn Sun Crystals once theyw are freed.
  • Using the Sun Crystal, your goal is to dash to the end of the quicksand river and get up by the wall on the left. This may take a few tries. Once you are up, keep climbing until you see the Legendary Llama for the achievement.



Coin Collector: Prospect Valley

  • This guide only contains map, images and video of all 30 Lost Coin locations. The path have also being optimized to reduce backtracking. The video is also linked below.


Quicksand Survivor

  • There are two ways to do this. The first one is the “cheese” way in which you group up with other players (especially elementalists and guardians) and basically heal each other.
  • The second method is of course the harder method in which you do it solo, using builds for max heals.
  • Quicksand damage seems to tick based on a % of your HP so high vitality gear isn’t ideal. Berserker or gear with heal power will do good. Skills that grant you invulnerability won’t work here to negate the damage.
  • Note that the Mesmer build is my, the rest of the builds are what I copied off the official forums of what other players have used.
  • Mesmers: You are basically using a Mantra Build with Restorative Mantra and Mantra Mastery traits. This allow your mantras to heal you on activation and your mantra recharge is greatly reduced. Make sure you have 6 points into Inspiration for maximum heal power. The video below will show you the exact process for a mesmer.
  • Warriors: Defense 6 [3-Sure Footed , 11-Defy Pain], Tactics 6 [2- Lung Capacity, 7-Shrug it off, 12-Vigorous Shouts]. Slot skills: Defiant Stance and shouts.
  • Thief: CS: 2 (VI), SA: 6 (III – V – XI), Acro: 6 (VI – VIII – XI). Use Hide in Stealth, Blinding Powder, and Shadow Refuge. Just time out your stealth heals to maximize your hp/s
  • Elementalist: Use staff build to heal. Wait 5 ticks: use #3 and #5 heal. Wait 5 more ticks: use #6 heal
  • Necromancer: 0/0/2/6/6, IV, III, IX, X, II, VIII, XII Well of blood, other wells… used well after about three hits, and then entered full death shroud at 6k HP left.
  • Guardian: Tome of Courage
  • Ranger: Summon the elite spirit with 5 in NM to get regen and at about 50% HP pop Troll Unguent.
  • Engineer: Just use A.E.D at low HP.
  • Monk: Just Kidding


The Hunt of Buried Treasure: Prospect Valley

You can only get this achievement when the zone is covered with sandstorms. Basically for every hour, the first 40 minutes will be peaceful while the next 20 minutes are sandstorms. During Sandstorms, Buried Locked Chests spawn from a few places throughout the zone and can be opened for achievement and loot. The keys can be brought from Zephyrite merchants in exchange for Geodes you get for completing events and story instances.


Here are some of the possible spots.





Sparring Rock Master

For this achievement, you will need to defeat Nochtli, a frog boss, without getting knocked off the sparring platform. Stablity, Blinds and Evades really helps and a thief can make this achievement much easier by spamming blinds.

Nochtli event spawns around every 15 minutes at roughly 5 minutes, 20 minutes and 35 minutes past the hour. You will need to talk to Nochtli inside his cave to trigger the event before running up or follow Nochtli to his sparring platform.




Nochtli have 4 attacks you need to beware of. He cycles through these attacks and repeat them.

  • Engineers can drop their Mortar which give anyone that uses it a 2 minute stability buff, making this achievement quite easy.

1. Frontal Cone

  • Usually the first attack and fairly easy to avoid.


2. 180 Degree Spin attack

  • Follows immediately after the frontal cone, this is a much narrow cone that Nochtli spins around in a 180 degree angle in a counterclockwise direction. You will need to run in a semi circule around Nochtli to avoid this attack.


3. “Rain drops”

This is the attack where Nochtli goes invul and jumps up in the air. He will rain down some small aoe attacks but they seems to be easy to avoid as long you can see the platform.


4. Platform wide AoE

This is the most problematic AoE as it covers the entire platform. You will need to use stability or evades here but blinds are also extremely effective to cause Nochtli to miss. This is a series of 3 AoEs so you will need to have something that can last long enough.

  • You can also time your jump to avoid the knockback from this AoE.


Llama Drama

For this achievement, you will need to get transformed by the Skritt Burglar while opening chests in the area. Skritt Burglar and chests spawn at roughly 40 minutes past the hour, when the sandstorm kicks in. There are a number of possible locations for the chest that will spawn the Skritt Burglar.

  • The goal here is not to kill the skritt quickly but rather use auto-attacks until you get transformed into a llama for the achievement. Do not use pets or clones or they may get transformed instead.

Map of Locations


Possible Location #1

  • Fairly common spawn location and close to the waypoint


Possible Location #2

  • Pic provided by Geekfox


Possible Location #4

  • Pic provided by Geekfox


Possible Location #5

  • Pic provided by Geekfox


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

89 replies on “GW2 Dry Top Achievements Guide”

Do u have the one south east of the Sparring Rock? It’s well hidden and u need the air boost to get up there. I hope this screen helps.

