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SWTOR Tatooine Homestead Trailer

A new trailer was released on the SWTOR website showcasing the Tatooine Homestead and some of the decorations. A trailer analysis will be coming shortly.


So here we see the outer shell of the Tatooine Homestead. It apppears to have some rooms on the cliffs and others underground.


Here are some bed variations, including a reskin (already?)


Adding furnitures to make it look nice.. Sorry still looks bad.


Is that a holo poster of that boss in Czerka Flashpoint? This is the room next to the balcony it seems.


This seems to be a hangar of some sort to place your spaceships?


Datacron decoration. They could place the guards a bit better though, one to each side of that alter. Run out of hook spaces maybe?


Is this player channeling with the Datacron decoration or just a rest and recharge animation?


Here we see the rooms that are slightly underground.


Bar in the desert with jukebox.


Balcony looks larger from this angle.


A wide view of the entire homestead.


Looks like someone just got pushed off the balloon on their way to the datacron.


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25 replies on “SWTOR Tatooine Homestead Trailer”

We need places to meet other player and have fun, like casinos and cantinas (with life! not the lifeless versions we have). Where we meet Thugs, Pilots and Scoundrels.

Or swoop races, where we can watch the race, cheer at the winning player, and bet credits.

Not some stupid Barbie House where we sit alone and isolated from the rest of the game.

They have already implied that your party members/guild members can come to your houses, and i’m sure people will want to show off their accomplishments, all in all a decent update if we aren’t getting EG content.

Actually, they’ve done more than implied. They said in the livestream that you can give invitations to people to visit your stronghold when you’re online, and you can also give keys to friends/guild members to come and go as they please (but they can’t make changes to your Stronghold). You’ll also be able to list your Stronghold in a directory if you’re fine with just anyone coming in and taking a look around.

Yes, these strongholds look exactly like barbie houses, lmao. RP’ers obviously don’t have much creativity if they need BW to manufacture reasons for them to get together. The rest of us don’t care much about watching a fake swoop race or spending 10 hours playing pazaak in a fake casino. But guess what, no one is forcing you to use the strongholds. So while a lot of players are enjoying the feature, you’re free to ignore it.

You can open your “barbie house” for everyone. I believe, that with the time, some high-prestige places of well-known RP players will become this kind of publicly available meeting places. Live, dynamic, created and modified by players. Much better than static locations delivered once by developers. Personally, I’m looking forward to it. 🙂

There are many ways to invite others to your place: temporary invite, permanent key, or even you can open doors of yours wide open, making your place available for everyone. Wanna make a night club? Go for it. Wanna invite other RP players to event? You’re free to do it. Much more than a “barbie house”.

It’s just a setting. Storywise it’s “on Tatooine”, but as separate instance technically. Won’t share loading time.

I wonder how many credits will be needed to get all of these. I’ve saved up a hefty bankroll, it’ll be interesting how much I have left after this.

Nobody wants to live on Tatooine except sand people. Even Luke was willing to enlist to escape.

I think this one looks better than the Nar Shadda one. Too bad we couldn’t pick which one we wanted unlocked (should have been your capital planet imo).

You only get one free house for your legacy, so capital planet wouldn’t be an option for legacies with both factions. They’ve also mentioned that Nar Shaddaa is the most expensive one, so a three-room house on the home planet will set you back less than 1.5 mil.

I just hope they don’t stick these into Cartel packs with a lucky chance to win them, and let us just buy them straight off instead. Otherwise there will be someone who tries to sell them for 100 million

It’s been said that you can buy them straight out, but it will cost a hefty penny. Each room I think will cost more than the next.

Let’s hope strongholds are accessible from the spaceport, if nothing else at least via direct shuttle. Having the option to land in your stronghold when you click on the door inside your ship would be best option as far as I’m concerned.
These things are going to be serious crap if you have to leave the space station, drive the whole way across the city (imp side) and then take a shuttle to somewhere from which you have to drive 3km on your speeder. That would kill the whole thing for me, tbh.

They’ve already announced you will be able to quick-travel straight to your home, and subscribers will also have the option to teleport back to where-ever they came from.

Datacron decoration. They could place the guards a bit better though, one to each side of that alter.

They’re guarding a door

Does anyone know if there will be a terminal for jumping to daily hotspots like the one outside of fleet hangars.. Section x, Oricon, Cz, etc, that imp ship in the hangar got me thinking about it

I think its funny that the welcome home line was also used in the cinematic trailer Return. Right before Malgus kills his master.

I wonder since it looks to be night time are they putting in day/night cycles or is that just part of the cinematic for when you unlock it.

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