GW2 Shadow Assassin Outfit in Gemstore

GW2 Shadow Assassin Outfit Gallery. Shadow Assassin Outfit is sold in the gemstore for 700 gems.










  • One model for Charr



  • One Model for Asura


  • Dahkeus

    Eh…the mask is ok. Beyond this, I can’t say I’m impressed.

    Also thanks for getting this up so quickly Dulfy!

  • Schmots

    Can this be dyed?

    • Yes, this is just preview atm as the items are not yet in gemstore

      • Schmots

        Wow, fast to post images and fast to respond to questions. this is a great site.

        • Archi

          yes, this is the best site for gw2 info and dulfy is the absolute best!

  • Ainseland

    norn model please

  • Count

    Has anyone noticed the Di-Katana on Belinda’s back?

    • bbbbbbb

      Only everyone.

  • Zack Maxwell

    Oh wow, how surprising. Looks awesome on females, but looks like complete trash on males.

  • Edward Durden

    Anet got something right for once!

  • Archi

    i kind of like this outfit but i think it’s weird that the Charr mouth is uncovered

  • before

    This looks awesome for humans, but charr and asura are mediocre. Again.

    • Kuro Inu

      asura isn’t THAT bad. looks kinda funny 😀 charr is totally awful though. but tbh many armor pieces and outfits look weird on charr

  • Chev

    What on earth is that giant bow at the back all about? Honestly I was really looking forward to the “ninja outfit” and it looks like all the other stuff to me. They must have made enough money on this game to hire designers that dont use paper mache as a starting point.

  • Cherry

    I wish I could just have the mask, rest is not my thing. 🙁 But no mixing outfits + armor, or just outfits for that matter.

  • DullaHan

    i dunno why this even an outfit… more like a medium armor skin… , i would buy it for skin,even is 100gem more(normally 800gem for a set of skin)… but not for outfit

    • Clint

      I wouldn’t have bought this if it was a light skin. I only play cloth/heavy.

  • HadesClutch

    Shame it’s an outfit and not an armor set. I just want the helmet because the rest on a male looks dumb.

  • Shifted

    Saved up 1k gems pre-patch for cool stuff.
    If only this was an armor set…

  • Antarx

    Is there any “toy” included with this outfit? Like the pirate sword, or the magic broom?

  • John

    i’m still downloading the patch. now i’m curious how a big fat norn look with this outfit. lol

  • Ohoni

    Man, those look great and I’d love to incorporate some of those bits into my armors, but not all of them at once. They really need to cut it out with these “all in one” outfits.

    • Ferozstein

      This. And I’d very much like to be able to hide the gloves and shoulderpads, not just headgear.

  • lisbon

    male outfit remembers me on turtles shredder o_o

  • Huoyue

    Now that’s just insulting.

  • Torturer

    when will be the day that anet stop doing outfits that only look good in human and sylvari? we need more outfits that c good in norm and char :S

  • Pendragon

    are the shoulders supposed to be this odd looking? these look big on humans

    • Vuden Graham

      What happens if you hide the shoulders?

      • Ferozstein

        You can’t. With outfits you can only hide the headgear.

        • Vuden Graham

          There a checkbox on head,shoulder and gloves. For instance I can hide gloves and helm on my mad king’s

          • Ferozstein

            Okay then, with assassin’s outfit gloves and pads unfortunately cannot be hidden.

            • Gryphon

              Good to know. Shan’t be buying it, then.

  • DaGhostDS

    Ah look more skimpy stuff..

    • Shaggy Anubisllol

      this isnt that skimpy. its a step up from their usual female attire.

  • Djinn

    “Unfortunately you lost the element of surprise because I couldn’t help but notice your HUGE SHOULDERS…”

    • Shaggy Anubisllol

      thats a thing in most western mmos, sadly. i dunno what their obsession with massive shoulderpads is, but its ugly as all hell.

  • Levelord

    This is what came to my mind….

  • dithoricki

    I’m surprised that ANet decided to make only the male version available for Charr and Asura after the dragon outfit where we were able to use the female version on female Charr and Asura. It also looks really weird since the male headgear has shapes of human ears… neither Charr, Asura or Sylvari have those kinds of ears. Good thinking there.

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