Did you find the one behind a big vine west from “Lair of the Beast” POI? You can reach it with the nearby wind crystal and swiftness.

I actually find it easier to do the Legendary Llama using the wind crystal. To get the closest wind crystal to the cave, you have to cross the chasm first using the lighting crystal on the left hand side, when you enter the cave. Once across, run along the small ledge and hop up. There will be Inquest and golems to fight but as keep moving and get the wind crystal closest to the mouth of the cave. Just keep jumping until you get to the ledge and get that llama. Minimal damage too.

the diving achievment in the repeat story journal is bugged im positive. you have to climb to the wooden pole right next to the diving goggles to get zephyr’s ascent. (kinda hard but totally possible cux you just have to get close to landing the last near impossible jump to get it.
the other linked achievement, zephyr’s leap says you have to be on said spot in zephyr’s ascent, but you dont. i dove from the same level as the chest instead of the diving goggles level and got the achievement. do it before they fix that, or prey they make that 2nd or 3rd to last jump possible more than 1% of the time for expert jumpers like me.

i spent 2 hours and over 300 attempts to make that one jump, and only made it 6 times( fell right away on 3 of em, one failure to reach haybale, one slip while climing higher, and one no jump while trying to climb higher.) those jumps are insaine, but if i ever made it, i would be one assisted jump from the goggles.

Buried chest achievement is pretty easy and straightforward. You get keys from finishing your story and some other places. But during a sandstorm theres quite a lot that spawn. I found 3 easily in the right section.

Quicksand achievement:
HP lose is 12% per second, so you have 9 seconds, you gotta buy at least 6 seconds to get achi. The less HP the easier to outheal. Easiest way i found:
– Warrior
– Defiant Stance healing skill (untraited buys 6 seconds itself)
– Defence trait III (stances last longer) additional 1.5 seconds (if used just before quicksand tick, healing skill buys 8 seconds)
– not required, as already got enough outheal – tactics XI – banners heal

Place tactics banner, jump in, half hp use Defiant Stance, wait, get achi, easy xD

I LOL’ed at the Monk entry for the Quicksand achievement. XD But I bet 55 Monk would complete it soooo easily.

Dulfy, defy pain does not work here, nor endure pain, nor guardian elite skill. Negation skills get bypassed, with some exceptions, like warrior and engi healings

Quicksand survivor for staff ele: start in earth attunement. After 1 or 2 ticks, use #2 skill. Switch to water attunement (make sure you have at least 3 points in Water traitline, so you get ~1200 HP from attuning to water. And soothing mist passive healing). Quickly cast either water #3 or #5 skill, so the Earth #2 blasts the field. Have Arcane wave on your bar for another blast finisher. Combined with your best main heal, that should get you through. I managed it like that, still wearing Soldiers gear (high vitality)

And here I was tearing my hair out trying to get a rotation of dodges and stability/shields going… it was killing me (metaphorically AND physically)

I ofund the skritt! You have to find a chest during sandstorm and open it. No idea if locations are all the same. Oh and attack it of course.

No. Do not attack it. Leave it alive as much as possible and just run behind it.
You dont need to attack to be hit by the spell. It just keeps throwing spell behind.

oh and also note that the chest location is random.
However, it will be on ground level so the skritt can run around.
Dont look for it anywhere that needs jumping.

Tried to do Quicksand Survivor with Ranger. Cant do. Picked up fern hound with regen skills, picked up trait that makes regeneration last longer, picked trait that gives regen on shouts, picked elite spirit that is supposed to heal but Im not sure if its doing anything, picked Troll heal skill. Nothing, I still lack smth like 2-5 seconds to get the achv (cus as I see downed state doesnt count towards survival time)

Yesterday I could complete Quicksand Survivor without modifying my condition build. I just used Defiant Stance at the right time and got it done.

There is a much, much easier way to do the quicksand achievement. If you use the fire attunement crystal and just dart back and forth through the quicksand you barely take any damage and the timer will continue to tick. Maybe this has been hotfixed since last night, but this is how I did it shortly after the patch hit without using my heal at all.

oh man I’m missing 2 coins and now I have to watch a 20 minute video to find out which ones >.> well still a nice guide though

I found a buried chest at the back of the mine. Just follow the right hand wall all the way back and around during the sandstorm. Taking a torch will help with making your way around.

On my engineer either I was unlucky but AED didn’t work.
I ended up going with 3 in inventions for 25% heal skill reset and full into alchemy with backpack regenerator.
Used healing turret, rifle, thumper, elixir gun. I placed the two turrets (rifle and thumper) outside the sand and used the regen toolbelt skill. Then hopped in the sand poped healing turrent overcharged it detonated the two turrents and got off a shield #4 (blast finisher) then switched to Elixir gun for the backpack regenerator used #5 skill super elixir and the toolbelt regen skill.
Tada Chieve! Leave it to me to find the more complicated way.

Sparring Rock Master can be done easily if you have a Class that can spam blind like thief offhand pistol. Makes all of her attack miss, thus you never get knocked off.

Alternatively, you can apparently just jump over her larger aoe attacks. Took me forever to figure that out.

