GW2 Prospect Valley Jumping Puzzle and Dive Master Guide

A guide to the Prospect Valley Crash Site Climber jumping puzzle and Dive Master Prospect Valley.

Video of Jumping Puzzle and Dive Master Achievement


Getting to the Jumping Puzzle

This part is fairly straightforward and hard to describe in words/pictures so I will let the video explain it.

Dive Master

The dive master and the jumping puzzle are linked. The jumping puzzle is the easy part but once you reach the chest for the jumping puzzle, you will need to use the air jump to get up to the diving platform before the time expires on your air jump buff (it is not just how many charges left, there is also a timer of 15s). The only air crystal to recharge your air jump is right before the jumping puzzle chest.

  • Note: If you run over two air crystals before the first one expires, their timer add up and this can give you a bit more time for the jump to the diving platform. So once you get to the second to last air crystal, start moving quickly and chain the last crystal to get a more time to jump to the platform



Once you get to the diving platform, you want to drop down slightly to the right to avoid the cliff on the left and then immediately go left and forward so you dive right into the puddle. There are also some branches along the way you need to avoid but unless you get unlucky you shouldn’t hit them most of the time.


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16 replies on “GW2 Prospect Valley Jumping Puzzle and Dive Master Guide”

Oh boy looks like another Diving spot I can rage over for 3~ months like the Not So Secret one. 😛 Thank you for the guides as always. I was following that jumping puzzle earlier and never realized it even was one and got lost after a bit. 😛

Meh, not hugely difficult, took me 4 tries. There is a dangly thing you aim to the left of, but make sure you avoid the beam right by it. Once you get past that, it’s a pretty easy steerable fall.

Its easy enough to get there, but boy do I suck at predicting the perfect place to jump. I’ll get it eventually xD

btw achievementss in nearby story location (ending with Zephyr Leap as jump into hay) take place on same place, but WITHOUT Zephyr skills to jump up. Only tricky place was jump from rock on bamboo ladder and back on bamboo leading up.

Made it to the top of the puzzle myself. Cheated and got a Mesmer lift from the chest to the goggles. Used this video for my jump. Perfect, first try. Thank you! 🙂

Used this video too, and it worked, thanks 🙂 Other videos I tried before I always failed. Also, Swiftness is important!

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