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GW2 Point of Interest Ep2 Livestream Notes

GW2 Points of interest Episode 2 Livestream notes. Points of Interest is a living story biweekly show from Arenanet.

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  • Kate Welch – Host
  • Theo Nguyen – Game Designer
  • Angel McCoy – Narrative Designer

Fanart Submissions


The artworks below came from Tyrian Cartographer (Tumblr)


Season Two EP1 Overview (Spoilers)

  • Something going on Brisban Wildlands. Assumed to be bandits but something else going on – giant vines making life difficult.
  • Run into Belinda, Marjory’s sister, who is with the Seraph. You get a chance to talk her and her boss. She is sent back to Fort Salma and you proceed to Dry Top
  • A Zephyrite ship has crashed in Dry Top, some dead, some dying. Survivors taken to a town called Prosperity, which appears to be some sort of criminal frontier town with some miners who are digging the mines for copper.
  • Villains are Inquest who are interested in the wreckage that is scattered across the map.
  • Dry Top is based on zephyrite movement skills. It is more of an active open world stuff. Some environmental challenges.
  • Once you get into Prosperity, you discover that Scarlet was here and you have the opportunity to look at her old house.
  • The main story is finding out who caused the crash of the Zephyrites.

What did you work on specifically?

  • Theo: General direction of the story and content pieces. I worked extensively on the crash site investigation with Kasmeer and Marjory
  • Angel: Text from all the Living Story characters (Rox, Marjory, Kasmeer etc). Other writers did the text for the ambient NPCs. I also did the story instance at the end where you find Scarlet’s house with help from other designers. Dialogue is configured to your race and profession as well.

Favourite Parts of the episode?

  • Angel: Scarlet’s house because it gave me opportunity to lay down the backstory and tie in some characters from GW1. It allow me to tackle some topics I had on the shelf for up to a year and really get them out there.
  • Theo: Seeing the gang of living story characters getting together – Rox, Braham, Marjory, Kasmee, Taimi etc.

Easter Egg hidden in this content?

  • There are a bunch of things you would not have noticed unless you stumble upon them. Like Kasmeer’s house in DR in Origins of Madness release and Belinda in Attack on Lion’s Arch release. Scarlet’s house also have hints for what is to come. When you do the investigation and find a dying zephyite (Morning) that is lying. Why would a dying character lie? You will find out soon.
  • Angel: Scarlet Hologram- some people are not seeing it. If you are interested in her story, find it.

Most challenging achievement?

  • Theo: Zephyr’s Ascent – my idea but designed by Josh Foreman.

Kasmeer’s Gift

  • Angel: She got this gift since Tower of Nightmares. Her powers are growing. She can tell sometimes when someone is lying. That is going to an important piece for Kasmeer story. You should be really paying attention to this.

Personal Story and Living Story

  • This living story release assume you have completed the Personal story. Currently your alts will also need to do the living story once to unlock achievements for them.


  • Saboteur’s origin – who he is, who is he working for? He was an NPC running around in Zephyr Sanctum in the previous release. He was super pumped to join the Zephyrites. It seems something happened to him between the previous release and this release. Why did he do this? Some sort of insanity took over him. He has similar symptoms to what Scarlet had.
  • Why was Scarlet’s in Prosperity years ago?
  • Why was the dying Zephyrite lying? What does she stand to gain from  lying when she is dying.

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20 replies on “GW2 Point of Interest Ep2 Livestream Notes”

What I really want to know is why Kasmeer has mesmer powers that put mine to shame. She can teleport other people to locations she has not been, she can blink over crevices, and she can take other people with her blinks. My mesmer can’t even blink over a crack in the floor and she is very jealous!

IKR, Marjory can conjure a bone bridge and every other main asura has a (more or less) custom golem, that doesn’t disappear ’cause it’s just an elite skill.

Well, Queen Jenna summoned a giant Illusion of herself to talk to a fighting army, did a giant illusion of a dragon and can communicate with Logan over huge distances (between DR and the brand)…. If she is no member…
Also Kasmeer said something (during this release’ conversations) about being a noble and the possibility of getting sponsored by the crown if you have useful abilities…

So how do I join this? I’d think I should qualify as a “very powerful mesmer.” After all, I killed Zhaitan, I killed Scarlet, and helped “save” Lion’s Arch (twice), and any number of other deeds. I just want to blink over a darn crack please!

Also, Anise can summon an army of phantasms, and even that Trahearne can spawn several elite minions at once. Life is so not fair.

Anybody know what differences in dialogue are based on class and race? I ran through it all twice, but both times as humans… if I do it again I’m going as my Asura engineer.

As an engineer, in Scarlet’s house, Taimi explicitly calls out that you should be able to see the same defects she sees, and then your character comments that they saw something like this back in their early training.

As a silvary warrior you get some flak for being silvary in some dialogues and she preety much says you are dumb. Its funny though xD

As an asuran, I noticed a few times where conversations with Taimi would be obviously an Asuran talking to another Asuran. References to us not doing any additional research since the Snaff prize or whatever it was called, but my input on her research still being very valuable, as I’m well known. Thought it was really cool that they put those in there.

Your personal choices also seem to have an influence. As a human coming from the nobility, the kasmeer/belinda conflict about social rank gave me dialogues related to the fact that my character has a title given by the queen. The same conversation with my asura gives me the dialogue ” I really don’t understand your social system”.

By choices I mean the settings you chose for your character when you created it (poor/commoner/noble) or (ash legion/iron legion etc…)

Has anyone found the Scarlet Hologram they mention, and if so, might I have a hint(not a guide, not an exact location, just a hint).

I’m assuming this hologram is different from the one you’re forced to examine in her obligatory Room of Trinkets. If so, I haven’t found it yet either.

When the story part is over and you are expected to exit the instance, Taimi turns it on at some point.

I thought it might be something like that, guess on my next runthrough I’ll stick around a bit.

“Currently your alts will also need to do the living story once to unlock achievements for them.” I’m still at meeting up in Lions Arch to meet Destiny’s Edge on my Asuran Warrior yet I was able to do the Living World Season 2 Episode 1.

It only means that you have to do S2 episode 1 once with a character if you want to unlock achievements for this specific character.

In “Introducing the Story Journal” one month ago: “once one character on your account has completed an episode in their story journal, every character on your account will have access to a set of challenging achievements.”

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