Search on the TP for Adventurer’s Scarf or Adventurer’s Spectacles, I got a Scarf from a buried chest, and I assume that is what the rare skins are.

You say invulnerability doesn’t work, but it worked just fine when my elementalist used Mist Form. Maybe they patched it later or something, but it definitely worked.

On Elementalist:
Mist Form (#2 while downed) works strange. It swaps your Downed HP to Actual HP. Fun thing your Actual HP starting to regen when youre downed, so you can wait 2,3 or 4 ticks to regen it and then “swap” it with Mist Form for 4 seconds.

When youre alive and using Mist Form from utility it just doesn’t work.

I was never downed for that though. I think if it’s not working now then they might have patched it, but I did it really early on.

even more easier for quick sand survivor, get in with your necromancer use death shroud, heal a bit and its done, just did that

I’m a condi necro and didn’t even had to heal, waited till the last second, then Death Shroud. But solo necro Is clearly the easiest way.

Warrior is simple as well: Tick down a bit and use Defiant Stance – worked for me with zerk gear and built.

In the town you can pick up chicken feed and a bucket but there doesn’t appear to be anything to do with them – or am I missing something?

if you feed the chickens you will see hearts fly up from them…cute..but not anything useful.

I have landed on the haystack perfectly twice on 2 different toons. I’m laying right on top of it.. dead. What is going wrong?

u need to be in story instance, and have achievement unlocked to get it…you will see a buff on ur character for like 2hrs to get it…buff will go away when u get it or leave instance.

for the last achivment, as a thief, perma blind with black powder makes it easy, just doddge the (counter)clockwise attack and the front attack aka stay behind your target (well,you’re a thief….)
spam black powder and congrats,you’ve won an achievement.

btw, for quicksand, with my full zerk war, only had do use defiant stance once, you dont need to get out of the river/survive to get your achivement.

Info on a load of the events. Still a few more to sort out.

40 mins of peace and then 20 mins of sandstorm. Both counters are separate.

Peace Time lasts 40 mins before Sandstorm Time.

Colocol Queen spawns at 35 mins and again 30 mins later if killed. Cone will disappear at Sandstorm time.

Tootsie spawns at 40 and then every 15 mins ( 10 mins after first hit to start timer and 5 mins after it is gone )

Nochtli spawns at 35 mins and again every 7 mins after he is defeated. Note that you need to talk to him and then get on the fighting arena rock for the timer to start. He then is ready 7 mins after the timer is gone, whether defeated or not.

Rest of quests seem to be every 15 mins.

Race to collect the yellow kites from inquest 40 mins
Rescue people in mine 30 mins
Rescue people from inquests 35 mins

Sandstorm time lasts 20 mins before total reset including the shop.

Mine Entrance spawns at 20 mins and 10 mins

Haze Escort spawns at 20 mins and 10 mins

Devourer spawns at 15 mins

Dust Mite spawns at 10 mins. Pull it towards Haze at this time while someone brings him over. Then everyone can go between both events before the reset.

I think nochli info its incorrect cause i spent like 20min at nochly (40min to 05min) and he did not spawn every 7min. He did, however, spawn like dulfy said at 5min mark.
I though, if its 15 in 15min it should be 5/20/35/50 BUT he doesnt spawn at the 50min mark.
So dunno.

During the Sandstorm time, you need to find the skritt burglar event chest. I have seen 2 at once on my screen.

Then attack him till he turns you into a Lama.

The 5th location is missing from the image–the last spot being behind the Champion Devour Queen.

For Nochtili, get a party, when you get knocked down, climb back up, char select and itll reset and gives you another chance at the achievement

As a ranger, add Signet of the Wild for additional regeneration (in addition to the spirit and troll unguent) as well as the Nature’s voice trait (XIII, NM 6) with a shout to get an easy quicksand survivor

Hi Dulfy,

will you add the other Uplands dry top achievements in this guide since they are in the same Dry top section in GW2 tab ?
Thanks a lot for all the stuff (previous and actual) you already done.

I’ve seen some people say for Engineer “Just use A.E.D.” and although it worked for me, my friend had a bit of trouble with maintaining his health as he runs full zerk.

For Engineer, if you are struggling to keep your health up, use the Healing Mist skill on Elixir Gun, use the trait Elixir-Infused Bombs that make it so that your bombs heal on detonation, Backpack Regenerator and A.E.D. If you still need a boost, drop a Supply Crate with the Elite Supplies trait on and run through the quick sand and pick up the bandages there too.

Hope this helps out.

I know this is late but the quicksand is hp % based and not armor based so him running full zerk has nothing to do with anything. My engi is running full zerk as well and I got the achievement with ease.

How do I get Coin # 11 now that there are vines in the way? I’m ready to roll my face on the keyboard…. 🙁

I tried Quicksand Survivor twice with my lvl 80 Ranger, but it didn’t work. I took off all my equip, used Nature Spirit, Troll Unguent, even Fern Hound’s ability.

How low the health goes when the achi pops? I always jumped out around 10%.

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